Pregnant Women Choosing To Drink Alcohol In Moderation

Alcohol during pregnancy

Click here for a very interesting piece on women choosing to drink (in moderation) during their pregnancies.

I certainly wouldn’t expect one or two glasses of wine or champagne (on separate occasions…not at once!) to be damaging towards the very end of one’s pregnancy, BUT it is crazy to think that it is worth the risk to drink more often throughout one’s pregnancy. If you can’t give up alcohol for nine months I think that shows some major issues.


  1. Jody says

    I am an educator who has worked for 18 years on reservations where over 80% of the children were victims of FASD, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. You have been talking about FAS, where physical deformities are evident. That is only the tip of the iceberg. You are fooling yourself if you think you can drink and have a perfect baby. Maybe the baby looks perfect, but you can not see the brain damage. I now work in a public school and the brain damage from FASD is very prevalent, as evidenced by the number of children in Special Education. Alcohol is a powerful teratogen, much more devastaing than meth, cocaine, or crack. The ethenol in the alcohol interacts with the potassium in the fetus brain cells and kill brain cells. It interferes with the transfer of brain cells to their specific locations in the brain. It kills neurons. With every drink, you are taking potential away from your child.

  2. Kenzie says

    Hey ladies — back off on Summer! She was honest… you need to respect her for that.

    Constant drinking and a glass of wine here and there are two different things. I think its funny that some women say that caffeine is totally fine, but alcohol is not. Sushi is now “okay” but red meat is to be cut back on.

    You know what is good or bad for your body — you know which items are vices, you know whether to stay away from them or not.

    And Jill, calm down — 1 glass of wine doesn’t equal alcoholism.

    And Carleigh — people in countries outside of the US (Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Scandinavian countries, etc, etc, etc) don’t seem to think that MODERATE amounts of alcohol are problematic, why is it only an issue in the US?

    I bet the majority of women on here came from a mother who had a few drinks during their pregnancies. Go ahead, ask her.

  3. Lola says

    Jill, get a grip. If you can find even 1 instance where a baby died as the result of 1 drop of alcohol, I’ll buy you a pony.

    FAS is real, but it is rare. It is the result of heavy drinking throughout pregnancy. And not even all heavy drinkers have babies with problems. In fact, FAS and the dangers of alcohol were not widely known until the 1970’s. There would be a hell of a lot of retarded people walking around if ONE DROP could cause FAS.

    I am 6 months pregnant and have had a few glasses of wine here and there. My baby boy is perfect. Perfect face, perfect organs, perfect brain and heart. He’s kicking day and night, and this has been a wonderful, easy pregnancy. You people just love to make judgements.

    The dead give-away that the alcohol issue is a moral issue and not a scientific one, is the language of the doctors themselves. They say that drinking is wrong, but if you drank before you knew you were pregnant, don’t worry about it. So it’s only wrong if you knew? Every woman should use her common sense. Don’t get drunk, but 1 or 2 glasses is ok.

  4. Jill says

    Alcoholism is a disease and should not be taken lightly. If you tell someone it is ok to drink while pregnant and find that you informed a true alcoholic…then you have just giving a death sentence to a young person who hasn’t even been born yet. Do not tell people it is ok to drink while pregnant the facts are one drop can kill that baby. Do some research people…FAS is real. Some of you may have been able to drink but it may not be true for someone else. How selfish it is too drink while pregnant… only thinking of yourself.

  5. says

    I was a BIG drinker before we got pregnant in fact I drank a glass of something special almost everyday with dinner. 🙂 The second I thought I might be preggers I gave up drinking alcohol, coffee, soda…pretty much anything that could cause a problem for the development of the baby.

    For me it was that I figured I have the ability to choose what I want in my body but the baby doesn’t so if I want to risk MY development then fine but I’m not ok with risking the baby’s development so I can indulge.

  6. Puh-leeze says

    I’m inclined to believe the women who are trying to defend the possibility of endangering their children for selfish reasons, despite how LIKELY it is are people who are in denial about their own issues, be they addiction or selfishness.

    No one implied pregnancy was an illness. A child is growing inside you, relying on you to give it the best possible chance of being everything it can be. To compromise that in any amount, even the smallest, most remote possibility, when it’s easily avoidable, is selfish.

