Angelina Jolie's Estranged Father On The Baby Joy Rumors

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Jon Voight, Angelina Jolie’s longtime-estranged father, is excited by the prospects she might be pregnant.

“It’s wonderful news that she’s having another child, if that’s true,” he told The New York Observer Monday.

Rumors that Angelina is expecting another child with Brad Pitt arose after she wore a loose and flowy vintage Hermès dress to Sunday night’s SAG Awards.

Last week it was reported that she was expecting twins. (Brad’s rep refused to comment yesterday.)

“I can’t count on anything the press says about her because there is so much said but she has certainly captured the imagination of the press,” Jon told The Observer’s Transom column.

It is so sad that they can’t reconcile. He seems to really want to be a part of her life.



  1. Tempany says

    No. 10, yes, I agree with you, life is short. It’s too short to waste on people that bring you down and cause you to suffer. Yes, in a perfect world everyone would have a close relationship with their families, but this is the real world. sometimes the painful decision to cut someone out of your life is the overall best decision – not ideal, but the best option available in that situation. life is complicated, not black and white. quite why you think life being short means we should waste it on people that cause us pain, just because we may share the same DNA, is beyond me. And children do not have a ‘right’ to see their grandparents until they are adults. sometimes being an parent, as Angelina is, means making tough choices. It’s called being a grown-up and accepting this world for all it’s flaws, and lack of idealism, and taking the best road for our children that we can.

  2. oriana says

    Jenna, you are very young but you seem to have a level head on you. Just use common sense and don’t give in to peer pressure, it is a hard world we live in today.

    I am surprised that any actor in Hollywood would not pay child support for fear of being exposed and it hurting their image.

    Christina, I would have loved it and welcomed my sons calling me for a ride home from parties or whatever if they had too much to drink and I would gladly have paid their cab fare. Of course I would have also probably grounded them for a couple of weeks for getting drunk too. My oldest was born in 1964 and the youngest in 1968, so a different world indeed.

    I re-read the top of the page again and it definitely says babyrazzi is run by a celebrity mom, I wonder who she is?

  3. dori says

    Oriana we got some serious snow up here this week. It’s like a winter wonderland. Very pretty. Yes… love that pizza!!!!

  4. Christina says

    Jenna – you’re so young! Very sweet.

    Adding to the drinking part, I will say this, those of us who parents allowed it at their homes, we did not abuse it the way other kids did that had to sneak around. My brothers and I and my children (9 nieces & nephews) were far more trustworthy and aware of the trust that our parents and me and my husband offered them. We gave them the opportunity to start to take on awareness and responsibility. I know I have called my parents from a party if I drank, and my sons called me or took a cab home. I’m not saying all parents should do this for their teens, it’s all measured on how the teen behaves and the relationship between parent and teen. I myself had an open relationship w/my parents, though not honest all the time, but in this area, there was a mutual trust.

    Furthermore, I’m a strong believer that if kids do not crave something because it’s forebidden, they are less likely to feel the need to go to any means to get it and consume it. None of us have had drinking problems nor addictions in that area. Also, given that my parents and my husband and I spoke thoroughly about the responsibility of drinking, often times outside at parties, we were all least likely to consume alcohol – it wasn’t taboo to us and most of our friends that didn’t have that freedom and trust, abused it and we were the smarter ones to stay sober and drive everyone responsibly. Also, none of us have had drug problems. Make no mistake, drugs were never allowed and most of us have experimented but it never became a habit.

  5. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oh and about the smoking and drinking in the house which you mentioned in #77, again I would rather know my kids were in a safe place. I can drink legally in the UK (the age limit is 18) but my mum has been ok with me drinking in moderation since I was about 15 and going to pubs and bars since I was about 16. She figured that I was going to do it anyway (and had been doing since I was 13), and she would rather know what I was doing to make sure I’m ok. If she had been strict about it, I still would have done it all behind her back but she wouldn’t have ever known where I was or what I was up to.

    She doesn’t let me smoke in the house though which is fair enough, she lets me smoke in the garden. The only thing my mum does have a problem with me doing is drugs (and no I’m not a junkie or anything lol, nothing major), although she has said before strangely that she’d rather I had a few draws of a joint than got really drunk. I’d rather that with my kids too; you can’t die from having too much cannabis like you can with alcohol!

  6. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oriana, when Marcheline Bertrand died it was revealed that Jon Voight still owed her about $100,000 in child support payments. He may have been loaded but I think he was still pretty deadbeat where his kids were concerned.

    I understand and respect your values concerning your children having lovers to stay, but I disagree with them! No, I probably wouldn’t let a 14 year old have a live-in lover, but I would make sure they were using protection and that they could talk to me about anything to do with sex. I would just want to know that they were being safe. I wouldn’t let them have a lover move in until they were at least at the age of consent.

    I’m 18 and my mum still won’t let me have lovers over to stay, though she doesn’t mind me staying at their houses. She lets me have guy friends over to stay all the time cause she knows nothing will happen, but she isn’t so keen on me having female friends stay the night unless I swear nothing is going on lol!

  7. Deeds says

    You are so funny Oriana. I can picture you in my mind applying your fruity lip gloss then hitting the the town, looking for Benny. HA!

