Larry Birkhead & Dannielynn Visit Anna Nicole's Grave

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith

One year after Anna Nicole Smith’s tragic death, Larry Birkhead and 17-month-old daughter Dannielynn returned to Nassau, Bahamas, to visit the graves of her mother and late brother, Daniel.

Dannielynn placed a pink toy turtle on Anna Nicole’s unmarked plot and whispered, “Mama.”

“It’s tough,” Larry says in an interview, airing tonight on Entertainment Tonight. “Even though Dannielynn doesn’t understand, it was important for us to come. One day I can tell her that we went to visit her mom.”

Larry says the gravesites are unmarked because “a rough draft came back with a sketch of a picture I didn’t care for.

“I could just hear her hitting me over the head saying, ‘Why did you let that picture go down!?'” he added.

He says he is still at work on the design which will be “so grand and big. It’s going to encompass Daniel’s stone too.”

Though he wishes their burials were closer to home, he says he is leaving the decision to relocate them up “to Dannielynn when she’s older.

Still, he says he makes sure he reminds Dannielynn of her mother and brother every day.

“I keep a lot of memories around,” he tells ET. “I quiz her and she knows Mama. I say, ‘Where’s Mama?’ and she’ll give Mama a kiss on the picture.”

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  1. cashe says

    sorry but i have to say there was a reson anna did not want this man in her childs life or hers. and those first birthday pics were just for money. R.I.P girl we miss you.

  2. belicoso says

    Just because someone will pay you for doing something doesn’t mean that you should do it. That kind of logic is ludicrous, the mere fact that someone will pay Larry for coverage of his “private vigil” is not enough to justify letting photographers snap pictures of him grieving at the grave of a loved one. The fact that it was all prearranged leads you to believe that at least on some level he is acting, because he knows what ET expects and he knows if they’re paying then he has to deliver. Sickening.

  3. Lisa says

    Larry was in the Bahamas to give a deposition in court. One of our radio stations was there this week doing their morning show and interviewed him. NO, the interview was not scheduled 2 women won the trip also and had to go out and find people of interest to interview during the morning show. The DJ’s were totally taken back at how sincere and genuine he is. As far as ET being at the gravesite, some kind of papparazzi would have been there anyway. And yes, he talked about moving back to Louisville too. These 2 are rarely in the news anymore and when they are, some of you can do nothing but bitch about him, leave him alone already!

  4. Kristin says

    Everyone here who is yelling at Larry:
    If we continue to tune in to watch ET about ANS,
    then of course they are going to keep paying!
    I would so do the same thing as Larry!

  5. dori says

    We really got hit badly yesterday. About a foot of snow here on the north shore. It’s beautiful…. but today I have to get to 3 different facilities to teach. It should be interesting.

  6. Generic name says

    at first I really don’t like Larry I thought he was after with Nicole’s money! but now I know how good he is as a father! I hope they will always find time to visit Nicole..

  7. oriana says

    dori, I see where Chicago has a terrible snow storm, flights being cancelled and is very cold. I hate the ice storms on the roads! Hope all is well with you up there!

  8. joey says

    Larry is totally milking ET…they follow this poor little girl everywhere…its kinda getting sickening..

  9. carleigh says

    Just saying…I don’t read perezhilton, nor do I comment on that website. If my comments happened to match something on that site, well it happens to be the popular opinion as to what Larry is doing.

    I read the post where you did a paste/copy of the piece and perezhilton and I don’t actually see what you are talking about here, other than I state basically the same thing about how I feel personally,

    Take your attack of me and stick it! I form my own opinions and state my own opinions. If it happens to echo the sentiment on another website, that is purely coincidental. But I really don’t see what kind of big deal you are trying to make about this??? Just doesn’t make any sense to me…why not try leaving your OWN opinion and forming your own thoughts for once?? HMMM…there’s a novel concept!!!

  10. Nicki says

    OK we all know he will sell an interview to a tabloid show, but he isn’t doing it everyday. We hardly ever see them, we always see Violet, agreed, not an interview, just an invasive pap shot, but we hardly see Dannielynn. I do think he makes money off the pics, why not the paps do, but the burial place of Anna and Daniel should have been private. JMO. Take pics, and get paid for the posed shots going in and coming out and give your interview.
    I do believe he is a good Dad, way better than H.K. Stern would have ever been. And anyone with half an eye would see instantly she was Larry’s lil girl, from day 1 or 3, when Howard was pimping the pics of her, pretending he was the dad. Nobody believed it then, except for a few. Thank god for DNA and her being with her Dad, the one who will love her forever.

  11. cookiemonster says

    This piece of s__t will do anything for a buck. It is unbelievable! He is singing and dancing over Anna’s grave that he got all her money. HE will have it all spent before that poor little girl ever reaches adulthood, there will be nothing left for her.

  12. just saying says

    this is from

    Is nothing sacred for him????

    Larry Birkhead continues to pimp out his daughter!

