Angelina In Iraq

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

An expectant Angelina was snapped during a visit to a US military base in the heavily guarded Green Zone in central Baghdad, where she visited the canteen for lunch and mingled with troops on February 7th. While in Iraq she sat down for an interview with CNN’s Arwa Damon. Below is an excerpt:

Arwa: There are reports out of Hollywood that… (laughs)

Angelina: Oh don’t. Stop it. (interupts I had to ask) Stay true to your tradition. You’re CNN. Don’t do it!

Arwa: I know that’s why I have to… (Laughs)

Angelina: But I don’t have to answer. OK?

Arwa: No you don’t. I completely and totally … you’re right and will not press the matter.

Angelina: Thank you.


  1. neil says

    Every board I go to, be it political, celebrity or whatever; allways have so many people who need to share their hate. It is more than boring, it is discouraging. The funny thing is I think these people aggree. There are plenty of boards one can go to that are all about sharing negative opinions on various persons or topics and yet…………..They want to be dark clouds in the daylight because, you know, clouds at night aren’t seen as well. Did I say boring?
    Yeah. And sad.

  2. Deeds says

    Oriana and Granny I think I told you before you both make me laugh. I haven’t been on much as usual. I’m trying to get ready for the St. Patrick’s Day Marathon that will be run in Portland, Oregon. I pay for everything myself, I’m not trying to sound self-righteous but I hate to solicit peeps for money so I can run.

  3. oriana says

    HI Nicki and Granny, glad I could put a smile on someone’s face! You ladies have a good evening!!!!!

  4. Granny says

    Orianna You gave me a good chuckle. Nice to know someone else thought somewhat like me.

    And so don’t forget “how much do you donate” , “why do you take your kids to public places”, “why do you/your children wear those colors and not ____”, “what mistakes did you make at 10/20/30 years of age – that we can continue to hold against you”.

  5. oriana says

    Okay Nicki, I will pretend I am Malayka!

    NO I am not pregnant.
    Would not have invitro, hear it is painful! Can’t deal with that!
    I can provide for my kids and animals, at least this week! Ha! The economy is such a mess, can’t be for sure next week!
    If you saw my tax returns you would run for the hills and hide! My accountant probably will this year!
    I’ll raise my babies, (cats and dogs) spoil them rotten, let them run the house, have zero control and limits set for them, eat and get too fat and will clean up after them!

    Have a good evening, now I am going to bed! Ha!

  6. Nicki says

    Granny~Bravo!!! Well said. Great answer!!

    Malayka-So are you pregnant? When are you due?? Are you having twins?? Did you have invitro?? Are you able to provide for your children?? Please show us your tax returns……….What church are you involved with? How will you raise your baby (babies)??

  7. Granny says

    Malayka Yes or no answer. Pregnancy is personal business – like income and religion – to be shared ONLY if you want to discuss it. Just because you can ask it doesn’t obligate anyone to answer you. Even if the woman looks as if she is about to deliver any minute, until she shares it no one’s business. And this interview wasn’t scheduled to discuss her health but the refugee situations.

  8. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Deeds – I think thats a really great thing that you and your uncle do, you have obviously put some thought into it and I’m sure the children really appreciate it!

    #53 Malayka, well you seem quite selfish to me. You said we all know more than enough about Iraq; not true actually. You might choose to be ignorant, but I certainly don’t. All most of us know is what the news chooses to show us. And most people might know about the bombs, violence etc but not many people will have realised that their are 4 million refugees, its not something highlighted by the news. Therefore what Angelina is doing there is useful and helpful.

    You are also wrong to say that everybody who can make a difference already knows about the refugees and doesn’t need Angelina Jolie telling them, that is not so. Every single one of us can make a difference if we choose to. And as I’ve said before, the plight of the Iraqi refugees is not one often highlighted so it wouldn’t be one we would probably think about.

  9. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oriana, no need to apologise! It was just a difference of opinion, thats all! Though I’m glad you agree with me now hehe 😉

    But to explain what I meant about the way she answered the reporter’s question better: its not so much incase people think she is rude but because the press attention would be diverted. If she had had a go at him the headlines would have been, “Angelina puts nosy reporter in his place” rather than “Angelina highlights plight of Iraqi refugees” or whatever.

