An Expectant Nicole Kidman In Sydney

Nicole Kidman

An expectant Nicole Kidman was snapped out with friends and sister Antonia (not pictured) in the Woollahra district of Sydney, on Friday.



  1. Natalie says

    It’s wonderful she is going to have a baby! i think she has wanted this…must be happy!
    I think she is a small woman and not far along in the pregnancy…that is why it’s a small tummy bump…that”s all.
    I’m happy to see a woman her age pregnant too…gives me hope since were the same age and i’m hoping i’lll be able to too…gives me hope! : )

  2. says

    #3 PLEASE.. get a life!

    I am glad that she is pregnant! It wasn’t meant to be with TOM, and Tom was meant to have a baby with Katie Holmes! OK! MOVING AHEAD!

  3. says

    I am truly so happy for her! Finally she is pregnant! Thta is going to be such a beautiful baby her and Keith are a yummy couple! I am so happy for Nicole!!!!

  4. annie says

    She’s wanted this for so long and I’m very happy for her. At least this child won’t be touched by $cientology.

  5. Tia :) says

    Oriana, you just read my mind my dear! I also was going to tell K,K,&K’s mommy that i thought the email your sister sent to you was wonderful! It just proved that Jesus can be seen in all of us…no matter what colour of skin we have, or what we believe!!

    Hope all is well with the both of you ladies!

  6. Sam says

    What does “pretty” have to do with being a good mom?
    I would have a sour expression on my face too if there were dozens of people taking my picture and following me around!

  7. oriana says

    kimora’s mommy, did someone actually get their feathers ruffled over what your sister wrote? I thought it was very cute and I saw no harm in it at all! People should really lighten up, there are way too many thin skins out there for me! It is just downright silly if not stupid to gripe about that!!!!!

  8. dori says

    She’s looking radient absolutely glowing. Under the shirt I see a bump. So very happy for Nicole and Keith!

  9. oriana says

    I hope she has a healthy baby and has an easy pregnancy. This is her first baby and I know they are all so thrilled and happy for her, her family and Keith’s family.

  10. Liza says

    I think pretty is obvious and sometimes a commone looking type of beauty, whereas I think someone can be beautiful without having that typical prettiness.

  11. Jx2 says

    Is there really a difference between “pretty” and “beautiful?” People tend to utilize those terms interchangeably. Personally, I think she is an attractive woman but I wouldn’t go as far as to say “pretty” or “beautiful”…her expression is cold and rigid many times…it could be Botox – or it could just be her ‘ice queen’ nature. Perhaps the pregnancy will soften her up and will lend a more feminine quality.

  12. Liza says

    I don’t see any hints of a belly yet, but she IS a tall thin women, so it may take a little longer with her. She looks great though. I agree with the above poster who says that she may not be pretty but she is beautiful. I just wish she her face had more movement.

    As for her other children, I think she is active in their lives, but when they are with her they are either in Australia or probably Nashville, making it less likely we will be seeing pictures of her here. The fact that Tom has primary physical custody affects how often you see them with her as well.

  13. BizzyB says

    I think she is a classic and extreamly elegent looking woman not pretty but definity beautiful. Good luck to her and Keith I think that they will make fine parents.

    I dont think that she dumped her kids, she has to share access and maybe LA is best as that is their home. near schools etc. I do recall her trying to keep the kids in Auz, guesss she lost. Hope she won the religious battle though noone wants scary SciTong kids. I can imagine having a freaky TOMKAT telling the world that they are calling Kate Mom is enough to deal with.

  14. Al&J says

    Where is her pregnant tummy? LOL. Do we know how far along she is? Congrats to her and to Keith.

  15. Amanda says

    She doesnt look pregnant to me at all. I never thought she was all that pretty either. You never see her with her other kids. I hope she is a good mother!

  16. Lauren says

    Yay for Nicole and Keith! Her dream has finally come true. One thing I don’t agree on is how she just left her kids behind in L.A. while she starts over with Keith in Tennessee.

  17. LAURIE HARRIS says




  18. Jessie says

    This is a really cute picture, but I’ve never thought Nicole Kidman to be very pretty, but I hope she makes a good mom to this child!

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