Everyone Out To Support Malawi & UNICEF!


Madonna and daughter Lourdes, 11, celebrated as the singer and Gucci co-hosted “A Night to Benefit Raising Malawi and UNICEF” in NYC on February 6th.

Gwen Stefani

An expectant Gwen, and Demi Moore joined them.

Gwen Stefani

Jennifer Lopez

As did a very expectant Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Tomkat!

Gywneth Paltrow

Gwyneth was also in attendance wearing a very pretty frock!



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  2. slapstick says


  3. Shadow Girl says

    Interesting comments. Obviously Taylor M hasn’t got any girl/boy on the side to get all that frustration out, haha.

    Girls with platinum blonde hair can go for the most shockingly red lipstick, but she doesn’t realize it’s a little too much. Her LAMB line she wears on that new album of hers looks too much like a space alien freak!

    BTW-I keep getting deleted comments of mine of ihatetomcruise. Friggin’ $cieno losers.

  4. gweny says

    ya i no, they dont no wat the hell there talkin about. they just want attention! drag queen wtf are they on? hahha

  5. tim says


  6. gweny says

    ok i just saw this picture like two minutes ago for the first time. im glad im not the only one thinking lourdes needs to freakin wax her eyebrows! there nasty, i would like hide from the camera if i was her! JLO looks like a beast! and nothing like she usually does! her face, is messed up! and Gwen is perfect as usually hahhaha

  7. celebhat says

    Gwen stefani looks like an old drag queen. She should give up the cheap blonde hair and red lipstick

  8. oriana says

    Taylor M. you are really pathetic! I bet you don’t have any friends at all, so sad.

    But thanks to you I have gone on a Diet and am watching what I eat. I now weigh 349lbs. instead of 350! Hurray for me! Thank you for the motivation!

  9. oriana says

    wow lastnight was just amazing. My nipples are still tingling. Good new everyone, I don’t smell like rotten tuna anymore..The bar of coast took care of that……..Well i’m off for a new day. Let’s see what comes my way.

  10. Mia-pocca says

    All this talk is making me wet now, boy what is a girl to do now. I’m all alone right now just me and my trusty teddy bear. And right now that’s all I got..

  11. oriana says

    83. Taylor M. | February 10th, 2008 at 12:29 pm
    Have you ever been in the kitchen just doing your normal biz when you spy the bananas on the counter, and suddenly you get wet because they look so hard and long? That happens to me all the time! And I just go to town humping those bananas.
    Sometimes my hubby catches me though, and he doesnt like me shoving fruit up my snatch… so he takes a belt to my wide pimply ass.
    Taylor M that happens to me all the time.Hey Taylor we have something in common, I have a wide pimply ass too. I also got large vaginal warts, I’m getting Dr. Rey from Dr. 90210 to remove them. I asked if they would save them for me and they said that was the weirdest request they have ever had. But they said yes since they were my property.Well I better go i’m sitting here on my computer chair with no underwear and the smell is so overwhelming, I think I need to go take a shower. The cat’s are running over to me trying to lick my snach that smells like rotten tuna. Can you smell it from where you are sitting?

  12. oriana says

    Tia when you talk about dog humping i’m getting so excited…..Call me baby, I will do your dog anyday.I am so into beastilaity……..Suck my titty Tia.

  13. oriana says

    Tia you need to pull that stick out your ass and calm down. No need to be mean to people that you don’t know, or do you know her? I bet you two are lovers huh? I’m totally jealous if you are because that means I don’t get a chance to have a piece of you. Damn i’m getting horny just thinking about it…I’m rubbing my nipples right now and they are hard as a rock., i’m trying to stick them in my mouth but can’t reach.Tia would you come over and help me? I want to rub my body all over your flubbery body and lick between your toes……..Damn i’m so horny. Tia lok what you do to me.

  14. Tia :) says

    F**k you Summer you tramp. Go hump your dog, I heard that you are very good at doing that. You leave Savannah alone. What gives you the right to be mean to Savannah? She must be your ex lover. I know your a lez and she is your ex but don’t take it out on her.

  15. Savannah says

    WOW This thread is a HOOT to read. WOW some of you got quite the imagination. I’m rolling on the floor laughing my butt off.What’s the deal with all you SICKO’S?

