Names Of JLo's Twins Revealed

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez reportedly plans to name her unborn twins Max and Emme.

Speculation on the names the singer and husband Marc Anthony have chosen for their son and daughter began after Jennifer’s mother Guadalupe was seen buying engraved gold bracelets in New York.

A source told Star magazine, “The day before J.Lo’s baby shower, Guadalupe picked up two gold-rope baby ID bracelets engraved with the names Max and Emme from a jewellers in New York.”

Meanwhile, a representative for the couple deny reports that Jennifer went into labor Tuesday.

Marc’s representative said, “It’s not true. We have been getting the same phone calls since last week. Everybody figures it is happening around now and they are hoping they will be right.”

Jennifer, 38, is expected to give birth next month at New York’s North Shore University Medical Center, in Manhasset.

The hospital has reportedly prepared a luxury suite for Jennifer, complete with soft furnishings, wooden flooring and giant flat screen TVs.


  1. SarahD says

    Who cares what she names her babies? Who are we to judge her for that? Grow up – she is a human being too…just because she is celeb, she doesn’t owe anyone reasons as to why she named them what she did.

  2. stephanie marie reyes says

    you know that some people think bad coments about you? well i almost didn’t like all of them exept some of them that were good coments.have you read them all?i hope you liked mines and some good other ones. mark is your real name marco or what? cause someone was saying that your real name was actually marco.well i hope that you take real good good good care of you and your new family and the other family that you have.

  3. stephanie marie reyes says

    i t hink that you’ll be ok and maybe i migh get the feeling of the name emme might be some thing better then max.

  4. stephanie marie reyes says

    emme isn’t a normal name you know.i know that max is a real name.what i mean is that alot of people use it.i hope that your kids are ok and take good care of them and your family ok?

  5. Martha Rose says

    I’ve never seen a more Beautiful pregnant woman.
    if I had looked that Beautiful I would have had a
    dozen Babies. Can’t wait to see them.
    “God Bless The New Family”

  6. lucy iveliz camacho says

    when you have kids you name however you want and you don’t care what other people might think. just some advise to the couple, take care of those babies yourselves the most that you can that way if somethin comes out right you know you did something right but if something comes out wrong you don’t have nobody to blame but yourself. think about it your kids will thank you down the road.

  7. MYRA LOPEZ says


  8. momknowsbest says

    I think its wonderful for JLO to have the opportunity to give birth for the first time with not one angel but two. That is a true blessing for her and Marc. I’m sure his other children must be excited. Well being a mom of two I feel jlo happiness for her its the best thing anyone could every encounter in life ”GOOD LUCK TO THE BOTH OF THEM”

  9. Sonya says

    I like the name max and emme, i don’t see anything wrong with, but i do see you got haters. congratulations jen and marc and i wish yall the best and keep doing what your doing.

  10. Adriana says

    What in the world! Its got to be a joke. I guess shes the same old Jenny from the block, couldnt come up with nothing better. God bless. the kids. What is that 5 kids for Marc? Have fun!

  11. Michelle says

    lol i thought so but then doubted myself. Daughter is 4 and always asking were’s the parents so funny!!!!

  12. Sofimee says

    hey michelle yes max and ruby are def. rabbits! LOL me and my girls watch them almost everyday!!

  13. Michelle says

    2teens i agree every boy born is practically named Max. Sara i think Max and Ruby are rabbits omg im so trying to find anything with them on it right now, ive ripped aprt toy boxes lol. Im curious!!!
    The best to them though and to whatever they named them.

  14. Evelio Anibal Rodriguez says

    I always wanted the name Gabriela in the family. However, none of my female relatives fulfilled my wish. I also wanted my grandson to be named Christian, instead he was named Christopher….close enough, right? My granddaughter was not named Gabriela, but at least, and in my honor, her middle name is Eve, short for Evelio I guess. Anyway, no matter what Marc and JLo decide to name their twins……God bless them!

  15. says

    Dear bla,bla,bla!!!!! yo, soy del Bronx tambien,!!!!!! del mis del mismo lugar que es ella,ya te puedes himaginar como la valoro, no es muy facil llegar a donde estan ellos, verdad que si !!!, me alegro que lo comprendas. pues yo llore lagrimas para llegar y no pude.yo, escrivo musica y canto,soy canto autora.por eso yo respeto a todo el que logra llegar. Un poquito mas de respeto!!!!.

  16. says

    Jx2 and 2teens: I’m glad you guys approve! haha Yes, if there was one thing that I was, I was wise beyond my years. You’re niece has my name?; yes I can see how she would use another name in conjunction because Lia flows well with second names.

    I’m glad you enjoyed that post, 2teens. Not everyone was too impressed with that one…I got some “bad reviews”, if you will. It was just meant for a laugh, not for my devotion to Jesus to be called in to question…glad you didn’t take it too seriously! 😉

  17. zoila says

    Marc Anthony is not his real name. It is Marco(first) Antonio Middle) and last name is Perez. Poor babies Max and Emme Perez…huh?

  18. zoila says

    Marc Anthony’s real name is Marco (first name) Antonio(middle name) the last name , if I’m not confused is Perez. Nope the babies will not be Max and Emme Anthony. Doesn’t flow…they surprised me.

