1. Ali says

    if the mother is white the children come out much lighter squeekysue. if the mother is black then they come out darker (usually.) many couples i know and have seen.

  2. squeekysue says

    Really, Emile? My best friend is bi-racial and her husband is white and their daughter is not fair at all. That is why I was so curious.

  3. Puh-leeze says

    Please tell me his last name isn’t Bunton…. Beau Bunton would be tooooo much, lol.

    He’s absolutely PRECIOUS either way!

  4. Émilie says

    Squeekysue, Jade is already biracial, so it’s normal that their son is fair skinned.

    He’s gorgeous!

  5. squeekysue says

    I am not saying he doesn’t look like Jade, in fact I agree he looks a lot like him. it is just that he is soo fair skinned.

  6. carleigh says

    He is one adorable baby!!!! Love the big eyes and chubby cheeks….he’s as cute as Kingston!!

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