An Expectant Tori Spelling Out For A Walk In Santa Barbara

Tori Spelling

An expectant Tori Spelling was snapped out for a walk with husband Dean McDermott in Santa Barbara on Friday. Tori and Dean are already parents to son, Liam, who turns 1 on March 13th.



  1. tammy says

    She might look a lot bigger because this is her second pregnancy. Her muscles have already stretched and it hasn’t even been a year since she had little Liam.

  2. kelley says

    Tam. Because what does it really matter? Having other children with is ex wife isnt news. And Lill. Say whatever you want. If everyone “kept their opinions to themselves then what would be the use of a comment section?

  3. Miapo-cca says

    she may not be a conventional beauty but I think she is talented with a great personality however she will be paying for husband stealing..these canadianmen just cant wait to get across the border and impregnant american girls leaving families behind of course….

  4. DeeDee says

    I was only aware of one other child he has with his ex. Tori’s hair is much shorter now than when she was pregnant with Liam, I believe this is recent. I would like to see the flat tummy pics also. Someone post a link please.

  5. Tam says

    WHY DOES NOBODY EVER MENTION THAT her husband has GOT TWO OTHER CHILDREN.. they act as though the ones with tori spelling are his only kids.. when he does have 2 others in existense..

  6. Jillio says

    It is possible that she isn’t that far along yet. With the second baby moms often show much sooner than with the first.

  7. kelly says

    i am so happy my horse missy is pg for the second time. I tried to keep her in her coral but she snuck out.

  8. oriana says

    Where are they living now? I do like the length of her hair style on her, but she seems to have gotten huge overnight!!!

  9. boo says

    Didn’t they only just announce the pregnancy?? Holy Crap they did good keeping it a secret cuz she’s obviously pretty far along!

  10. Cassius says

    I totally agree last time I saw a picture of this chick they were saying look at her post baby body. And now less then a month later she has a huge bump.

  11. Lauren says

    Wow, I didn’t know she was this far along to have a noticeable bump yet. Congratulations. I hope they have a girl this time. Liam is a cutie. I love their show.

  12. onatear says

    She has matured into a wonderful woman…and is a much better role model than the mother of “the strong (2 yr old) woman”, who does nothing with her kid other than shop. I like this couple especially since seeing their show…(She is huge already!! LOL)

  13. says

    i think that she is a Cool actress! She is better than half of the actresses that are out today..Believe me!

    It is that steamy Taurus, and Scorpio connection that keep the babies coming! LOL 🙂

  14. Michelle says

    Meg I agree, she had a flat stomach in January. I say she is due in August some time. And i say boy. Love Tori since her show. Shes normal!!!!

  15. Z says



  16. Liza says

    Monica, I can understand not making fun of someone’s looks, but not having anything to do with it? Tori has clearly had numerous surgeries and that nose is not the same one she was born with.

  17. monica says

    Let’s be nice and not insult someone’s looks when they had nothing to do with it. Tory is very compassionate and gives a lot of money to charities… which is so much more than someone else who just goes shopping all day. (hint: “my daughter (almost 2 yrs) is a strong woman”.)

  18. Issa says

    Very cute, she looks good.

    Remember ladies, this is a subsequent pregnancy, therefore her belly will be bigger, faster.

  19. DMITZ says

    Wow, I can’t believe how quicky she’s showing! I believe this is recent. She looks much better since she cut her hair. Her hair has always been a bit fried looking but since she cut it, it looks much better. I really didn’t like her either until I started watching the show. She has a great personality.

  20. Jacquie says

    Wow that is a big bump already. I like them.

    While I don’t condone cheating Dean’s 1st wife was an obnoxious hag! Watch a few episodes of her old tv show “What’s For Dinner”

  21. oriana says

    She looks to be pretty far along to me. I like her okay, can’t stand him but I think they are happy and hope it works for them. Lucky kids!

  22. Jessie says

    Wow! I didn’t know she was this far along either! They just had her in the news asking if she was pregnant! I love Tori, good luck to her and congratulations! Little Li-Li is going to be a big brother!

  23. Sofimee says

    good for them! but i think she’s one of the ugliest girls in hollywood! sorry but she looks like a man!

  24. carleigh says

    Meg…wheres the pic of her with a flat tummy? I’d like to see it to be able to compare. I love Tori Spelling, I used to be her worst critic until I watched their Oxygen series Tori & Dean: Inn Love, then I just kinda found myself liking her because she’s not at all stuck up or pretentious.

    I hope they get a girl this time….Liam is just so cute! Congrats to them!

  25. annie says

    That husband is such a lowlife. He left his wife and the mother of his two children to run off to Hollywood so he could marry money.

  26. Meg says

    Are you sure that pic is recent? There was a pic taken of her working out with her hubs on Jan 3rd and her stomach was as flat as a board. That is quite a bit of growth for one month…

  27. Liza says

    I’m surprised they managed to keep it a secret this long, she lookes to be 5-6 months in this pic.

    I think the primary reason Tori was on TV was her father, but she did a few (1 or 2) good films after 90210 was over. Now, I don’t think she is even remotely relevant.

  28. lily says

    The oly reason she was on T.V. was because of daddy. She has no talent/beauty to speak of. That’s my honest opinion.not as sad as lily having mush for brains nice that something a four year old would say

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