Michelle Williams Tells Matilda: "Daddy Went Away"

Heath Ledger

Sources say it is Michelle’s love for their 2-year-old daughter that is providing the strength as she mourns Heath’s untimely death.

“Michelle was always really vulnerable, so this has shaken her quite a bit,” a friend of Michelle’s told Us Weekly in its latest issue, on newsstands now. “She’s mourning and trying to figure out what to do next.”

Matilda, though, “is too young” to know the heartbreaking reason why her father isn’t around anymore.

“Michelle and the family are showering Matilda with love right now to cushion it so she isn’t really aware,” a source close the family told Us Weekly.

The source adds: “Michelle basically told Matilda, ‘Daddy went away.’ Matilda still doesn’t grasp it.”

So sad…



  1. CHRIS says

    OK Could we leave her alone and let her mourn. I mean this is obviously one of the most horrible experiences that one must endure yet people just keep on bugging her and her child..leave them alone.

  2. steph says

    She will get through this. Matilda will be ok and may the lord give them the strength to move forward

  3. megs says

    Matilda looks so much like her father, what a darling. I am glad that there are several photos of the three of them together, blessings to all.

  4. Julie says

    Daddy went away…I can’t imagine having to tell my children that. How heartbreaking. I was thinking about it, and we saw all of these pictures of Matilda so happy on her daddy’s shoulders or in her stroller with daddy pushing her around. She seems like she experienced so much joy with her dad, and I don’t think she’ll remember any of it. That’s very sad.

  5. Liza says

    I tend to doubt that Michelle would be close to someone who would blab to US Weekly. Both she and Heath seemed quite careful about the people they surrounded themselves with.

  6. boo says

    ok… We know how Heath passed, we know that his funeral is coming up soon, we know Michelles and his families reactions to his untimely death… we know all of this and its heartbreaking… but as a few people have said in previous posts… its time to put the Heath’s Saga to a rest for a while, time to give the family some time to grieve and recover from their tragic loss….everywhere you turn there is Heath Ledger news, and his family is seeing this news and it is I’m sure making the grieving process that much harder! I loved Heath as much as the next person, He was an incredible actor and father and his presence on screen and off will be missed by Millions of people around the world but It’s time to take a break and leave this family Be for awhile!
    RIP Heath! xo

  7. says

    Kids Matilda’s age are too young to understand death, it must be heart-wrenching for Michelle to cope with this. She is grieving herself, but Matilda likely doesn’t understand why everyone’s so sad right now. I don’t know if it’s better that way or not for the poor little girl.

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