Jillian Reynolds Happy To Be Back In Her Bikini

Jillian Reynolds

Jillian Reynolds

Jillian Reynolds loved every minute of being pregnant. “I had a very easy time,” the mom of 6-month-old Ruby told In Touch weekly. “No morning sickness and my daughter was out in four pushes!” But perhaps the best part of the experience for Jillian was being able to pig out, guilt-free. “It gave me license to eat for nine months, so I did!” said Jillian, 41. “Pasta, rice, potatoes, bread – it was awesome.” Less awesome was Jillian’s realization that she had 41 pounds to lose after giving birth. “That was hard,” she shared. “I had gained so much weight, and not just in my belly. It was everywhere: my boobs, butt and legs.”

Motivated to get back her pre-baby body for a NutriSystem commercial airing during the February 3rs Super Bowl – in which she’ll be wearing a bikini – the naturally petite star turned to the food-delivery program to help her shed the pounds. “It’s easy and it works,” she shared. “I want to spend my time with Ruby, so I love that the meals are prepackaged and ready. It’s win-win.” She also did something she never thought she’d have to do – hit the gym. “Outside of Skating With Celebrities, I’ve never worked out,” Jillian admits. “I was always cut and had abs without working at it, but after the baby, I didn’t have definition anymore.” After hiring a trainer in December, Jillian started doing sit-ups, crunches, and resistance training. And while she’s thrilled about being able to fit into her skinny jeans again, all that really matters is her little girl. “Whenever I get stressed out about my body, I look in the mirror and go, ‘Look what you did – you made a human being!'” she said. “That’s an incredible thing.”

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  1. RJ says

    I remember when Jillian started on FOX football. Now, it is time for FOX to move on and get a new weather girl. She is looking more and more like “hard,” overtanned, overprocessed trailer trash.

  2. KD says

    I’m certain that the woman works out, but PUH-LEASE .. she lost MOST of her weight by downloading a tricycle motor. Nutrisystem should be asked to remove the ad as false advertising!

    Also .. WHY does every woman since Demi Moore exposed her disgusting cow stomach to the world think that THEY should expose their disgusting cow stomach?!!

    Do the rest of the world a favor .. when you are pregnant, resist the urge to expose yourself to a camera .. especially those of you who think that the “side shot” while rubbing your stomach is necessary .. until after you give birth! NO ONE wants to see it, and it’s not like you’re the first woman in 10,000 years of human history to give birth to a human being. A kid is a kid is a kid!

  3. Jane says

    Wait a second- she always talks about going to the gym and working out when she does the weather! And she’s been doing this for YEARS! Nutrisystem needs to drop this fraud- everybody in L.A. knows this! And aside from the “baby weight” she has never had to lose a pound- okay? Btw- I am a trainer- you don’t keep “cut” abs by never working out. Drop this desperate older woman!

  4. Jane says

    This “girl” weatherwoman said that she was 39 quite a few years ago in the TV Guide. The next day, the “girl” kicked it back loudly to “35”, then “34”, etc…and now she is only “41.” She always said that she “tells the truth” (hair extensions, etc), except she forgot to mention the boob job. She always claims that hers are real, but I remember when she was on the same program with mousy brown, thin hair and a flat chest. I grew up watching her , so please….the makeup is extremely heavy and she continues to dress inappropriately. She still dresses like that to do the weather!

  5. 2teens says

    #15 LMAO @ Aman-DUH
    After that incomprehensible post you have the gall to say I sound stupid? Oh you poor thing.

    #18 JJ, Aman-duh is incapable of kicking it up a notch. The poor dear can barely string 2 thoughts together. 😉

  6. Jx2 says

    Amanda – can you please entertain me a bit. This back and forth with 2 teens is getting to be a bore. Kick it up a notch or scoot! What is your argument based on anyway? Still debating whether the WM deleted the messages on purpose? She did!! Trust me. I have been here much longer than you have.

  7. Janessa says

    Egads, I remember that HORRID pink dress in that picture that she wore to her baby shower. WHAT the hell was she thinking? Made her breasts look like oblong water balloons.

  8. Jx2 says

    Oh me! Oh my!..looks like the discord and strife continues without my sassy contribution. Where’s my new ‘frenemy’ LIZA-rd!!!?

  9. Amanda says

    2teens you are just making yourself look even more stupid with every post. Keep it up!! If you even knew that you didnt know anything that would be something but you dont even know that. I feel sorry for you!

  10. 2teens says

    Amanda & Bella are the same person. Split personality much?
    Layla, maybe when you are able to put together a sentence properly someone might listen to you.

  11. Bella says

    She looks better with the weight on. Amanda I love you, some of these women on this site thinks they own it…..2 teens you’re the most nasty person this site….stop playing the victim.

  12. says

    Thanks 2teens; you’re a dear!

    Amanda; thanks for filling me in (insert sarcasm). The webmistress is having problems with the site..wow…really? I figured as much!

    Layla….thanks I guess. What’s with all of these recent “duuuhhh” observations??

  13. 2teens says

    Where was the “damn nasty” post Amanda? Please point it out to me. The only nasty poster I see on this thread is YOU!

  14. Amanda says

    She didnt delete any comments she was having problems with the site. Get over yourselves and stop being so damn nasty and thinking the worse of everyone. Like you are so perfect?? Good Grief! Keep Your headup web mistress it must be PMS week these people!

  15. Toni says

    Who is this girl? What does she do? She looks like a t.v.host although I can’t be sure. Can anyone tell me where I should know her from?

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