  8. oriana says

    Christina my Dear, I just read on the top of Babyrazzi where it says it is run by a secret celebrity mom so that is why I said the webmistress is a celebrity. I guess I misunderstood what that meant?

    Yes indeed, the times have certainly changed from when my sons were teenagers. To me, they have gotten worse.

    I just assumed that Jon Voight paid child support to her mother since he was in the public eye. Not like the deadbeat dads most women had to deal with.

    No offense taken at all my Dear, I enjoy you too much!

    And yes, I do have a degree in Psychology and that was a long time ago. Western Ky. University, Bowling Green, Ky.

    I think Angie had emotional and mental issues, she does appear to have worked thru her hangups, I didn’t see any signs of it until she adopted Maddox. She certainly seemed weird to me when she was with BBT.

    I don’t have any grandchildren but if I did, no hookups under my roof, I would have to say, sorry sister, this isn’t Holiday Inn. I know my son wanted to have his girlfriend over to spend the night right after he turned 21, I let him know right quick, this isn’t a love connection house, this is my home and your home, respect my values while under my roof, and he understood.

    Even today, 35 years old, no casual overnight visits here either.

  9. Christina says

    Oriana~ the blog mistress or whatever you call her is NOT a celeb. LOL That’s about the goofiest thing I’ve ever heard. LOL First, most of the clippings come from other sites inwhich she attaches her opinion.

    Secondily, AJ does NOT have mental problems, she had teenage issues and was self-destructive as a young adult (rebellious & acted out in dramatic ways). Honestly, I think people who are not equipt nor have a degree in psychology should NOT draw conclusions on another person’s mental state…no offense. I wouldn’t go to a hair stylist for heart surgery, I wouldn’t seek a psychological diagnosis from someone who is not a doctor. AJ’s mother was a stay at home mom till the money got tight and started a production type company and yes, she had 1 boyfriend that lasted till her death and no, was not a hippie. To each his own re: how they choose to raise their kids. You are 60. The sad truth is most teenagers start to experiment w/sex as early as 12 yrs old. Secondily, the teenage boy did NOT move in… he was just allowed to stay there overnight or whatever but he did not move in… bottomline, if your teenager wants and is having sex at 14, I’d rather know about it, get her on birth control and have a serious talk about the dangers and responsibility about sex than the alternative of her running around, sneaking around and being unsafe and hiding/lying to me. I did with my children and one of my son’s had his GF over all the time and yes, having sex in his room. It’s a different world now-a-days for teenagers than it was for you.

    And your boy Del Toro is far more mentally out there than AJ he just doesn’t tell his personal business.

  10. oriana says

    fly on the wall, how do you know the webmistress doesn’t know either of them? She is a celebrity herself. It is quite possible she knows Jon Voight if not Angie.

    Christina, you have made some good points. I am older than you and I have some of the old school values, not saying I am “all that”, it is just my generation’s upbringing that is instilled in me.

    I have never read why her mother was such an amazing person to her and I think she was indeed. Did she struggle to support Angie and her brother? I know she had other men friends, did she ever remarry? I got the impression she was kind of like a “flower child” and had a hippie like outlook. I could be totally wrong and mean no disrespect.

    To me, I don’t think it is good parenting to allow your underage children to drink/smoke/have sex, especially move someone in under your roof/ just to keep them at home. I think a parent should set limits, standards and values and stick to them. Not cave in, we are supposed to parents not buddy/buddy.

    No way in Hell would I have allowed my two teenage sons to smoke in my house, drink for sure, underage. And if one of them wanted his girlfriend to move in I would have rolled out the front door laughing, for I know it would have to be a joke! With some parents, anything goes, the next step would be, why not do drugs at home too to keep them close? It worked for you and your parents, but the parents have to take a stand sometimes!

    I think the only reason she changed six years ago was because of Maddox, not anything to do with her ideas and habits. WE all grow and learn as time goes by, that is called maturity, in her case, I think she had some mental problems, and I still do.

    If Brad left, I think we would see some radical changes in her behavior.

    I would definitely be shocked if I knew some of the celebs that were bi-sexual(Oh, I am so nosey, I would give anything to be an insider in Hollywood). Jane Fonda, can’t stand her, not at all, Demi Moore, not a big fan either, do wish her and Ashton every happiness though, Elizabeth Shu, love her! Sharon Stone, she is trashy to me, I don’t care if she does have a genius I.Q., she reminds me more and more every day of Sally Kirkland.

    Just as long as Benny isn’t, I can’t bear the thought of him kissing another man when my lips are available! Yes Nicki, 60 years old they may be, but still soft, sweet and I have some fruity lip gloss he would loooove!!!!!!!

  11. Fly On The Wall says

    Blog mistress says: “It is so sad that they can’t reconcile. He seems to really want to be a part of her life.”

    You know absolutely nothing of what went down between Jolie and Voight, and maybe you ought to keep your mouth shut until you do.

  12. Christina says

    Furthermore, look at Oprah now. Look at all she had to overcome. I’m not comparing the 2 but they are prime examples of women who had a destructive past and overcame it. I think AJ has overcome her youthful self-destruction just like Oprah. And just like Oprah, she has a purpose to help others. Again, I am not comparing the 2 but giving you another example of another woman I think is extraordinary that had a self-destructive past. Again, youth and your 20s is all about self discovery and a lot of people experiment.