  16. oriana says

    It was hilarious Tia! They will show it again on You Tube probably. She cracks me up anyway with that accent but when she popped that out I almost fell off the bed laughing!

  17. oriana says

    #91, Shadow girl, I had a good laugh reading “hit on the male orderlies”! Ha! Thank you my Dear!

    Tia, ignore the poor misguided fool who obviously is a big fan of Kelloggs and Post cereal corporation. Maybe Taylor M. needs a job working at Hustler magazine since he/she is so creative!

    I watched the Grammy’s last night, I have to say I do love Amy Winehouse! Such an enormous talent! I did get a laugh though when she was thanking people and said my Blake, who is incarcerated! It just struck me as funny the way she said it! I was voting for her and glad she won though!

  18. Jx2 says

    I’m curious as to how all those raunchy words got through the blog filter? The word “dia**per” – for Pete’s sake is filtered yet Taylor M’s colourful words come shining through…go figure…!

  19. Taylor M. says

    All you tards just want to lick my wet pussy and shove a broom handle up my ass.
    I would let you do it ya know. I’ll do anything, anyone, anywhere, anytime. But most people aren’t interested because I am severely overweight. The only way I can get my pleasure is from long hard bananas and crunchy, crunchy cornflakes.
    Oh god, oh god, oh god…. Ohhhhhhh the crunchiness!!!!!

  20. Tia :) says

    seriously…This must be Taylor M….get over yourself already…if you have nothing better to do, then all the power to you, you lonley, pathetic person.

  21. Tia :) says


  22. Tia :) says

    all you tards just want to lick my wet pussy and shove a broom handle up my ass………….I KNEW IT.

  23. 2teens says

    Taylor M., it’s great that you have such a rich fantasy life. But not everyone is interested hun. Try to show a little decorum, okay?

  24. Shadow Girl says

    Anything here that’s erotic like that is definetly Taylor M. Time to go back to the funny farm, loon! Forunately, I know oriana better than to think she’d actually be posting all that erotic smut.

    Down with Tom Crude! He should go to the loony bin as well, hit on the male orderlies…

  25. Jx2 says

    Folks, it looks as if we’ve got a future writer of Erotica literature (#93 & #94) in the making…coming to fruition in front of our very eyes…keep practicing horny toad – you will improve eventually…right now, you just sound like a hilarious trashy novel.

  26. Tia :) says

    OMG …………I just can’t help but scratching my pussy today, It must be because I have been rubbing it raw from all that humping on the arm of my livingroom sofa. I should probably go right now and start scrubbing it before it stains the fabric.

  27. Tia :) says

    Oriana we have so much snow over here it’s amazing. But I must say all this hybernation in my house has got me quite horny. I actually wish your husband was not in Hawaii and wish he was at my bedside with me licking my salty pussy. I want to hold his hard weiner in my hands and rub it all over my face. I just hope my daughter won’t walk in and catch us. Would you care to join us?

  28. Tia :) says

    Oriana, we’re all doing good. Yes, lots of snow over here!! We’ll probably have snow right up until the end of March even sometimes early April. My daughter is getting big! Almost 2! amazing how fast they grow! Im jealous that your hubby is in Hawaii!! I want to go! Anything to get away from this weather!! I’v been feeling a bit under the weather lately but that pretty much it!

  29. Jx2 says

    The truth has been revealed…look what the cat dragged in – it’s Taylor M. – never heard of you before.

    Have a seat – stay awhile…don’t be so shy. We all get it – you are lonely and want someone to chat with you.

    Bananas and corn flakes aside, what else can you tell us about yourself? That you haven’t had breakfast yet? That you need to lose some excess weight? That you would like to appear on TV?

    I don’t know what “Fat March” is as I don’t own a television, but it seems that you find it highly entertaining.

    Good for you. I think it’s good for people to have a hobby.

  30. Taylor M. says

    Guess what everybody???? I just got accepted on season 2 of FAT MARCH!!!!! I am soooo excited, this is like a dream come true for me since I weigh 350lbs. Do u think they will let me eat cornflakes there? I LOVE cornflakes!!
    If not, maybe they will let me just sit on a bowl of cornflakes, they are so crunchy!!!!
    Gotta go!!! Hubbys coming!

