An Expectant Angelina Jolie At The Santa Barbara Film Festival

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

A glowy Angelina Jolie was accompanied by Brad Pitt at the Tribute to Angelina Jolie at the 2008 Santa Barbara Film Festival held at the Arlington Theatre on February 2nd.

Angelina, 32, was presented by Clint Eastwood with the festival’s “Performance of the Year” award. She won the honor for her portrayal of Mariane Pearl, wife of slain journalist Daniel Pearl, in the film “A Mighty Heart.” It’s one of numerous awards that Angelina has received for the role, but among the few she’s personally collected.

“To be honest, I just heard that it was a beautiful festival, and one to take seriously,” Angelina told Associated Press Television News.

Angelina said dealing with the insanity of Hollywood is much easier with Brad and their children at her side. “I think it’s the only way to juggle it,” she said.

Her friend George Clooney was recently named U.N. messenger of peace, but Jolie said she didn’t have a clue what he should expect from the gig.

“I’m not sure exactly what his position is and what he’s gonna do,” she said. “But I know his heart is in the right place, and he’s truly committed.”

Angelina, who wore a black blouse and loose-fitting floor-length skirt, looked lean and not obviously pregnant. Publicists asked the media not to question her about reports that she may be with child again.

What does Angelina think it will take for the press to move beyond their off-screen life and onto more significant things?

“I think it’s going to take, partly, people wanting to learn those things,” she said. “I mean, I know, that’s what I look for when I wake up in the morning — when I go online or when I get the paper. And you can find it if you’re looking for it. And you can avoid silliness if you want to. So it’s a personal choice of each individual.”

She really deserved the honor for “A Mighty Heart.” I finally saw the movie a couple of days ago…it was very good. It was an extremely depressing movie to watch but Angelina did a great job portraying Marianne Pearl.



  1. says

    I do not think she was pregnant in this picture. How can you tell from just the picture? However I do think she should probably slow down on the baby making, when you have kids that close together in age, jealousy becomes a big factor and it is hard to keep feelings between them all equal.

  2. Kathryn says

    I hate to see it when people hate on celebrities. They are people like everyone else, they just live their lives in the open. I’m sure everybody doesn’t always look happy with in their pictures. Tammy, who is anyone to say how much she does or doesn’t love each one of her kids. None of us know her like that. If she didn’t look happy in a picture or two, so what? There have been plenty of times my son was sick and din’t feel like posing for a picture. That didn’t mean he didn’t like his mommy. Not all babies like having their picture taken. Maybe mom got aggravated because of everyone flashing a camera in her baby’s face.

  3. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I’m not going to read through all these posts because it’ll take ages, but I’ll just put in my tuppence worth here (thats two cents worth for the sakes of everyone over the pond lol).

    Nicki, thanks, I am glad there is at least a few other people here who don’t seem to think that Angelina is the devil incarnate!

    I really don’t see why people have such a problem with her. I think Angelina is one of the few people in the world with a genuinely honest, caring heart. Most people when they see a crisis on the tv, such as the Sudanese crisis, Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami, Burma, Kenya, Rwanda, Iraq, Lebanon etc etc etc, they say “oh how sad”, maybe write a cheque and then go back to eating their dinner.

    Angelina however, actually gives a lot of her time, effort and money to people in need. Not only does she donate her money and raise awareness of these issues by talking to the press etc, she actually goes to these sometimes dangerous places and talks to the refugees. She listens to their heart-wrenching stories, comforts them, lets them know that there are people out there who care and want to help. She is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR and nobody could accuse her of not doing her job proerply and taking it seriously.

    I also think that Angelina is a talented actress and a good mother. She is doing a wonderful thing by adopting children even though she is able to have biological children. Those 4 (maybe almost 5!) kids are some of the luckiest kids in the whole world. And also, I absolutely love what Angelina is wearing in that picture!

  4. says

    I agree that some pics do seem that Angie might not be as happy with Shiloh as she does Zahara or Maddox, but I also think that maybe that the way the photogs want it so that they can have their story. And as far as pregnancy rumors go, you can tell by past experiences- that usually when a celeb woman wears loose clothes,& talk is that she is pregnant, more than likely it’s true. I think if she is preg. good for them! Unfortunatly my Husband & I can’t have anymore children, so we are considering fostering or adoption. There are so many children that need good homes. They have the means & the money to see that the child does not go without anything. but I don’t think the kids are not loved. Sure she seems like she always trying to save the world first, & then having time for her family. but shouldn’t we all want to be that way? I am not really a big Angelina fan-since the Jennifer thing (b/c I think they did her wrong) but I also believe that things happen for a reason. And her going to other countries has had her meet Zahara & Maddox, who now have a better life b/c of her. So I guess she can’t be all bad. All I know is as Jennifer Lopez put it-“she did not want to tell anyone right away so that they could have something private, & just theirs for a little while. B/c they do not get the chance to have something where the press is not involved for very long.” I totally agree, I mean yes they chose that life,but at the same time the media is very in their face(sometimes dangerously close. Ex. Princess Diana) And put it this way she can’t be as bad a mother than say- Susan Smith. Anyway, this is just my opinion, not that it really matters. But it was interesting reading everyone elses opinion.

  5. oriana says

    dori, I wrote to you on another post about the snowstorms up there in Chicago, hope you have help getting to the gro. or errands if need be. It seems like it is getting worse in that area also. Stay in and stay safe and warm my Dear!

  6. Nicki says

    oriana~No, luckily, most are upper eastcoast. Over 70 tornadoes and 55 dead. Horrible.
    I am worried about K&K&K Mommy also. Her last post on her blog was the 1st. She mentioned a family trip to Savanna. I hope she posts again soon. Must be very busy with her babies.

    dori~you also have a great day.
    I’m off to enjoy the wonderful sunshine we are having by spending the day outdoors.

  7. dori says

    you are so sweet Oriana …remembering where people live and how they are doing. What a fine person you are.

  8. oriana says

    Nicki, I just read about the tornadoes thru the South. 30 killed in Nashville, bad in Arkansas, do you have any relatives down there?

    I am also wondering about kimora’s mommy, are things okay in Atlanta?

  9. Nicki says

    dori~I did say please excuse me for saying…I didn’t mean it as harsh. It’s just a southern expression and I should not have been typing while talking on the phone. I won’t do that again. I was rushing to get off of here to finish my phone call. I also enjoy discussing movies and others things with you.

    oriana~We went away for a long weekend. Sadly our team blew it in the superbowl. They have no excuses, they played horribly. But we had a good time anyway–just a short time of dissappointment,lol. Hope your hubby is back soon. It is beautiful here yesterday and today, mid 70’s. Back to ice cold this weekend though.