  7. libby says

    I agree with everyone that says “why risk it” babies have enough chances of being born with any number of things wrong, we as mothers should do ANYTHING we can to make sure they come into this world as healthy as possible. Yes some women do have healthy children while doing any number of things but that is just god keeping his hand on that unborn child in my opinion since the mothers don’t have the good sense to. I mean children are a blessing and we should treat them that way from the moment they are conceived. Whatever that may mean to anyone. It might be giving up alcohol for one person or somoking, or even caffine for someone else. Just do it for the safety of your child. Cause you might not think one time will hurt, and maybe it won’t, but if your child is born with problems you would never be able to stop wondering “what if i hadn’t…..” right?

    Just think about it first.

  8. carleigh says

    But that’s OK just sit back and fill up your baby’s bottle with some wine or beer or perhaps some whiskey….remembering the whole time the keyword is “moderation” right??? stupidity, clear and blatant….stupidity!!!!

  9. carleigh says

    Hey WhoAmI? so you drank, you laud this around as something to be proud of….you sound very ignorant. It’s not just pregnant American females who should be wary of FAS, pregnancy is a cultural happening all over the world….so it can happen to any nationality IF a woman consumes alcohol. You are foolish if you took those chances with your unborn child.

  10. WhoAmI? says

    Hate me. I drank 1-2 times a week with my last pregnancy. Americans are scared sh!tless to do anything including eating tuna fish when they are pregnant. Pregnancy is not an illness. If it’s not good for you, it’s not good for the baby. Everything in moderation.

  11. Puh-leeze says

    Why in God’s name would even think of taking a chance with the health of your child??????

    Is alcohol truly more important than the possibility of endangering your child, no matter how controversial the PROBABILITY of that might be??? Seriously?

  12. dixiegirl says

    Why take the risk? Fetal alcohol syndrome is very real. I never drank a drop and never would. Everything you consume while pregnant is shared by the baby. If you wouldn’t put a glass of wine in your baby’s bottle, then you shouldn’t drink while pregnant. Why risk it ladies?

  13. carleigh says

    Ladies, this is entirely my point…I think those of us who have had children can appreciate the fact we were blessed to have our healthy beautiful children. It is a fact that this woman in the picture (who needs to have a kick in her stupid head) is doing something to endanger her unborn child, how is this any different than once the child is born??? Picture this…the woman in the pic consumes this amount of alcohol consistently and her child is born with developmental, emotional and physical delays/problems/complications…now how bad is this stupid woman going to feel when the Dr’s come back and attribute it to her alcohol consumption??? If she’s a loving mother she would feel extremely guilty!

    Another scenario is lets say the baby is born and is two or three years old and the woman allows her child to knowingly consume any amount of alcohol….thereby endangering her child….how is this any different then drinking when she’s pregnant? One because she controls what she puts into her body while pregnant and two because any sane mother would never let a two or three year old child consume alcohol….again I ask those that disagree….is this not the same scenario that would be considered child abuse in some form???

    Why is it OK for a pregnant woman to do this??? It makes me sick to my stomach to think any woman would just take this risk with the health of her baby….the chances for complications and the effects of alcohol are AVOIDABLE….I just can’t stress or be passionate enough about how important it is to NOT take chances and to get the best prenatal care possible. Prevention now is priceless down the road.

  14. oriana says

    I dare say the woman in this picture is having a teenie weenie more than a sip! That is a pretty big glass!

  15. Mommy 2 a Mixed Boy +1 says

    Just my 2 cents….I also prefer NOT to take any chances and put the alcohol away. I was still very young when I got pregnant with my son. I turned 21 while pregnant with him and my husband was giving me a hard time when we went to dinner that night and I only wanted a SIP of his drink just to say I had a SIP on my 21st birthday! lol. I was so paranoid I rarely had a soda! I dont like sushi and not a big caffeine person at all, so that helped me. But i do LOVE seafood…but I followed dr’s orders to the T! I was so cautious and I had a very healthy son. I am now pregnant again, 4 months along and I am being just as cautious. I havent had an alcoholic drink and dont plan to either! I have an occasional soda and my husband gives me the hardest of times just for a soda!!! I can only imagine what he would do to me if i wanted any alcohol! lol. I also dont smoke, and whenever i pass people who are smoking, i hold my breath. I just think my child’s life is so important and want to give them the best opportunity at a healthy life as possible. One day when they are grown up, they will do what they think is best for them. For now, they can only depend on their mother. I choose to offer them a healthy one.
    And even knowing someone who has 2 kids and smoked cigarettes, marijuana and took prescription pills, dabbled in other drugs and drank all thru BOTH her pregnancies and has healthy children STILL DOES NOT change my mind on how I want to go thru my own pregnancy. Like someone said…..WHY CHANCE IT?? Its just not worth the risk in my opinion.