  31. Taylor M. says

    Have you ever been in the kitchen just doing your normal biz when you spy the bananas on the counter, and suddenly you get wet because they look so hard and long? That happens to me all the time! And I just go to town humping those bananas.
    Sometimes my hubby catches me though, and he doesnt like me shoving fruit up my snatch… so he takes a belt to my wide pimply as*s.

  32. Jx2 says

    That’s quite the imagination you have “Oriana”…where do you get your ideas from? Fur fetishes and all…seems you might be visiting some seedy sites in your spare time. Be careful as your computer might have spyware and plenty of bugs from your obsessive XXX website surfing.

  33. oriana says

    what’s up with this thread is people on here are making fun of me because I live in the nut house and they only let me on the computer 2 hours a day, then after that 2 hours are up they stick me back in the white padded room and dose me with my daily lithium. They make fun of me because I was born a hermaphodite , and I can’t figure out if I want to be with a man or woman, so I decided to go both way’s. So what if i’m a carpetmuncher, I love the bush….MMMMMMMM They are also making fun of me because i’m very very fat……I think Heaven Rayne might want to get a piece of the oriana-mister…..Heaven are you a lezzie??? I heard from 2teens that you have a problem with wetting your pants and you like to hump fruit, she also said you have a fur fetish and likes to hump stuffed animals……WOW you really are a lady………My type of lady if you ask me. Give me a call, 2 teens has my phone number.

  34. Heaven Rayne says

    what is up with this thread? Its a very weird thread. Not even about these fine ladies. Every thread I get on is very weird. I love this site but get angry with all the weird people on here and some of there vulgar comments. Who is the owner of this site? Does anybody know?

  35. oriana says

    HI Tia my sweet girl! Been busy this weekend doing errands and gro. shopping. Hubby in Hawaii so my sister has been driving me around. I went to Costco and what a mess! Too busy on weekends! How is the little one? Is there still snow up there in March? Some Fool still on here having some fun with my name, not very much of an imagination if all he/she can come up with is Cereal to insult me with! Ha!

  36. oriana says

    Someone needs to pull those damn chicklets out of Lourde’s mouth..Everyone on this board can suck my big black cock

  37. Mia-pocca says

    I dont understand how so one can be so ashamed of thenmselves that they cant own thier own name but have to steal others…what a spineless blob

  38. oriana says

    Thank you 2teens my friend! alana is a pretty smart little cookie to have picked up on that also! Pink hugs to both of you!!!!

    I don’t know why Taylor M has it in for me so bad but one thing was true, I do enjoy my Corn Flakes! Ha! Have a happy weekend girls!!!!!!

  39. Shadow Girl says

    OMFG, this is just LAME!

    OK, a preteen or teen needing to pluck her eyebrows? OK, and I think this is the hereditary thing that what’s her face got from her daddy, not Madonna. It’s totally natural and she doesn’t seen to give a flying frig about it.

    Oh, Tom, pointing to the J Ho’s potbelly! Yeah, he wishes he could double knock up his hag like Marc did! Oh yeah, that’s a real *man* for ya!

    Let’s cut out the facial hair backbiting..so immature.

    Aha, Taylor M is back! Well, B I A T C H, you lunatic carpetmuncher, how was your stay in the loony bin? Don’t tell me the funny farm let you off for good “behavior”

  40. 2teens says

    Why yes Alana, I do believe you are right. It is Taylor M. impersonating Oriana. I knew I heard those same lines before about the cornflakes and Fat March (whatever that is).

    Taylor M. posted this to Oriana on the Michelle Williams thread:
    30. Taylor M | February 2nd, 2008 at 1:45 pm

    Oh My God it breaks my heart , it absolutely breaks my heart that you were ever born Oriana, you are just so trashy………….Seriously get off the sofa and go eat your big bowl of corn flakes you 350 pound loser…After you eat that bowl of flakes you go get into your nasty sweats and use the treadmill and run those pounds off your skanky body. I’m praying that I see you on season 2 of FAT MARCH…………..GO BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. alana says

    the person that us stealing orianna name is taylor m. remeber the old katie post she write about taking med. she is a heremdiote(sp) and she hed her baby suri who is a doll and also many other things that is aboustly nasty


  42. oriana says

    Hello my pals and buddies! Just got here today, my last post was #17, and thanks to all of you who knew the nutcase wasn’t me!