  10. Honey says

    She is a skanky ho who lost her looks and appeal. All her movies are doing badly. Cant wait for wanted to come out and bomb as well.

  11. dori says

    Why do I make a comment at all???? lets see…because this is a baby blog and we come in here to state our opinions.. some times we agree sometimes we don’t. It would be a boring place if we all only came to a thread to agree on everything.
    Why do people go to Larry Birkhead and Danielynns thread just to bash Larry? Same reasoning don’t you think???
    People have opinions god or bad they like to have something to say about a situation and debate the differences people feel. I do enjoy discussing the movies they do and you Nicki know that because we had a discussion about it on another thread. So why the harsh words?

  12. A H says

    Carleigh, yes, you got it about the saucers of milk…It was a funny line in one of the Austin Powers movies “Saucer of milk, table 2”, or something like that. It was a reference to a woman being really catty. Some of the comments in these threads really hiss and meow, hard to hear oneself read…
    AI&J, well said-your posting 111.
    Certainly, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Some just exibit more class when stating their opinions than others do. Thank you for clarifying for me that this is a blog of opinions, Tammy, I never would have realized that if you had not so kindly pointed that out!
    Scroll back and read my comment again – I do not claim to know the lady and hence, do not presume to know what is in her heart/mind or speculate what her motives may be.

  13. oriana says

    Nicki, I have been wondering where you have been! Still cold but at least sun is out. Hubby in Hawaii and will be back Sunday. Did your hubby’s team win the Superbowl?

    I think I am probably one of the few that actually did like the skirt she had on, I thought the sheer sleeves was a pretty top also, no not sexy, but I thought she looked nice. Brad looks like he could use a nap! Ha! My poor husband looks tired like that sometimes running after these cats and dogs, I can only imagine with four kids! And if it is true she is pregnant, he will need to be taking his little afternoon siestas to get some rest!!!!

  14. Nicki says

    97. traveler~Well said!!! I agree with everything you said.
    I wish I had more time on here, maybe this weekend.
    carleigh, traveler, Christina, Tia, AI&J, Jenna M (UK), and all the rest that like this family, Thanks.
    For those that don’t like them, oriana thanks for keeping it civil, why bother clicking on thier thread?
    dori, I’m sorry, I have to say, why do you bother even clicking on any post of them? I know you don’t like them, so why torment yourself? Just a question……and you are free to do so, just wonder why when it seem to give you the “red ass”? A southern expression, please excuse me for for saying, but only way I could say it.

    oriana~hope all is well with you and yours!

  15. Al&J says

    Oriana ~ Glad I could help if even a little.

    Carleigh ~ Oh. I get it now. Thanks for clearing that up. Well catty would not even begin to describe what I see here in this post.

    I think you can make the argument that celebrities do use the media to bring awareness to a cause. But then to say that a celebrity who brings attention to a cause whether it be an impoverished nation, the plight of displaced people, refugees etc…is somehow an attention whore is somewhat ridiculous.
    Anyway I guess we can call many celebrities attention whores if we follow this logic?

    Let’s just call George Clooney an attention whore too because he just came back from Sudan and Chad and has tried to highlight the problems of fighting, corruption and mass violence in that region. He has given a number of interviews (i.e. the media) before and after his return urging world dignitaries and the public a like to get more involved. Forget about all that. He’s nothing but an attention whore. Let’s also label Oprah who broadcasted her travels to Africa and attention whore for as well as Bono. Ellen DeGeneres uses the media to her advantage to bring attention to the problems that still plague New Orleans..especially since it seems that the U.S. government has turned a cold shoulder towards this issue – Holy Moly who cares if she has raised over $800, 000 for the Make it Right Foundation she is nothing but an attention whore!! Shame on her!!..But oh well who cares we need to keep on going and add her to this rapidly growing attention whore list!
    Our beloved Sir Paul McCartney was certainly an attention whore when he directed the media’s attention to the cruelty within the Canadian Seal Hunt. Cameras, CNN, a press conference the whole sha-bang! Sorry Paul you meant well but you are nothing but an attention whore.

    God forbid this lady and others try to help out the poor or the sick or the diseased. How many people are willing to go to these places and actually interact with these individuals? Not many. It’s one thing to write a check, make a donation and take a photo but to interact with these individuals, hug them, touch them, wipe their tears, listen to their stories of pain of heartache, suffering and survival is another thing. I’ve read about her travels from her own writings, heard from others who have worked directly with is not within me to call her an attention whore. Or any of the above mentioned people. Sorry.

  16. dori says

    you knowit’s funny to me that when she too skinny everyone complained…. now she has put on a little weight and everyone thinks she’s pregnant !! It’s kind of laughable.

  17. dori says

    traveler you are a narcisitic jerk who feels you need to criticize everyone and overplay your impoprtance I didn’t judge her clothing or say everyone should dress alike where do you come off making a statement like that to me You are an egotistical idiot.

  18. oriana says

    Tia, thank you honey for the info. She is so scared to fly and I thought with her in the early stages would it be a danger to the baby. It is a 5 1/2 flight.

    I did see the picture of Angie arriving in London, she is simply gorgeous! After a long flight and fresh as a daisy! I think she may be pregnant but she doesn’t look it in that picture.

  19. tammy says

    Tia- Exactly- that was my point. I don’t know where you got acting like a 10 year old from, but whatever. I’m glad it finally got through your head.

  20. traveler says


    Man, if that’s miserable than give me some! She’s smiling and glowing and seems pretty happy to me. She’s got a great family, a partner who loves her, a career she enjoys, a chance to really make a difference in the world, and more money than I’ll ever see in my life. Yeah, can I be miserable too?

  21. traveler says


    What am I apologizing for? Last time I checked, Angelina Jolie didn’t do anything wrong. I’m simply stating that she gets a raw deal from people like you who seem to hate her guts for no good reason. Why do you hate someone you don’t even know?

    The Namibian government offered her protection from the paps by denying visas to foreign journalists. It also offered her the chance to more thoroughly control the situation surrounding her new daughter’s birth. If she’d had the baby in the states, you’d be slamming her for exposing her newborn to the media frenzy when she had the chance to shield her from it. No matter what Jolie did, you’d have picked her apart. That’s my point. She can’t win with you people and I get tired of seeing someone constantly picked on for no good reason. I used to not really care one way or another about her, but you people have driven me to her side with your incessant bashing.


    What are you, 10 years old? Grow up.

