Geri Halliwell & Bluebell Madonna

Geri Halliwell

On her way to Boston for the next leg of the Spice Girls reunion tour, Geri Halliwell was snapped with 20-month-old Bluebell Madonna at Heathrow on Monday.

They are such a cute pair!


  1. oriana says

    I love how she dresses her, the coat is so pretty. Shiloh is a much prettier baby but she isn’t dressed like a little girl should be very often, this is a very cute little girl indeed!

  2. Blair says

    She is ADORABLE!!! So is Shiloh, but I personally do not think that the 2 look alike. I just don’t see that resemblance that others are talking about…Bluebell’s jacket is precious by the way…She’s always dressed like such a little princess…It’s sweet!

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