Casey Affleck Talks About Fatherhood

Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck (Ben’s younger brother) recently shared about the joy that his two young sons bring him.

“Being a parent sort of changed everything,” Casey, 32, told reporters at Monday’s 80th annual Academy Awards Nominees luncheon. “It’s far and away the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Casey’s wife, Summer Phoenix, gave birth to son Indiana, 3, in 2004, and to another son, whose name has yet to be announced, in January.

“It’s been transformative,” he said. When Summer was first pregnant, he added, “I remember… getting a lot of advice from people that I really trusted and… after I had the kid, thinking why didn’t anyone tell me this is the way it was going to be?”

Explaining parenthood is “a little bit like trying to describe to somebody… what life is like on another planet, in another galaxy,” Casey said. “Until you’re sort of there in that other galaxy, then you’ll never really know what it’s like.”

After his recent professional success, Casey said he’s been enjoying some quiet time at home with his little ones.

“I love being around the house and being with the kids everyday,” he said. “Being an actor means that, if you’re successful anyway, you can kind of work for three or four months out of the year and then you’re home a lot of the time.”

Casey starred in the critically acclaimed Gone Baby Gone and has been nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar nomination for his role in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.



  1. oriana says

    I’ll vote for you Casey!!!! Loved him in Jesse, he did a super fine job! He owes a vote of thanks to Brad for his support for this wonderful role!!!!

  2. Michelle says

    I think so too. And i love the name Indiana but maybe for a girl, i really wonder what they named the second though. Hopefully they have!!!

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