Michelle Williams Breaks Her Silence

Heath Ledger

Michelle Williams has broken her silence following the death of Heath Ledger, saying in a statement, “My heart is broken.”

“Please respect our need to grieve privately,” Michelle said in a statement, according to the Associated Press. “My heart is broken.”

She adds: “I am the mother of the most tender-hearted, high-spirited, beautiful little girl who is the spitting image of her father. All that I can cling to is his presence inside her that reveals itself every day.

“His family and I watch Matilda as she whispers to trees, hugs animals, and takes steps two at a time, and we know that he is with us still. She will be brought up in the best memories of him.”



  1. Lisa says

    Joeysgirl80, are you about 15 or what, Michelle is beautiful no matter how her pics are. Grow up, everyone is beautiful inside and out

  2. Maria says

    We have to all respect Michelle Williams wishes, It is very hard for Matilda grow wothout her real father. Michelle may the good LORD comfort you and Heath’s family as well I will remain in prayers for You…. PAPARAZZI live this family alone.

  3. eminencegrise says

    Much sympathy to you and Matilda, Michelle. She’s a beautiful reminder of her father.

  4. oriana says

    Tia, it is me this time honey. I think with Matilda’s roots being Australian she will love it down there as much as Heath did. I have heard it is a peaceful beautiful place and the people are some of the nicest anywhere. My son went in 1999 and loved it! A 15 hour plane ride though he wasn’t crazy about!!

    I wish she had a brother, that would have been so wonderful. I really think she has a strong support system with love surrounding her.

    Now I am going to dream about what I am going to have for breakfast in the morning!!!! Ha!

  5. Tia :) says

    lol again people stealing other peoples names…get a life loser!! Who is this “Taylor”?

    Oriana, ( the real one) i too hope she gets to see her grandparents often. They’ll too keep the memory of her daddy alive

  6. oriana says

    Tia your the one who needs to chill out, I feel so bad for you in your current situation. I do hope you get the help you need soon. I know crack is a very hard drug to kick, I do know that god will help you and you will finally kick the habit.

    May god help you Tia

  7. oriana says

    Hi Tia, I do think that the older Matilda gets, the more she will look just like him. It would not surprise me either if she wants to be an actress herself when she gets older with having two parents so talented. I really hope she gets to spend a lot of time with her grandparents in her upbringing too. It will be a comfort to all of them.

  8. Tia :) says

    Oriana, i know what you ment about Matilda..some people need to chill out!

    As for Taylor M…do you get joy out of starting crap? give it a rest and get a life!!

    Also, Jenna i agree with you dear…leave the arguments for another thread…leave this one alone.

  9. oriana says

    I think Michelle looks very cute with her short hairstyle, I like her better than with longer hair. She and Heath made a very nice looking couple to me. He was very handsome, such a tragedy! I wish she had twins she when she had Matilda.

    2teens and Jenna, someone was psychic today. I DID have a bowl of Corn Flakes this morning! Ha! Was hard to decide between that and Raisin Bran! Have a nice weekend girls!!!!! I will be eating your yummy recipe tomorrow Jenna darling!

  10. DJ says

    #24 Ugh I would not consider you a christian women with a comment like that. There is an old saying, keep your mouth shut if you can’t say anything nice. Everyojne of God’s children are beautiful and I think Michelle is pretty, everyone has pictures that are not the most flattering including your site.

  11. oriana says

    I loved Heath and I love Jake too. Both young men did such a great job in their movie together. I heard Jake is really taking it hard, and I think he will be there for Matilda all the way, especially since he is her Godfather. I know he will see her resemblance to Heath more and more the older she gets.

  12. oriana says

    Thank you 2teens my Dear!

    First of all to you idiots out there, I never said Matilda wasn’t cute, I never said anything negative about her. I have always stated many time before, she looks like a boy to me, she looks just like Heath to me, what is wrong with that? When she had shorter hair she REALLY looked like a little boy.

    Summer, if that is best you can come up with to get offended about, then you need to try harder! What is unsensitive about saying that? Get off your soapbox!!!!

  13. annie says

    It’s time to leave Michelle alone and that includes Matilda. I’m sure this website will honor her wishes and there will be no more pictures of either of them for the foreseeable future.

