Britney's Parents Very Angry With Hospital For Releasing Her Early

Britney Spears

Eight hours after Britney Spears was released from UCLA Medical Center, her parents, Jamie and Lynne, released the following statement to the Associated Press:

“As parents of an adult child in the throes of a mental health crisis, we were extremely disappointed this morning to learn that over the recommendation of her treating psychiatrist, our daughter Britney was released from the hospital that could best care for her and keep her safe,” the statement read.

“We are deeply concerned about our daughter’s safety and vulnerability and we believe her life is presently at risk. There are conservatorship orders in place created to protect our daughter that are being blatantly disregarded. We ask only that the court’s orders be enforced so that a tragedy may be averted.”

Citing patient privacy, a UCLA Medical Center spokeswoman has declined to comment.

Hmmm….maybe they are right, but this seems like a case of too little..too late. If Lynne really wanted to protect her daughter and cared for her best interests she wouldn’t have allowed her to have breast implants when she was a kid and still growing.



  1. Zbella says

    US Weekly is my source for celebrity news and I have found them reliable, as far as such mags go. I actually feel bad for the girl now. Her parents DO NOT have her best interest at heart. I think they just want her money. Poor girl.

  2. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oh my god. Who does the WM think she is, a psychologist? Her comment at the end there, “If Lynne really wanted to protect her daughter and cared for her best interests she wouldn’t have allowed her to have breast implants when she was a kid and still growing” made me laugh! As if letting Britney get implants when she was younger has ANYTHING whatsoever to do with this… lmao!

  3. gweny says

    I always was a fan, but there cames a time when its like enough is enough. she should have stayed longer. she needs some help before she gets in trouble! I so agree with lynne and it takes a lot to idmit that, so good for her!

  4. oriana says

    Her father’s eyes are so bloodshot it looks like he has been suffering without sleep for a long time.

    Lynn is a pitiful excuse of a mother to me, can’t stand her! Any mother that has stood by and allowed the things she has done is beyond stupid!

    I feel sorry for the people that come into contact with Britney that are innocent. I am sick of even reading about her!

    And that sleazy looking lawyer (Adam) gives me the creeps! I am glad he is off the case, talk about attention seeking!

  5. dori says

    #5 …You said it right…someone should have been there around the clock…. with all the connections they could have hired a security guard. If it was my daughter I would have moved in there right with her and guarded her. It seems Lynne doesn’t have that protective mother instinct she raises her kids more loosely than I did. I was / and still am like a mother lion.
    It doesn’t matter how grown up these kids think they are…the fact is a young adult in their 20’s still need some parental guidance and there didn’t seem to be any for Brit. It’s too little too late.

  6. carleigh says

    The information about her breast implants is available in an article that “Rolling Stone” magazine is putting out this month. I’ve read two excepts from this article (not an interview, an article), and it’s very scary to believe that Britney has been allowed to go down this slippery slope of mental illness for as long as she has.

    She will more than likely wind up dead if she is allowed back in control of her money. The best thing they could have done is to have kept her, but alas the Dr. who released her wasn’t the Dr. who initiated the 5150 hold on her. UCLA needs stricter guidelines for mental patients and I don’t think Britney was kept in the hosp. long enough to receive a proper evaluation and the proper meds. She was already flashing her underwear to the pap’s w/in 5 minutes of being released.

    This girl is in trouble and sadly it appears that there is nothing that anyone can do to stop her…..she’s going to end up dead and her kids are going to be left w/o a mother.

  7. Julie says

    So sad. I wish everyone would leave her alone. The attention and scrutiny she receives would literally drive me crazy too! She needs to be shipped off to some remote quiet part of the world where nobody knows who she is so she can regroup for a while. The video’s of the pap’s swarming her and her car are just heartbreaking. I feel so bad for her. I hope she can get straighted out. I’m sure she never thought this would be her life.

  8. oriana says

    I’ll believe the breast implant story when there are positive facts. I think any mother that would allow a 17 year old to get them is definitely not doing a good job at parenting.

    With Brit driving recklessly thru the streets it is a miracle no one has been injured or killed because of her. If something bad happens, the person should be sued that got her released. She is a danger to others if not herself. Just a matter of time before something tragic happens.

  9. Seriously says

    #5 They can’t sit vigil. They are very strict on visiting times and hours. To me it looks like they were there every time they were allowed via x17’s website.

    The reason why she was released from People’s website.

    “Britney Spears was released early from UCLA Medical Center’s psych ward because a court representative found “no just cause” for the hold, a source tells PEOPLE.

    The doctor overseeing Spears’s care had wanted her to stay, (as did her parents), but the decision was overridden by the court representative, the source said.’