    Thats also the reason it was wrong for the reporter to ask. If the answer had been yes, that would have been the biggest news break of the week and nobody would even realise she was in Iraq.

  10. oriana says

    Al&J, Thank you my Dear! I enjoy you on here. Hope you don’t live where the weather is so bad. Seems like we are having an unusually cold Winter. Al Gore is right about global warming, it is very serious! I watched his movie and I would have definitely voted for him if he had decided to run again for President. I do think Tipper would have been against it, I think they are just living their lives and enjoying themselves now. Good for them!

  11. Al&J says

    Oriana. I agree with you. I wish more celebs would tell these “so – called” journalists to shut up and mind their own business. How is it appropriate to ask whether a person is pregnant when they are in the middle of discussing serious issues like refugees and the displacement of people in Iraq? Why is this important? Is that relevant to the discussion at hand? Um..No…
    Arwa Damon ended up looking very foolish in the end. Why do you think CNN ended up cutting out the pregnancy questioning segment when they finally aired the interview…they realized the big mistake they had made and how inappropriate their actions were.

    Malayka – No one needs to know any more about Iraq? Speak for yourself deary. I pride myself on knowing every detail I possibly can on world events whether it be Iraq or any other country. Ignorance is not becoming.

    Very nicely stated Liza and traveler.

    Liza – You are right. The informed responses and discussion in this thread (at least some of the posts can be viewed as worthwhile contributions to the discussion) are proof that Angelina is accomplishing what she set out to do in Iraq. Look at how much discussion has gone on in regards to this issue alone. It’s great to see!

    Traveler – I have to say I pity those whose who not only go out and buy tabloids or have a subscription but who actually believe the garbage printed in them. Why would I give those liars and pseudo journalists my hard-earned money?

  12. traveler says


    Taking one’s children to the park to play or to a store does not make one a fame whore. If it did, we’d all be guilty of it. It’s neither AJ’s nor Brad’s fault that the paps camp out in front of their house and wait for them to emerge. You can’t expect them to keep their kids locked up in the house for the rest of their lives.

    I think some places are worse than others as far as the paparazzi go. Notice the lack of pictures since they’ve been in LA. We also don’t see to much of them when they’re in New Orleans or Missouri. It seems the paps are much worse when they are abroad. The following of the kiddies back and forth from school happened in the Czech Republic and we all know the nightmare that was India.

    Maybe if people would get a life and not buy tabloid trash, these poor people would not be constantly stalked.

    As for AJ going to Iraq, when she agreed to become a goodwill ambassador for the UNHCR, she agreed to go where they needed her, when they needed her there. Why does everyone suppose that this trip was Angie’s idea? Maybe the UNHCR asked her to go. I heard she also spent time in Jordan working on a project with the queen. It’s quite possible that she was asked to visit Iraq since she was in the region working.

  13. Liza says

    Sorry, but not everyone was aware of the refugee situation. Her just being there makes people look into the issues more. She brings attention to people who are otherwise ignored by the public and the media.

    Her job as a Goodwill Ambassador is to visit these people and promote awareness. I imagine that her involvement with various countries and organizations has caused the amount of monetary donations to increase significantly.

    Like I’ve said before, before celebrities got involved, who was really all that concerned with the situation in Darfur? How many people have marched in support of intervention there after learning of the problem from celebrities? How many people donated money after seeing celebrities?

    Yes, there are people who make it a point to keep themselves informed about what is going on in the world at large, but not as many as you’d like to think.

  14. Malayka says


    A simple no or yes would have done. Besides every one who can make a difference knows about the refugees in Iraq and they don’t need Angelina Jolie to let us know. Besides now that she has made people aware as it were, what has been done to change the lives of refugee? Or merely seeing the almighty Angelina Jolie makes them feel better immediately. She was just fame whoring. I don’t buy her do-gooding one bit.

  15. Liza says


    The reporter’s question is a problem because the point of the interview as supposed to be about her activities as Goodwill Ambassador of UNHCR, not as AJ the actress. That question threatened to turn a serious interview into something trivial. It was right for Angelina to comment on it politely and for the reporter to withdraw the question.