  22. Tia :) says

    Oriana dear, about your niece, she can fly while pregnant…even in the early stages…the biggest concern would probably be how her morning sickness is. The risk doesnt really get big until after the 35th week of pregnancy, then they’ll tell you no! She should talk with her doctor before hand just to make sure everything it ok 🙂

  23. Tia :) says

    Tammy, look, iv said it once, i’ll say it again…IM NOT PICKING ON YOU! you sound like a10 yr old for christ sakes!! It’s ok…we both believe in something different…move on…and as for Oriana not agreeing with me…it’s not the first time, it wont be the last! We respect eachother! it’s ok!

  24. Janey says

    I hate her too, but she seems miserable so I am fine seeing her looking like crap these days and her movies bombing and no oscars. Infact I don’t know any one who likes her.

  25. KAKE says



  26. Nikki says

    Oriana for bad pictures of Angelina, simply google skinny Angelina Jolie and tons will come up. I agree she has lost her looks.

    What really annoys me is her delusions of self importance. Like she is trying to change the world.

    Traveller who are you? Self appointed Brangelina apologist? Then you are doing such a bad job. If you cant see that going to Namibia attracts more attention, which was exactly their intention then you are dumber than i thought. They knew it, that is why they said they wanted to highlight the poverty in that country. She is an attention whore and am glad many people can’t stand her. Shows there are still some sensible people in this world who are not easily fooled.

  27. traveler says


    I’m not working hard at it, but I am defending her because I like her. She does a lot of good in this world. It’s nice to see a star using her status and money for the well being of others and not just to buy herself more bling. I like that she’s continued to educate herself despite the fact that she really doesn’t have to. I like that she’s a good mom that loves to spend time with her kids rather than just pawning them off on a nanny. I like that she’s choosen to build her family through both adoption and biological children. More people in the world should do that.

    I don’t see why people dislike her so much. You might not like everything she’s done in her life, but isn’t that the case with all the people you know? I dare you to find one individual who’s never done something you find wrong and that you agree with 100% of the time. It won’t happen. People make mistakes and that includes Angelina Jolie. But on a whole, I think she’s a good person with a big heart.

  28. traveler says


    Maybe she just liked the outfit. I think it’s horrible, but everyone’s tastes are different. How boring would this world be if everyone dressed the same and had the same taste in clothing. At least she isn’t dressed like a swan or in an outfit that has one of her breasts hanging out. I’ve seen worse at award shows.

  29. oriana says

    My niece is two months preggie, she has never flown before (31) and she wants to come to CA. to Disneyland, I was wondering about her flying if it was safe for the baby. I have heard that the first two months was a critical time for miscarrying so I was thinking it is a long flight to Jordan.

    Thanks to traveler, tammy and Al&J for info.

    I do love Gwen and think she is a wonderful hands on mother.

    I don’t the paps have any consideration for anybody, I still blame them for Princess Diana’s death too.

  30. tammy says

    # 92- Carleigh, Carleigh, Carleigh- don’t you know how to read? What does the second sentence of # 91 say? think before you type, thus making you feel stupid.

  31. traveler says

    As far as I know, it’s ok to fly while pregnant. The FAA advises against it in the last trimester because they don’t want people going into labor and giving birth on airplanes. In the first two trimesters, it’s not a problem though.

    She had Shiloh in Namibia to avoid the craziness of L.A. And given the fact that the paps were trying to illegally enter Namibia just to get pics of the family, that was probably a wise choice. Can you imagine the hoopla if they were stateside? I don’t think she did it for publicity, but rather for privacy.

  32. carleigh says

    #86 I think the saucers of milk comment was supposed to be drawing attention to the fact that some people are just cattty….I may be wrong but this was my interpretation???

    Tammy, Tammy, Tammy, don’t you of all people realize that everyone has a right to their opinion and that ordering someone to go away just because the don’t happen to like it….is futile???!!!

  33. dori says

    well if she’s not pregnant than I was correct in stating she dressed that way for the sole purpose of drumming up attention at the awards she neither one of them won anything. That was my knee jerk reaction to her dress and to this pic as well They are media whores and will do anything to keep themselves in the spotlight. Why does a person travel all the way to Namibia to have a baby? For attention!! Why does a person dress like they are poregnant when they are not? for attention . But I will say no more about this couple because by now you all know how I feel about them.
    But I would never wish anything bad for them just ask that they behave like normal people instead of headline grabbing celebs desperate for attention.

  34. oriana says

    Hi Tammy and Al&J, tried to respond but am under moderation! I’ll try again tomorrow. Have a good evening!!!!

  35. Al&J says

    In general about the whole blob issue that really isn’t an issue. I do hope that those who have their panties in a tight bunch.. know that Gwen Stefani (who I adore) in her Elle interview also called her son Kingston a blob as well as Shiloh. Interesting reactions. I’m not sure if people don’t know this or what…but I don’t see any critique or furor directed at Gwen. Angelina seems to be held to a different standard than most. Every single statement that comes out of this lady’s mouth is scrutinized to the point of absurdity while others who have said very similar things are overlooked.

    I would dare to say that Leona, Megan, Nina, Kelly and Gina are all the same person. Posts within minutes of each other, professing the same cruel diatribe over and over. The tactic isn’t very smart but I guess that’s one way to garner some attention.

    Hi Oriana. Don’t know the official answer as to what you’re asking.. I do think that the FAA advises against flying in later stages as opposed to early….in the case of Angelina she was flying her own airplane while pregnant with Shiloh in her third trimester at about 7 1/2 months.

    I saw that picture as well of her today supposedly leaving for Jordan and I think it’s terribly dangerous for the paps to be exposing that type of information to the general public. Typically we learn of her humanitarian trips after she has arrived at her destination or on her way back. It was very irresponsible of them to publish this type of information.

    Oh dear…well you have to love the perpetuation of inaccuracies that transpire on this blog day in and day out. Sometimes I shake my head and laugh because it’s truly amazes me. Perfect case #84.

    Um….H. Lie detector before you continue to spread your lies. Angelina has won more than one award for AMH. Please get your facts straight. It’s embarrassing to be sprouting off and not have a clue. Do some research for goodness sake. It will help to make your case a little more sound and believable.

    A.H. – Pardon my ignorance but what does ‘saucers of milk all around’ mean? I have never heard this phrase.

  36. A H says

    I laugh when I read people’s comments which presume to know how this woman feels about her children. How the hell do you know?? Do you know her personally? Has she told you of her innermost feelings?? Saucers of milk all around are in order.

  37. H. Liedetector says

    This woman is a complete idiot. She rambles on in that whiny voice of hers “people will be interested in what they want to learn bla bla bla”

    What awards are you talking about??? She won one award for AMH. The SB one – the one film festival she feels is really “worthy” ie: gave her an award instead of stiffing her.