  14. Tango says


    Again we DO NOT KNOW that Heath had a drug addiction, please do not assume until you know the facts

  15. 2teens says

    Why is Oriana taking heat? She didn’t mean anything negative by her comment, that is obvious to me. Talk about blowing things out of proportion Taylor M! Why don’t you show a little decorum please, at least on this thread.

  16. Christy says

    I feel for her so much. I just keep thinking why couldn’t he overcome his addictions or foibles with drugs to make this work? Looking at from the outside I realize what a struggle like this can do to someone. The Heath that wanted to be the sober, clean dad and fiance and the man that couldn’t. Wow-I sure feel for them all, and of course Matilda. Crushing.

  17. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Taylor M for heaven’s sake, this thread is about a young man who has died tragically and the little girl he has left behind. Where is your compassion and humanity? Don’t you realise that there are far more pressing issues in the world than whether or not you, little Taylor M., likes somebody on this board or not?

    If you must pick on Oriana for no good reason, at least have the class to go and do it on another thread instead of bringing down the tone of this one.

    Surely we can at least keep these few threads on Heath Ledger argument free?

  18. Elle says

    i agree with #31…who has ever said that he had an addiction?? nobody knows why they broke up, they never mentioned why. i wouldnt jump to conclusions

  19. Summer says

    Oriana, are you serious saying that Matilda looks like a boy?? How unsensitive is that? Her father has just died and you are going on about the way she looks?! Wrong! Gee the idiocy of some people!

  20. Tango says

    Dee~ We do not know he had an addiction, unless I have missed something or you are somehow in the know

  21. Taylor M says

    2. oriana | February 1st, 2008 at 4:33 pm
    Breaks my heart, just absolutely breaks my heart!


    Oh My God it breaks my heart , it absolutely breaks my heart that you were ever born Oriana, you are just so trashy………….Seriously get off the sofa and go eat your big bowl of corn flakes you 350 pound loser…After you eat that bowl of flakes you go get into your nasty sweats and use the treadmill and run those pounds off your skanky body. I’m praying that I see you on season 2 of FAT MARCH…………..GO BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Dee says

    I feel sad for her. She probably loved him but had to use some tough love for her daughters sake. I’m sure she did everything she could. But unfortunately you can’t help someone suffering from addiction if they don’t want help. Thankfully Mathilda has such a wonderful, strong, and loving mother.

  23. Melz says

    I think the most heartrendering thing about all this is that Michelle’s greatest source of consolation and pain will be in watching Matilda everyday – seeing the resemblence to Heath must break her heart and provide a source of comfort at the same time 🙁

    I cannot believe how bereft I feel over someone who I had only a mild sense of admiration for when he was alive….

  24. Lauren says

    What a beautiful statment. I pray that Michelle can find the strength to go on in this horrible tragedy.

  25. says

    Yah, it’s sad and all, but she looks U G L Y in this pic, no? I’m a christian woman, but even I have my limits – yeesh!
    I’m a christian cheerleader!

  26. oriana says

    I think they still loved each other and I think if this tragedy hadn’t happened they could very well have gotten back together if Heath had gotten healthier.

    This is so very sad and tragic to me. The little one does look exactly like Heath, even looks like a little boy to me too.

  27. carleigh says

    This is a profoundly heartbreaking statement made by a grieving woman and mother, we need to allow them the time they need to heal. She is the epitome of class and sensitivity, it is obvious she never got over the break-up with Heath, and neither one of them discussed their break-up publicly so we may never have the real truth, only rampant tabloid speculation.

    I feel so sorry and sad for what the families are going through and to look at Matilda you can obviously see the strong resemblance to her Daddy, my heart aches for what she will endure later on. I hope that Michelle continues to be brave, classy and strong and that Matilda inherits all the best from both of her parents. It is just all very heartbreaking and sad, poor little girl.

  28. 2teens says

    3k’smama, JJ, Jenna.. I agree with what you are saying and I’m also very intrigued by this topic. My daughter, when she was little and first started talking, said all kinds of things that led me to believe she was remembering a past life. She also saw things that other didn’t see. She seems to have outgrown it mostly now.

  29. Nicki says

    I find it heartwarming that Matilda is,”seeing” her Dad. I believe that is her way to understand it, because I do believe Daddy is there with her. He might be waiting to pass “over” until she undrestands it. And hugging trees and animal and what have you is him,(JMO) helping her with the loss of him. I hope that Michelle and Matilda aren’t hounded day in and day out. Her beautiful message just asked for time.. Matilda doesn’t understand, and is trying to understand what has happened to her Daddy.

