An Expectant Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry On Their Way To Lunch

Halle Berry

An expectant Halle Berry was snapped with Gabriel Aubry at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles Monday on their way to lunch at P.F. Chang’s China Bistro. Halle is due in March.



  1. LizWKs says

    Every time I see these couples that are having babies I pray for them that they will be able to make it work between them so the child has a solid home with loving parents. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for the child to grown up in a happy home with both parents. Believe me it can be done.

  2. dori says

    ooops I though I was on the Tori Spelling thread …OK it’s official… I’m losing my mind. Halle looks great and I am so glad she is having an uneventful pregnancy and is need the babys arrival. How gorgeous will this baby be???

  3. dori says

    I can’t believe my eyes. She’s so big already! Do you think this is a recent pic or and old one? Hard to believe she’s so far along already!

  4. Angieisstupid says

    actually it look more like a look someone would give if someone is invading your space dummy ! Not everyone love the attention like BS does … But of course your small little brain probably knew that already !

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