    Sorry to whomever who has been having some fun with my name, but I did indeed take all my meds today!!!! Ha!

    Hiya girls, hope you guys all have a good weekend and stay warm. I will be glad when Spring rolls around, although we do need more rain here in San Jose.

    I do think Lourdes looks like her dad but it is because of her long face, Mia had that right! I saw her on TV talking and she seems like a very sweet little girl, I bet Madonna is very proud of her.

  43. oriana says

    This is the real oriana nobody is hacking my ID.as for me getting a life, I think that is what you need to do. You ALL are WHITE TRASH….I’m sorry but I have not been taking my meds lately. I get a little loonie when i’m off them. You know lithium is a very strong drug and I really need it or esle I become nutso. I’m sorry if I offended anyone, I really am the real oriana.Please I need your help. Will someone please help me?

  44. carleigh says

    I know that is NOT Oriana….she has never even remotely typed anything this foul or offensive, someone is hacking her ID and it’s truly pathetic. Who ever it is that is hacking her ID needs to get a life and grow up!!!!

  45. 2teens says

    I guess this is attack 2teens day… nobody believes that you are Oriana. You’re only proving what a coward you are.
    You want to mess with me? Fine. I will give as good as I get. But stop hiding behind someone else’s name. I don’t have time for chicken sh*it.

  46. Jx2 says

    #52 – you MUST have fallen off the turnip truck yesterday because you think you are so clever as to impersonate someone else – (ORIANA)…and that nobody would catch on?? Good luck with that!!

    As for using astericks(****)…My previous comments were awaiting moderation and I had to use the astericks in order to get my message posted…it’s the oldest trick in the book but you probably wouldn’t know that because you are a doorknob and can’t figure thiings out for yourself!

    Rest assured that YOU are the mentally challenged one HERE and NOW!!! Impersonator of Oriana!!! LOL LOL

  47. Mia-pocca says

    I am sorry but that is not Orianna unless she is on Crack, she is a lot more respectful that the above post..is someone using her name or what???

  48. oriana says

    Hey 2teens you just crush her pills so you can snort then up your nasty shnozzzzzzzzzz. I think you need to get off your fat A$$ and stop eating all those bowls of cornflakes and hit the gym. It’s about time you do something with all 350 pounds of your nasty flab…..I will be looking for you on season 2 of FAT MARCH.

  49. oriana says

    Hey 2teens you have a child that is 13 years old and wont swollow a friggin pill?…….lol That is so sad, what I think you should do is stop coddling that child and let her grow up…I’m sorry but you are a pathetic mother. I feel sorry for your daughter, what’s next in her sad life? Do you wipe her nose and pick her boogers? You said it’s painful to have hairs plucked? Was it painful when you had your A$$ hairs plucked?……lol…..Hmmmmmmm sounds like you and Bella are finally coming out and admitting you are carpetmunches, WOW it’s about time.

  50. 2teens says

    High five JX2! I love Frida Kahlo’s work. It is absolutely beautiful, colorful “folk” art. I am also a portrait artist, though it’s been a few years since I did anything.
    People, Lourdes is stunning beauty with or without trimmed eyebrows. I’m sure she will get to it eventually, but for now she is only 11. How many 11 year olds would willingly endure the pain of plucking or waxing for the sake of beauty? I have a 13 year old who still wont swallow pills, I have to crush them up and mix them with honey when she is sick. My point is, kids are kids and why should we force them to grow up too soon when they are still content as they are?

  51. oriana says

    Hey JX2 was that you I seen hanging out of the window of that yellow retard bus this morning? You should keep better track of the pink bib you were wearing you just might lose it………..Then what would you do?

  52. oriana says

    Hey JX2 whats’s with all the ******************** in your word’s? Are you retarded? I can help. Give me your address and I will send you HOOKED ON PHONICS………………………MY TREAT

  53. oriana says

    Lourdes needs to pluck that nasty unibrow, it’s totally un attractive looking…..She looks nothing like Madonna….Madonna is pretty Lourdes looks like a skag…lol

  54. Tea says

    That is assuming that 1. Lourdes is being teased, which she very well might not be, 2. if she is, it bothers her.