    Lastly, if you think AJ is one of the few that have experimented in bisexuality; boy, you are sadly mistaken. A lot of actresses have – tons!!! Most don’t tell you but AJ did. Jane Fonda did (she wrote about it in her book), Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Marcia Cross, Elizabeth Shue, Cindy Crawford – the list is never ending.

  13. Christina says

    Oriana~ I disagree w/you sweetie. I don’t think you can measure 2 parents ability to parent without knowing them. I think together – they make a wonderful team as parents. Again, unless you or anyone is capable of digging deeper, past the surface and actions, understanding someone’s psyche it’s too easy to judge the surface. Furthermore, children whom come from broken homes and/or a harsh childhood tend to grow up and want and behave the opposite for their children. I think AJ has shown and proven that she wishes to be a better parent and offer her children a stronger stability. She has stated over and over that her mother was an extraordinary parent. She has stated that she was an angry, sad and misplaced in her youth. She was teased in high school… there is a profound loneliness and unworthiness overtone in her actions as a child and rebellion in her 20s – all of it, to discover who she is and wants to be. The end result, an extraordinary woman, talent and mother. My mom and father knew that me and my brothers were drinking in high school and they made a choice to allow us – preferred it if we did it at home, at least they knew we were safe. I think AJ’s mom and she has said so herself, allowed the boy into the house because she knew her daughter would rebell, sneak around, and perhaps, runaway to be with him- so she made the decision to keep her safe. AJ is extremely strong willed and that begins in childhood. Though her mom’s decision is unconventional, she did what she thought was right to keep her safe. We read thousands of stories of runaway teens.

    People – all people – learn and grow (at least we hope) and evolve. It’s been 6 years now since AJ has done anything self-destructive. I know for myself, I’m a completely different person than I was in my 20s and I would venture to say, you and Dori are as well. Another prime example: Oprah. If you know anything about Oprah’s past, the only thing different is Oprah didn’t cut herself nor share blood but everything else, was similar and she was pregnant at 13- gave birth at 14. She herself has claimed she felt such a deep sense of unworthiness and was promiscuous and did drugs.

  14. oriana says

    okay dori, don’t you misspell my name again sister!!!!! Ha!

    Hope you are having a good weekend, heard some gusty winds up there. Stay in and stay warm, order in one of those famous pizzas for dinner!

  15. oriana says

    Al&J, hope you are having a good day also and you do sound very logical, informed and a totally nice person ( I have enjoyed you on the other threads also).

    I do believe that Angie was a good and attentive mother, very loving, to Maddox before Braddie boy came along. I have read many times where Brad was so good with his nieces and I just think he is wonderful with all kids. He is from the Mid-West, I spent five happy years in Kansas and have been to his hometown before, very clean, quiet community.

    Maybe it is my perspective of him with his family values and raised by a loving, normal family, and by that I mean parents that weren’t Hollywood types.

    I think his values are higher than hers, I think he will be a much better parent because of the way he was raised. I can see her letting Zahara bring her boyfriend in and live with her at 14 like Angie’s mother allowed her to do, I think she still has a lot of the same ideas she had years ago when she was cutting herself and doing drugs, getting all her tattoes. And no, I don’t have anything against a tattoo, I have two myself, got the first one when I was 52 years old.

    I think she has been a good parent and will be a blessing to many more homeless children. I do think she has made a difference between her adopted kids and her biological baby.

    I don’t hate her, I think she has many good qualities, I just have my doubts about her, and again, I could be totally wrong in my way of thinking.

  16. oriana says

    Jenna my sweet girl, be careful in the snow, don’t fall and injure yourself! It is rainy and foggy, wind blowing, no snow where I am, close to San Francisco, one hour away. Now is a good time for your yummy dessert! Ha! Will be making it Sunday! Always enjoy you my Dear!

  17. Al&J says

    Hi Oriana,
    Was curious…In what ways or areas do you think Brad is a better parent than Angelina?
    Angelina was a single mother and doing quite well on her own before she met and began a relationship with Brad. If anything she has had more experience than him.

    Regardless I think they are BOTH very attentive, loving parents. 😉

  18. 2cent2 says

    dori, I suppose ‘demand’ is an exaggeration from your point of view. To me no because you stated her failure to publicly forgive her father as a reason for your disliking her. This to me is a subliminal demand. It is as if to say that ‘had she forgiven her father and allowing him to be with her children, I would have liked her a bit’.

    May I ask if she allowed her father to be involved with her children then telling people that he is evil, will you like her?

    As far as we know, AJ never said her father was evil publicly. She did say he hurt her mother and a few other things which we hear every day, every where, from people from all walks of life. I think she handles this matter in a classy way. It is JV that is behaving poorly. He flips between man and woman to suit his needs. He was a cad to her mom and a bitching woman to his daughter. It really hurts when your own father goes about talking trash about you to strangers. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

    And for the record, I neither like nor dislike her. I’m here to look at cute baby pictures. I only put in my two cents in this discussion because I have been in AJ’s position.

    To oriana,

    What has BP done that makes him a better parent than AJ? I think they both are good parents.

  19. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Oriana, hows the weather over in Cali? Do you get any snow over there? I’m snowed in today! Couldn’t get to college because some roads and bridges are closed, and the buses aren’t running! I’m not complaining though, I love the snow and its the first proper day of snow we’ve had in the Highlands this winter!