  10. Seriously says

    Ok seriously. The WM never reported the happenings of Britney when she went in and all that was happening while she was in. You know like Brit’s father getting conservatorship over his daughter, the restraining order against Sam, what Sam has allegedly done, so why be interested in her getting out? I too agree that her parents are a little too late. Why wait so long after her infamous head shaving. That was the first HUGE sign that she needed help.

    And where the heck is the info on her getting breast implants when she was a kid. Someone believes one too many rumors. I am sorry but I am very disappointed with the lack of accurate reports on this website.

  11. Lauren says

    I really don’t understand why they released her a week early. It’s plain to everyone that Britney is unwell and not able to take care of herself. Her supposed “manager” is feeding her drugs (i.e. Howard K. Stern) and trying to control her life. Britney’s parents need to be more strict with her.

  12. Candy says

    Another sad story kirsten Dunst has entered rehab
    Kirsten is being treated at the exclusive Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah, the same facility where Lindsay Lohan spent nearly two months and where Eva Mendes recently checked in, according to the source.
    That’s really sad i hope she gets help 7 doesn’t endup in troubles like Lindsay

  13. fee says

    Could Lynne Spears have made better choices in regards to her daughter? Yes, but no parent is perfect. It isn’t fair to her to blame her for all her daughter’s problems. Britney is 26 years old-she needs to take responsibility for herself and her own actions and stop blaming everyone around her.

    #20, Liza, made a very good point about sitting vigil. I know many allow one hour a day on weekdays and 2 hours a day on weekends for visitation. It cuts down on distractions and keeps the focus on helping.

  14. DeeDee says

    Ok, so every parent who gives in to their daughter’s desire for breast implants doesn’t care about them? Wrong. Yes, too little too late, but Britney is an adult and a parent can only do so much when the Adult child is unwilling to help herself or let others help.

  15. luckylee13 says

    Every time I read a story about her I think – This situation can’t get any worse- yet it always does. It’s like her death march is playing out before our eyes.Sad.

  16. Megan says

    This is so sad……I believe sometime this year we will NO-longer be seeing Britt around. Unless she changes her old ways, SHE WILL BE FOUND DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Liza says

    The family probably culdn’t sit “vigil” by her bedside. Psych wards tend to have fairly strict visiting schedules. It’s not like when someone is critically ill. The order granting her father control does not extend to decisions regarding her psychiatric treatment.

    I agree that her parents may have made some poor decisions, why I have to ask, why again, is the WM blaming this on someone besides Brittany?

    Yes, mental illness can be very serious and debilitating, but Brittany must be held responsible for her behavior and for getting treatment. If the parents or the media or whoever continue to get blamed for this, Brittany will never be made to take control over her own behavior and to take responsibility for it.

    Also, I don’t think she has ever had breast implants, and if she did, she clearly doesn’t have them now.

  18. Susan says

    “Too little, too late”? Where is YOUR head? Anything, anytime, for a mentally unstable person.

  19. tammy says

    Oh my gosh- her mom is freakin scary looking.I agree with Jx2… I wouldn’t want to see that in the middle of the night. My prediction: Britney will be dead by the end of this year.

  20. onatear says

    This woman is in genuine danger. It looks as if she is now a pawn between her parents, and those who will aid and abet her ill wishes, no matter how unwise they are. WHO would bring her the car? WHO let her get behine the wheel? If anyone really loves her, they would be at her side, and refusing to do anything that jeopardizes her well-being. God help her.

  21. Amy says

    I completely agree with #15. Can you imagine all the money they have? Maybe if they knew at the time things would turn out like this, maybe they would do things differently. 2020 hindsight, right? Of course they wanted her to achieve stardom, up until recently, Britney Spears was living every little girls dream. Everyone hated K-Fed so much, now it looks like he was holding her together. Who knew?

  22. Puh-leeze says

    She had breast implants when she was SEVENTEEN, that hardly makes anyone a horrible parent.

    Is it completely inconceivable that her parents got swallowed up by the machine and swept along for the ride, too? I just think we shouldn’t always be in such a rush to judge.

  23. kim says

    ruby im so sorry about your sister…so sad. thats why it dosent matter if she wants help or wants her parents around…its not about what she “wants” anymore. like i said beore you only get one chance and if she ends up god forbid dead her family will be doing all the “could have, should haves” and it will be too late. I feel so sad when i look back at her pics from years ago…she was so cute and such an entertainer. now shes entertainment for all the wrong reasons.

  24. D'Anna says

    #11, Ruby, that is awful about your sister.

    Studies will show over and over that people who attempt suicide will attempt multiple times. It happens.