  16. oriana says

    #32, Starbucks will serve anybody whatever they order, they are after the all mighty dollar just like McDonalds is and every other Fast Food place here. Sad but true!

  17. Bella says

    That’s the problem with our world today, selfish, self indulgent individuals who all they think about is me,me,me. Why take the chance with that precious little life that has no voice of its own. Think of the way alcohol makes you feel, even if you’re not drunk, it still has an effect on you. I’m sickened by some of the things that I’m reading. I feel like crying for all the babies in utero that had no voice and their parents failed to protect them.

  18. Sandra says

    carleigh I fully and completely agree with everything you said you took the words out of my mouth!

  19. Summer says

    over reactions again, with my next pregnancy im gonna drink everyday til its born! red wine here i come!

  20. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Ok so I don’t have kids, but I don’t think a small glass of wine here and there is going to do any harm. And I’ve heard the thing about having a glass of wine after an amnio before.

    However, I don’t think any woman who is willing to risk her unborn baby’s health by drinking a lot during pregnancy should be even thinking about having a child. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but if you can’t cut back on the drink for 9 months while you have been given such a precious gift to nurture and grow inside you for 9 months, you have a serious problem. Who would put alcohol before the health of their own child?

  21. Lauren says

    I’ve always believed one glass of alcohol wouldn’t do much but then I read up on F.A.S. and even one glass is risky for the baby. If you truly want your baby to be healthy and born risk-free, there shouldn’t be a problem giving up alcohol.

  22. carleigh says

    #34 Jill you said:

    What an awful thing to say! I have a friend who drank throughout her pregnancy the equivalent of that woman on the video – around 4 or 5 glasses a week – and she has FOUR healthy children ten and under. She is the most health conscious woman I know and had done loads of research. A child is not at risk for FAS if you limit yourself to four glasses spread over the course of a week.

    OK…your friend is NOT the most health conscious person that you know and she’s lucky that her wreckless drinking didn’t impair or harm her children.

    A child is “at risk” for FAS or any number of other birth defects and physical impairments when exposed to any amount of alcohol.

    Kind of like saying that the someone is “kinda” pregnant…you either are or you aren’t. There’s no kinda pregnant anymore then there is a “safe” amount of alcohol to intake during pregnancy.

  23. carleigh says

    OK, I’ve read everyones comments and now have come to my own conclusions.

    First off, I have been blessed with two beautiful healthy children.

    The woman in the picture is taking a BIG chance with her child’s healthy by consuming alcohol. I don’t care what her OB says, it is taking an unnecessary chance with the health of her unborn child.

    Research has shown that ANY amount of alcohol can cause FAS, because it is NOT known at what point a child will develop FAS. My point is this…we women take care of ourselves and our bodies to ensure that we have healthy babies.

    I know just like anyone else does, that smoking during pregnancy CAN cause low birth weight and prematurity……but the one and only thing that CAN and DOES DEFINITELY cause FAS is ALCOHOL.

    This is a totally preventable condition, unlike birth defects, cancer, mental retardation, etc. All a woman has to do is simply refrain/abstain from drinking and her baby has ZERO risk of being born with FAS.

    Why would a woman knowingly put her child at risk for anything that is totally preventable??? The research says what it does and people are going to make the choices they make based on personal feelings/beliefs….but exposing ones baby to alcohol needlessly is IN MY OPINION akin to CHILD ABUSE.

    I’m in the medical profession and I have worked with premature babies and have seen the effects of FAS and ladies I don’t care what you say, who you know who did this or that and had a healthy baby…nothing and I mean nothing prepares you to see YOUR OWN CHILD hooked up to a ventilator/respirator, tubes coming from every orifice and having all the complications that can occur.

    Why do it? Is drinking truly that important? If so, then I do agree you aren’t mentally prepared to have a baby if you can’t give up the alcohol that may lead to life threatening, permanent health problems years down the road.

    Go ahead and try to win this argument with me, I don’t care. FAS is totally preventable through not drinking, you can’t argue with that FACT, now can you???

  24. D'Anna says

    #33–yes it’s a huge glass–that is the equivalent to TWO drinks, not one. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all that she drinks more than that off camera. I can’t imagine the amount of hate mail and phone calls that woman has gotten from being on TV.

    Even people here have said, “It’s your prerogative if you want a drink a week” even if they don’t drink at all during pregnancy, but I can’t see anyone going, “Well, I think her baby’s going to be fine.”