    I still can’t get over how mean people can be on this board about how children can look!

  55. onatear says

    AHAHAAAAAahahah….JX2: I laughed out loud as soon as Gwen’s pic rolled under Jlo’s..but you have me off the couch!!!! Plus, anyone who knows who Frida is, let alone admires her, has a special place in my book…aRrrrrrHEEEeeba!

  56. Jx2 says

    We* ar*e no*t bl*ind or stu*id…As a*n ar*tist I a*m w*ell awa*re of the fac*ial dif*feren*tiations betw*een pe*ople…I sk*tch po*rtraits, etc…and ha*ve stud*ied fa*ces and fea*ures for ma*ny years…bu*t I tha*nk you for yo*ur ke*en obser*vations…I*m su*re so*me of the po*sters h*ere mi*ght find yo*ur in*put ver*y help*ful.

  57. Jx2 says

    …Bu*t all jo*ki*ng a*side…s*he lo*o*ks a l*ot l*ike he*r fa*ther…fa*ce sh*a*pe, the chi*n, the m*outh, the s*mile, her col*ouring…A*N*D s*he al*so re*se*mbles h*er mot*her, the eye*brow*s, the (previo*us) nos*e, h*er co*mp*le*xion an*d colo*uring.

  58. Jx2 says

    Tha*nks for cla*rifying al*l that is Mado**nna Lo**uise Cic**cone – Mia**pocca!!…I ne*ver rea*lized that Lo*urdes’s fa*ther was Chin*ese…LOL

  59. Mia-pocca says

    oh she gets the longer face from her dad adn madonna was a little heavier in the face as child

  60. Mia-pocca says

    LOURDES does not resemble her father as much as she resembles her mother…you are all doing the “all chinese people look alike” nonsense. Her resemblance you notice to her father is only in her coloring and if you google Madonna Ciconne , U will come up with the ITALIAN looking maddona in a dance class in a univeristy in michigan BEOFORE all the tranformation

    Look at the eyes and tell me you cant tell where those eyebrows and big eyes were inherited from!

  61. Mia-pocca says

    Unless you are like 12 years old..you should know that lourdes is a carbon copy pf Madonnna before her many evolutions.

    Madonna mentioned she is a strict mother and I think based on her background she wants ourdes to remain a child while still a child..besides maddona had heay DARK hair, born italian in michigan..the english rose thing is her new phase……..

    I hope lourdes doesnt have to see her mothers more se-xu-ally explicit nonsense when she was plain crazy,.

    lourdes as was madonna years back are both incredibly beautiful

  62. Mia-pocca says

    J HO ..does not look good..if this is what skeleton has to wake up to especially without make up now I understand why the attraction to skeletor nad why BEN Afflect opted for the Jen, who doesnt hide under tons of beauty rituals…Ben must hav ewoken up in the middle of the night and seen JHO bare faced and freaked off to canada to a strip club…hahahah

  63. sara says

    I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed and saw these pixs: Didn’t Madonna have HUGE eyebrows at one time? Runs in the family. The next pix Gwen looks fab, Demi is trying to hang with the “young” crowd to stay young. Next pix: Katie looks out of place with the ‘”older” crowd. Go find Ashton!
    Next pix JLO looks awesome for carrying twins! That is a lot to have a body do….Gweneth, you NEED FOOD ~ YUCK!

  64. Miapocca says

    Madonna mentioned that she is a strict mother..I think she wants lourdes to remain a child as long as possible and the girl is beautiful and will only get better, so what if she has a unibrow…by the time she turns 16, she will be a totsl knockout…right now if she starts all the beauty stuff, she willhave grown men chasing after her…

    She is well loved by her fmaily and seems to be way better than paris..

  65. eyesofopearls says

    33 – I totally agree with you – Lourdes is only 11! Madonna is a great mum – much better than Britney’s mum who made her put silicon implants at 14!!! Lourdes is a child and is beautiful – and Madonna should be praised for letting her child grow up gradually. My stomach turns when I see little girls who wear hills and look like little sluts!!

  66. cookie monster says

    Lourdes……………………holly cow………………can you say unibrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody tweeze that girl!