  19. Kara says

    I’m soooooo sick about hearing about these two. Who cares what the hell they are allegedly naming their babies. J LO is a spoiled brat and her kids are gonna grow up like that, too. She’ll have her nannies taking care of her kids. I can’t stand J LO. She’s a homewrecker.

  20. 2teens says

    KK&K’s mama, Who was Jesus? That was a very humorous story/joke. Funny!

    And the decision you made at age 13, about your name, was very well thought out. It showed a certain maturity for someone so young.

  21. Jx2 says

    3K’s – My first name and my hubbies first name both begin with J…hence JJ or Jx2. My business name also begins with the letter J. So it’s J all around.

    One of my neices has your first name. Just 3 letters but she also has a second name and it is use in conjunction with the first.

    Good choice about the name decision…keeping your identity but changing the spelling.

  22. pink and blue says

    Only the best to the happy couple, maybe we shouldn’t know the location so they can have some private time.

  23. says

    Max and Emme would be cute, but I don’t trust Star for one minute. Only time will tell!

    So Jx2, does your first name and last name begin with J? Or middle name? I think I’ve mentioned this before, but all of my husband’s generation has names that begin with J, just like my girls’ generation have K names. Hmmm…are you part of our family?? LOL Just kidding 🙂

    I was born with the name I have now, but when I was adopted at 13, my parents asked me if I wanted to keep my name or change it. I decided to keep my name but change the spelling, to signify that I’m still ME but with a new beginning…just a little random name trivia 🙂

  24. jordan says

    ok what is with the name max i am really really starting to hate it!, its like all the stars are coping of each other cant they think of any better names.

  25. Jx2 says

    Good observation 2 teens! You are probably right! My husband and I have very Anglo names but if it came time for me to choose a child’s name I would pick something different, non-traditional…somewhat historic.

  26. 2teens says

    I’m not a fan either. I never saw the appeal ofJLo.
    But, I don’t think they’ll pick latino names mainly because Marc & Jennifer are pretty much classic American/English names. Maybe they’ll go with similar names for the kids.

  27. Jovanna says

    First and foremost I want to wish Marc and J.Lo great wishes and blessings. If that is true that they are having a boy and girl that’s really a bundle of joy and blessings!!! Yeah, I also agreed with some fans I thought they would pick a more close to a latino name. But all in all Jennifer and Marc ROCK!!!! and when GREAT people get together GREAT things happend!!!! so i am not surprise for their blessing……

  28. Jx2 says

    Yes Jennifer – I thought they would use names with Hispanic origin like Guadalupe or Rodrigo…Emme is okay…Max is ugh!

  29. sara says

    #7 That is so true!!! I was thinking of Max and Ruby…the mice. I like Emme much better than Emma (WAY too overused!!!)!

  30. Jennifer says

    I figured they would pick names more cultural to their heritage as they really promote it throught their music and life style

  31. Generic name says

    Obviously Jen and Marc love Dragon tales! look at the pic above!! magic carpet ride a whole new world! LOL

  32. Al&J says

    I actually like this picture. I don’t find it cheesy. It’s from the Disney Dream Portrait campaign. Have you seen some of the other ones..they are gorgeous. Scarlett Jo, David Beckham, Whoopi Goldeberg, Giselle, Roger Federer and many others are dressed up to represent Disney characters.
    Why don’t we wait and see what J.Lo & Marc’s babies names are. I don’t think Star magazine is a very reliable source and Bonnie Fuller the top editor is at Star is quite frankly a power hungry nutcase who prints some of the most ridiculous stories.

  33. Sofimee says

    Max and Emme, are you kidding? that’s the name of the characters from Dragon Tales!!! i think someone is pulling our chain!!

  34. Sandra says

    carleigh I would never name my kid Spike I just said it out of sarcasm lol everyone is into this dog name and I just can’t figure out why. This first time or two was alright but seriously everyone that is squeezing out a boy we don’t even need to guess we will already call him Max.

    At least I made you laugh for the day if anything hehe! ;o)

  35. Nicki says

    While it might be true those are the names, it seems strange because the upscale boutique that got the designer 1000 count thread (?don’t know, just threw that in there) sheets have stated the names are to be engraved after birth.
    Yet grandma Guadalupe, is shopping at an unnamed corner NY Jewerly place? Remember the source, the unreliable Star. and thier source—“a source” sounds like a given.

  36. Aiyisha says

    She’s naming them after the brother and sister on Dragon Tales. Interesting pick! Wish all the luck for J-Lo and Marc!

  37. carleigh says

    Sandra are you serious Spike???LMAO…sorry you crack me up. There’s nothing wrong with Jennifer and Marc wanting to give their kids traditional, normal names. I’d rather see them use something a bit common or old fashioned then something contrived and odd ball. Congrats to them, love Jen, though Marc while I like some of his music………..he is scary and skeletal looking to me.

  38. Sandra says

    OMG are you serious, Not another puppy dog. Enough with the Max use Oliver or Spike we haven’t heard those lately!

  39. says

    Jenntfer and Marc,God Bless the babys,,,,,,,we love you Max and Emme The Lord be with you.for ever. Jennifer your fans are very happy, Y.D.T. love you too. Julia Izquierdo P.R.

  40. says


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