    People want to know about her pregnancy because her personal life totally outshadows anything else she does. And that’s the way she likes it, whether she’s wearing a vial of blood, doing drugs or f#cking in the limo. It’s all about the attention, baby. All eyes on her. Someday she’s gonna be just like Liz Taylor and everyone’s eyes will still be on her – in horror!

  38. oriana says

    If a woman is in her early stages of pregnancy is it recommended by doctors to fly? I can’t remember?

  39. oriana says

    I saw a picture of her leaving for Jordan this afternoon, very beautiful and didn’t look preggie at all to me. I think she looks much healthier and has gained some weight back.

  40. oriana says

    Doesn’t Brad have like a $100 million dollars? And she isn’t destitute. If neither of them ever worked again, they would have tons of money to have a rich life and spend time with their kids as much as they wanted too. They have nannies and assistants even now to help them.

    If they can’t manage all four of them out at the same time, then would it be a crime to leave Zahara or Maddox at home sometimes and rotate taking the others out? It seems like the logical thing to do to me.

    No excuses for her to not spend one on one time or as much time with Shiloh as they both have made time to do with the others. It is perfectly obvious to whom her favorites are and yes, she has shown that she does play favorites.

  41. tammy says

    Traveler- Re: Angelina working, I was addressing the first part of Jenna’s statement in # 62. I just thought that if she made an effort to not work as much with those kids, she would do the same for Shiloh- if my opinion makes me judgemental, the I guess we all are huh?

  42. oriana says

    God knows I am not one to defend her but the truth is the truth whether we like someone or not. Angie to me, has never taken a bad picture a day in her life. Other than her boney arms and skinny legs, I think she is very photogenic. Poor Brad on the other hand, is looking a little rough, he is not aging gracefully at all to me. Brad does have the reputation for not being the cleanest person in the world and has been talked about for having bad hygiene for years.

  43. lauren says

    They both lost their looks. Angelina looks like a bad imitation of Aishwarya Rai. Pitt looks like he has not bathed in ages. I have just read an interview where Angelina said she did not know how to turn on a computer. Yet she is here talking about being on line. WTF????????

  44. jayjay says

    No one can possibly hate these two more than I do. I wish all the ills in this world on them.

    are you their apologist?Such hard work defending these scum of the earth.

  45. IRENA says

    I thought she said she did not know how to use the computer.

    Now she is saying when she goes on line. Lying biotch. How dare she say she was glad she did a movie with a married man and run off with him. I REALLY DO HATE HER. These two are pathetic losers who deserve all their movies to bomb.

  46. traveler says


    And you have proof of this heroin addiction? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    I also don’t think that Britney is on drugs. I think she has psychological problems. My guess is bipolar disorder. I have several relatives and friends who are bipolar and her actions are somewhat similar to their’s before they were medicated.

  47. traveler says


    What a horrible thing to say! It’s ok not to like someone. It is not ok to wish death on them.

  48. traveler says


    Perhaps she works because it makes her a better person and thus a better mom. I know that I would go stark raving mad if I had to be a stay at home mom. Some people are cut out for it, but some are not. It doesn’t make them a worse parent, just a different one. Perhaps her time at home with Z and Mad didn’t go as well as she’d hoped and she found she was a happier person when working. That could be the reason she decided not to take off as much time after Shiloh and Pax. You shouldn’t judge someone when you don’t really know them.

    As for her loving Shiloh less. I don’t think so. I would agree that she loves her differently. I think she loves all of her kids differently. As does any parent. Those kids are individuals and thus different, so her interaction with each will be different. Nothing wrong with that. I feel she does love them equally though. And if she seems to have a closer relationship with one versus another, there’s nothing wrong with that either. My mother and my sister are a lot closer than my mother and me. I don’t believe my mom loves me any less. We’re just different people with different views on life and that means we’re not as close. My dad is closest with my brother. That is no surprise seeing as he’s the only boy of 5 kids. I don’t think my dad loves me less than him. Just differently.

    I think if more people looked at the relationships and interactions within their own families, they’d be a lot less critical of the Jolie-Pitts.

  49. Gina says

    She has lost her looks. Now she looks like her brother and that is not a compliment. I liked her but now am starting to dislike her. Something about her attitude.

  50. Kelly says

    Their stylist should be shot. That suit is not cool at all and what the hell is Angelina wearing. She is bringing more kids in this world to overdose on heroin. I see Britney’s in future.

  51. Nania says

    I wish these two had died instead of Heath Ledger. Brad’s parents can look after the kids. I hope she dies while having the baby.

  52. Megan says

    Whoring b!tch, she wants to sell the pregnancy news. Says the money goes to charity but charities have denied her donations exist.

  53. Leona says

    She hates herself and never wanted to have kids. I agree she does not seem to have the smae affection for SHiloh like she had for Maddox or Z . Then again she only had Shiloh so that she would appease Pitt who wanted kids. When they are teenagers we will know for sure.

  54. oriana says

    Deeds, admit it, you weren’t joking! You know you love Paris Hilton and would endorse her even for President!!! Ha!

    Now that I have your blood pressure up, yes of course I knew it was all a joke, anybody would it seems to me. Hope things are well with you up there. Have a good day!!!!

  55. Tammy says

    Thank you Christina- I’ll try to look for that DVD. So far so good as far as the pregnancy goes- my little boy has really blessed me with no morning sickness, kicking of the ribs, (which I have heard can be excrutiating 🙂 ) constipation (ok- maybe a little TMI) and my appts have been very good. UI think the next one might give me some problems. Luckily this one has eased me into it. 🙂 Hi Jenna- I do have common sense, we are just interpreting things differently as far as Shiloh goes. I never said she doesn’t love Shiloh, but I feel that she has more love for the other kids or maybe just more sympathy for the lives that they came from, which might just be a natural thing. As far as the work is concerned, she has millions of dollars. She should not work as much and start making Shiloh a priority like she did with the other kids-JMO.

  56. Christina says

    If she is pregnant, GREAT. If she’s not, GREAT too, that means she is finally gaining some weight back after being so thin (getting healthy).

    Facts are: they are both avoiding pregnancy questions nor denying that she is pregnant. They have specifically asked the red carpet interviewers NOT to ask questions re: is she or isn’t she (fact stated by press). In the past when it’s been rumored she has come out and said, “no I’m not”. She’s wearing larger clothes than her normal form fitting. Also, she did NOT do interviews during Critic Choice awards nor SAG awards – BOTH award shows she was nominated.

    Again, I wouldn’t say 100% that she is, but she always has stopped for the press before and truthfully, I don’t believe anything 100% in this area unless they confirm.

  57. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Tammy, when Zahara was less than a year old she was one of only two children and Angelina wasn’t working so much. Shiloh is the youngest of 4 kids. Common sense my dear, common sense.