    As for not thinking she should have been in Iraq. Like others have said before, we know all about the violence inside of Iraq and the status of the war, but very little attention has been paid to the Iraqi refugees whose lives have been disrupted by this war. She draws attention and educates people about the situation. Look at all the discussion that has gone on just on this site.

  16. Malayka says

    I am also wondering why she is in Iraq. No one needs to know any more about Iraq. Any one who doesn’t is not real. She is risking her life and she could be pregnant all for publicity. Now that is selfish bordering on Stupid seeing that her visit did nothing for any one.

    Quite frankly I see nothing wrong with the CNN reporter’s question. She is always seeking fame and that is the price of selling your family to tabloids whatever the reason. You can’t complain if you are working as a prostitute and you are asked to act in an adult movie.

  17. Deeds says

    Thank you Oriana. I guess i’m not much better than the peeps who write checks and send them to Iraq. In my defense my cousin was stationed in a part of Irag that was next to an orphanage. My uncle an I would go each month to the naval base close to his home and buy toys for the children. Then when my cousin got them he would pass them out. I think we did make an effort and used a little more imagination than plan check writing. I loved getting pics of the children playing. Angie is braver than I. She might be in a safe place but traveling there must have been scary.

  18. oriana says

    Yes, Jenna you are right. I was looking at it from the perspective that she is a Mother, possible pregnant and what could she do to help bring attention to a country that has had plenty of attention already. I was wrong and yes, she is a mother with small kids at home, but so are many of the soldiers over there fighting for our freedom.

    I apologize and I was wrong.

    It would have come across probably that she was being rude but to me, so what? It was rude for the reporter to ask the personal question to her also and it was the same as the sleaze magazines to have done so.

    I myself would have loved for her to have put him in his place with no doubts about him minding his own business. She has said she is outspoken and speaks her mind, and in a case like this, who cares if someone thinks she is being rude or not?

    I personally think more celebs should tell them the same thing.

    Cher did to Barbara Walters and I applauded her for doing it. People can say it’s just NONE of your business and let that be it.

  19. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oriana, if she’d said what you suggested to the CNN reporter it would have come across as being very rude. Not to mention everyone would criticise her for it. I think she handled it very well anyway.

    Also you said, “I don’t see that she is helping any, and also why go to a heavily war zone and jeopardize yourself…?”. Isn’t that what the soldiers are doing? Sometimes we do need to put the lives of others before our own and I think that she should be praised for that. Aid workers, soldiers, diplomats etc can’t just decide not to go somewhere because its dangerous; that is there job. Its sometimes the only way they can help people.

  20. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Grow up people! How many of you would go to Iraq to try and help the people there? How many of you even give a damn about the people over there, nevermind be willing to risk your life going over there? I’m sorry to sound so harsh but I’m sick of the consant petty criticism of Angelina Jolie when all she’s trying to do is make life a little bit better for some people.

    Of course she wants some press attention for this, but for the right reasons. The more attention she gets, the more attention is paid for the causes.

    What is it you all have a problem with? Your own guilty consciences because you don’t do anything to help anybody else? Because you’ll never be as beautiful as her? Because she has so much money, talent, a beautiful family?

  21. Liza says

    She was in Syria over the summer (August maybe?) and I think it was reported that she visited with some people there this time.

    The number of Iraqi refugees numbers into the 4 millions. Syria is one of the few countries that is willing to take them. Nearly a full quarter of Iraqi refugees are in Syria alone. Yes, they have some terrorist ties, but they are willing to take these people that no others are, at great cost to their own economy.

  22. oriana says

    Congrats to you and your Uncle, Deeds! I don’t think you are a Hater at all, ignore those comments honey!

  23. oriana says

    Liza, Syria will also take many terrorists. That is why I said I hope she stays out of there, I think it is unsafe for her there.

    I am sure you are an authority on it so I know you understand what I mean.

  24. says



  25. Liza says

    Oriana, she’s already been in Syria, that’s where the majority of Iraqi refugees have ended up. Many countries won’t take them, Syria will.

  26. Inna says

    Have you all haters have done any humanitarian work for third world countries at all! Please don’t judge!!!!!

  27. oriana says

    Al&J, Thank you my Dear! My goodness, yes indeed looks like Suri isn’t the only brat in town! Ha! I wonder if any of these kids have ever had a swat on the butt before? Things have certainly changed since my day with these kids! Ha!

