An Expectant Halle Berry In Hollywood Hills

Halle Berry

An expectant Halle Berry was snapped leaving a friend’s house in Hollywood Hills on Wednesday.

Halle and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry’s baby is due in March.


  1. Kamineko says

    She is just gorgeous! Hope her diabetic condition doesn’t cause her, or the baby, any harm. As to the hair, well, it probably looks better whn the wind isn’t blowing it :). She most likely wanted a fuller hairstyle to balance her tummy to head ration, lol.
    The “see through” top is unfortunate and innapproriate, but she probably was unaware that it would turn see through in the sunlight.She certainly does need a good bra, though. Pretty lady anyway! I wish her, and the baby, all the best.

  2. Sofimee says

    we should all be so lucky!! to have a cute little belly and remain thin and fit everywhere else! she’s adorable, and sooo classy! i like the hair! she’s mixed!! she’s embracing her curls! what’s wrong with that?

  3. kozy says

    Halle looks great!!!! The hair do is different not bad, but different. And as far as her outfit goes…who cares what she wears????? She looks good, she’s small enough get away with it…I say kudos!

  4. says

    definitely not her best look – sometimes pregnant women do crazy things, like wear see through tops right before giving birth. Even Halle can’t pull this look off!

  5. sara says

    The Mormons where I live would NOT approve of the “see through” undergarments! Her hair has GOT to go….

  6. oriana says

    I do think she is beautiful but I like her with short hair better, I think that style shows her gorgeous face off. I do love her!!!!!

  7. Marcia says

    Another star who obviously left her underpants and bra at home. Her outfit is totally see-through. Don’t stars look in the mirror before venturing out?

  8. phnxgirl says

    I saw her on Oprah when she was first pregnant and her hair was long and stick straight. I do have to say I like that style better, but the woman is gorgeous no matter what!

  9. Jx2 says

    I used to have a bird’s nest hair-do last Fall but now it’s gone…the buzzards pecked it away!!

  10. tammy says

    She looks stunning. I’m due in early march also and she is half my size. I wish I had a hollywood trainer. 🙂

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