  20. oriana says

    Deeds my Dear, I do think Brad and Angie are very good parents in many areas, him better than her. I was thinking more of the older ones that made a mess with their kids.

    Marlon Brando for one, Kirk Douglas for another, although he is doing okay with the second wave. And we won’t even mention Woody Allen the pervert!

  21. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #30 Dori – You don’t KNOW that that’s why she is angry. You can only guess. Sure, it seems likely that its a part of it, but I doubt its the whole story.

    #34 Analise – thank you! Have to say I agreed with something you said a while back but wasn’t big enough to admit it, always letting my pride get in the way lol.

    #44 Christina – very well said! I completely agree with everything you said there. Also, you mentioned that you had a friend who married a black man and has a r*a*c*i*s*t father so doesn’t talk to him. My father is very r*a*c*i*s*t and homophobic, and I’m a lesbian who plans to adopt kids of all different races with a same-sex partner. Therefore when I have kids, my father will obviously NOT be a healthy person to have in their lives!

    (last comment under moderation for using the r-c-st word!)

  22. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #30 Dori – You don’t KNOW that that’s why she is angry. You can only guess. Sure, it seems likely that its a part of it, but I doubt its the whole story.

    #34 Analise – thank you! Have to say I agreed with something you said a while back but wasn’t big enough to admit it, always letting my pride get in the way lol.

    #44 Christina – very well said! I completely agree with everything you said there. Also, you mentioned that you had a friend who married a black man and has a racist father so doesn’t talk to him. My father is very racist and homophobic, and I’m a lesbian who plans to adopt kids of all different races with a same-sex partner. Therefore when I have kids, my father will obviously NOT be a healthy person to have in their lives!

  23. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #29 Dori – what did you not believe was true sorry? I didn’t mention Maddox’s adoption. Sorry just not sure what you meant.

    #33 Sara – there are a few people in my family like that too. I don’t have any sort of a relationship with my own father or his mother and thats my own choice (they don’t speak to each other either lol). My mum also doesn’t speak to her father. As I said before, biology is not that important.

    At the end of the day, you can’t keep letting people into your life after they hurt you time and time again just because they are related to you. That doesn’t give them the right to stay involved in your life and treat you how they want. Its unhealthy to stay in a family relationship like that. And somebody said something about forgiveness – forgiveness may not be the issue with Angelina and her father. I have forgiven my father – but I still choose not to let him be a part of my life.

  24. Deeds says

    Wow Oriana you said “we all know good actors don’t make good parents or grandparents.” Does this men you don’t think that AJ & BJ are good parents?

  25. oriana says

    I think Christina probably knows the truth about Jon Voight and his character. I think he is an excellent actor and we all know good actors don’t make good parents or grandparents. I do hope Angie gives him a chance to get to see the kids sometimes. Life is short, he could have a heart attack, get hit by a car, etc. and it could be too late.

    I am not defending him but I can see where he would not consider all the kids his grandchildren if he isn’t close to her or them. They are not his biological grandchildren, she adopted them, Shiloh is the only grandchild of his flesh and blood, and by that I mean his DNA. He strikes me as looking at it that way, not by what is in his heart or mind, but medically speaking.

    She can adopt ten more kids, they could be Asian, African, or Caucasian, in his thinking, they are just children she has adopted, not his grandchildren that she gave birth too. Many people think that way, not just Jon Voight or movie stars.

  26. Teresa says

    Someone commented earlier that Shiloh looks like her granfather Jon V…….I always thought she did, I’m surprised the media hasn’t picked up on that or mentioned it.

  27. Christina says

    Dori~ you sound like you are experiencing Everybody Loves Raymond. LOL. Hope she doesn’t live across the street. LOL

  28. dori says

    2 cents…As to other poster who demands that AJ should forgive her father, I like to offer my opinion.

    your wording of saying I DEMAND they make up is harsh wording for my statements a bit exaggerated don’t you think?

  29. dori says

    well time will tell I just believe that forgiveness is important with my mother in law it works out because she’s nice to my children but to me and and my husband she was a witch. Too much advice when it wasn’t requested or wanted and lot of expectations for us to be like her perfect liitle goody two shoes daughter, a nosey busy body. But I don’t believe carrying hard feelings from generation to generation. The arguement between me and my mother should be be carried on by my children. My parents are gone for many years so I am glad they have any grandparents.

  30. Decorum says

    I believe it’s ok to forgive, but don’t forget. If someone has hurt you it’s a good chance they’ll do it again.

  31. Christina says

    2cents & Sara~ well said and I absolutely agree with you both.

    Dori~ that is great you are able to overlook your mother-n-law flaws and that she is a benefit to your kids. And I venture to say that I bet something inside of you knew you could trust at least that in her.

    I do hope AJ and Voight mend the rift but it has to be on her time and what she is most comfortable with. Voight to me lacks boundaries and I do believe AJ is emotionally protecting them from what she feels could be a concern. Plus, the kids do have loving grandparents in Pitt’s parents.

  32. Christina says

    Dori~ her kids fortunately do have grandparents- Pitt’s parents and based off of the media and other sources, the kids see them often. I don’t think the kids lack in love and support (uncles, aunts, friends’ like family). Both AJ and Pitt have had the same people around them for many years that are supportive and loving. Do I think Voight has shown his remorse? No, I don’t. He continues to talk to her thru the media – to me, that is not someone who is accountable for his actions. One of her problems w/him is his public statements and he continues to say things (not to mention get 1 of his grandkids’ name wrong).