    I too have been disappointed in CNN with the questions they asked Angie and I think she was too nice in the way she put them in their place. They are as nosey as the Star magazine and it is disgraceful.

  28. Deeds says

    I’m still waiting. Alot of good women on here say that AJ is doing well by helping peeps in Iraq but no one mentions how. I’m not trying to be rude I’m trying to find out exactly what is she doing. I doesn’t seem on this thread anyone knows for sure. I’m so disappointed in CNN for asking AJ questions that don’t effect Iraq.

  29. Al&J says

    Aw…thank you Nicki, Tea and also Onatear.
    I’m sorry but some people need to be firmly educated sometimes. To go around in life full of ignorance is nothing to be proud of. End of story.

    Some selfish thinking going around. A ‘them’ & ‘us’ type mentality. Says a lot.

    Where’s Oriana. I have a video for her. Her is my little Kingston pulling a Suri – sized tantrum. My goodness..
    He pulls Gwen’s hair and even smacks her in the face a couple of times.

  30. Tea says

    I don’t think it is a matter of being on the US’s side, it is more of being on humanities side. She is brining attention to the plight of the refugees, not the soldiers or the politics there, but what is happening to the innocent people in Iraq. She does this for many places, it is not about what side, but about the people who are affected and get forgotten in the politics.

  31. The original "N" says

    I applaud Angie…. to me she is showing that she cares. What she did in her past is just that…… THE PAST. When are we going to move on from that and see her as she is RIGHT NOW. We need to live in the NOW not the PAST.

  32. The original "N" says

    Traveler # 22 post >
    They aren’t! They want to complain and hate. Thats why they come to this site. Its weird that this is a baby site…. there is so much hatred and negativity here. Whats really upsetting is that these women are mothers and they are teaching their children this behavior.

  33. 2teens says

    I don’t see this as a selfish move on her part at all. There is something special about this lady and that is she really does want to make a positive difference in this world. She cares about the soldiers and America but she also wants to do something about injustice and the plights of the innocent in places like Namibia, Darfur and yes, Iraq.

  34. Deeds says

    I don’t believe there is a surge. I firmly believe the is a definite escalation. I don’t care for AJ much, gotta love her kids, I’m going to see who’s side she is on. Her’s or the people of the U.S.? If she comes out and is honest and tells the world why Iraq is occupied and what is really happening to the citizens. Then my opinion will change. If she doesn’t then I will be forced to believe that she is in the Goodwill position for selfish reasons.

  35. fee says

    #24 Carleigh:

    Ok funniest thing I have read all day.

    I know guys over in the Middle East, and they love it when people come over to visit. It is a slice of home for them.

  36. onatear says

    APLLAUSE to all you good women (& any guys) who are standing up for the goodwill of Angie, AND OUR troops. I love the soldiers, but I wouldn’t “love’m to death”, if you know what I mean. They have to believe in their cause, and so does Angelina. GET OFF This board if you can’t stand the images of our celebs.

  37. kim says

    yeah…what is this woman thinking being a mom and drawing attention to this crisis? you mean shes not throwing her kids in the back seat of her car and cruising around to every gas station and starbucks in town…like everyone said if she wanted attention, she can easily get attention…

  38. Granny says

    She’s doing what a UN representative does – draws attention to the crisis that is going on. And it is not self-appointed by UN appointed. In other words, they wanted and asked her.

    She is doing what I would do when I used to work. Keeping her private business private and trying to focus on the job at hand.

    At least most pics of her are not of drinking and driving, heavy partying, heavy shopping, yada yada yada.

  39. Generic name says

    well I think money is not really enough..but rather the presence that counts more!! especially In a place Iraq! who would have a courage to go there anyway?..we/I know it is a dangerous place. Angie is already famous..and she’s not dumb that would go to that dangerous place just to have people’s attention..

  40. carleigh says

    She could be content to be a Rodeo Drive shopping Stepford Wife with a “womanly” two year old like someone else we know. But instead she actually takes her time and devotion to causes and goes the extra mile. If another celebratard (married to someone who uses his cruise control to have his way with her), would grow up and stop trotting around the globe with anorexic snobbish bony ass spice then maybe she too could make an actual positive difference in the lives of others instead of just a dent on Mr. Cruise controls bank account.