  25. onatear says

    Summer, #34, and all of you who know children born to women who drank all the wine they wanted, and had normal children…NORMAL now…what about future liver problems? Visual problems” ? If you can imagine giving a 3″ sized baby a glass of wine…then….heaven help us all. A fetus and embryo are not designed to handle alcohol. It passes through to the baby..get a grip. Give it up!!!!

  26. Sofimee says

    Wow!! that’s horrible! drinking or smoking while pregnant is a horrible thing in my opinion, just cause someone you know did it and their kid is “fine” doesn’t mean you’ll be so lucky! i knew a kid with FAS and just knowing that it wasn’t a genetic thing that one couldn’t help, but a thing his mother caused, which could have been avoided, made me feel disgusted toward that woman! don’t be so selfish! would you eat a little bit of rat poison?? NO!! so why take a chance with alcohol! it’s not good for the baby PERIOD!! i’d say dont risk it! once he or she is born then have a glass or whatever!! (as long as you’re not breast feeding) ppl. need to take parenting and pregnancy more seriously!

  27. Jill says

    Sandra said , “In spite I hope something is wrong with that woman’s baby that was shown in the video. Not that I want the baby to be ill, but I want the idiotic so called parents to have to sober up and live with their decision of drinking.”

    What an awful thing to say! I have a friend who drank throughout her pregnancy the equivalent of that woman on the video – around 4 or 5 glasses a week – and she has FOUR healthy children ten and under. She is the most health conscious woman I know and had done loads of research. A child is not at risk for FAS if you limit yourself to four glasses spread over the course of a week.

    I find it astounding the amount of people on this forum who judge strangers so harshly (“something must be wrong with you if you can’t stop for nine month” , “you must not be ready to have children”). I’m six months pregnant and choose not to drink, but I won’t judge someone I don’t know, especially when it’s about something I really don’t know that much about. Are all of you doctors? Have you read the medical journals?

  28. eminencegrise says

    BTW, that’s a HUGE glass of wine she’s holding!

    That would be a large measure in any pub here.

  29. eminencegrise says

    I’m in the UK where the attitude towards alcohol in pregnancy is different.

    I’ve never been pregnant in the US, although I am American by birth, but I’ve heard of pregnant women not being served coffee in Starbuck’s because it has caffeine.

    Is that true?

    FWIW, I was far too nauseous to drink in teh first trimester with any of my children, but I did have the odd pint or glass of wine after that and no harm done.

    With my first I craved a pina colada for WEEKS before I finally had one at about 36 weeks and it tasted heavenly.

    No one batted an eyelid, either. Old wifeys even recommended shandies as a sourse of iron.

  30. oriana says

    My hat is off to you Canada!!! I have never in my life seen so many people lately with allergies! Young kids, oldies like me, college age students, it is amazing!!!

  31. Dee says

    I didn’t drink a drop while pregnant. Why take a chance. Enough can go wrong, why add in risk factors.

  32. Canada says

    Everyone has different standards for health during pregnancy. Personally, I think there are a lot of other things to avoid in alcohol in addition to the alcohol: non-organic wine is high in pesticides, and most “girly” drinks are high in sugar, artificial flavour, and artificial colour.

    People can say I am overreacting, but the “4A disorders” (asthma, ADD, autism, and life-threatening allergies) are at an all-time high in children, and no one really knows what they are caused from. I think it is best to avoid as many toxins as possible, particularly during pregnancy.

  33. oriana says

    No surprise to me at all about DMITZ being such a cautious and caring young mother, nope, not at all. I do love a good margarita too, and really like the strawberry ones also!

    I just think it is better to be safe than sorry, why take a chance over something so important?

  34. DMITZ says

    Before I got pregnant, my husband and I LOVED to go out w/friends to clubs, bars, dinner/drinks etc. We were social drinkers and would drink 1, maybe 2x/week if we went out. I loved me some margaritas!! When I found out I was pregnant, I realized I would miss it a little bit, but having a healthy baby was so much better than a good buzz that goes away in a few hours. Having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby for a lifetime was much more important. It’s 9 months. I don’t criticize people who have the occassional drink of wine, but it just wasn’t for me.

  35. oriana says

    Tia, you are a nurse and a level headed intelligent young woman. Using just plain common sense is a good habit to have. I don’t think a glass of wine now and then would hurt, but I have seen FAS babies, so why should any mother take the chance? It is your BABY that is at stake people!

    Some doctors do vary on what they think, if you can’t put down a glass of alcohol for 9 months to do everything possible for a healthy baby then something is wrong.

