An Expectant Alessandra Ambrosio In Victoria's Secret Photo Shoot

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio

Wow! Alessandra Ambrosio (of Victoria’s Secret fame) is several months pregnant, but you would not know it from this photo shoot! Alessandra, 26, is expecting a child with boyfriend Jamie Mazur. (She was also spotted eating for two at NYC dessert mecca Serendipity 3 on Sunday, the day after shooting this VS photo shoot.)



  1. Deenah says

    I never knew she was 7 months pregnant and she doesn’t look like it either Kimora Lee Simmons almost had her fashiom show at Serendipdity the one with her girls and the candy themed I watched how the party was planned.I wonder what Adriana thinks about her friends premartial sex even though Alessandra is catholic too it was on her myspace

  2. ANTI says

    Jordan – stop being so naive. I’m just trying to make these ladies feel better about themselves because I work in this field and know all the stuff they do to photos before they are print-ready. I do it too, it’s my job.

  3. Ali says

    you know…. i tend to have a long torso….. with short legs,lol.
    maybe, it makes sense on how i was so tiny.

  4. canada says

    She could be up to 4 months pregnant. She is lying on her back in the first one; that always makes your stomach look flatter.

  5. Sharrie says

    Stephanie Seymour who was also a Victoria Secrets model, also modeled several times when she was pregnant and just barely showed. Must be nice…I was gigantic!

  6. 2teens says

    #9 yep, that is true Danica. I’m like you, very short waisted and I also popped early and was always getting the twin comments. But my tall, long torsoed friend was 7 months along and you couldn’t even tell.

  7. letibe says

    I am 7 weeks and my thighs and butt are starting to get WIDE!! I don’t understand?? I am eating healthy. Fruits and salads.

  8. ANTI says

    Stop believing what you think you see – it’s called Photoshop and it’s better than botox, but only lasts for one printing (HA).

  9. tammy says

    This woman doesn’t even look bloated. I hope she won’t be one of those selfish superficial models that thinks of herself and not her baby. There is no way that she is 3-4 months along.

  10. says

    The reason she doesn’t look pregnant is because she is tall and has a long torso. Her uterus has tons of space in there and it doesn’t have to stick out as far when she is pregnant. I on the other hand, am short waisted. When I was 6 months along I looked ready to pop! It was so annoying how everyone would say…”Is it twins? triplets?” Also, if this is Alessandra’s first baby she just may not have popped yet either. The abs are still holding the uterus. Later they will separate and make way for a bump.

  11. Candy says

    She looks pregnant in the first photo may be she’s 2 or 3 months pregnant …ahe looks beautifull any way

  12. Ali says

    samsmom, you know… i wish i had a big pregnancy tummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i was soooooo excited to wear pregnancy clothes then it was like i didn’t need them.i love pregnant bellies.

  13. Ali says

    well, i was very tiny when i was preg also. the doctors were even amazed!
    my daughter was almost 8 pounds and 20 inches! we just didn’t know where she was,lol.

  14. samsmom says

    “Several months pregnant” with what, a hamster?
    I’m not trying to be hateful here, but does anyone know how pregnant she is? I mean 3 or 4 months ok, but anything more than that, and she is really not healthy!
    She is beautiful though.

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