    I believe all children, no matter the situation, always know and feel more than we ever do.
    I remember my nephew saying something one time, which was so different from himself. I said huh, and said “I think Grandma told me to say that.” It was weird. Even he (7 yr old) was a bit scared. And Grandma had died 6 months earlier.

    I wish the best for Michelle and Matilda and Heaths family. All I can so is very sorry for all of yours loss.

  30. DJ says

    #18 that is an ugly thing to say – both of them are beautiful – you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You are ugly inside

  31. Michele says

    My heart breaks for Michelle and Matilda. As well as for Heath’s family.

    RIP Heath. You will be forever missed!

  32. kelly says

    she has a tremendous amount of class. this must be a hard situation for her (since they were already broken up) i hope they all find the closure they need.

  33. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Kimora’s Mommy and Jx2, I agree with both of you. I’m a Pagan, so naturally I do believe that there are non-physical presences on this earth. I also believe that children are very sensitive to these presences because they have not yet been conditioned and prejudiced by the world into thinking that these things are “silly” and “imagined”.

  34. Michele says

    Her statement broke my heart.
    I feel for Michelle and little Matilda. As well as for Heath’s family. My prayers are with them.
    I hope that they get to grieve for Heath in peace.
    Heath was an amazing and talented actor. And I feel horrible that we will never see more from him.
    He lives on forever in Matilda. She should be very proud of her Daddy!
    RIP Heath. You will forever be missed!! XOXO

  35. Jx2 says

    3K’s – it’s interesting that you mention that children are “in-tune to spiritual things”…one of my niece’s has often made uncanny revelations about deceased family members and has often “seen” things in her grandparents’ homes that nobody else has…I’ve read a few books on this topic and it seems that children do have the potential to be “clairvoyant” – I believe that it also runs in families. ..pardon my babbling away about this but I happen to find this topic quite fascinating!

  36. Nina says

    I agree, that was so beautiful. What a sweet girl.

    Unfortunately, we add to the whole paparazzi problem by frequenting sites like this (I admit, I love to see all these pictures!!) But it also creates quite the demand.

    What do you think?

  37. Tia :) says

    wow. Poor Michelle…this just breaks my heart!…especially what she said about matilda being exactly like her daddy…my prayers are with them.

  38. says

    So beautiful and so sad. I just wonder what little Matilda is thinking. Supposedly children are extra in tune to spiritual things…obviously his soul is not still on earth, but the fact that they sense his presence must be of some comfort.

  39. Georgia says

    Wow. She is amazing. Her statement literally made me cry, so heartfelt. Heath couldnt have chosen a better woman to be the mother of his child. I have so much respect for Michelle. Stay strong xx

  40. brittaney says

    It makes me so sad knoqing that little girl has to grow up with out her dad. Reading that statement made me want to cry. I hope the get the privacy that they need during this time.

  41. Jacquie says

    Beautiful Michelle! You are class!

    Heath will live on in his daughter for all that loved him.

  42. Kelli says

    That was beautiful and heartbreaking. My prayers are with the family and the little girl who will only know her father through looking in the mirror. That will suffice, I guess. I know her daddy is smiling down on her always.

  43. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Wow. What a beautiful statement. I love the last paragraph about Matilda whispering to trees and hugging animals.

    I’m glad the press seem to be respecting their need to grieve with some privacy.

  44. Liza says

    That was a heartbreaking and sincere statement. I’m actually happy that quite a few news outlets have been respectful and given them privacy.

    For those that haven’t, well what they have is sad excuse for journalism. It’s also nice to hear that members of the Hollywood community have really pulled together to protect one of their own.

  45. Al&J says

    Good for her. Enough is enough. The media – mainly the paparazzi who I see as nothing more than dangerous stalkerazzi, the crazy tabloids and the entertainment news channels are all out of control. There should be boundaries and they need to learn to respect the boundaries of celebs who have asked them to. Some of these stars ask for and court the attention and publicity like Britney, Paris, Lindsay and that Kim Kardashian but some really don’t mostly the ones who have children. It’s so sad that Michelle can’t even grieve privately.

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