    Anna Nicole Smith’s sperm donor took their daughter, Dannielynn, to visit the grave of her mother for the first time. And, of course, OF COURSE he brought along Entertainment Tonight to exploit the child and get ratings from the sensationalistic coverage.

    Heath Ledger’s family would never disrespect their departed son like this!

    Naturally, Larry sat down with E.T., and the news show is gonna milk the interview over a few episodes.

    CLICK HERE to read the nauseating press release!

  13. just saying says

    okay don’t know why my comments are being moderated.

    carleigh you took your words/thoughts directly from

  14. Elle says

    Wow, this is so sad. Absoloutly heartbreaking. Dannielynn is the most beutiful little girl. I think Larry is doing a good job but the media should not have been there with them.

  15. tammy says

    What a precious baby girl, but I agree this should have been in an intimate, private setting.

  16. Sandra says

    You cannot compare the Ledger Family with Larry. The Ledgers just lost their son 2 weeks ago so I don’t blame them for being so quiet about everything just yet. Larry lost his friend and the mother of his child 1 year ago. I see why he did the show; to let everyone see Dannielynn. We have hardly seen Larry and or Dannielynn in the public eye for a very long time. I see nothing wrong with what he did because I would like to see how Dannielynn is doing and whom she looks like.. He isn’t pimping out his daughter, he is merely showing the world that Anna’s memories live on and they are living on through his daughter even 1 year later.

  17. AMJ says

    I think Larry is trying very hard to be a good father….I mean…don’t you all think he is better than Howard K Stern….he took pictures of Daniel’s dead body for crying out loud…..give Larry some slack….he’s trying..whether we like it or not , Larry is Dannielynn’s biological father…let’s move on now.

  18. carleigh says

    and Dori how do we know he invited the press…please read the article above complete with quotes from the Larry Birkhead interview with Entertainment Tonight, it’s quite obvious dontcha think?

  19. carleigh says

    Dori……the pictures just like the other opportunities were arranged and brokered through Entertainment Tonight and I am sure he was paid for this.

    I am not one for making a profit off of what should be a private moment for this little girl. I don’t care if there would have been ton’s of photo’s around to capture the moment, the cemetery is private so while they may have gotten some shots, the need for an interview and exploitation was totally unnecessary.

    I firmly believe that if this little girl is to have some to have some kind of a relatively normal upbringing, how is she going to be able to do that when her own father invites the press to shove their camera’s in her face at every opportunity. By opportunity I mean just like this, it’s the one year anniversary of ANS death, this is a prime opportunity for exploiting this little girl.

    She is beautiful and he keeps her clean and very well dressed, but it takes more than this to effective raise and rear a happy, healthy, well-adjusted child. I hope in the future Larry will find other ways to make money, pimping out his little girl is just in my own opinion done in extremely poor taste.

  20. 2teens says

    Yes, I just read today that ET was given the exclusive story by Larry, just like every other time. So they were definitely invited.

  21. Lauren says

    How sad. Poor Dannielynn. She’s already had a tough life and she’s only 17 months old. Hopefully, she’ll continue to prosper like she has. I agree. Some things are meant to be private. Larry taking Dannielynn to visit Anna and then inviting an news crew along is an invasion of privacy. Shame on you Larry.

  22. dori says

    I guess that I just feel Larry deserves more credit . How do you know he invited the media? Maybe the tabloids purposely followed him around knowing it was the 1 year anniversry and they intentionally sent photog’s to Bahamas?
    I guess I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. I like to see the best in people and want to believe he truely means well.
    call me a cockeyed optimist.

  23. oriana says

    She is the most beautiful little girl and I am glad to see her picture. I think Larry is doing a good job and is a good father. Yes, he invited the paps, but they would be taking pictures galore of her anyway whenever they see her, why not make some money to help with her. He isn’t rich and he does need the money.

    Virgie is the one I can’t stand! And Dannielynn is always dressed so nice and is clean, she is just so sweet. I think Larry deserves some respect for taking such good care of her.

  24. Liza says

    Others have said it, but why the continued need to invite the press everywhere? Is he really hard up for cash?

    Who invites photographers and a television show to a gravesite.

    Seems disrespectful and like he is using his daughter and the death of her mother for monetary gain and fame.

  25. carleigh says

    Dori, I respect your right to disagree with my critiquing of Larry Birkhead and his intentions, as we are all entitled to our opinions.

    My observations come from the fact that this man has made every single situation with this child into a media affair. He turned the simple gesture of taking Dannielynn to the cemetery into a circuis, he violated his daughters right to privacy. She is to young to understand what this all means and she is to young to make her own choices, therefore as a one parent observing his actions in this whole situation, I believe he is no better than anyone else who sets out to exploit someone for financial gain and notoriety

    He has nothing to gain from this??? Are you that blind??? I know you don’t honestly believe that he dressed this child up, flew her to the Bahamas and paraded her around in front of the camera’s for free, do you???