    Summer, you are a good one to talk about overreacting on anything!

    The woman in the video says a little bit of alcohol won’t hurt, maybe she will think a little bit of retardation won’t hurt either. I think her child may differ with her on those points one day.

  36. Chelsea says

    There is a major stigma in the U.S. about drinking even very sparingly while pregnant. Drinking hard liquor or abusing alcohol while pregnant is unthinkable, but a few drinks of wine or beer during the pregnancy will not hurt your baby! I imagine that eating highly processed foods is probably way worse for your child! I would never advocate drinking, because I know that some people do not have self-control to have a small amount, but I do not think it is wrong to do so. Even my doctor said that it’s okay if you are resposible about it.

  37. tink1217 says

    Summer…I think what we are supposedly overreacting to is that the woman in the video drinks regularly…more than just once a week. Having an occasional glass of wine or a beer is probably nothing. Even doctors tell women who have had an amniocentesis to have a glass of wine that same calms the uterus and wards off contractions that may come after an amnio. BUT…the woman in the video seems to have a glass of wine every day. Like she can’t go without it. I think that IS a problem. Not just because she is pregnant, but not being able to go without alcohol tends to suggest one is an alcoholic. Nobody is crucifying here. We are just discussing our own views. You sound extremely defensive.

  38. Tia :) says

    Liza, thank you very much for the article. I agree with you about people ont he medical profession and this whole thing…im actually nurse, so i suppose i must practice what I preach!

    Have a good night!

  39. D'Anna says

    #19, it’s just like the other day…nobody wants anyone to tell them anything. Just because I’ve had an occasional sip (to taste,and not even a whole glass or even a fourth of one), doesn’t mean I’m going to hang someone up for it.

    But if you don’t have any idea what’s safe at all, it would probably be best not to do it at all. We really have become an “anything goes” society though, you know?

    I would NOT NOT be surprised if the woman in the video had a kid with FAS, because she is drinking the equivalent of TWO glasses 5-6 times a week, and made the comment, “If I can only have one glass a day, I’m going to milk the hell out of it.” Her husband was completely not concerned…guess they can all drink together once the kid gets here.

  40. 2teens says

    When I was pregnant with my first, I had a glass of champagne once and a glass of wine once – two different occassions. My Dr. said it was fine. With the 2nd baby I didn’t drink at all. Different Dr., different standards. It’s simple, follow your doctors recommendations.
    Personally I think 4 times a week is excessive, I didn’t hear the woman in the video say that her dr. approved of it either.

  41. MiracleMileMom says

    My doctor said it was fine. In fact, she lived in Europe while pregnant, and drank regularly. It’s the ABUSE of alcohol that causes problems.

  42. jenna says

    I do not drink alcohol while pg, at all. I will occasionally have a non-alcoholic beer (like at a football game) which I realize has a tiny bit of alcohol.

    I do still drink caffeine though–I would have a very hard time giving it up completely, though I have cut back quite a bit.

    What’s next, smoking is ok for your baby too?

  43. Summer says

    All what I’m saying is people overreact when it comes to drinking whilst pregnant, a pregnant woman can’t tell anyone she’s had a drink without being crucified!

  44. tink1217 says

    Summer…I have a cousin whose mother drank every day while pregnant…similar to the woman in the video…he has fetal alcohol symdrome, diagnosed as a young child. He has had constant problems growing up, learning problems, etc… I do not judge, but you cannot say with certainty that drinking while pregnant is safe. I agree having a glass of wine once in a blue moon while pregnant would probably not do anything, but every day or even a few times a week? I think to be on the safe side it should be avoided.

  45. Liza says

    Jacquie, the people who have FAS didn’t get it because of an odd glass here and there, they got it as a result of chronic alcohol abuse.

    As to whether even small amounts of alcohol can cause problems is unknown, althought the effects of alcohol on a the fetus are affected by numerous factors, such as maternal age, frequency of alcohol intake, whether food was also ingested at the time, and how that individual women processes alcohol.

  46. LMJ says

    Summer – yes, the occasional glass is probably fine and I’m glad your child is healthy, but that doesn’t mean FAS isn’t real. As someone who works in the juvenile criminal justice field, I routinely see kids who were diagnosed with FAS at birth and have had behavioral problems associated with FAS their entire lives. It’s just stunning.

    So yes, I agree, a drink here and there is fine and not all who drink heavily during pregnancy will give birth to a child with FAS, but it is real and is certainly not something to be glib about.

