Elisabeth Hasselbeck & Taylor As Photographed By Grace

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

I thought this was so cute….Elisabeth’s daughter Grace took this new picture of Elisabeth and Taylor all by herself! You can read the accompanying blog post here!



  1. D'Anna says

    She could have held up the baby’s head.

    I mean, people could be like “At least he has clothes on”, but then some people would say, “Oh, he doesn’t need clothes, he’s in a heated apartment.”

    Do people have NO standards for childrearing anymore?

  2. Tia :) says

    Bella, what in the hell are you talking about? when what bites me in the face?!?

    I have a lovely daughter thanks…im not as what you say a “hater”…i just think the picture is scary! man oh man!

  3. Jx2 says

    Cru-Bella Deville – if she doesn’t get you – nobody will!!!

    Bella bella ola quack quack quack…and an s-chico chico chico – chico chico chack….LOL

    The truth is in the pudding…and there ain’t no pudding cuz you inhaled it all…Bella beluga!!!

  4. 2teens says

    Ha! Glad you agree with me Nicki & JJ.
    It’s hilarious that ruBella is having her little b*tchfest about people being judgemental, but if she were honest with herself she would admit that she is the one judging all of us for having an opinion.

  5. Bella says

    Jx2, by the looks of things YOU certainly care what I think!!!
    I don’t expect you to say nice things about me when i’m calling you out on your disgusting tactics. THE TRUTH HURTS………..doesn’t it!

  6. Bella says

    2teens, I dislike your rude negative attitude and I choose to call you out. I feel the same way about you, you’re a bug that I want to flick. I think a lot of you people on this site are way too judgemental and most of the time its not called for. Go take care of your own lives and come here to enjoy the site!

  7. Emma says

    Well call in the police she’s not supporting the babies head!! OMG!.Why do people get so judgemental,It actually looks like the babies head is resting on her shoulder.Anyway does it really matter . A lovely little picture and a sweet looking family.

  8. ANTI says

    I really dislike this woman. Do we have to share in every aspect of her child-rearing experience? Enough already.

  9. Nicki says

    2teens~Anyone with functioning eyesight can see the pic. I think your mosquito just likes to be extra annoying. Keep your fly swatter ready.

  10. 2teens says

    Bella, you’re as annoying as a mosquito. At least 6 people had a similar opinion to mine, yet you decide to call me evil. I may be a lot of things, but evil is not one of them. You are an emotional flake.

  11. Jx2 says

    Bella Lugosi – I’m not Tia!!!
    Who cares what you think anyway! You don’t even makes sense when you type. By the way, Bella Lugosi is D*E*A*D!

  12. Nicki says

    Emma – The point isn’t who took the picture. The point is the Taylors head is not supported one bit.

    It is a scary picture because his neck looks broken, and Elizabeth looks oblivious to the fact, not that Grace took it. If the babies head were supported like it should be it would be an adorable pic.

  13. Bella says

    no, but I’m sure you were related to him JX2. You”ll need break Tia when it bites you in the face. I think children should be off limits when haters choose to hate!!!

  14. Jx2 says

    Bella Lugosi was an actor from the 1920s who appeared in movies such as “Frankenstein” and “The Mummy”…are you related to him? or were you named after him? Bella’s movies had to do with de*ath – get used to it!

  15. Emma says

    My son loves taking photos with our camera and is really pleased with himself when we print them off.I think its a lovely picture.Taken by a small child remember. why judge that!!!

  16. Just me says

    I agree with you Sara, but it seems like a lot of people do, two that immediately come to mind are Jennifer Meyer and Tori Spelling.
    The “concept” of the picture is cute …. with the little girl taking a picture of her mom and brother, but I have to agree with those who say the baby looks I don’t know, kind of limp 🙁

  17. Bella says

    you know what Oriana, if you guys had said that the baby’s head should have been supported I wouldn’t have laid into you guys (even though I’m sure that Elisabeth wouldn’t intentionally not support his head) but you’ll went overboard by being RUDE and OBNOXIOUS!!! Karma baby, remember it will come right back at you.

  18. oriana says

    Bella, Hello, a 2 1/2 year old wasn’t holding the child, the baby’s head should have been given better support than that!

  19. Bella says

    HELLO……..a 2 1/2 year old child took the picture, why do you guys have to be so mean and RUDE. JX2, do you actually think its right to say that the child looks decease.
    2 teens, I already knew you were evil so I expect nothing better than your #7 comment. I’m sure that you guys are all “FREAKS OF NATURE”. Would I love to be able to judge you guys and your children.

  20. Amanda says

    I don’t care for Elizabeth. Although she does have adorable children.
    Why is she not supporting his lil head?
    I think webmistress is trying to make a point about Elizabeth. It was Elizabeth who originally posted the pic and she is the one saying its “One of her favorite moments”

  21. oriana says

    I have seen pictures of the baby and it is a cute one, but this picture looks like the baby isn’t alive! What is wrong with the webmistress! Nicki and Jx2, I absolutely agree with both of you!

  22. Janessa says

    What? No bow? Where’s the GINORMOUS bow? Oh yeah, that’s right, Bitsy onlys straps those stupid bows on Grace’s head.

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