An Expectant Gwen Stefani At The Airport

Gwen Stefani

An expectant Gwen was snapped looking very cozy while making her way through John F. Kennedy Airport on Tuesday.



  1. gweny says

    im sooo excited for her, shes the only one in the world who can go to JFK airport in a blanket and still look chic!!! lol, good for Gwen!

  2. Generic name says

    whenever I see Gwen’s pic I remember Christina and Madonna too! they are sometimes look a! blonde and red lipstick

  3. Al&J says

    Someone spilled the beans…but I don’t think she herself is ready to go public with the news yet.
    Congratulations to her and her hubbie and little Kingston.

  4. nicola says

    I love the little smirk on her face!! It’s obvious that she’s trying to hide her little secret…

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