Ethan Hawke & Former Nanny Are Expecting

Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke – already the father of two children with his ex-wife Uma Thurman – is about to become a father again, this time with Ryan Shawhughes, described as the former nanny to his children.

“I can confirm and they are thrilled,” said Ethan’s rep Mara Buxbaum. “No further details will be made available.”

Speaking in December 2006 about the joys of fatherhood, Ethan, 37, said that his two children with Thurman – daughter Maya, now 9, and son Levon, 5 – provide “the greatest pleasure in my life. It’s the only role that, if I fail, I will consider my life a failure.”

As for sharing parental duties with New York City neighbor Uma (they split in 2004, after seven years of marriage), and yet managing to keep their distance from one another, Ethan also said, “We live down the street from each other. If we lived down the street from each other in Minneapolis, I’d have to watch every car go in and out of the driveway. I’d know how late she stayed out.”

Given how things turned out, he said with relief, “I don’t have to know any of that stuff.”

Apparently the two have been keeping their relationship on the down-low for years. Below they were photographed on November 12th at a benefit for NYU’s Tisch School at the Marriott Marquis.

Ethan Hawke

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  1. momgonenutz says

    Since they got their marriage license at the beginning of June, does anyone know if they are married yet? (Justice of the Peace…on the QT?)

  2. WhoAmI? says

    I agree with #19 completely. No way am I hiring a nanny who is younger and hotter than I am!!! One of my best friends married into the family that she worked for (she was a nanny) – but her husband was not married. I think she should sell her story.

  3. Liza says


    I don’t think the physical appearance of an employeed or a subordinate should matter. It’s not as if men aren’t capable of controlling themselves when around beautiful women.

  4. onatear says

    (HEY….K~K~K’s Mom….Congratulations! Kiss the bunny’s head for me! ) Miacoppa…Once again…I agree with you. Must be something in my coffee!!!

  5. amy says

    News Flash:

    Don’t hire a hot nanny!


    Or a hot secretary, personal assistant, hair dresser, or house cleaner..



  6. oriana says

    What is with all these actors hooking up with the nannies? He is not appealing in the least to me, not at all!

  7. Miapocca says

    she looks more like a prettier version of Giselle Bundchen..I can only see her face though..the rest I cant comment..he had such a nice family, what the he-ll got into him
    As I heard on L&O…7 years may dull the passion but if you start all over 7 years will comeagain and you will relive that dullness again, so you are better off working it out with the present spouse…or else risk getting married numerous times like JHO

  8. Miapocca says

    So he cheated with the nanny..she is pregnant, they will need a nanny..I want to see cheater nanny lose her marbles from watching the guy with the new nanny..what goes around comes around

  9. Jx2 says

    Just because she is blonde does not make her resemble Uma. Uma’s eyes are big and doe-like – this wanna-be has narrow eyes and a sly look on her face. Not at all like Uma. I guess being an artist, has it’s advantages…I notice these facial details when do illustrations.

  10. dori says

    Welll so he was having an affair with the nanny and they did continue the relationship. What a jerk!! Never cared much for him but now even less. Still I hope they have a healthy baby …

  11. Jx2 says

    Oh God, look what the cat dragged in…!
    Why are we interested in this loser? He’s such an 1990s has-been…Uma went on with her life and kicked butt in “Kill Bill” et al…What did Ethan do? Sleep with his children’s nanny…how inspiring!!

  12. carleigh says

    I don’t like him, he always looks so greasy and icky. I do wish them a healthy baby though no matter what I think of him.

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