    I believe (this is my belief) when she is ready to allow him in her life, it has to be for her not her kids. I think it would be healing for her when she is ready because lets face it, no matter how awful one’s parent is, no one wins by cutting them out. It’s a painful process. We just don’t know (nor is it our business to know) what Voight is like privately. I do not believe she cut him off for one thing – it was a build up over years. To use a personal example: my husband’s parents cut off his grandmother because she would discipline the grandchildren in an inappropriate manner – his parents did that to protect the kids. Perhaps her reasons are to protect her children for what she foresees is a concern. We read all the time on this site people stating adoption abroad is bad, racist comments, negative comments re: her kids, etc. and all of it coming from strangers – it wouldn’t be a stretch to think perhaps Voight could have that missing sensitivity chip. We just don’t know. Based off his actions, there is definitely something missing. He lacks boundaries in my opinion and if he is as critical on her as I believe he is, I don’t blame her to want to parent without his cristicism and input and more importantly, protect her kids.

    As you stated, your mother-in-law is not a good person but she is a benefit to your kids. I would venture to bet that something inside of you knew she would be a good grandparent and that you could at least trust that. A friend married a black man and her father is a racist. He has no interaction w/her nor her kids (his grandkids) due to his thinking and feelings. He was a great father to her growing up and it pains her deeply but she will protect her kids from his outlook.

    Perhaps Voight will get his chance to be a good grandparent but AJ has to do it on her time and what she is most comfortable with.

  33. 2cents says


    Well said.

    As to other poster who demands that AJ should forgive her father, I like to offer my opinion.

    I think AJ has forgiven her father to a certain extent. That is she’s no longer wallowing in the hurt he inflicted upon her and her mother and brother. But she does not want to be close to him knowing he is still the man he was. I am in that boat too.

    My father got quite a temper. He beat my mother and me, and not once or twice. He also constantly badmouthed my mother, during marriage and after. I have tried many times to make peace with him but he doesn’t want peace, and never did. I harbor no resentment toward his beating but the badmouthing is hard to forget. I too like AJ do not bring my children to see him lest he tells them half true things and influences them negatively which would undermine my parental authority on my still impressionable-aged children.

  34. 2cents says


    Well said.

    As to other poster who demands that AJ should forgive her father, I like to offer my opinion.

    I think AJ has forgiven her father to a certain extent. That is she’s no longer wallowing in the hurt he inflicted upon her and her mother and brother. But she does not want to be close to him knowing he is still the man he was. I am in that boat too.

    My father got quite a temper. He beat my mother and me, and not once or twice. He also constantly badmouthed my mother, during marriage and after. I have tried many times to make peace with him but he doesn’t want peace, and never did. I harbor no resentment toward his beating but the badmouthing is hard to forget. I too like AJ do not bring my children to see him lest he tells them half true things and influences them negatively which would undermine my parental authority on my still impressionable-aged children.

    Perhaps the evil mother in law has been able to keep her opinions to herself, or for whatever reason you think your children still benefiting from having her involved. Only you know. I do not hate him and I wouldn’t call him evil because he’s not despite his shortcomings. But I like to shape my children with the values I got from my mother and lessons learned from my life. I know I would not trade my children’s mental development for any amount of money for the children or free time I could gain from having the children spent time with their grandfather. And I know my reasons.

    I believe AJ is the only one who knows her reasons too. And she should be left to make her decisions about raising her children, children she is providing for and love. Right or wrong, let her children judge her. We gossips/news readers shouldn’t.

  35. Sara says

    “My mother in law is a jerk a really evil person yet I never kept her from my children because it benefits them to know her.”

    I think it’s really nice that you have managed to find some good in having your mother in law in your life. However, not every situation is like yours, in some cases the children have to be kept from their grandparents for their own emotional protection. Not every grandparent-grandchild situation is beneficial, some can do much more damage than good.

  36. dori says

    Well Chrisitina I say bravo too…. at least you have all the facts.
    Still you believe there should be forgiveness. Because the children should be able to have grandparents and maybe he could have a chance to show the goodness in him and Angie could see he is truely sorry for his actions and make it up to her kids.
    My mother in law is a jerk a really evil person yet I never kept her from my children because it benefits them to know her.

  37. Christina says

    Nicki~ you are so funny. LOL
    Sure, use what you want and no, you don’t need to give me credit for it.

    I want to add: If Jon Voight can be hurtful to go PUBLIC and state his opinion of AJ’s stability, what do you think he is like PRIVATELY??? An angel? People are more comfortable and themselves privately – more real, more raw… but publicly we tend to protect certain aspects of ourselves… so imagine, he says what he said PUBLICLY, what do you think he says privately to her? How he might treat and behave privately?

    You put your best shirt on for the public but at home, you can be yourselves, wear your sweats – be vulnerable. So here he is in front of a camera w/his best shirt on declaring his daughter needs mental help – he just takes it all off in public and says it. WOW! I can only imagine what he shows privately, says privately. If you see a man hitting his children in public at the grocery store, you don’t think he is doing that at home and perhaps worse????