    Christina, I liked what you said about creating something from a “blob” of paint!

  58. Wondering says

    Thanks Carliegh for reposting the interview. I remembered it but couldn’t remember exactly where it was from. It grows old watching people beat the same old wrong bush. I can only think that they enjoy thinking the worst.

  59. Christina says

    Tammy~ not sure if this is your first baby but you should look into the DVD that a woman created re: reading a babies cries and sounds. It’s quite amazing and helpful. Oprah had her on the show – I wish I could offer up the name but unfortunately I don’t remember, maybe someone else here will. My friend used it and she said it was GREAT.

  60. Christina says

    Deeds~ didn’t think you were joking but no worries, I think you’re great (I’ve enjoyed our interactions). Though to be clear, I never said Hilton would be great, I specifically said, bad casting would be her.

    Tammy~ congrats on your pregnancy. I hope you have a very healthy baby and a safe delivery. Again, if you read the article as is, they are not directing “blob” at Shiloh meaning saying “Shiloh is a blob” – they said that infants compared to toddlers are different- interviewer, blob perhaps – AJ, yes. Also, I don’t think saying blob is a bad thing. I’m a painter (as well) and I create from a mass of paint (blob) you mold a blob to your creative process. Like an infant, you are molding the beautiful little creature and they become a masterpiece of beauty. Best of luck to you… so thrilling having a baby!!!

    Summer~ don’t like what I have to say, don’t read it.

  61. scarlet says

    Now where have they publicly announced the pregnancy?
    All it is just talk until she states she is having another baby…Give me a break…

  62. tammy says

    Jenna- when Zahara was less than a year old she was taken out all of the time. Also, Angelina didn’t actually disagree with the blob comment. That would have been the right thing to do. I’m 35 weeks pregnant and I would be quick to defend my baby if someone called “him” a blob. Are we reading the same article or interview where she actually says that she feels more for her other children or are people just skipping over that?

  63. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Yeah I knew you were joking Deeds, don’t worry!

    I think its really horrible that all these people are going on about how Angelina called Shiloh “a blob” and that she doesn’t love Shiloh as much as Maddox, ax and Zahara.

    Firstly, as has been said many times on here (especially by Christina, thanks for trying to clear it up for people), Angelina NEVER called Shiloh a blob. She was mis-quoted, its as simple as that.

    Secondly, there is no reasoning behind the claims that Angelina doesn’t love Shiloh. No, she doesn’t appear to be taken out as much as the other children but she is only a year old. AJ and BP take the other kids out to spend one-on-one time with them. They probably spend the sam amount of private time at home with Shiloh, she’s too young to need to be taken out for entertainment all the time. And btw, I m sure I have seen more photos of AJ holding Shiloh than BP.

    Thirdly, the people who throw these accusations about clearly don’t care much about these children. If they did, they would realise that the kids are going to read all this crap when they grow up. Think about how Shiloh will feel when she gets to lets say 11 and reads that her mummy “didn’t love her as much as her siblings”. Its cruel.

  64. Deeds says

    Geez you guys RELAX! I didn’t take Christinas joke out of context. I knew she was goofing around when she said Paris would do a great job of playing MP. Come on, I’ve been on here long enough not to take something like that to heart. Christina, Oraina, and Jenna M. had to know I was also joking I hope.

  65. Wondering says

    Someone please repost the site that shows the “blob” word was suggested by the interviewer and not AJ and maybe Tammy and Tango will read it slow enough and finally get the drift. She was not insulting her child.

    They seem to be taking care of and loving their children just fine. But let us not forget that we are making all the judgment calls off of paparazzi pictures. Not really a fail-proof way for us to do it.

  66. oriana says

    Unfortunately britmama is right. There are many mothers that don’t make a good parent, and NO, I am not saying that about Angie at all. I think all her children are lucky to have her.

    Lord knows many have not agreed with me about my views regarding her, and have spoken up and said so more than once, Nicki, Tia, 2teens, many of my all time favorites, but I don’t get upset behind it, and many times I have agreed with them also. Many good intelligent women on here and I am so happy that they accept me, share recipes, and yes, sometimes, even scold me! Ha!

    And you cut that out too NICKI!!!!! Ha!

    Go ahead Tia, I’ll still come to Canada!!!!

    Let me just say I think this is a happy family and we need more of them, celebs or no celebs. I am still so sad about Heath and his suffering family.

  67. britmama says

    Unfortunately, there are parents out there who do not care about their children, biological or otherwise, which is a sad reality. No one knows what goes on inside the homes of others unless they are privy to their lives. When comments are made by celebs, they can be taken out of context. If the interviewers misintepret their words, the celebs can make the decision to not give interviews or request that only certain questions be asked.

    Life is sometimes about speculation, gossip, and drama. Some people sided with Jolie, others with Aniston, back when the whole Brangelina thing started. People had opinions and aired them.

    Definition of comment (Merriam-Webster):
    ‘a note explaining, illustrating, or criticizing the meaning of a writing;
    an observation or remark expressing an opinion or attitude ;
    a judgment expressed indirectly

    I thought these sites were for people to express opinions, whether positive or negative. Otherwise you may as well only let those with favourable opinions on the board.

    We teach our kids that life is not fair or easy. Why should we only want to see the views we share on the site. Others have a point too, even if we don’t agree with them.

    If Jolie called some things ‘silly’ she is right.

  68. Elley says

    I have read a lot of these blogs and it really bothers me when a person states a parent doesn’t Love their child, or they love one over the other. I have one step-son, who I call MY son-and love him as a son, I have 2 bio sons, I love them, and We have our nephew- his Mother was murdered by her boyfriend- I love him as my son. I Love each of them to the point it would kill me if anything happened to them. You know what I am saying when you have children. Yes, you love your children differently, but you LOVE each and everyone, blood or not.

    When AJ had Z she had 2 children, she had a lot of extra time and energy, now she has Pax, and Shiloh-who is just sweet- they need extra time, one Pax has an entire life and culture to adjust to, Shiloh is 1year, that is a year of protection. You try to shield them from everything you can, and the paps at a 1 year old is rough. There have been statements of threats against Shiloh, so with that they would shelter her more.

    I know you can “avoid silliness” but when they put their lives out there in the public, and they want to be fashionable, trend setting, and do all the good deeds to do in the world, then we do look for them let us see in on their happiness and in a way they touch our lives that way.

    I agree everyone has a right to their own ideas, but if you really don’t like them why would you go onto AJ & BP’s comment’s and try to rip them apart. Go onto someone you do like and lift your spirits, instead of running other’s down. It might make your day go better?

  69. britmama says

    I guess she must love her kids if she keeps having more, right?