  41. traveler says


    If soldiers laughed at her for just trying to brighten up their day, then I’ve lost all respect for soldiers. I think the men and women of the military are more mature than that.

    And why would anyone donate money to the soldiers for their healthcare? Isn’t that why I pay taxes? If you’re disgusted with the state of healthcare in the military, you have no one to blame but the Bush Administration. Perhaps, you should take it up with them. Or vote to put someone in the White House that actually cares about the men and women in the military. That’ll get the soldiers a lot farther than a few measely millions from a movie star.

  42. traveler says

    I doubt that the soldiers were laughing at her. I’m sure the appreciate her effort to visit and talk with them. It’s probably like a little slice of home and I’m sure the soldiers are very homesick. I would be.

    It’s no use trying to convince people with hateful souls that she is a good person. For whatever reason (envy, boredom, immaturity, etc.), these people will set out to hate someone and just not let it go. I have no idea why. It’s not like Angelina Jolie ever did anything to them. These people haven’t even met her. Why work so hard to hate someone you don’t even know, is beyond me. Seems like a colossal waste of energy. Maybe instead of spreading vitriol on a message board, they should use that energy to go out and do some good in the world.

  43. Tea says

    Thank you Liza and AI&J, you have said perfectly what I wanted to say, I am just not that good at expressing myself on these things, especially when people have annoyed me!

    People will hate this woman no matter what she does, but I am often surprised at some of the things that come out from people about her, especially when she is doing something good!

  44. Nicki says

    Liza & Al&J~Very well said.
    I would like to add obviously many people apprieciate her sincere efforts. The State Dept. had to give her clearance to even go there. If they thought she was so fake and phony and only out for self publicity she never would have been allowed to go.

    Sue~ Exactly. Just step outside her house or go to a papparazzi staked out resturant or a night club or even put on a fancy dress and go have dinner in NY for Madonna’s thing. She could go to a toy store with one of her kids or a bookstore or the park. People are so dumb when they say she is doing this for herself.

  45. Al&J says

    Liza – Nicely stated 😉
    I agree and without knowing it I have said the very same thing below you.

  46. Al&J says

    Do some of you even know what the role of a Goodwill Ambassadors is? Before you go around and criticize I suggest you take the time to educate yourselves. It really does wonders and you don’t end up looking foolish. Holy geez.
    Angelina’s job as an UN Ambassador is to raise awareness at the very basic level. A UNHCR goodwill ambassador is someone would gives their time and uses the media and their influence/status to highlight different humanitarian crises. So yes we know there is a war in Iraq, but are people aware (and I mean truly aware) of the epic displacement that this war has caused for the citizens in Iraq. Without going into specifics…over 4 million people have been uprooted from their home, some have found refuge in other countries but others have not and remain in a state of limbo with no access to basic things that we take for granted here…food, clean running water, shelter (some of these people live in tents and boxes), healthcare and other things like job opportunities and education.
    So this is what Angelina is trying to do…bring awareness to this crisis. This is what the UNHCR has asked her to do..this is what they have set out for her in their mandate. To get the word out to whomever…the public, dignitaries, the government…either here and abroad.
    Follow me..this might be the hard part…to bring awareness to issues usually requires some sort of publicity. Would the media + a celebrity not work well to make certain issues more public? Wow what logic!
    As well some of you sitting behind your computers might not appreciate her efforts, but let me assure you that those people in the war torn countries that she is visiting most certainly do. Having someone (not even someone famous) listen to your stories, touch your wounds or more importantly seeing to it that you are documented and on a list for UNHCR subsidized supplies….hmmm..well I’m sure they are more than happy and appreciate the effort.

  47. Liza says

    If she is inside Iraq, she is most certainly inside the Green Zone, so really, she is pretty safe. I doubt any soldiers are laughing at her, they seemed pretty excited a few months back when she visited with them.

    I agree with Tea and Abbe. Wanting to keep her personal life private is different than when she is out courting attention to the plight of refugees around the world. There is a reason that the U.N. asks celebrities to do this work, because it brings in the media and increases awareness around the world. How many people would know anything about the situation in Darfur if it wasn’t for celebrities? I don’t like the her as an actress and am not terribly interested in her personal life, but I highly respect what she does. It doesn’t matter to me what her motivations might be, she makes a powerful difference.

