Tribute To Heath Ledger Dedicated To Matilda



  1. Ashleigh says

    That tribute is amazing!! I’m prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends. We will ALWAYS be remembered!!

  2. Lynn says

    lovely tribute, wonderful song, and yes, the photo at 3.15 really got me too, really heartwrenching…all hearts go out to Ledger’s family, especially to Matilda, the little girl he loves so much.

  3. Lauren says

    How sad! My heart goes out to Heath’s family and beautiful daughter at this time. Rest in Peace Heath. You’re still very much loved and remembered.

  4. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #28, I agree Mary-Kate and the masseuse were wrong fo not phoning 911 straight away. However, I can see why they didn’t. The masseuse probably that he had overdosed or attempted suicide and knew that if she called an ambulance, the press would be all over it and it could harm his career. Thats why she phoned Mary-Kate for advice. And Mary-Kate clearly thought the same and thats why she sent her security team over. Its a shame that they put Heath’s career over his life.

    Anyway, we shouldn’t turn this thread into a debate over the rights and wrongs of his death. There is enough of that in the media ate the moment. What his family needs is for threads etc to just concentrate on remembering Heath and paying tribute.

  5. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I agree with Jx2 (honestly!). Heath’s death was a tragedy. It really was, and I will miss him as an actor. However, his death was no more tragic than that of the countless number of kids who die every day from war, famine, abuse, neglect or preventable diseases just because of he fact he was famous.

    Sorry if that sounded harsh. Back to topic anyway, I think this was a nice tribute to Heath and Matilda. The acting world has suffered a great loss and a little girl has lost a great dad. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

  6. Delia May says

    Oh and Mary Kate – for an NYU kid, she sure was pretty stupid. Why not tell that massuese across country to call 911? Please – send your guards or whatever? Oh, right, that will help. Were they highly trained EMT’s or am I missing something? THAT is weird. And tragic. And that massuese, well, weird. Beyond weird. And the NYPost (yes a rag I picked up at airport) said Mary Kate’s lawyers bullied the police to back off interviewing her. HUH?

  7. Delia May says

    I think he was a beautiful spirit on screen and in photos seemed to adore his daughter. Whoever created the video, it was touching. Having said all of that, let’s not turn this into some creepy Princess Diana, JFK Jr. mass mourn of someone you could hardly love, you didn’t know, you only know what you saw. I believe what you saw was what you got – but let’s not all fall into that trap. It is always sad for any young person’s life to be cut so short. So sad. And it is heartwrenching to see a child lose her daddy before she’ll ever really know him.
    I agree with earlier poster – to an extent. Take your “grief’ for a celluloid friend and put the energy toward donating toward chidlren orphaned by AIDS or here specifically – drug education programs for the US. A beautiful man, a talented actor, clearly a loving father. And we didn’t know him, so pay tribute? Do something to give meaning to a life lost instead of the grotesque Princess Di syndrome.

  8. Carrie says

    I haven’t cried since I heard the news, until now. I have been so shock and saddend by it and I have prayed for the family, but this tribute, was beautiful. I couldn’t hold the tears back. My thoughts are with Michelle and Matilda!!

  9. Jx2 says

    I have not cried one bit. It is very unfortunate that Heath died an untimely death. He was a very good actor with a promising future and career as an actor but sorry folks no tears from me! There are thousands of children around the world that die every second from malnutrition and illnesses. Children that die in wars or who grow up in orphanages never knowing who their parents are…Who cries for them? Who gives a hoot? Do we ever hear about them? Nope!!
    I rest my case!

  10. luckylee13 says

    Every day since his death, I’ve cried about it. I don’t understand why it gets to me so much.Just knowing that his daughter will never see him again kills me. His love and devotion to her was so obvious. I’ve read that he was terribly upset about not seeing her over the holidays and I can’t help but wonder if he had seen her more – maybe he wouldn’t have been so anxious and depressed. Maybe he wouldn’t have felt so lonely. Maybe it would have been just what he needed to help him relax and be more at peace in his life and he could have slept more easily. No matter what any report shows, I personally believe the underlying cause of his death was a broken heart. Maybe he wasn’t a saint when he was alive but when his little family split up, I think it was more than he could bear. RIP Heath and my thoughts and prayers to Michelle and Matilda.

  11. Shaunda says

    What an amazing tribute! This is so sad for Heath’s family and his daughter. I pray God brings them peace.

  12. Mil3na says

    this brings tears to my eyes .. she is such a daddy’s girl :(( you will be always remembered Heath !!


  13. Jenifer m says

    I cried after watching this trubute. I lost my father when I was young so I know the pain. Keeping the memory alive is what has helped me to this day. Matilda remember your father loved you! RIP Heath

  14. DMITZ says

    What a beautiful tribute. My heart goes out to all of Heath’s family, especially Matilda. I hope this little girl hears nothing but good things about her daddy. There is no doubt he loved her to pieces. I have a daugther about 6 months younger than Matilda and she LOVES my husband so much that words can’t explain it. She looks for him and calls for him even when he’s not around. I can’t imagine how painful it is for Michelle and others to hear Matilda call out for “Daddy” not knowing, not realizing she will never see him again (other than in a movie or picture).

    God bless this family…

  15. Lilly says

    WOW…..what a FANTASTIC tribute to Matilda about her father! Leaves you breathless………(and in tears)

  16. Jenna M. (UK) says

    A very moving tribute. I’m still finding it very hard to believe that Heath is gone.

    Brigit, it wasn’t Heath that called Mary-Kate 4 times, it was the masseuse who found his body. She called Mary-Kate for nearly 10 minutes before calling 911.

  17. Kate says

    His death still brings me to tears, what an amazing guy. You’ll never know how much you were loved mate!

  18. Brigit says

    I really want to know why he called Mary Kate Olsen 4 times before his death and what they talked about. Were they fighting? I guess only she really knows now.

  19. boo says

    A Truly Beautiful Tribute!
    I am so saddened over this! even still 🙁
    God Bless Heath and his Family… Especially Matilda, may they find the strength to continue on through this devestating time.
    And may Heath’s Soul Rest In Peace ALWAYS. xoxox

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