Angelina's Pregnancy Cravings

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Sources told OK! magazine that the expectant Angelina has relaxed her strict diet, and is indulging some pretty serious cravings — particularly fried food and sweets!

“She’s been eating onion rings with mustard and a box of chocolates in the same sitting!” a friend of Angelina shared. “She loves these bars that are dark chocolate and cinnamon mixed with Mexican chiles for an added kick.”

The source also revealed that Angelina has been involving her children in her new-found hunger. “She’s been splurging on cupcakes that Maddox and Zahara have been making,” the pal says.

And when Angelina needs a break, partner Brad Pitt is more than ready to step in. “He has been going out of his way to make things easier for Angie by playing Mr. Mom,” a pal of the couple told OK! magazine. “He’s been cooking, playing with the kids and overall being a great father.”

Pregnancy cravings are always so fun! Silly and fun! Mine weren’t as interesting…vast amounts of mango, ice cream, and steak.



  1. Rose says

    I think AJ should settle down and give her children what they deserve – STABILITY and CONSISTENCY. All children deserve these two and if a parent is not willing to embrace and identify with these two traits they are wasting time.

  2. Amber may says

    ~ well i think Angelina should make up her own desisions because she can do any thing because she iz a mother……but i think brad and her iz a cute couple and she had kids with him and they souldnt brake up and make them kids go through all that becuz i know how it feelz~

    Amber may,
    p.s.i wish i could meet them becuz i loooove the movie(mr.&&mrs.smith)

  3. HELLOBUDD says

    in tht pic it doesnt look too much like angelina.
    besides Pax is a kid maybe he requested to e left out of the spotlight how would you know!?
    i dont think Brad should have eva been with Jenifer because now know one leaves them alone!

  4. Christina says

    Dori- one minute you’re nice – next mean… odd. AJ has NOT slept with most of her lead actors- you’re making up lies (5 out over 3 dozen films? LOL) That’s like calling a girl in high school a whore for dating ( guys in the same school. LOL First, MOST actors and actresses have dated co-stars-they spend so much time together and it’s how they meet people! She has NEVER been a “bar hopper”. And not likely to have the chances of meeting people the way most people do. Also a lot of people I know met their husband or wife in a work situation. Don’t be foolish!

    Oriana- u can fly in the first 2 trimesters and 3rd but they recommend not to during the last 2 months.

    Most of u have issues with seeing the WHOLE picture. First, she has been a goodwill rep for years before Brad that did not get as much media coverage. She also cut back after adopting Maddox to do more UN stuff (1 film per year check the info yourself). It was only AFTER she and Brad got together that the media did overtime on her and her goodwill duties. With that said- she is NOT an attention hungry person.

    I’m done with this site. Some of u are too angry, tasteless, and make assumptions without knowing the facts that are readily avail to check before typing UNFACTUAL comments.

  5. gemini16 says

    i really hope she’s pregnant i would luv to see another brangelina baby if she is hope its a boy this time even better with twins

  6. Aryan mum says

    I pity her white child.At least it will have another sibling,and won’t be the only one growing up in that zoo.

  7. dori says

    angie slept with most of her leading men Brad was one of many. I still don’t believe she’s pregnant She wore that flowing dress to get attention…and see??? it worked.

  8. kim says

    i think that obviously jen and brad were not going to make it regardless and if you are truly in love with your spouse than you can be around any other man or woman and not fall in love with them or cheat or whatever…but i have to say its been how long and how many kids later?? we all have to stop bringing up who to blame…things happen for a reason and if you are lucky enough to find true love and a soul mate then you have to go for it. you dont want to stay with the wrong person cuz you “feel bad” if your not truly happy and in love with that person. for brad, i guess jen was not that person but angie was. and little shiloh is here because of it. and maybe more??? i wish she would just confirm already. geez!

  9. xxx says

    I wasn’t blaming neither Jennifer or Brad for his affair, but obviously there was something wrong because he ended up sleepin’ with Anngie. All I ment was that it is not Angie to blame for that. I agree with you Zbella…. She has it all, attitude, heart, beauty…. and lips… her lips are enviable, it’s probably what it is all about if someone says she looks like a freak because of lips so big. most of us unfortunately has lips like two thin lines, that’s unattractive…

  10. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Tammy – immoral? By what stretch of the imagination can you call her immoral? If you’re talking about the Brad/Jen thing then you really need to get over it. Its been years! And its irrelevant anyway, if Brad and Angelina felt they were meant to be together, then well done to them for doing all they could to be together, love is too powerful and rare a thing to ignore because of some pointless little vows.

  11. tammy says

    #28- how about she has no body, her lips are freakishly big, she’s bony, she’s so skinny it looks like she does drugs, she’s tacky and immoral. Is that enough for you?

  12. Zbella says

    How can people not find her attractive? I think she’s gorgeous – and smart and a loving mother to boot.

  13. Zbella says

    Yes, an obviously sexist comment. It’s HER fault that HE had an affair. Funny.

    I love this couple, because of Ange. She is so different from everybody else. He found a keeper this time.

  14. xxx says

    angelina is one of the world’s most beautiful women and brad, however i don’t think he is, is seen as one of the sexiest men alive so they belong together. i think jennifer aniston was never good enogh for brad.i’m happy for him he got the lovely family he had wanted and a woman he is worth of. and it shouldn’t be asked what kind of a woman sleeps with a married man but possibly what kind of married man sleeps with another woman. Angie was single so she had no reason not to sleep with any man she wanted… so … best wishes to them, they’re a dream couple….

