Christina Aguilera Debuts Her Fabulous Post-Baby Form

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera was snapped looking amazing at at signing of her new DVD, Back to Basics – Live and Down Under at Best Buy in West Hollywood on Tuesday.

This was Christina’s her first appearance since the birth of her son, Max Bratman, on January 12th.


  1. Mrs. Davis says

    Ms. Aguilera is an entertainer. She needs to attract press and attention. Her career requires that she stand out from the soccer moms in sneakers. After having a baby, she is probably just trying to reestablish herself as a sexy symbol. That’s her day job–sexy singer. Let her keep it.

  2. tim says

    that was really mean sorry she is really pretty the lipstick is not so pretty she could do without that

  3. yas says

    ohhhhhhhhh my God
    i cant stand these about her:
    huge boobs
    make up

  4. Natalie says

    Hide the boobies! Hide them! OMG! it’s like headlights and i’m a deer…a female deer, and I don’t want to be starring, but they are right …huge….there! It’s annoying…please put them away!

  5. Sofimee says

    ok my comment is awaiting moderation but arashcrazy’s is up and it’s all OK!!? nice! i didn’t say anything wrong!

  6. Sofimee says

    ok my comment is awaiting moderation but arashcrazy’s is up and it’s all OK!!? all i said was that in my opinion she looks gross and cheap! she’s pretty but she’s over doing it! she looks like a stripper not a new mom

  7. phnxgirl says

    I think she could have tamed down the peep show. Yes her breasts are huge, but did they need to be laying on the table in front of her? She is SO pretty, but I think the makeup and the huge boobs make her look more like Pamela Anderson now. Not a good comparison in my book!

  8. arashcrazy says

    WWWWOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT CUNTTTTTTT,ooooouuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,she need a big penise !!!!!!!!

  9. pat says

    Yes you can still breastfeed if you have implants I did, and all went well. Her breasts are large and beautiful, her make-up is part of her style its her. I think she is a nice looking new momma.

  10. Deenah says

    She looks tanner and chubby and her boobs are huge what happened to that belly though I thought you had it for a little while

  11. Jo! says

    Gwen wears bright red lipstick and thats about it. Christina does the full face all of the time. The liquid eyeliner, the pancake foundation, lashes AND lipstick. its overkill

  12. 2teens says

    That is her look, and has been for a while now. The blonde hair and the red lips is a signature look just like Gwen Stefani has but I don’t see people complaining about Gwen’s make-up.

  13. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Wow… just… wow! She looks great. The boobs and the lipstick, I think that colour really suits her!

    As for people saying she should keep them under wraps, why? If you’ve got it, flaunt it I say!

  14. AMJ says

    She does look very beautiful….I’m just saying the lipstick is a little much…that’s all.

  15. AMJ says

    Well I heard if you had a boob job you can’t breastfeed…did anyone hear that as well??? And she is a pretty girl…take the makeup off Christina you don’t need it, especially that bright red lipstick.

  16. Ashley says

    Her boobies are huge, her shoes suck.. BUT MAN is her stomach gorgeous! After a year my stomach still doesn’t look like that, haha.

  17. Kara says

    Breastfeeding mamas CAN look tasteful but she just looks porn star like. I can appreciate the enjoyment of bigger boobs as I’ve had two kids so far and am by nature small chested but I didn’t have them hanging out like that. It just doesn’t look motherly like. I don’t know…I’m happy she just had a healthy baby boy and I’m sure he’s adorable but close up the milk shop to the public. Those are baby Max’s and her hubby’s. Also, she’s a pretty girl so why all the caked on makeup????

  18. Eir says

    Just because she’s not breastfeeding does NOT mean her breasts aren’t lactating still. It’s perfectly normal for a woman’s breasts to still be very engorged with milk, her body will still want to breastfeed even if she decides not to.

    So I’m still going with they’re enormous due mostly to the milk supply. They’re probably also hard, and painful for her if she isn’t breastfeeding.

  19. Keira says

    She looked fabulous in person, she was super beautiful and very nice to everyone there. Her breasts were big… she does look very beautiful.

  20. AM says

    EEWWW! She looks like a porn star complete with “stripper shoes”. Breastfeeding or not, how about a little dignity? I was huge with my son when I was breastfeeding. My husband called me “Jugs” but I always looked cute and tasteful. I didn’t want my kids to be embarrassed later. Sorry I can’t say the same for Christina’s. Anyway, Congratulations again!

  21. tammy says

    She’s flat- just kidding. That’s the first thing that my eyes went to. I’m happily married but it’s human nature. I’ve seen more makeup on a clown at the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus. She needs to tone it down.

  22. Twy says

    Not sure about this, but I think I read that she IS NOT breastfeeding. So those are not lactating boobs.
    I’m not positive about that.
    I totally agree about the make-up. She is a pretty girl, she doesn’t need all that junk on her face.

  23. Kelli says

    She looks ridiculous. Please GOD stop with the overdone makeup. As for her figure – that is lactation on top of implants.

  24. carleigh says

    I believe she has had breast augmentation in the past, but they weren’t this huge…omg…WOW…..can we say “Dairy Queen!….lol

    She looks great and now all we need is some pics of Max to go with this and I’d be happy!

  25. Eir says

    Her tatas are GIGANTIC. But they’ll soon be not so big. If she isn’t breastfeeding, the swelling will no doubt go down once the milk dries and the initial ‘omg just had a baby’ demand stops.

    Without baby latching on, they usually shrink within a month. 😛

  26. boo says

    she looks awesome for being 3 weeks postpartum!
    And the little weight that she still has looks good on her, gives her that motherly figure that many new mothers have!

    My next question is are her boobs real?? or is that a whole lotta food built up for baby Max??lol….Those puppies are huge!lol

  27. Kara says

    Can we say GOT BOOBS? She’s definitely not doing anything to keep them under wraps. That looks a bit trashy to me.

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