Rumors Swirl That Jennifer Lopez Has Checked Into Hospital

Jennifer Lopes

Rumors are swirling today that Jennifer Lopez has checked into North Shore University Medical Center.

Hospital officials denied that the Bronx-born superstar who is expecting twins was at the medical center. Two hospital sources, however, said she was “in the house” and had checked in under a false name.

Jennifer, 38, and her husband, the singer Marc Anthony, both live in Brookville and announced in November they were expecting. Rumors circulated throughout the medical center yesterday that Jennifer, who is reportedly due in the spring, was there.

But officials repeatedly denied she was at the hospital and a spokesperson for Jennifer could not immediately be reached for comment.

“She is not in the hospital,” said spokeswoman Adina Conn. “She is not here under a pseudonym.”

The parking lot was quiet at the hospital.

But visitors to the hospital in recent days have reported hearing staff talk about “the J.Lo room,” and ? no surprise ? it’s a little more lavish than what you find on the average maternity ward. The brand new room, probably located on the existing maternity floor, is said to feature wood flooring instead of standard issue hospital linoleum, and two flat screen TVs.

Jennifer is apparently having twins, a boy and a girl. And the mother-to-be has set up one of three nurseries at the Brookville home.

Baby boutique Petit Tresor was designing the nurseries on Long Island and in Los Angeles and Miami with “traditional sleigh cribs and Ultrasuede gliders from Europe,” as well as “silk and organza sheet sets” with the babies’ names embroidered on the linens “later on.” Says a source: “She’s very involved with everything. Her taste is very elegant … very luxurious.”

We’ll see!



  1. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Why on earth would you need THREE nurseries in one house? Thats just greedy. No doubt the money she spent on decorating just one of those nurseries could have refurbished an enitre third-world orphanage.

  2. boo says

    1. Her Belly would flucuate size depending on how the babies are lying!
    2. she’s not he first pregnant woman ( Especially in Holloywood) that has worn Highheels throughout her entire preganancy… she’s keeping up her diva image!
    3. How do you know that moms to be of twins don’t like to get up, move around, dance and have a good time? Have you had twins??….When Pregnant with both of my kids I was active right up til birth, Some people don’t like to be lazy! ( and My second child was about 9 and a half lbs… and that was a Whole lotta babyweight and Belly!) But that didn’t stop me from Being active!
    4. I read someones comment somewhere that in pregnant women your breasts are the first to engorge in pregnancy, so she can’t be pregnant because her boobs are the same size!…..Well I’m living proof that thats not the case… either time I got pregnant, Mine didn’t engorge til my milk came in and I was breastfeeding!
    And Finally How do you explain this clear shot of her belly ……Oh wait your going to tell me that she was sticking her stomache out right? Bloaded from PMS? Wearing a Pregnancy Pad? Gimme a break people! Its Clear as day that this woman is carrying a baby or 2 in her belly so drop the crazy talk!!

  3. oriana says

    I think they deserve each other. I do hope the babies are healthy and I think they will be well loved, hopefully she will love them as much as she does herself.

  4. Generic name says

    yikes! scary skinny Marc! oh I hate him soo much..these two are full of pretentious! they are really a match!
    lami gyud ipang pakong ilang mga nawong kani si Marc nawong Jlo pod murag burikat tan-awon
    (+_+) (=_=)

  5. mimi says

    omg, I can’t believe someone else thinks she isn’t really preggers!!! I haven’t believed it from the begining…I mean TWINS!! NO way she is pregnant wearing high heels and ‘glowing’ at this stage. Twin moms are OFF their feet by this stage, not dancing in stilettos. Look back at all the concert and early photos when she wasn’t admiting it yet. Compare her belly size. It was bigger then smaller. I just don’t believe she is pregnant at all, but WHY? why not just admit it? Adopt, surrogate what ever, just admit it.

  6. Melissa says

    Just to let you know not every person has the same effects through pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my son I had it easy no sickness not tired and I look completely normal , Mind you with this one I am breaking out and gain weight and am always tired and one emotional issue I also get the morning sickness on a regular basis, So just with that because someone doesn’t look pregnant doesn’t mean they arn’t.

  7. boo says

    Thats it…..she’s pretending to be pregnant, I mean its so obvious right? Nevermind the weight she has put on in her face and rest of her body? She’s so faking it, I can’t believe I didn’t see it before!! Thank you Diva for allowing me to see the truth! !!!!
    Just so its clear that was a little bit of sarcasm 🙂

    Anyway I read on Starmagazine website that they picked out the twins names…. Max and Emme…..I didn’t realize it was confirmed that the were in fact having twins, And I can’t say that starmagazine is the most reliabe source of information but thats where I read it!

  8. diva says

    J-LO IS NOT PREGNANT……she is pretendind to be but is having baby by surrogate or adoption. She just doesnt have that tired pregnancy glow.

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