    No one has paid a higher price in this war than the Iraqi people. And even so, we focus our attention on the violence going on inside Iraq, and give very little attention to the people who were displaced to other countries. These people have lost their countries, their communities, their careers, their incomes, and in quite a few cases, their families. It’s important that their plight be given recognition.

  48. Al&J says

    LOL – Sue. Sometimes it just has to be said.

    I can’t believe what CNN has now turned into. I used to watch it because I believed it maintained a certain standard when it came to news reporting, but unfortunately it has started to turn into a joke of sorts. Some of their reportings are so silly..using panelists from the likes of TMZ and tabloid magazines for opinion pieces and infusing real news with coverage of Britney Spears antics. It’s disgusting. Someone needed to tell CNN that their standards were dropping and I’m glad Angelina did. I don’t care in what manner she did it but I’m glad she told that reporter to back off and stick to the topic at hand.

  49. Sue says

    Why would she travel hours on end on a plane, half a world away, away from her kids and luxury into a dangerous situation all for the ATTENTION?? Please. All she needs to do is step outside of her house for that. All of you stay-at-home moms are really bitter and unhappy, it’s so sad.

  50. oriana says

    First of all she should have told the CNN reporter, don’t ask me personal questions, it is none of your business, with a serious look on her face and not laughing.

    I think she can uplift the morale of the soldiers and that is a good thing. As far as bringing the attention of the world to Iraq, there is plenty attention to that country as it is. I don’t see that she is helping any, and also why go to a heavily war zone and jeopardize yourself and your babies if that is the case, if not necessary?

    It is hard for me to imagine any soldier laughing at her, they are probably all in love with her! And where does anyone get her “spitting in the face of the American people”? That doesn’t make sense to me.

    Yes, she would rather adopt kids from overseas than from the U.S., but that is her choice.

  51. Jade says

    If you are against her than what the heck are you doing on this site? Unknown-have you donated any money? You don’t have to be rich to give. Does your brother get up and talk about what he is feeling? Does he understand the situation he is in? Whenever I have heard her speak she sure sounds like she knows what she’s talking about but more importantly she cares about your brother and my brother and the next persons brother. For some strange reason being a celebrity in this country is important and you get press. Would you rather the press be about what color dress she is wearing or trying to help the public be aware of the crappy state the world is in?

  52. unknown says

    She is a serious joke to the green zone military. Fact! My brother was at the embassy last time and they made rude remarks and laughed at her. She is making a fool of herself, she knows nothing about the situation there and they know it! She is craving attention that is all! GO AWAY YOU IDIOT! IF SHE REALLY WANTS TO HELP WHY NOT DONATE SOME OF THAT MONEY TO THE SOLDIERS THAT CAME HOME TO NO HEALTH CARE OR FACILITY TO PIECE THEM BACK TOGETHER! IT IS NO WONDER SOMEONE WANTS TO HURT HER CHILDREN. SHE SPITS IN THE FACES OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE EVERY CHANCE SHE GETS! MORON!

  53. Abbe says

    Tea-I completely agree with her! She’s one of the few celebrities who wants to separate her family life and her business life. She’s there to make people aware so of course she is going to be interviewed and she didn’t want to talk about herself but rather the reason she was there to begin with.

  54. Tea says

    You know she does want to be left alone, when she is at home and with her family, but the whole point in her going to these places is to bring attention to them!!! So of course she courts attention when she travels for the UN. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out!

  55. Tia :) says

    You know, if you guys dont like her, then skip over the post.

    Angie is a wonderful person. I know there are people who think other wise, but THIS is a mother. Let the past be the past, she seems very happy with Brad and her children…what matters is who is is today…a wonderful person.

  56. Lauren says

    I really do think that Angelina cares about the refugees but she’s also courting attention to herself. She claims she wants to be left alone with her family but she goes to these countries knowing she’s going to get media, etc..

  57. Nancy says

    I am sure she does not give a damn about those people. She just wants attention. she thinks any one buys her clout? She is joking.

  58. Honey says

    Attention seeker. I doubt the refugees will get any better just because she is there. I am so tired of her.

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