  67. boo says

    That second pic of J-Lo Almost doesn’t even look like her, you can definitely see the weight she has put on in her face from this pregnancy! I have no doubt that She will be back to her pre-pregnant weight in no time after the Twins get here! Regardless of the weight gain she still looks radiant and stunning and I do Love the dress she is wearing.
    As For Miss Lourdes, she is a Beautiful young lady, and no doubt will be a gorgeous young Woman but I have to agree with the majority of posters on here about the Eyebrows… she is at an age now where, bullying and teasing comes at full force, all it would take is for little miss priss and her band of followers to see those brows and she coud be the object of Major torture and ridicule, which in turn could make her life a living He**.
    I think that those Puppies are a little outta control and need a bit of a trimming job to tone them down a bit…. besides it won’t hurt for Lourdes to start learning some beauty tips at this age.
    As for Gwen and Demi they both look Stunning and Gweneth although I do find her to be a beautiful Woman, I’m just not feeling the dress! I think it may be the bow that is doing it for me!…. it’s just not a nice bow 🙂 lol.

  68. Bella says

    Lourdes dosen’t have to worry about being teased,she’s Madonna’s daughter and that alone is good enough. She’s rich enough that she can be home schooled and have her mother build her a school if she so desires. She’s a child and I find it very refreshing that her mother is allowing her to act her age and not pluck her brows. I’m sure that they keep her brows under control, I have seen it looking worse and I’ve seen her with a mustache before which is not in the above pic. She’s beautiful, allow her to be a child without your harsh critisicm.

  69. Generic name says

    Oh! Madonna can’t hide her age anymore! even with all the make up’s! Gwen and Demi looks pretty and sexy though! TomKat?…no comment…JLo, she’s getting bigger! Gwyneth..oh my! what’s wrong with this woman?… she look pale and too skinny for me! I think it was the camera that got her the wrong side! her head is so big than her shoulders!
    she looks like a LOLLIPOP! LOL

  70. Jx2 says

    Perhaps Lourdes is going for the Frida Kahlo look (famous Hispanic painter)…I love Frida Kahlo’s art work and it’s especially compelling because she did include her famous unibrow when she did self-portraits and they are awesome, incredible paintings…which, I wouldn’t mind having on my wall…yeah, unibrow and all. I happen to like thicker eyebrows but in Lourdes case it’s a matter of ‘cleaning’ them up and making them less unruly – not overplucking them.

  71. Peppers says

    Lourdes is a pretty girl but she’s very hairy for 11 years old. Those brows need to be plucked.

  72. Tia :) says

    no, my mother didnt tell me to look a certain way. She tried to protect me from being teased, which is what i was getting at in the first place.

  73. cyberkitten38 says

    man..every picture I’ve ever seen of Lourdes has shown her with an ABUNDANT overgrowth of eyebrows..
    Gawd, take a friggin weed whacker to that bush already! frig! It’s not like they can’t afford a trip to the salon or hell even go buy your own tweezers and show her how to do it herself!

  74. Tea says

    That is terrible Anon!

    I agree discretion would be good, but not forcing a child or influencing a child to do something because of what other people think.

    My sister in Law gets my 7 year old neices eyebrows waxed, and dyes her hair, that kid is the most self conscious kid I have ever met!, so I find it very superficial and mean of people to sit here and go on how a 11 year old child needs to do something to change how they look, especially if the child seems to be perfectly content with how they look

  75. Anon says

    No, but it’s a lot better than what my mother did to me – announcing very loudly in the middle of a very busy fitting room that I needed to trim my bikini area (I was only 13). Discretion and direction would have been a wonderful thing from my mother!!

  76. Jenna says

    Gwen and Demi look great. Gwyneth is too skinny. And Madonna, it is time to take Miss Lola in for an eyebrow wax–lose that unibrow!

  77. phnxgirl says

    JLo’s nose looks so different! I agree that Marc Anthony is not the most attractive man, but isn’t it more important that he obviously loves Jennifer and that they are happy together? Not everyone can be a perfect 10. Okay, sappy I know, but true. 😉

  78. Jx2 says

    I have to say that “yes” Lourdes does need to do something about the unibrow…and she does resemble her father more than her mother, although I do remember Madonna in the mid-80s and Lourdes does resemble her a lot back them. Lourdes will definitely be a stunning young woman in another few years…she is going through an awkward pre-pubescent stage.