    I hope she does forgive him and that he is permitted to get to know his grandchildren (and their names) but I absolutely would cut him out of my life after what he did on national tv- there is no excuse. Again, time is a key ingredient to forgive and mend a situation like this. I hope it does mend.

  38. Nicki says

    Christina~~~~CHRISTINA!!!! (((((BRAVO)))))
    Clapping, clapping, clapping…Well said, perfectly said,,,all I wished I could have formed together to say!

    May I please copy this, (with proper credit given) and use it again if needed in the future? Please let me know yes or no. If not I will just link to this thread. ((((BRAVO))))).

  39. Christina says

    I’m going to chim in here. LOL

    1st both AJ and her brother have stated it was the way Jon treated their mother that caused a conflict not just the divorce. He left her for another woman, less than a week he showed up at the Oscars w/the mistress -flaunting for the world to see(ONLY a week later). Further adding to their pain and upset, he was VERBALLY abusive (facts that both Jon and the children have stated). I quote Jon “I could have done things different, been better with the way I communicated and had better control over my temper.” It wasn’t just what he did (affair) it was how he handled it and how he spoke to the mom (arguments) and the way he spoke to them (children). I know if I constantly saw my mother being verbally attacked by my father it would naturally have an effect on me. Furthermore, if you read about the mother’s will it states Jon still owes her over 100K in child support and that she is still entitled to that. OVER a 100K – think how long it must take to add up to that amount. AJ has stated herself that it was a letter he wrote to her that said some awful things that hurt her deeply and then add to the televised interview of mental instability… suffice it to say, it broke the camel’s back. Jon never shuts up about her and he road her skirt tails to return to the biz (he was doing mostly only B films). She did try to have a relationship w/her father hence the photo above.

    We say negative things about people that we care about at times but not on NATIONAL tv. Not to mention, Jon knows exactly what that will do taking it public the way he did. Knowing that, knowing the biz, the press, and so forth, you would think she could at least trust her own father to know exactly what that impact would be. There is NO excuse for what he did – he’s been in the spotlight before – he should know better than any of us. In a situation like that – ONLY time can heal that level of pain and betrayal.

    Children don’t cut themselves for the joy of seeing blood. That stems from a deep seeded sense of unworthiness and pain. Any psychologist will tell you that. AJ herself says over and over that she was extremely self-destructive. That to me is a person being accountable for her actions and I applaud any human being that is self aware enough and humble to be accountable and responsible for their actions.

    There are a LOT of celebs that have cut off their relatives because of a sense of betrayal (Demi Moore, Meg Ryan, Jennifer Aniston, many more that is not made public).

  40. Nicki says

    cybil-dori isn’t always fighting with someone on this blog, she just can’t stand Angelina Jolie. That’s her choice. She apologized for coming of harshly………ok maybe that was the other thread……….but whatever, she did and her opinion is hers, as is mine is mine, and yours is yours, and thiers is thiers. We can do this in a civil manner without attacking one person or two. Just try to converse or ignore and converse with someone else.
    dori has the right not to like or like whomever she wants also the right to voice her thoughts.
    You should get on some of the truly evil people who are on here wishing death and harm to unborn babies.

  41. dori says

    And where do you see me fighting with anyone here? This is a discussion with different opinions unlike junior high school kids we don’t have group mentality we each have our own opinions sometimes we agree and sometimes we don’t. GROW UP

  42. dori says

    not true….. but nice try
    i am not a hater but go ahead and accuse all you want .The people on this blog know me and know I say great things about everyone except Angelina. . I don’t HATE anyone just because my opinion differs from yours is not a reason for name calling .

  43. traveler says

    It doesn’t matter when an adoption is final. If someone accuses you of being mentally unstable, social services can choose to look into the matter and quite possible remove the child from the home. Even if the child is biological. To have social services come knocking is never enjoyable. Especially if you didn’t do anything wrong. And like I said, that’s just what was aired publicly. No telling what has gone on privately. She could have a very good reason for not letting him in her life. Maybe he has hurt the children emotionally at one point and in an effort to protect her kids, she shut him out. A mother will do anything to protect her kids.

  44. dori says

    Nicki I have adopted dometically and angie as Jon stated was on her way home with Maddox when he was making his public comment He was excited for her and spoke too soon before she got a chance to make the announcement and THATS why she was angry.

  45. lola says

    # 28 I was just trying to let #18 know Ang & Brad
    wouldn’t last for good,reminding her of the different
    taste of Angie’s.
    I meant unstable in RELATIONSHIPS not MENTALLY.

  46. dori says

    Analise what are you talking about? I said no such thing shut up and don’t direct any comments to me anymore.

  47. Cathi says

    Great another ‘blob’ for Angelina to sideline while she parades her other ‘more deserving’ kids around

  48. Analise says

    Good Heavens I agree with Jenna!

    dori quit acting like you have personal information on exactly when Brad and Angelina first had sex. You just have to get your digs in. Last time I checked Jennifer doesn’t have a halo.

    In any event, if/when Angelina becomes pregnant again it will be happy news..

  49. Sara says

    “And last but not least What kind of person doesn’t have forgiveness in their heart?”

