An Expectant Gwen Stefani & Kingston At LAX

Gwen Stefani

An expectant Gwen was snapped with a sleepy Kingston at LAX on February 3rd.



  1. Christine says

    She seems like such a hands on mom for a mega star, you can tell he loves her and she loves him very much. Too sweet.

  2. Sofimee says

    i have to agree with everyone and say: awww how adorable, i love her, her super cute husband and adorable son!

  3. gweny says

    SOOOO cute, Kingston is the cutest baby EVER!!!! I can’t wait to see the new baby too! Kingston looks so cute and loving when he’s sleepy!

  4. carleigh says

    I love the pic….Kingston is hands down one of the cutest celeb baby boys….he just looks so precious in this picture, poor little guy is just worn out!!LOL….I can’t wait to see their second creation, I’m sure it will be just as cute as the first! I do hope they have a girl this time though, congrats to her and Gavin, they make a wonderful family!

  5. Al&J says

    So cute. 😉
    I love Gwen for not confirming her pregnancy. Share this wonderful time with your loved ones they matter the most.

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