Katie Holmes Out For Lunch In LA

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes was snapped leaving L.A. eatery Joan’s on Third on January 30th after having lunch with a girlfriend.



  1. says

    Can I just say nice to read a alleviation to discover somebody who essentially understands what they’re talking about on the internet. You actually understand how to bring a difficulty to light and allow it to vital. Even more people require to learn this and understand it aspect of the story. I cannot believe you’re not very popular because you actually have the gift.

  2. cherisse says

    She looks great in this picture. I am really loving the outfit. It is cute and looks great on her. She should dress like that more usual.

  3. Shadow Girl says

    Oh wow, little miss frumpy is back! She’s got to lose the hair, make herself look presentable. And hello, I think that the flats are only for like leggings, dresses, skirts. It seems so wrong to pair flats and heels with jeans!

    Go on, Andrew Morton! Publish that book and make a lot of people pissed off! It takes guts to really take a stand and address the litigous bastard nowadays.

    What, the hag wasn’t SHOPPING like she obsessively does? OMG!! I still think the Stepford WIfe needs a Dr Phil intervention…if he’s not on the Crude payroll.

  4. Analise says

    Nice. She’s wearing her charity donations to Goodwill instead of carrying them. Fashion icon my rear.

  5. Miapo-cca says

    I dont think she is arrogant YET..i think is all a rehearsed scientology public speaking training and it seems so forced on her..I guess as a scientologiust you have to project teh image of self confidence and know you are better than the rest of us joes..so hmm thinking about I can calssify it as a false sense of arrogance a la scientology

    those legs have surely changed

  6. Miapo-cca says

    tom is a wack job and kate had no caree to speak of before meeting tom so I dont see how she can strom of in anger….they are both pathetic and well deserving of each other

    Now the kidman is preggers its makes it more beleivable that some sperm and not that of cruises brought suri to life..

    Pathetic narciccistic psychopaths

  7. Carol says

    Kate, as Tom likes to call her, has grown up. She is now a beautifull women. I just hope she can keep her identy and not lose it to those crazy Sciencetoligist, that includes her husband. He is a wack job.

  8. Sofimee says

    so she went out to lunch!! and???!! i thought this site for preggnat celebs and their babies, and kids, not of them alone! who cares about this??

  9. Leona says

    Katie looks beautiful. I agree her sense of style is the best at the moment. Interesting since she had never been a fashionista. But being beautiful helps. She looks like Suri here. That expression. More Suri pictures please.

  10. onatear says

    What? Katy missing her favorite accessory? Did the “little woman” (Suri)prefer someone else’s company to that of mom and her friend? Guess so….’cause she gets to do what Suri wants to do….!

  11. dori says

    She looks great and her legs are less bulky. She sure has developed a good sense of fashion. Too bad the person who helped her(Beckham) got voted worst dressed this year!

  12. Generic name says

    oh! the magical and amazing woman…lol
    where’s Suri?..does mama Katie leave her with nanny? ohhh I miss Suri..

  13. monica says

    This is from MSN:

    “A distraught Katie Holmes has stormed out of a crisis meeting with her husband Tom Cruise, furious over damaging publicity about his Scientology beliefs, and humiliated over the disastrous reaction to the movie he told her to make. The actress is said to be inconsolable after a string of leaked Scientology videos have flooded the Internet and divided Hollywood…Katie had already been forced to fend off questions about Andrew Morton’s controversial book Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography. While at first Katie put on a brave face, declaring that she and Tom weren’t bothered by the book, after this new scandal she can no longer ignore the Hollywood backlash…”

    What? She’s actually getting upset with Tom and risking the termination of the shopping account? Go earn your own money, Katie. Then see if you decide to spend over $3000 on Suri’s custom made shoes she’ll probably wear twice.

  14. lola says

    I just read she has had a nose job
    comparing the Dawsons Creek
    pictures to the new ones it is
    absolutely true!!!!!!!

  15. 2teens says

    She looks like a frightened mouse, why doesn’t she hold her head up? She looks like she has zero confidence. She’s a beautiful woman with all the personality of a tree stump!

  16. sara says

    Miapocca~ She’s a runner…I think she ran the NY marathon awhile back AND FINISHED! Running will do wonders for your legs, not to mention other body parts.:)

  17. Miapocca says

    HMM ..SHE EITHER LOST A LOT OF WEIGHT SO THAT SHE FINALLY LOT HER FAT LEGS..or she scultped her legs..because I can see her knee bones and thats not the katie from even ayear back with the elephantiasis..

  18. madison says

    Report: Spears On Psychiatric Hold
    Order Requires Singer To Spend 3 Days At Hospital

    POSTED: 3:18 am PST January 31, 2008
    UPDATED: 11:17 am PST January 31, 2008
    [NEWSVINE: Report: Spears On Psychiatric Hold] [DELICIOUS: Report: Spears On Psychiatric Hold] [DIGG: Report: Spears On Psychiatric Hold] [FACEBOOK: Report: Spears On Psychiatric Hold] [REDDIT: Report: Spears On Psychiatric Hold] [RSS] [PRINT: Report: Spears On Psychiatric Hold] [EMAIL: Report: Spears On Psychiatric Hold]
    Police officials have told TMZ.com that Britney Spears will be required to spend at least three days on a psychiatric hold at the UCLA Medical Center following an emergency hospitalization early Thursday in Los Angeles.

    TMZ reported earlier that Spears was taken by ambulance to UCLA, where her treating psychiatrist practices. The Los Angeles Times said that more than a dozen motorcycle officers, two cruisers and two police helicopters escorted her to the hospital.

    Law enforcement officials told the site that the psychiatric hold came as a result of a judge signing a “5150” order. The site claims that there’s a “good possibility” that the order will be extended to 14 days.
    Click here to find out more!

    TMZ reported that Spears went willingly to the hospital and that the psychiatrist felt her condition had deteriorated.

    The Web site said that while in the hospital, Spears couldn’t be forced to take medication against her will.

    Paramedics took Spears to a Los Angeles hospital earlier this month after police were called to her home because of a dispute with her ex-husband over their young sons. She has since lost custody and visitation rights.

    Dr. Phil McGraw, who came under fire for his highly publicized visit with Spears earlier in the month, told “The View” Thursday that he doesn’t think the latest hospitalization “surprises anybody.”

    “If that starts on the road to getting some intervention, then that’s a good thing,” McGraw said.

    McGraw pointed out how difficult it is for parents of legal-age children to force them to get help. He said that the person with the problem has to want to get better.

    Thursday’s trip to Spears’ home was the police’s second this week. They came to the gated community Monday night after somebody reported a swarm of trespassing photographers.

    Police said they didn’t see any trespassers but did write tickets for some illegally parked cars.

    Spears has been in a highly public downward spiral since filing for divorce from Kevin Federline in November 2006. At one point she shaved her head bald. On another occasion she attacked a car with an umbrella.

    The couple’s divorce became final last summer.

  19. IRENA says

    I have taken long to see her dressed down. She looks cute as usual. Short hair does suit her. I do actually like her alot.

  20. luckylee13 says

    She does look cute & casual but I don’t like the whole painted-on skinny jeans look on anyone.It’s nice to see her look like she dressed herself for once.

  21. Al&J says

    I like this casual outfit she has on and her flats look comfy. She should feel free to wear outfits like this when she is out with Suri. No need to be dressed up with 4 inch heels to go shopping or to walk along the beach in Cannes. It’s so absurb. No wonder she fell and cut her knee.

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