    It’s not always a matter of forgiveness. I am not on speaking terms with one of my relatives and it has nothing to do with anger. I’m not angry with this person at all. This person is a mean, vindictive person who actively tries to hurt everyone who gets near them – and I’m not talking about a few insensitive remarks, I mean really hurtful, mean things. And it simply came down to a choice, I can have this person in my life or I can have peace, but I can’t have both. And I chose peace. Perhaps Angelina did as well.

    “And after losing a mother wouldn’t a person want to reconnect with family?”

    Sometimes the death of a loved one can make a person realize that life is too short to waste time around people who are toxic.

  50. Nicki says

    29. dori~It wasn’t final yet. Anything could have happened. Ask all the women and parents who have adopted domestically.
    He shot off his big trap before she had Maddox and thought she was crazy. (JMO- he didn;t want an overseas grandchild.)

  51. dori says

    I happen to like Jon Voight… I saw his movies. People divorce…. kids at a certain are angry about it. This is not news. It’s not just a friend for goodness sake it’s a father we’re talking about. and there were good times too. They did a couple movies together as the picture at the top shows there were times they were very happy together. And after losing a mother wouldn’t a person want to reconnect with family?

  52. dori says

    #23 I don’t believe thats true… She had already adopted Maddox when he spoke. She was in Cambodia already picking him up.

  53. 2teens says

    #23 Very well put Jenna.

    #19 What was the point of even bringing up the bisexuality, that has nothing to do with being mentally unstable. Nor do any of her past relationships or marriages.

  54. comment says

    No one really knows other people’s affairs, not even your own sibling’s or parents, and even if they (he or she) told you, for there is always something kept a secret out of shame or whatever reason known only to them; hence no one should make any judgment, give opinion or advice.

    You people need to mind your own damn business.

  55. DMITZ says

    I’m just stating my opinion. My father in law is not an easy man to tolerate. My husband and him have had their ups and their downs (to say the least). At the end of the day, my husband knows that our children would be devastated w/out their grandparents. My husband and I both realize that whatever differences we have with him is between us and not the children (his grandchildren).

    None of us know exactly what grudge Angie is holding. I’m very aware of the interviews Jon has given and I’m very aware of the gothic/sexual/wild Angelina from the past. I feel that children should know where they come from, where their parents come from.

    I’m very aware of other celebs and their estranged relationships w/their parents. I’m only commenting on this thread and how I feel about the situation.

    BTW, thanks Oriana! 🙂

  56. Liza says

    What does her having dated women have to do with anything? I’m confused why that was even brought up.

    I’m not particular a fan of Angie. I don’t like her acting (A Mighty Heart being the only exception) and am not particularly fond of the fact that she and Brad chose to get pregnant before his divorce was final. But it would be hard for me to expect someone to give their father several “second” chances after not being a particularly good father to begin with. Whether she needed psychiatric help or not, blabbing to the press about it was not appropriate or fair.

    Even so, like I mentioned before, she recently said that they would reconcile in their own time, and that they both still care for each other.

  57. Jenna M. (UK) says

    And I agree with traveller, the fact that Jon Voight didn’t know (and was possibly the only person in the Western world who didn’t) Zahara’s name speaks volumes.

  58. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Jon Voight annoys me. He needs to learn to keep his private family affairs private because he is only widening the rift between himself and Angelina.

    DMITZ, its up to Angelina to decide what is best for her children. I don’t think she would be excluding him from their lives without good reason. Yes, she only has one father but biology means nothing. Plenty of people are better off without their fathers or mothers or whatever in their lives. One of my friends always says, “Family is what you make it” and I think thats a great quote, its very true.

    Lola, how ignorant are you trying to make yourself sound? Firstly, Angelina may have been a wild child when she was younger but she’s certainly not unstable. Secondly, Angelina was never a lesbian, she is bisexual. THIRDLY, what on earth makes you think that her having a love affair with a woman is evidence to her being unstable? I find that quite offensive. Do you think that all gay people are mentally unstable?

  59. traveler says

    I once heard that Voight’s interview jeopardized Angelina’s adoption of Maddox. I guess social services came knocking afterward. If my parents jeopardized the custody of my child, I’d hold a grudge too. And that’s just what was aired publicly. No telling what the man has done privately. Perhaps it’s a combination of things. She’s forgiven him and rebuilt the relationship a few times. Maybe she’s tired of being stabbed in the back.

    Just look at the interview he gave when he called Zahara “Shakira”. The entire world knows the names of the Jolie-Pitt kids. How come their own grandfather doesn’t? He doesn’t sound like a very caring individual to me.

  60. Nicki says

    Just a general question to those who feel Angie should “just forgive” her Dad.
    Do you all feel the same about Demi Moore and Meg Ryan? Should, or in Demi’s case should have, forgive thier Mothers, who they don’t and didn’t want in their lives or thier kids lives? Just wondering.

  61. lola says

    # 8 wait and see the end of the story…….
    Besides Ang is not at all stable,look at the weird
    relationships she has had by now….
    She was a lesbian also……………………….

  62. nosoupforyou says

    For those of you who say “her children deserve to know their grandfather”… you are way off base.

    As a parent, it is up for Angie to determine who her children “know,” and that includes family.

    Angie at least, has not aired all of their difficulties in public. I remember that horrific interview w/ Jon, when he discussed Angelina, stating that she needed psychiatirc help.

    By the way, Angelina appears to be funtioning just fine. If she was as ill as her father suggested, she would not be able to work, take care of 4 children, and maintain a relationship with Brad.

