Jodie Sweetin Opens Up About Her Baby Joy

Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin doesn’t plan to follow the hollywood trend when it comes to naming her baby girl, due this summer.

“We’re not naming her after any fruits or electronic devices or anything like that. She’s going to have a fairly normal name,” the actress – best known for her role as Stephanie Tanner on Full House – told Us magazine.

Jodie and her husband, set designer Cody Herpin, 30, have not decided on a baby name yet. “We want something different, something cute and girly, but not too girly – a little funky,” she said.

Shared Jodie of her first pregnancy, “I’m ready to go!”

“It’s a scary thing but I’m kind of scared of how much bigger I’m going to get!” she told Us magazine at the Nicole Khristine Jewelry party at Social in Hollywood on Thursday.

Jodie, 26, said that Cody is a very supportive husband: “He goes and gets me all my little cravings like my frozen chicken pot pies and he cooks dinner for me and cleans up the house because I’m exhausted all the time. I’m like, ‘I need a nap!’ He’s really good about that.”

Jodie, a former meth addict, hopes to impart the lessons she’s learned on her new daughter.

“I had to learn to just be comfortable in my own skin,” she told Us magazine. So I hope she’ll learn that a little bit sooner.

“To just be yourself – that was probably the hardest thing for me that I didn’t learn until I was in my early twenties.”



  1. heyyou says

    Summer you are so cruel and have no right to make those comments about someone else’s children!
    And everyone knows your the ‘original summer’ and ‘summer’ so just stop trying to pretend your not. Just live up to what you did and say your sorry its not that hard……oh wait i forgot i was talking to ‘summer’ and she cant do anything right so nevermind!!

  2. carleigh says

    Summer always has negative comments to say, so I don’t believe her ID was hacked. She has demonstrated time and again she’s immature and not above saying childish things to get a reaction.

    To whomever posted comment #42…….why don’t you do us all a favor and take a long walk off a short cliff!!!! What a waste you are saying something like that about little kids…sick, sad and psychotic!!!

  3. Jx2 says

    Faux-Summer ! YOu gotta find some new material – Wretched Summer is onto you!

    Wretched Summer can you come a bit earlier this year to my country ? I’m really cold….brrrrr!

  4. The Original Summer says

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  5. Jx2 says

    I’m off to read some Perez Hilton…that guy makes me laugh…he is so entertaining…unlike Summer, she doesn’t have any new material and keeps repeating the same comment over and over again…bo-ring!!

  6. says

    You don’t know what? That I was just responding to a comment made before? Well, fine…believe what you like….but everyone knows that Summer first said, “She’s a crackhead!” and I whipped back with “You’re a crackhead!” I was tired of reading all of her negative comments. So like I said, stop making assumptions about how this began, because the original postings aren’t here!!!

    Water under the bridge as you say JJ…..yes please! I’m BEYOND tired of this!

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  7. AMJ says

    Actually I don’t know KKK…I just didn’t like the comment, so I reported it….but like I said before….let’s all get along and act our age..k.

  8. Jx2 says

    Kx3 – I wouldn’t give the WM too much credit for being on her toes and deleting the comments from Summer et. al…A member of your “posse” actually sent a message to the WM and brought it to her attention, which prompted her to take action. Anyway – hopefully it’s water under the bridge by now.

  9. says

    Actually, I didn’t start it. The posts that I was responding to were removed thanks to the new diligence of the webmistress. I actually did have quite an entourage who jumped to my defense, but those comments were erased too because they directly referred to the evil and sadistic comment(s) made by Summer. Just to clear that up for newcomers who make false assumptions! 😉

  10. boo says

    She isn’t due in the summer…she’s due April 6th, making this a Spring Baby and that explains why she is so large, because she is due in 2 mos!

  11. The original "N" says

    Im laughing at the entourage remark too….. Kx3 is hilarious… Always starting someting…..

  12. DMITZ says

    She is pretty big, but she looks great. I can tell by her hands she looks swollen. Almost there Jodi!!

