Cindy Crawford & Family Out For Sushi At Nobu

Cindy Crawford

Cindy, 41, and Rande were snapped taking Presley, 8, and Kaia, 6, out for some sushi at Nobu on January 27th.


  1. wayne says

    Presley’s hair is natural. Get over it. God intended him to look that way. I like women who are unshaven.

  2. Nicholas says

    Poor, petty bigots with no more important concerns in their everyday life but to bash other people’s hairstyles 🙁

  3. Jane says

    The kid does not look like a girl. Get over it. He looks like a 1000 other CA or (other city) kids who have th shaggy look. He’s adorable…and handsome. He looks like a boy to me. Stop criticizing so much, please.

  4. Michelle says

    What’s funny is, these hair-haters are basically saying that it would be the ultimate insult and affront to be mistaken for a female. They come from the same fuddyduddy generation and/or social circles that believe women should be submissive to men; and accordingly, Presley’s castrating himself from his rightful masculine place in society by chosing long hair! Truly, I don’t know where you people live, but you would be poppin’ blood vessels daily if you saw all the long haired little boys around here. Coming to this website is the only place I get “reminded” how “wrong” XY + long hair is.

  5. Dollface says

    Presley certainly has a pretty face doesn’t he? Cindys kids are adorable. I’m so used to seeing Presleys hair this way, I coudn’t see him with short hair.

  6. Just me says

    Lilac, I was thinking the same thing. Growing up in a small town, we didn’t have sushi restaruants, and I don’t think I had it until I was 30!

  7. Lilac says

    Forget about the hair. I’m impressed that an 8 and 6 year old are eating sushi! Then again, my 1 year old likes things like olives, raw onions, and goat cheese!

  8. sara says

    I agree with #11…..and I think Rande (with an “e”) needs to grow his hair out too….he just doesn’t fit in here! The do look like gypsies but I’m confident their clothes cost a FORTUNE!

  9. Tango says

    You REALLY need to get over the long hair people, yes hes a boy and yes he has long hair, so flippin what?

    Wonder how long this pic will stay up, they seem to be removed quite often

  10. 2teens says

    Normally I don’t mind long hair on boys. I’m usually not one to ever post “cut that kid’s hair!” because I happen to think long hair on boys is cute.
    But….. this little boy does look very effeminate to me. I think he’s even prettier than his sister. This is one child that I do think would benefit from a trim.

  11. says

    Presley does have really feminine characteristics, and unfortunately for him, a name that isn’t really masculine (or feminine, for that matter) either. On paper you wouldn’t know for sure, and upon meeting him I would guess you’d still have trouble knowing, poor kid. A haircut would help, mom. I bet he’s a stunner when he grows up, though. And little Kaia is very pretty, too.

  12. Jayne says

    I didn’t know Cindy had two girls–but they sort of look alike, like sisters. She is such an anorexic has-been!!

  13. cookiemonster says

    It looks like Randy has taken his girls out for another night on the town. You think they would of put on some dresses for there night out together.

  14. Awww... says

    What cute little girls they have! That blonde is going to break a lot of guys hearts! She should dress a little more feminine though – she sure spends a lot of time on her hair! Come to think of it, they both of them have the same style just different colors!

  15. Jessie says

    Presley looks like dad, a little annoyed! Kaia looks sweet and mom is looking at her daughter. Cute family. :]

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