  63. dori says

    He speaks to her in public because it’s the only way he can get a message to her. And last but not least What kind of person doesn’t have forgiveness in their heart? A cold calculating b*i*t*c*h thats who and this is the wonderful mother?? No this is a media whore who comes out to sag awards wearing a flowing dress to get everyone thinking she’s pregnant because she didn’t win an award and needed some kind of attention. Her acting skills are in the toilet her only movie parts are small scenes except Mighty Heart where she proved once and for all she really has no talent at all just a pretty face and a w-h-o-r-e of a personality

  64. dori says

    I didn’t aasume that the esrtangement was because of her upbringing she and her brother verbalized it in public incase you were absent that day I heard it. And the fact Jon showed concern for Angelina at a time when she was behaving like a psycho was not unreasonab;e for a comcerned father. I guess Angelina takes after her father because she was screwing Brad when he was married. I guess it runs in the family.

  65. oriana says

    How anyone can look at Jon Voight and not see Shiloh is amazing to me! She looks just like him!!!!!!!

  66. Sara says

    “Whether she likes it or not, her children deserve to see, to know who their grandfather is. If he’s willing to reconcile (and it seems he has been reaching out to her) then why not?”

    Just because he wants to reconcile does not mean that he would necessarily be an appropriate influence on young children. Some people are estranged from relatives not because of anger but because the other person is toxic, and children should not be around people like that. Children do not need to have grandparents in their lives, especially not ones who are a bad influence.

    And I don’t call talking about her in the press “reaching out.” If he wants to reconcile he should do so privately and not in the press.

  67. DMITZ says

    And I agree. Jon may have said those things and not been a very attentive husband/father but who is Angelina to judge? Let’s just google her and look back to her younger 20’s and see how much of an “angel” she was then. I know someone is going to rant and rave and defend Angie. I’m just saying that she (nor her father) are perfect. If she wants to be such a great mother, maybe it’s time to let her father back into her life. He’s getting old now and probably realizes life w/out grandchildren is sort of empty.

  68. DMITZ says

    I’m so tired of hearing about Angelina and Jon’s dispute. They are family and I realize how much he hurt Angie and her mother, but she only has 1 father. Whether she likes it or not, her children deserve to see, to know who their grandfather is. If he’s willing to reconcile (and it seems he has been reaching out to her) then why not? Look at Heath, Angie!! Life is too short.

  69. oriana says

    This is such a good picture of them though, they look happy together in it! Wish it could be that way again.

  70. Christy says

    I am not backing Voight, I have no idea, but Angelina Jolie isn’t one to be wagging her finger at anyone who is unfaithful or divorced or prone to romantic mistakes, as before she was this Mother Earth, she had her share. After all, she and Brad didn’t exactly begin with a clean slate. There must be more to this, she couldn’t be that hypocritical about her own actions…

  71. Al&J says

    Mr. Voight needs to stop talking to the press about Angelina. He needs to learn to say “no comment” or “I’d rather not say anything” when Angelina’s name comes up in interviews. It doesn’t come across as rude.
    His inability to keep his mouth shut on matters concerning Angelina is what seems to have gotten him into this mess in the first place. Ofcourse I don’t know for sure what their issue is, but it has been suggested that she was upset that he blabbed to the press during her first adoption.
    If he really wants to work things out and wishes her well he needs to try and do so in private not express this via the NY observer.

  72. Liza says

    Dori, Jon Voight has admitted that he was unfaithful to Angie’s mother and that he was not a present or attentive father.

    As for this most recent estrangement. Seveal years ago, after they had reconciled the first time, Voight stated in a televised interview that Angelina was mentally unstable and needed psychiatric help. I don’t know about anyone else, but I wouldn’t be ok with my father airing family business, whether accurate or not.

    Angie said recently they will begin a relationship again on their own and that she still cares for him.

  73. traveler says


    You also shouldn’t assume that the rift is due to Angelina’s upbringing. She did have a relationship with him as an adult, so my guess is that the rift was caused by something he did recently. Not something he did when she was a child. None of us really knows why she doesn’t talk to him. Maybe there is an excellent reason she doesn’t. Perhaps, if in the same situation, you’d do exactly as she’s doing. Since we don’t know what’s happened, it’s not any of our places to tell her that she should reconcile.

  74. dori says

    You know none of us really knows what their relationship was and it is really unfair to make comments about John Voight when he has never had a chance to speak his side of the story. The marriage didn’t work out just like Brad Pitts marriage didn’t work out and the kids were angry and blame him. He was not negligent about his rersposibilities to his wfe and children he supported them ….but he was a big movie star and unable to give his kids the time they may have needed or desired. If anyone should understand that Angelina should, she knows how demanding being a movie star can be. . In those days movie stars didn’t drag their kids all over the world with them going to movie sets . so Angie should give her dad a break and stop being angry … it only hurts her and her children because he is their grandfather like it or not.

  75. Liza says

    I agree Amber. She reconciled with him in the past, choosing to move beyond the way he had treated her, her brother, and her mother, only to have him talk to the press about how he thought she was nuts.

    You know “fool me once…”

  76. amber says

    I don’t really feel any sympathy for John Voight at all. Too little too late.

    But Whether Ang is pregnant or not – I’m sure they’ll be expanding their brood soon enough

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