  47. Jacquie says

    I guess all the babies/children/grown-children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome would differ on this position!

  48. Summer says

    Onatear-I have a 4 yr old son, I drank throughout my pregnancy (not all the time but the odd glass) and my son was perfectly healthy! So yes it is a load of bull!

    People worry too much these days!

  49. Liza says

    Tia, here is the link for the article on sushi.

    I didn’t eat sushi while I was pregnant either, but I that was before this article came out and my doctor kept saying no.

    I agree that if your doctor tells you you absolutely can’t do something during pregnancy and you can’t manage to stop for 9 months, then yes it’s a problem. But if your doctor is saying that there isn’t a problem with one or two drinks a week, and you choose to follow that advice, it’s still not indicative of a problem.

    The fact is that the medical community knows that alcohol can be damaging to a fetus, but they don’t know how much alcohol, which is why many doctors suggest no alcohol at all during pregnancy.

  50. Tia :) says

    Liza, i think i too read something about that too! I think im just a worry wart…i’d rather just not do it, then do it at all.

  51. onatear says

    Summer, Either you have never been pregnant with a child you cared about, or never had medical care during a pregnancy, or you are very very young, and stupid. It’s not bulls…and not cool to defend the idea of drinking. (I know everyone makes wine an exception, but alcohol to a fetus is much more potent than to the adult drinker.)

  52. Sandra says

    If you can’t give up something for 9 months than I say you are not ready to have children. I turned 21 while I was pregnant with my son, did I miss out on the normal 21 party, heck no I would do it all over again if I had to! To each their own, but I would have the biggest guilt for the rest of my life if I drank and something was wrong with my baby. In spite I hope something is wrong with that woman’s baby that was shown in the video. Not that I want the baby to be ill, but I want the idiotic so called parents to have to sober up and live with their decision of drinking.

    Sushi and caffeine are fine in my opinion just not tons of it every day. I agree with the WM “If you can’t give up alcohol for nine months I think that shows some major issues.”

  53. Liza says

    Many OB’s will say that one glass of wine a week throughout pregnancy is fine and if your doc says its ok, how would it be indicative of a problem? There have been no real advanced studies on alcohol use during pregnancy because of the ethical concerns, so there is no real data saying how much is safe and how much is too much, which is why many doctors recommend not drinking any.

    Tia, as far as sushi is concerned, there was a great article in the NY Times over the summer that stated that due to FDA requirements and the way raw fish is treated here in the U.S. it is probably safe to eat. But again, no long term studies.

  54. tink1217 says

    I never drank while pregnant. I didn’t feel “right” doing it. But, I am NOT a big drinker anyway. I have maybe 2-3 drinks a year at celebrations like my bday or New Yrs. I don’t like sushi so that solves that!! Coffee is my major downfall. When I was pregnant I didn’t like coffee but I drank diet coke which has caffeine. Between diet coke, milk, and fruit juices that was what I drank. Now…if I ever get pregnant again…with coffee being such a big part of my life now…I will switch to decaf. In fact that is mostly what I drink now anyway since we are going to be doing IVF soon and its recommended no caffeine. So, I have already started decaf. One cup of coffee a day isn’t going to make someone miscarry. If you drink 5 or 6 a day…maybe it could. But, I always say…better to be safe than sorry.

  55. Summer says

    Does it really matter? Who cares if u drink, all this talk about it harming the baby is a load of bulls***!

  56. D'Anna says

    I had one amaretto sour (the weakest one ever) on my 30th birthday when I was around 5 months pregnant with my son. My friend even told her her OB told her one glass a week was OK. I’ve heard this more than once.

    But you’re right about drinking throughout the pregnancy, it does show a problem.

  57. pixielady says

    I had a glass of red every Fri and Sat night and will make no apology for it. For the first 13 weeks I couldn’t look at it but there after I did so, with the blessing of my obs. I never gave up anything except ice cream from a machine.

  58. Tia :) says

    wow. Ok, so this is a touchy subject. I have known woman who have had a glass of wine once a week…i myself, never drank one drop while i was pregnant. Actually, the hardest thing for me was giving up the sushi i love so much! I just feel like, if it’s that hard to walk away from the wine for a while, then maybe you shouldnt have a child? That one woman said she had wine or a beer 4-5 times a week!.. Her husband didnt seem too concerned with the idea of FAS…I dunno…my own opinion. At the same time…if it’s new years or christmas…any special occasion and you want to have a little glass…then that’s your own choice. I dont know…to me it just seems so stupid. It’s just wine for god sakes!!

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