JLo's Father Confirms That She Is Expecting Twins!

Jennifer Lopez

The rumors are true, confirmed by no less a source than her father: Jennifer Lopez is expecting twins.

And it isn’t even a Lopez family first.

“Yes, twins,” her dad David Lopez said in an interview on the Spanish-language show Escándalo TV, PEOPLE en Español reports. “The thing is in my family, my sister also had twins, so it’s a hereditary thing.”

For David Lopez, the news means double the excitement.

“I’m very proud. Jennifer has yearned to be a mother for many years,” he said.

And he already has gifts ready for his 38-year-old daughter’s babies.

“In Puerto Rico it’s custom to buy an azabache [black stone] bracelet for babies to protect them from the evil eye, it’s part of our culture,” he said.

As she became noticeably pregnant, J-Lo finally announced last November that she and Marc Anthony were expecting.



  1. Julia Izquierdo says

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  2. Generic name says

    and I have nothing against you too! I already explained my side why I’m laughing at you! so that’s it! and as to others comments, well..we can’t blame them why they said that maybe they don’t like Jlo or Marc this is a free blog so everybody is entitled to say anything! and about you’re name you wonder why I know it..well I just guess and I think it’s too obvious that it’s really you’re real name. Good day : )

  3. Julia Izquierdo says

    To tell you the trueth , Miss Genetic I do not care much about it .thats exacly what I did .I do not have enything agains you. I just dont like the things that they say about Jennifer and Marc. I am one of her fans, thats it.P.R. have a good day!!!!!!!!!!! by the way how do you now thats my name..

  4. Generic name says

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  5. Julia Izquierdo says


  6. Julia Izquierdo says

    Do not patronize me, Im not talkiing to you, and Im certaintly not worried about you.. HAHAHAHA.. you look great Jennifer, no matter what they say.. We love you still!! Julia, Lori..and your fan club!! God Bless JULIA P.R

  7. says

    John Lennon vivelo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagin all the people living for today ho,ho!!!!!!!! You may say am a dreamer, but am not the only one ,love is the word.hopping you get some
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  8. TRACY says

    I think she is a beautiful woman. i believe she will be a a superb mother! I am sure she will have beautiful twins! I can’t wait to see their beautiful faces! God bless her!

  9. xenia says

    Summer you are horrible and I agree with the others. go away. If you have nothing good to say then dont say it.

  10. Generic name says

    hahahahah! why Diva you can’t really believe that she’s pregnant?..well I actually not a fun of JLo..and I hate Marc too! but I do hope she have an easy delivery

  11. diva says



  12. Cobi says

    Eir: I understand the concept that twins in itself is hereditary, but my point was that she didn’t “naturally” conceive twins. It was because of IVF that she’s pregnant with twins. That’s all I said

  13. carleigh says

    Summer nice to see you spreading your joy and light all over the forums!! As for Jessie suck it……why don’t you bite it honey!LMAO….I’m not the only one who finds you annoying and I see a trend starting here!!!

    I wish JLo the best, I don’t like Marc, but I hope the babies are healthy and wish them all much happiness!

  14. Eir says

    Ah, fabulous. That means I’m probably ending up with twins, then. My boyfriend had a twin sister, but I guess she died mid-pregnancy or something.

    Cobi- having twins through IVF isn’t. Having twins IS hereditary, though. If you have family members that have twins, or are twins, etc. If it’s in your family, your chances are good. Otherwise.. not so much.

    And tammy- probably because they just ‘announced’ it, despite us already knowing. Lol.

  15. Paradox says

    I’m so happy for her! And it does seem like she’s been PG forever. The duedate must be soon!

    Btw, fraturnal twins are the only kind of twins that are hereditary. Fertility treatments or not, having fraternal twins in her family ups her chance of releasing multiple eggs.

  16. Eir says

    Shouldn’t she be HAVING them already? Gosh, seems like she’s been pregnant forever.

    On the other hand, twins most definitely run in families, and for women who have family members that spewed out more than one egg at a time it’s not hard to believe that twins are possible, and fairly probable.

    That being said, didn’t she reportedly have issues with getting pregnant like, forever ago?

  17. sara says

    DT~”At that age”: She’s actually a lot younger than most Hollywood types having/or had kids: Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields, Halle B., I wish them the best however many “eggs” they had.

  18. Jessie says

    Summer, if you don’t care then why’d you take the time to even post a comment? Geez, get a life then if you’re so bored.

    Anyways, Jennifer looks great and I’m so excited she’s having twins!

  19. D T says

    at that age it’s more likely the fertility drugs ie they make the ovary spew out more than one egg so more likely that’s the reason rather than heredity, especially if they are fraternal

  20. Sofimee says

    well i think we all knew it was twins by seeing the pictures of her babyshower guests carrying blue and pink gifts! what are they going to do next? tell us it’s a boy and a girl?? well duhhhh!!!! lol can’t wait to see them!

  21. Vicky says

    I don’t think hereditary means much when the babies were conceived via infertility treatments which you know they were!!

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