  13. Ms Etiquette says

    I don’t know about anyone else. But I’ll be very glad when School resumes tomorrow, It seems that Summer has a little to much time on her hands.

  14. says

    Hmm…well that’s quite interesting….except not really.

    I really wish she wouldn’t go by “Summer”. Summer is my favorite character on the OC, as well as my favorite season….really puts a stain on the name to have her use it! She’ll soon learn that my entourage is too large to have her take me down…and wishing ill will on my girls? That won’t be tolerated, thank you very much!

  15. D'Anna says

    Why was I thinking she was due in April?

    Anyway, it’s different with every pregnancy. With my second, I looked like that…with #1 and now #3, I’m smaller. Still, doesn’t matter on the size of the baby.

    She might be jutting herself out some too. 🙂

  16. Jx2 says

    Kx3 – Summer was offended by your comment to her. She then proceeded to wish ill on your girls (what she actually said is irrelevant) and I will skip that part as it will probably get deleted again by the WM. Let’s just say it was not a pleasant request. So AMJ defended you and then challenged Summer to a back and forth about her ill wishes. Some other posters joined in as well with total disgust at what Summer said to you. Summer stood her ground and put up a fight to defend herself and pointed out to everyone that you had started it first with what you said to her. Then the drama fizzled out as quickly as it began when AMJ and Summer decided to “let sleeping dogs lie”…and that is basically it.

  17. says

    To be honest, I could really care less what Summer said. I just came back to this thread and saw all of these gaps in the conversation and was thoroughly amused.

    However, JJ if you would like to fill me in, I suppose that would be fine. Summer, on the other hand….wm would probably just zap your comments again…don’t bother- move on, I insist! 😀

  18. 2teens says

    I’m confused…. AMJ who are you talking to?
    posts must have been removed already… wow WM is on her toes these days!!!

  19. AMJ says

    Why are my comments under “moderation” at least 5 of them…webmistress what are you doing?

  20. Jessie says

    Ok, well to start of commenting on JODIE on here and not on Summer, I think Jodie looks pretty big but congrats to her!

  21. AMJ says

    nope…listen…I’m really sorry….I just wish that we all could get along on…no name calling etc…it would make it so much better.

  22. Summer says

    Listen if she didn’t say what she did, she wouldn’t have got a response and yes i have a 4 yr old son.

  23. AMJ says

    You said “if you don’t like it , don’t read it”, you didn’t say if you don’t like it don’t comment….how can you not comment on what you said….give your head a shake little girl. I don’t care if you don’t care….I hope you can look in the mirror and say “yes, I am proud of what I said”…do you have children by the way??

  24. AMJ says

    I think you have this site confused….you are suppose to read comments on here you dimwit….anyway I have reported your comment to the webmistress.

  25. Jx2 says

    I never liked that show “Full House”…I found it too obviously “cutesie” and I cringed at cutesie things.
    I can’t believe that all those “once upon a time” children stars are all grown up, married and expecting kids…she’s still young in my opinion.
    When i was 26, the last thing I wanted was to get married and have kids. I loved being single and traveling and being free from all of the stresses that come with family life. Anyway, it’s good to know that Jodie took control of her addiction and overcame it. Many children celebrities have not been as fortunate and have unfortunately succumbed to their addictions.

  26. tammy says

    “How Rude!” Anybody remember that line Stephanie Tanner did from Full House? Maybe I’m the only one. 🙂 She looks very cute- I hope she has a healthy, precious baby.

  27. Eir says

    The size of your belly doesn’t have anything to do with when you’re going to have your baby. 😛

    Some women get big fast, others barely start to show by the time 9 months is up. Just depends on the woman.

    I’m sure it’s been hard for her- as a former meth addict myself, it’s definitely hard to put on weight when you’ve been so used to losing it.

    Who named their baby after electronic devices?

  28. boo says

    She’s so pretty…..and I’m glad she’s planning a normal name for the baby!
    I loved Full House growing up!

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