    Seriously that outfit is not her best, and that is my opinion.

    And a lot of celebs have taken their time, which is their prerogative, to confirm their pregnancies after they have been showing for quite some time.

    Aren’t most of these celeb/kids sites about speculation etc.? Everyone is entitled to their opinions, last I checked.

    Get over it peeps. I am not a fan of theirs, but if they are happy, so be it.

    Maybe this time around there will be less sightings of the family, and they will get some privacy, as a lot of celebs deserve these days.

  70. tammy says

    Well Tia, my dear- it sounds like you have it out for me. Even your good friend Oriana agrees with me and you’re not picking on her. I guess I should just say that Angelina absolutely loves Shiloh as much as her other kids just to keep the peace, so are you happy now? I agree 100% with Tia- now you can sleep in peace tonight. You’re right- this is a blog and everyone’s opinions should be just like yours. You’re right- you’re always right.

  71. Miapo-cca says

    WELL seem like skank jolie fans want to make apoint to the academny award…ahahha
    she should be thanking dear old daddy for all those previous award because none is coming her way…the two on them shoul djust gohideunder a bed or something and procreate endlessly and out of the media….only makes theie speration worse for the kids involved;;selfish a holes

  72. Christina says

    Oriana~ that posting from Wendy was actually me (sorry Wendy from NOLA – somehow in my typing frenzy I put your name in the name post and not in the body of comment. My apologies for any confusion, especially to you).

    Anyway~ actually her mother was traveling w/her to Paris and intended to be in Africa but after consulting w/doctors, they felt the journey (distance) would be too rough on her. For the most part, her mother was with her most of the time but she was and has always been media shy. When I say that she knew she was losing her battle w/cancer it was not predicted when she would lose that battle. When she started to deteriorate, they flew back ASAP and she was by her side non-stop.

  73. Bella says

    wouldn’t it be nice if Angelina cared about what you guys think, especially the haters….guess what she doesn’t!!!
    Let’s just stick to congratulating her if she is pregnant and talking about how beautiful she is. Some of you guys sound really dumb. Tia and 2teens, I’m on your side tonight……….I’m enjoying this moment because I doubt it will last.

  74. oriana says

    Wendy my Dear, I thought the whole hype about Suri was crazy from the beginning, I thought she was one of the most beautiful babies also! I did wonder why she wasn’t seen for awhile but guess that is how they wanted it.

    I have never thought Brad and Angie have ever done anything for a publicity stunt, I think they are truely sick to death of all the attention.

    I have seen pictures of her with Shiloh and I just don’t see the same beaming smiles I have seen directed at Zahara. I wish I could. I think she is a good mother, an attentive mother, I just don’t think she can has bonded with her the way she did Zahara, or Brad either for that matter.

    My one thought was though, and believing how much she cherished her mother, why spend time in New Orleans away from her like she did, in the last days, knowing how critical she was? Not only New Orleans, but other places also? If I knew my mother was in her last days, I would be living closer to her. I would be rearranging my schedule and do whatever I could to spend as much time with her as possible.

  75. Christina says

    Ah that is sooooo weird. I wanted to say that is sweet to Wendy at NOLA but somehow it altered my name. #35 is actually me… how does that work??? LOL. I thought the names are permitment w/the email addresses. LOL. I have a lot to learn re: postings. LOL

    Wendy at NOLA, thanks for comments. Deeds is actually a nice person, perhaps she just misread my Paris Hilton comment – I personally will pull my hair out if I hear her say “that’s hot” one more time. Could she be any more dumb? LOL

    Thanks Al &J. Very sweet as well.

    Oriana~ sweetie, hope you have a wonderful day.

    Deeds~ that’s hot. LOL

  76. Wendy from NOLA says

    Oriana~ LOL, sweetie, there are TONS of photos of Ang, kissing and loving toward Shiloh. You can also see LIVE video coverage of it as well (particularly, getting off their private plane when AJ lovingly plays w/Shiloh). As I’ve told you before, I’ve seen her w/Shiloh at the Beverly Hills Hotel – Polo Lounge w/her mom, Marcheline. AJ was bouncing Shiloh on her knee and kissing her constantly. It’sFort Knox there and you won’t catch a paparazzi on the premise.
    Besides actually witnessing it myself, allow me to state an obvious that MOST parents will agree with to a certain extent, especially if you have 2 or 3 kids.

    First, your first child – parents can’t get the camera out of their face! It’s the first child. Then comes #2, MOST parents use the camera a lot less than they did the first (the novelty of becoming a parent wears off slightly)… a 3rd child, a little less. ALL my friends and I laugh about how many baby photos we have of the 1st kid and less of the others… one reason, EXHAUSTION. I LOVE all 4 of my kids but boy, they kicked our fanny… it’s physically exhausting but I’d do it all over again and I would have more if I could have. IMPORTANT facts – there was only Maddox and Z – hence so many photos (2 parents, 2 kids = physically balanced meaning 1 child each parent). Also, Pitt & AJ became a couple and the media started swarming them. I believe due to the fact that they went thru that w/Z at such a young age (moreso than she experienced alone w/Maddox) Another fact, AJ was NOT working at the time, she became pregnant w/Shiloh so had free time to spend more hands on with Maddox and Z. Pitt & AJ are more protective and aware after Z the media frenzy around them (learn as you go). AJ gives birth Shiloh, she then learns her mom doesn’t have much longer to live (FYI- she learned this shortly after giving birth). Her mother was tooooooo ill to be with her at the birthing – how many of you have daughters whom have given birth? We all will move heaven and earth to be there; with that said, her mom must have been very ill in order to not be able to physically make that flight. Pitt’s parents and AJ’s brother was there. Then came Pax, an orphan at 2 almost 3 years old who did NOT speak english – suddenly moves to a country where he does not know the language, strangers, etc. Then the worst, her mother dies. I’m sorry but if and when my mother passes on, I will be unable to get out of bed!!! AJ also worked back to back in 2007. Most of the photos you see of her w/the kids are of her taking the children that go to school to school (paps camp out there). When you do see her taking her children elsewhere, Shiloh is with them (zoo, art store, toy store, etc.)

    Honestly, I’m shocked that conclusions are being drawn without truly looking at the whole picture (work, death, ages, timing, quantity of children, etc.) Thisis a couple who are FULLY aware that if the media starts to say, “they prefer their biological child over the adopted, the adopted are suffering” that level of negative publicity will harm their chances to adopt children in the future and if you don’t think it will, you are all sadly mistaken. NO ONE can stop nor hinder their chances and rights to have biological children. The media will pick them apart no matter what – criticize their parenting NO matter what. Damn if they do, damn if they don’t. I guarantee you we will see a lot more of Shiloh now that she is getting older (we already are) and then the media will attack them and say it’s some sort of publicity stunt due to AJ expecting another child. People will rip into that and I bet, you will even breathe negativity into that.

