Christina Aguilera Talks Motherhood & Penis Balloons!

Christina Aguilera

As she celebrates today’s release of her new DVD set Back to Basics: Live and Down Under at Best Buy stores, new mom Christina Aguilera phoned into Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show this morning.

She revealed how her newborn son Max has inspired her to write her next album and also recalled her experience being pregnant.

“It’s so weird to watch the Back to Basics DVD and know I was pregnant with this little guy in my belly,” she said. “It’s amazing.”

When asked if her experience being pregnant will play a role on her next album, she said, “I’m very excited! I’m so inspired.

“This whole incredible thing that’s taken place in my life, between the pregnancy and the birth….

“I’ve got so much in me to write about.

“This next record, I want to have a lot of fun with it. I’ve been brainstorming for the last nine months of my pregnancy.

“This next album will have a whole new me,” she added. “A different me.”

Christina, who recently sold her baby pictures for $1 million, also talked about Max’s bris, the traditional Jewish baby naming and circumcision ceremony held at her house shortly after she and husband Jordan Bratman welcomed their son.

“I’m not Jewish, my husband is,” she said. “I really had no idea about the bris….

“It was a very sweet experience,” she added. “We had a lot of close friends come over and experience the bris with us.”

Joking, she added, “We’re such a non-conventional couple … we had penis balloons everywhere!”

Ryan Seacrest asked her if she felt Paris Hilton let the cat out the bag by announcing her pregnancy before Christina herself has confirmed it.

“Um, you know, not really,” she said. “People thought I was trying to keep it this big bad secret.

“Really, I just didn’t want to address it.

“Paris did jump the gun on it … she became the official announcer at a club appearance.

“It was funny,” she said. “I laughed about it.”

Christina will make her first post-baby appearance at a DVD signing at a West Hollywood Best Buy tonight.



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  2. Lauren says

    #8-I don’t think she HATES Nicole but she doesn’t agree with a lot of Nicole’s past behavior. Nicole is at least trying to change. Paris is not.

    I can’t wait to see pix of little Max.

  3. minkysmom says

    why does she hate Nicole but not Paris? I see no difference in their behavior other than the fact that Nicole is trying (for now) to be good.

  4. Keira says

    I saw her tonight at the Best Buy and she is amazingly nice, and beautiful…. she was so grateful of her fans. I love her…

  5. D'Anna says

    Did they cut up the penis balloons? Wouldn’t a penis cake be more appropriate>?

    Ha, just some intactivist humor.

  6. carleigh says

    I would love to see pic’s of baby Max….I’m sure she’s adorable and Christina and Jordan seem like they are going to be a fun set of parents for baby Max while he’s growing up.

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