    Britney’s parents are doing a little too little a little too late. Now they’ve also got a pregnant 16 year old on their hands too. Sure, kids do things that their parents don’t approve of, but this mom has really pushed her kids into the media.

    Does anyone remember what Jamie Lynn looked like before she became a clone of Britney? She looked like a normal 12 year old!

    This is really sad.

  25. Ruby Jackson says

    You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

    The hospital had to release her, because if she does not pose an *immediate* threat to herself, it’s the LAW. And, it is a messed up law, and it is Ronald Reagan’s law.

    I know first hand the danger of releasing someone who is depressed, but not threatening suicide. My sister tried to kill herself with pills, was hospitalized for three days, released, and is now dead. She ultimately hanged herself. If Britney doesn’t get long-term care on the outside, she’ll end up dead, too. These kinds of issues do not go away by themselves.

  26. Peige says

    If Britney really doesn’t want her Mom and Dad around at the minute which is what is being reported and doesnt want her Dad as gaurdian then what about her brother Brian why isn’t he around, why can’t he try and help Britney. Why arent these people helping her I just don’t get it!!!!

  27. kim says

    i think the breast implant comment is basically trying to say what kind of mother is she if she would let her daughter do that at such a young age…i dont know if its true or not but if it is true i have to agree…i have friends with daughters in junior high who still say ‘no’ to make up…and britney has been out of control for so long now why are they just now coming in the picture to try and help…they needed to do that a long tme ago and i agree with the post that said you would not leave their side for anything…i have 2 boys and for gods sake i dont leave their side when they have the flu…thats what a mom does its your number one job…someone once told me when it comes to your kids, you dont get a ‘second chance’ and those words have stuck with me since my babies were born. they are 12 and 7 now and i will always protect them the best i can. they are the world to me and i thank god for them every single day…what could be more important that her mom needs to do than stay right next to her daughter right now???

  28. Peige says

    I just can not understand what is happening. Why is her psychiatrist saying she is fit enough to be let out when its very plain to see that Britney is a very unwell young woman.

    This Sam guy seems as if he is conroling Britney and drugging her.

    I know everyone is hating Lynne Spears right now but I do think that her parents are the only ones who can save Britney now she can not trust all the hangers on. Whatever you all may think of Lynne she is her mother after all and its her parents she needs right now.
    I always thought Lynne came across as a very caring loving Mom but I suppose we don’t know what goes on behing closed doors.
    Also I can see where post 5 (Give me a break) is coming from because if it was me in the situation that Lynne is I would demand for something to be done and I would stay with my daughter 24/7 day and night to make sure she got well.
    I just do not know what to think but what I do know is that without help Britney is heading for disater and that is such a big shame because in the early days she seemed like a very sweet, kind hearted young girl but she has paid the highest price fo fame.
    Let this be a lesson to all that fame is not so glamourous as it would appear, give me a normal, happy life any day.

  29. says


  30. Jx2 says

    The mother looks like what I would imagine the witch from the “Blair Witch Project” to like like if we were ever shown a glimpse of the witch!! LOL

    Whatever…who cares about B.S. – she made her bed, now she will have to lie in it…along with her opportunistic family!

  31. Give me a break! says

    If my daughter was in this state and we had her “commited” to the hospital I would be sitting vigil!!! Why wasn’t someone there the whole time? Why did the mother and father leave her bedside? Why couldn’t the entire family take shifts?? Even if my child didn’t want me in her room – I would sit/sleep in the hall in an uncomfortable chair to make sure she was safe.

  32. Too little too late. says

    I am sorry but, try as they may, her parents are too late. I can’t stand the sight of her “mother”. This statement sounds to me that they are laying the groundwork for the lawsuit they are going to throw out on everyone invloved with Britney when she dies (kills herself or otherwise). They are going to sue UCLA Med Center until the cows come home – watch.

  33. Jenny says

    Britney got breast implants when she was a kid? Are you sure? I’d never heard that before. And why would breast implants effect her mental health now?

  34. Genevieve says

    You know i agree with you. The whole situation has gotten out of hand. I also feel like she is going to wind up dead sooner or later. I’m glad her parents were angry that their daughter was released from the hospital to early but she should of been sent to the hospital a long time ago. Also i think the media has gotten out of hand with Ms. Britney spears. I feel terrible for her children and they have to deal with this ordeal, even though they are too small to realise what is happening.

  35. dori says

    This is getting scary. I think the girl is doomed. Her only hope is to get help and she refuses. Her manger Sam Lutfi was running her life and giving her drugs and controling her. Thhis whole situation is out of control and she’s in a downward spiral. I have a nagging feeling she’s going to end up dead.

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