An Expectant Alessandra Ambrosio At A Photoshoot

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio

A four-months-pregnant Alessandra Ambrosio was snapped looking lovely at a photoshoot. She looks so gorgeous!

Alessandra is certainly fulfilling her dreams…in an interview in 2006 she shared when asked what she saw herself doing in ten years:

Alessandra answered: On the beach drinking a caperina with the kids.


  1. Sofimee says

    people are so dumb! of course she is wearing tights, and that is the fuzz from the tights! she most likely waxes her legs! duhhhh

  2. Ana says

    I think she said “caipirinha” ( a brazilian drink made of lemon, sugar, water and cachaça), not “caperina”. But I hope she’s only talking about herself, because children cannot drink cachaça (it’s strongger than vodka).

  3. nicola says

    Since she’s wearing tights, I think that’s probably just the sun reflecting off the fuzz on them…I’m sure she shaves…she’s a VS model.

    If not, I’m sure they just airbrush…hahaha

  4. 2teens says

    That looks like nothing more than backlitpeach fuzz. It’s showing up clearly because of the backlighting. And I think shaving your thighs is kind of unneccessary unless you are very hairy.
    I do see a teeny bump.

  5. carleigh says

    gonna have to agree…not shaving legs and being a VS underwear model…just kind of icky in my opinion. She is pretty though and she is carrying quite small, that could have something to do with her being so tall though.

  6. Eir says

    kt, not everyone NEEDS to shave their legs, and plenty of women choose not to. What the hell.

    Why not pick out something like the fact that she doesn’t look in the least bit pregnant at all. Or maybe how uncomfortable she appears to be.

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