    I have to admit that this is the first time I actually like something that Gwen is wearing…it’s a pretty dress.

    Jel-lo looks like a completely different person, her husband is as ugg as ever.

    I agree with Kx3, Katie appears ‘uncomfortable’ in the photo. Tom looks like a dolt..LOL

    The pink dress that Gwyneth is wearing is nasty!! I have never thought of her as an attractive woman. She looks homely and pasty.

    Just my 2 cents!

  79. Olive says

    I think Lourdes is beautiful, but she does need to wax or pluck those eyebrows! I can’t believe how grown up she is!

    Wow- JLo looks really different with that extra weight on her face! She’ll slim down quickly though, I’m sure. Plus that’s the last thing she needs to be worrying about at this point!

  80. oriana says

    Those eyebrows look terrible! She looks just like her father to me.

    Katie looks pretty to me and very stylish, love her shoes. Gwyneth’s dress looks terrible to me, but she has some gorgeous legs on her!

    Everyone looks very nice to me.

  81. Tia :) says

    im sorry, but when I was 12 and needed to start shaving my underarms my mother told me. To me, that’s a good mother.

  82. Tea says

    Did anyone consider that maybe, just maybe Lourdes doesn’t want to pluck or wax her eyebrows? She is only 11, maybe she just doesn’t care!, And Madonna, being a good mother, doesn’t see the need to tell her “honey you really need to fix your eyebrows, others don’t like it” I am pretty sure if Lourdes wanted to do it, it would be done

  83. Jacquie says

    Ok I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Lourdes needs her eyebrows fixed up. I think she does look like her Mom, just with darker hair and skintone. She’s cute.

  84. Tia :) says

    Man oh man…ok, i know there are going to be some people getting mad, but shouldn’t Madonna be teaching her daughter how to pluck her eyebrows? or wax even? She’s getting to the age where other children are going to pick on her because of them…it’s not even a little bit bad…it’s really bad!

    J-Lo looks wonderful. I really hope all goes well for her, she’s wanted a baby for so long!

    Gwen looks so cute with her little baby bump!! I hope she has a little girl this time!

  85. monica says

    Actually, Lourdes looks very much like Madonna if you look at the pictures of Madonna in the earlier days before she went blonde. She was born with brown hair.

    Also, Katie always looks so insecure and never fails to have a strange smirk. Out of all 4 of them, Tom looks the best.

  86. tammy says

    OMG! I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for this but Lourdes needs a waxing in a bad way! I know she’s 11, but some girls need to start early. Jennifer looks like she took her hands, touched the sides on her face and pulled outward. I’ve never found Gwyneth attractive- I know, I’m in a negative mood.

  87. Jaxon says

    I don’t understand why Madonna doesn’t let Lourdes groom the unibrow she is growing. These years are going to furnish embarrassing “before” pictures for the rest of her life.

    She also has a very dark mustache in many photos though I can’t see it here. I can’t believe she is not teased about at school as kids can be so cruel.

    I guess it doesn’t bother Lourdes. It would sure bother me.

  88. Julie says

    Okay, here it goes. Gweneth needs to put on about 20 pounds. Jennifer Lopez looks fabulous, I certainly didn’t look like that in the final stages of twin pregnancy! Tom and Kate, absolutely fabulous. Demi and Gwen look amazing as well. I think Madonna has had some work done, but I probably will too when I’m approaching 50. Now to Lourdes. I’m sorry, I’ve thought this for years: teach her how to pluck her eyebrows. She’s a beautiful girl, always has been. But those eyebrows are out of control. Madonna, listen to me! Take her to a salon or teach her how to do it herself. She isn’t too young to start this type of grooming.

  89. Sandra says

    I cannot get over how JLO doesn’t really look like JLO. Her face is the biggest I have seen on a preggo person.

  90. Candy says

    Lourdes doesn’t look like Madonna at all, Gwen is glowing she looks very happy with her 2nd pregnancy, Katie looks so beautifull also JLO but, i don’t like her in the 4th pic also Demi & Gwyneth are very beautifull but i don’t like this big bow

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