    You can’t compare this situation at all to Brad and Angelina, it’s two entirely different situations and one has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

    So he wanted custody of Dannielynn before she was ever born, you think any man that had a child with ANS wouldn’t have done the same thing. As for “proving” himself, what does he have to prove? He has proven that he is not above exploiting his own daughter for monetary gain, and this is the exact thing that he swore he was going to protect her against because he wanted her to have a different lifestyle than her mother did.

    I say the photographs and his actions are speaking volumes here……and I have zero respect for anyone that would use a child and someones tragic death to make a quick buck!! Why can’t he go take photographs and earn a living on his own?? Why does he have to “occasionally” pimp out Dannielynn for profit??? I don’ t like him and I think he is doing to Dannielynn what he accused others of doing to her mother.

  26. Suzianne says

    Larry has to live and raise DL and that costs money, so I see nothing wrong with photo ops as DL will always be in the spot light. Anna’s estate goes to DL and not Larry. As for Heath, well, if he took drugs and overdosed-the family would want to keep the news media etc away. Larry is a good father and if Heath loved his daughter, he should of thought about her before joining the drug scene like most of Hollywood seems to do these days.

  27. onatear says

    Larry may,or may not, be taking advantage of publicizing his daugher and her mother, but, Howard Stern gave Anna and Danny, drugs. The end.

  28. Toby says

    Why is he selling this child to the media? This little girl visiting her mother’s grave is not for public consumption. So very sad.

  29. Just me says

    P.S. Dori … What do you mean he has nothing to gain … It’s exactly what you said, publicity and money. Yes, any father would visit the grave but would they bring along a national celebrity television show?
    And I agree with #4 Honey … the Ledgers and Birkheads are sure doing the opposite thing. And with all the talk of Heath having a drug problem, they would have a story to tell, too, yet they just want to let Heath R.I.P.

  30. Just me says

    Does this guy ever stop? We don’t see many photos of these two, but when we do they are set up. I’m sorry, but it always looks so fake. This is something that should have been done in private.

  31. dori says

    With your harsh remarks about Larry, I think you are being insensitive to Larry as a person. I have to disagree with you on this one Carleigh and Bethany… I believe Larry Birkhead is a good man, an honorable man and truely loves his daughter and loved Anna.The fact he wanted custody of his daughter while Anna was alive proved his intentions were honorable long before there was any money involved. He is doing what any father would do on this date. It’s not for publicity or money. He has nothing to gain from this.
    It’s very sweet and loving this visit to moms grave. He is keeping Danielynns memory of her mother and brother alive.
    Whats sad is that some people think it’s always about the media with Larry but not someone like AJ and Brad, who I believe are media whores. Wearing dresses to purposly get the media speculating about a pregnancy rumor and then not making an announcement whether it’s true or not.

  32. Bethany says

    Yes, Dannielynn is a beautiful child, but it’s pathetic how Birkhead takes every chance for a photo op. I mean, visiting her mother’s grave? Come on!

  33. carleigh says

    OK, Larry needs to stop pimping out Dannielynn! It was understandable in the beginning, but now it’s just done to garner attention and money! I think it’s wrong that he profits off his own daughter and capitalizes on ANS and her memory!

    He could have easily taken Dannielynn to the cemetery, paid his respects and shared a private moment paying tribute with Dannielynn, but no he can’t do that. He has to haul along ET and whatever other news organization he can con and make it into a big production.

    You don’t see Howard Stern doing this type of thing, even though he could so it with the one year anniversary of her death, you didn’t hear squat from Howard. I don’t care what anyone says if Howard wanted to sell an interview I am quite sure someone, somewhere would have paid him for it.

    I am sick of Larry pimping out Dannielynn, he needs to keep his ass in KY. and try to give this child a normal, quiet, normal upbringing. Stay away from the media and stop with the full press courting that he’s been doing. It makes him look bad and exploitative of his daughter, sick!

  34. Ileana says

    It’s a very sad story, I don’t know if he’s faking it to the media or if this is for real, but the truth is he was fighting for his little girl even before ana passed away, so I believe he does love his little girl, god bless them !

  35. says

    It’s a sad story, but it’s really terrible the way he continues to sell it to the press. The Ledger family is doing everything in their power to keep things private and in the family, whereas Larry will stop at nothing to sell it over and over again.

  36. Sandra says

    Dannielynn looks exactly like Anna now. I couldn’t see it before but in these pictures a miniature replica. This is such a sad story. It really does look like Larry is doing a great job.

  37. boo says

    Omg Does DL ever look like her mama!! Wow, what a truly beautiful little girl!
    Its already been year since Anna’s passing I guess huh? Poor little girl will never know her Mommy just as Matilda will never know Daddy…its extremely Heartbreaking! 🙁 But Larry seems to be doing a great job raising his beautiful baby girl!

  38. eyesofopearls says

    I have tears in my eyes. A truly heart-breaking story. I hope Anna and her son can see how beautiful Dannielyn has become and how caring her dad is. This is so sad…

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