    Don’t you and Tammy remember the media months after Suri was born with headlines “Does Suri exist? Where is Suri? Why has no one seen Suri?”

    Bottomline, it’s is abundantly clear that she loves her children and though she has expressed her concerns re: adoption vs biological (she stated that she didn’t want Maddox to think that now she is with Brad that suddenly all they want are biological babies but she wanted Maddy to know that they want adopted and bio and that they love them all).

  77. Al&J says

    Oh Christina. Bless your heart.
    You’ll be saying the same things over and over till you are blue in the face re: the blob comment. It’s like some people refuse to believe the truth even when the proof is in their face. You give them evidence – pictures and links and background knowledge and they still choose to ignore it. Too much tabloid junk stuck in their minds that have made them incapable of thinking employing common sense and logic. It’s really silly and sad at the same time.

    Tammy – I think some people on this thread are trying to inform you not pick on you…I myself would like to know how you’ve come to the conclusion that she doesn’t love Shiloh as much as she loves her other children? I’ve seen many pictures of her interacting with Shiloh and smiling with her.

    Anyway I’m not a fan of this outfit. It looks really strange but I understand that she is trying to wear something loose and comfortable and something that will hide her bump if and when she is ready to talk about it which makes it a little better in my eyes.

    Clint Eastwood said some beautiful things about Angelina at the ceremony in Santa Barbara saying he was the luckiest guy next to Brad Pitt because he was able to look at her face everyday while editing for their upcoming movie and she seems to cherish the experience she had working with him. She said that she could talk forever about him and that he is a genuinely nice person.

  78. oriana says

    I did see the interview about the “blob” comment and it was misquoted and twisted around, Angie didn’t make the statement, she agreed with what the interviewer said, I will be the first one to say I was wrong if she is pregnant for I never thought she would ever want another biological child.

    I would love to see some pictures of Shiloh walking too.

    I have to say, I think they are in love and I do think Brad will be in for the long haul, she seems very happy with him and he is a blessing in her life.

    I personally would love to see more pictures of Dannielynn. I also notice the paps don’t get that many pictures of Moses Martin either and I do think that Gywn is a very good mother, but tofu cake for Apple’s BD party was too much for me.

  79. oriana says

    I like her skirt and Brad’s suit is very nice too.

    I do think she loves Shiloh but I have never felt she did to the extent of the other kids. I haven’t seen any evidence of it in any pictures. As for Zahara, when she was 1 year old, and younger, she was attached at her hip like she is Brad and her both 99% of the time are now. She wasn’t left at home or with a Nanny when she was younger.

    I have looked at Angelina’s face and her expressions have been pure adoration and bliss when she would be kissing and smiling at her, haven’t seen the same from her towards Shiloh. Sorry Tia! You know I love you!!!!!

  80. Tia :) says

    give me a break lady. Dont flatter yourself. You’re both just as bad.

    And if you are a mother, then you will understand that you cannot love one child more than the other. People pick on this family all the time, and it’s just so stupid the things that come out of peoples mouths!

  81. tammy says

    Tia- I will be in about 5 weeks and I’m excited. But what does me being a mother have to do with my opinion of Angelina? We can agree that we differ on the subject. I don’t doubt that she loves Shiloh- ( in fact I never said that- I said “She doesn’t love Shiloh like she loves the rest of her kids.”)Is this pick on Tammy day or what? Get over it- I have my opinion and many people share it with me, and you have yours. Didn’t you read Tango’s comment? Pick on her for awhile. I’m flattered, but c’mon.

  82. dori says

    well said Christina. I can just imagine it . The media manipulating the story. Although she doesn’t look preggers to me here the fact that she is wearing loose fitting clothing when she usually dresses more tailored says something in itself.

  83. Wendy from NOLA says

    Deeds, i think u should feel very silly. i read christina thread about casting and she said paris is bad and it was a joke. iremember laughing very hard and out loud about it. i do not understand how anyone could have misunderstand her post. i am a mommy & i understand what christina said here. i have 7 grand children and i try to take them to park but it is very hard not possible with twin babies and 5 more big ones. i have 2 hands and not as strong as Ms. Jolie i cannot balance 2 little babies in my arms. my daughter & son too have a hard time with many chidren at park.

  84. Christina says

    With that said, Deeds… imagine being at the park w/your 1 yr old and 3 other children that are far more physically active, add to that a swarm of photographers following you, and a bunch of other parents and other children playing… chaotic don’t ya think? Now imagine paying 100% attention to the 1 yr old (as you stated even your husband said don’t take your eye off otherwise something could happen). Now, here you are w/your 1 yr. old and your other 3 kids are playing without your 100% attention though you feel secure enough that the 6 yr. old can play without your assistance… photographers taking photos. Next day, “Deeds ignores her adopted older children in favor of her biological son.” Lets say, you put your 1 yr. old son in the stroller so you can watch and play with the other 3 kids, “Deeds ignores her son while he yearns to get out of the stroller to play with the other kids. She clearly favors playing with her adopted kids instead.” The photographers produce 10 photos suggesting that and the media runs with it. They don’t show the public the 100 other photos that they have of you holding your son’s hand while he goes down the slide or him walking around the playground while you hold his hand. Welcome to the press and media manipulation. Or should I say, welcome to a celebrities world.

  85. Christina says

    Deeds- LOL. I NEVER said I wanted Paris Hilton to play MP. LOL. I was chatting w/someone else saying AJ was not bad casting as MP nor would Halle Berry nor Thandie Newton (we were discussing casting options for MP). I said BAD casting would be Paris Hilton – that was a joke, using the most obvious example of BAD casting. And you answered the question I proposed re: the slide: “so I would hold him all the way down”. Again, a 1 yr old you have to hold – pay 100% physical attention to whereas a 3,4,6 yr. old can manage riding down a slide without hand holding – you still have to watch at least the 3 yr old but you don’t have to hold their hand – just catch them at the end and make sure they slide down safely (feet first depending on slide). Re-read what I wrote. But you are a prime example how people take things out of context. LOL

  86. Tia :) says

    Tammy, are you a mother? Do you love your children? Of course she loves Shiloh…im sorry, but it’s stupid!

  87. dori says

    I don’t see any sign of a pregnancy Just som loose fitting clothes Her hands and arms are still very skinny and bony.
    Lets just wait and see what time shows us.

  88. Deeds says

    Christina, Don’t you feel silly. You wanted Paris Hilton to play MP. LOL Yes I did let my 1 year old slide, he wanted to so I would hold him all the way down, he loved it! I’ll never forget though my hubby once said “if you look away, even if it’s for a moment and something bad happens everyone will always blame you”.

