Jennifer Garner & Violet In LA

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer and Violet were snapped in LA on January 29th. They are so adorable! I wonder if Violet has a baby brother or sister on the way!

Violet is wearing Ecco Kids Glow in Old Rose/Red Plum shoes.

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

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  1. Jx2 says

    Never mind about how Violet is dressed, look at Jennifer’s hideous horizontal striped cardigan…what on earth? Is she trying to be a soccer mom? Mind you when it comes time for glamour she definitely knows how to glam it up…horizontal stripes only ever look good on the “hamburglar”.

  2. aKatslife says

    I think Violet is the cutest thing but how come you never see her with Ben? maybe it’s just these pics but i have NEVER seen him with her on his own, i wonder why?

  3. oriana says

    I think Melissa turned into a beautiful woman.

    Violet looks just like Jennifer! I wonder if she will have a gap in her front teeth?

    Tia, how is your little daughter doing? I bet she is growing fast!!!! I can just picture now how cute you dress her!!!!

  4. annie says

    Violet reminds me of Melissa Gilbert when she was on Little House on the Prairie, mind you, a much younger version.

  5. says

    No gum for my kids! No good would come of it. I’m not convinced that Violet is actually allowed to chew, though. She probably just wanted to hold the package..the simple joys of childhood!

    Jen doesn’t look skinny to me…all a matter of perception I guess.

    I think Violet is so unique to have blonde hair and brown eyes…cute combo.

  6. misti says

    My 2 year old daughter loves Orbit gum — we just watch her close when she chews it. Is that a pacifier I see in the first pic?? I don’t remember ever seeing Violet with a pacifier before.

  7. boo says

    Give me a break people My 2 year old chews gum, because his big Brother chews it to and wants in on the action….Mind you I will only give him a tiny sliver of mine or his brothers gum, not a whole peice but whos to say Jen doen’t do the same…OR that Violet doesn’t chew it at all, maybe she just likes to be a big helper and carry it around for mommy! Some of you people nit pick about the silliest things!

  8. Sofimee says

    violet is adorable but jenn is looking quite skinny, her face looks boney like angelina’s! i hope she doesn’t lose anymore!! but anyways, they are cute together!

  9. boo says

    She really is so Beautiful!!!!! Ben and Jen together made a gorgeous little girl!
    I to wonder when they will work on baby #2?

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