  15. reeny says

    Well I am afraid I will not “can it” my dear. A fact is a fact – she even stated that she couldn’t keep her hands off him while she shot Mr & Mrs Smith with him even though she knew he was married. They are BOTH losers!

  16. Generic name says

    they are good actor/actress yes! but not really the best in the world and besides AJ did not even won as best supporting actress though! I think AJ is not fit to a drama or romantic movies…co’z I think her personality is too strong for that role! well why not try it…AJ and Brad together : )

  17. lily says

    It is so great to see Angelina & Brad. They look so happy and lovely. We love this family. We love to see their movies. They are the world best actor and actress.

  18. dori says

    blah blah blah
    more speculation about an unknown pregnancy … who cares?
    Just keep eating Angie cause you look anorexic and have lost your good looks.

  19. Generic name says

    I’m confused! “The source also revealed that Angelina has been involving her children in her new-found hunger. “She’s been splurging on cupcakes that Maddox and Zahara have been making,” the pal says.
    but they haven’t confirmed the pregnancy!! well I hope she is ..

  20. oriana says

    tammy, SONIC!!!!! I love that place, it reminds me of home. Good chili dogs, I don’t understand why they don’t have one here in San Jose!

    I think Brad loves being Mr. Mom and I bet the kids love it too!

    traveler, I have disagreed with you many times before but you totally right about Jennifer treating Brad crappy at that awards ceremony! It was embarrassing and very noticeable. Yep, problems very noticeable!

  21. joey says

    Brad does not look sexy at all…looks like he’s trying to fit into a suit he wore twenty years ago….his pot belly is making him look like his buttons are ready to snap…and if she’s preggers..who cares…shiloh didn’t live up to all the hype that surrounded her…she actually looks slow and handicapped with her big mouth and tongue hanging out all the time.

  22. tammy says

    Hey girls- for all you pregnant women out there- I went to Sonic last night and had a sweetheart blast. It’s to die for! It’s raspberry icecream with dark chocolate shavings and white chocolate hearts with whipped cream on top. HIGHLY recommended.

  23. carleigh says

    Reread my comment….I didn’t say anyone was stupid, I said the comment made was stupid!! So, bite me, lmao…..why not post with your real name??? Actually who cares??? Not me!

  24. just saying says

    ugh carleigh quit ragging on everyone. you aren’t the queen of this site so let people make their own comments and have their own opinions. didn’t your mommy teach you it’s not nice to call others names? calling someone stupid over a comment they made on a baby website… jeez.

  25. traveler says

    My sister craved Mr. Misty’s from Dairy Queen during her first pregnancy. My poor brother-in-law had to go out at all hours of the day and night to get them for her.

  26. traveler says

    No one really knows when they started sleeping together, so just can it. Feel free to dislike them, but don’t blame them for something you don’t know is a fact. Besides, with the way Aniston was treating Pitt at that awards ceremony shortly before the break-up, the relationship was obvious already history. Sometimes, marriages just don’t work out and it’s really no one’s fault.

  27. Lauren says

    Angelina has been looking a lot healthier now. She’s filled out and gained weight in all the right places. Keep it up!

  28. tink1217 says

    i love brad and ang together. i love the little family they have made. i wouldn’t wish brad back with jennifer at all. i am really hoping ang is pregnant again. she looks much healthier now. she had gotten so sickly looking after her mothers death. i know it must have been so hard for her. as for cravings…those are interesting! with my first I craved tortilla chips with sour cream, PB&J snadwiches, and also Little Debbie oatmeal pies and milk. with my son I craved fetuccini alfredo with chicken and broccoli! Strange!!

  29. Reeny says

    Who cares! She tries to come off as a great person. What kind of person sleeps with a married man.

  30. amber says

    ever thought that maybe Pax doesn’t like making cupcakes?

    Haha anyway – I don’ believe these things when the source is ‘a friend of ‘ the celeb because what kinda friend would dish this stuff out when the celeb obviously wants privacy.

    I think Brad and Ange are a strong couple and since Brad being with Ange has given these kids a father, there’s no way I’d wish him back with Jennifer as much as I liked them together.

  31. Nicki says

    carleigh -My point was all these crappy tabloids always leave Pax out of everything. Like he isn’t there.
    I don’t believe it’s true, thats why I said “supposedly making.”

  32. carleigh says

    Tammy your peanut butter craving and noticing the differences between regular vs. seasonal are just too sister is prego w/ her first baby too and she’s been a walking trashcan with all the garbage she’s been eating…lol. She loves her chocolate too!LOL

    Anyways…Nicki your Pax comment was just stupid and this is coming from OK magazine so consider the source.

    I won’t believe any of this speculation until it is confirmed from a reliable source.

  33. tammy says

    I’m 36 weeks pregnant and from day 1 I’ve craved peanut butter, which is probably the worst thing you can crave (hence the 50 #lbs!) Also, Reeses peanut butter cups? Watch out!!! Especially the seasonal kind- they have a different taste to me.

  34. AMJ says

    I’m just not that “into” this couple…Sorry. I wish he was with Jennifer Anniston instead.

  35. Nicki says

    Doesn’t Pax help with the cupcakes Maddox and Zahara are supposedly making?
    The chocolate bar does sound yummy.

  36. 2teens says

    That chocolate bar sounds really yummy!
    Angelina used to look sickly, pale & thin… but lately she has filled out and looks lovely. Thats what I think.

  37. Jessie says

    Wow, I wish she would officially confirm. I’m not that excited for her though. She’s beginning to look pretty sick and not too sexy.

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