  89. Christina says

    Re: Shiloh not being seen as often… first, she is seen more w/AJ not Brad. Secondily, stating the obvious- the other children are OLDER and need to get out and be active whereas a 1 yr. old doesn’t need the physical activity as much. 1 yr. old doesn’t go to school, the others do. 1 yr. old can’t play in the park the way the older children can (would you let your 1 yr. old slide down a slide and down a poll???) 3 kids is a lot to handle at a park but add a 1 yr. old that you have to keep your physical presence and eye on at ALL times will take your attention off the othe kids that still need physical attention on a playground. Their needs are different and what they are physically capable of doing are completely different. Now that Shiloh is getting older, I would venture to bet that she will start to get out more and will be joining the others at the park and so forth. When you have that many kids under the age of 6, you have to look at “needs”. A kid Shiloh’s age is happy playing on the floor whereas older kids need more physical activities.

    Have some common sense! And if you are not a parent and have no clue the different needs a 1 yr old has compared to a 3, 4, and 6 yr old need, don’t comment otherwise you sound ignorant.

  90. Christina says

    Tammy & Tango, AJ did NOT call her child a blob – the journalist did (suggested it) and it was in reference to a general comparison between the difference in personality between an infant and a toddler – NOT a statement directly referring to Shiloh being a blob. Get your facts straight. Find the original article before you both become tabloid faithfuls. Furthermore, she stated on several live interviews that her fear like any parent who have adopted and biological children have, will I love them all the same or lean more toward loving my bio child differently (more or less) – she said that the love she has for her children is all the same. And that Shiloh is more privileged than the adopted children because her start in life is with both her biological parents whereas the start for the others is different. I know many adults who knew only 1 bio parent and was always curious about the other and I know plenty of adopted children who want to know who their bio parents are (both my adopted brothers wanted to know and did the research to find out- it’s a curiosity that is inevitable).

  91. Jenna M. (UK) says

    WM, you shouldn’t definitively state that she is expectant when it hasn’t been confirmed! Maybe they’re not wanting it to get out yet, if she is pregnant is must still be early days and anything can happen. Look at Lily Allen. Though obviously I hope that if she is, everything will be ok.

  92. Lauren says

    Wow, Angelina definately looks pregnant. Esp. when at the SAG awards. Congratulations! I’m rooting for a Jolie-Pitt boy!

  93. carleigh says

    I agree AMJ…in the past I have tossed a few expletives around here and there (I’m not going to lie and say I never have), but I have refrained from that for quite awhile now and there are some that go into moderation and some aren’t..makes no sense to me at all.

  94. AMJ says

    yes..I don’t understand this sight….sometimes you read people swearing on here F&*( this f&*( that and there comment is still on here and then other comments are fine and they are on moderated?? doesn’t make sense webmistress.

  95. carleigh says

    To the people who post things we obviously know are false…if you don’t like this couple and find nothing but negativity…why comment at all?

    If she is pregnant than that’s great, they are wonderful parents and they make beautiful babies together.

  96. Liza says

    I think WM is jumping the gun a bit by already calling her “expectant”. Until they confirm it or an obvious bump is visible, it’s still rumored speculation.

    I also disagree with Tammy, I think in pictures with Shiloh it is very clear that she loves Shiloh like she loves her other children. She never called Shiloh a blob. She did make a comparison about the hard start in life her other children had, but only when talking about having to conscious of Shiloh’s needs as well as theirs.

  97. tammy says

    Tia- But not nearly as many with the adopted kids. She is in LOVE with those kids- not Shiloh. You give me a break!! 2teens- yes she did.

  98. Tia :) says

    Tammy, there are plenty of pictures of Angie with Shiloh where she is smiling and what not…give me a break!

  99. Michelle says

    I disagree with you Tammy, you saying Shiloh doesnt even look like she likes her. Where you getting these pics from the paparazzi. They make stories themselves for the rag mags. I feel Shiloh has been sheltered and Brad and Angelina still do so when they are out in public Shiloh is spooked by the lifestyle they lead. Could you imagine not even being two and having all those cameras around when you go out. I think the others are use to it. Anyways whatever each to there own.

  100. 2teens says

    Tammy and Tango, you are both buying in to all the media hype and word twisting that constantly surrounds Jolie. She never called her daughter a blob, the reporter did. Of course she loves & cherishes Shiloh! I hope she is pregnant, because she seems like a phenomenal mother with plenty of love to share with ALL of her children.
    I’m glad to see that Angelina is actually wearing some color though, are those pink and red sequins on her pants? Cute!

  101. Tango says

    Exactly Tammy!!!

    Another ‘blob’ that will be sidelined while she parades her adopted kids around….

    I hope shes NOT pregnant

    And I agree with comment #3 you dont have to be pregnant to ‘glow’ and look happy neither do you have to be wearing loose fitting clothes, geez I must always look pregnant the amount of loose fitting clothes I wear

  102. Abbe says

    “I think it’s going to take, partly, people wanting to learn those things,” she said. “I mean, I know, that’s what I look for when I wake up in the morning — when I go online or when I get the paper. And you can find it if you’re looking for it. And you can avoid silliness if you want to. So it’s a personal choice of each individual.”

    I guess we’re all going against this by being on this site and being interested in the possibility of her being pregnant! I understand what she’s saying, but I still adore Angelina and wish her all the best with her children and potential children-to-be.

  103. Abbe says

    “I think it’s going to take, partly, people wanting to learn those things,” she said. “I mean, I know, that’s what I look for when I wake up in the morning — when I go online or when I get the paper. And you can find it if you’re looking for it. And you can avoid silliness if you want to. So it’s a personal choice of each individual.”

    I guess we’re all going against this by being on this site and being interested in the possibility of her being pregnant! I understand what she’s saying, but I still adore Angelina and wish her all the best with her children and potential children-to-be.

  104. tammy says

    She doesn’t even love Shiloh the way she does the rest of her kids. Why is she having another biological one? Look at how happy she is in all the pics with her adopted kids and then look at the ones with Shiloh. Shiloh doesn’t even look like she likes her. I’ll gladly take that precious baby off of her hands if she doesn’t want her.

  105. onatear says

    Wait a minute…what makes you all think she is pregnant? That’s not the only reason to glow…or be happy! (Maybe it was “after-glow” from she and Brad having whoopee before they got to the event!)There is this craze for pregnancy going on!!! If she is..great. But she hasn’t announced it.

  106. britmama says

    Of course she is pregnant. I’m sure an announcement will come out soon.

    Wonder where she will give birth this time around.

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