Dixie Chick Martie Maguire Expecting A Girl

Martie Maguire

Dixie Chick Martie Maguire is expecting, she told People magazine on the red carpet for the Nobelity Artists & Filmmakers Dinner in Austin to benefit the Nobelity Project Sunday.

“I’m very excited,” Martie, 38, says, adding, “We know what it is – it’s a girl.”

Martie already has twin daughters: Eva and Kathleen, 3.

Best Wishes!


  1. Liza says

    What am I supposed to be seeing in post #125? Would you care to point something out to me?

    As for your comments about the south, yes I saw you point out that some people have respect and compassion, but you also continually make warnings for people’s safety due to their political views. So is it just the majority you think we should be concerned with? What portion of the population do you think is intolerant and bigoted that they would turn violent towards those who had a different political opinion? You talk in circles, you add qualifiers, but the fact remains that you said that if Kelli (and then you invited me to join her) were to go down south, she should be concerned for her safety because of her views.

    I’m not even sure what your Mother Teresa comment is supposed to mean. Care to explain?

    You speak volumes about yourself when you state that you want to hit someone because you disagree with their political views.

  2. oriana says

    Liza, maybe it isn’t your vision that is bad, maybe it is your memory that is faulty. Did you forget what you wrote in #125?

    Are you Mother Teresa?

    It appears that you pick up on things you choose too and comment on those that suit you instead of the truth. Did you read #103? I did say there were many there that were intolerant but many more that had respect and compassion, if you want to interpret for yourself that I have painted everyone in Ky as bigoted and intolerant then that is your choice, again, don’t put words in my mouth and lie about something I said that I didn’t.

    Also, read #101, I made it clear there were many in Ky that loved to debate but many more that would love to talk instead of screaming, but again, you read that already didn’t you?

    And again, I make no apologies for wishing someone had given Natalie a good slap across the face, I wish I could have done it myself!

  3. Liza says

    Oriana, thanks for your concern for my vision, but it’s fine. You do love to get personal thought don’t you? D-Ho made the comment about spitting in soldier’s faces, and you did change your “warning” to an “invitation” about going to the south.

    I never said that you said you thought Bush was a good president, I read you loud and clear (although you seemed to have made up something I wrote). You think he is dumb and being manipulated by his advisors (thereby essentially absolving the man of responsibility). I, on the other hand, think he is not a good man, does not have a good heart, and is absolutely responsibility for the mistakes his administration made. As far as badmouthing or criticizing him in another country. As an American citizen I have the right to badmouth him anywhere. If you find it distasteful, then don’t do it, but he’s the president, he can take it and he knew this was part of the job w hen he ran for the job.

    As far as the soldiers are concerned. I’ve met people who supported Natalie and those that didn’t and yet none of them felt insulted or discouraged by her statements, because they were capable of distinguishing a remark about Bush and one directed towards them. And sweety, it’s one thing to say some soldiers were bothered by it (which you never specific) it’s another to say her comments insulted the troops, whcih is what you actually said. You made a blanket statement and only now are you qualifying it.

    I also never said you used the word lynch. Now whose putting words in whose mouth?

    I’ve been to Kentucky and Tennessee, recently even. The people there are not as intolerant and bigoted as you paint them to be. Many are very much willing to discuss and debate differing points of view. Too bad you have them begged as ignorant and intolerant blowhards.

    And it’s nice to see you condone violence against women. Just what we need more of.

  4. oriana says

    Liza, is there something wrong with you? When is the last time you had your glasses checked? Where did I ever write I wanted Kelli violently attacked? Where did I ever write the phrase or comment about spitting in any soldier’s face? Don’t put words in my mouth!!!!

    For that matter, where did I ever say I thought Bush was a good President? I stated I wasn’t a Republican and I didn’t think he was that smart. I think he has a good heart and is a good man but that is not the same as saying I liked him for running the country. Can you not distinguish between the two?

    My point was, and I tried to get it across to you, but apparently you couldn’t comprehend that, was that as the Leader of this nation, it is wrong to me to badmouth him other countries, as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, negative comments about him might make some, and I did say some soldiers, feel discouraged and not like it. What part of that did you not understand?

    If you want to agree with everything the Dixie Chicks and your friend kelli say, then again, that is good and I said that also, what part of that did you not understand?

    As far as telling her to stay out of Ky, I explained that also, with her point of views and smart mouth, I don’t think it would be safe for her to talk like that around some of the “rednecks” there as she called them, and me. However, I did have a change of heart and that is why I did say by all means, Come on Down! I think she could take care of herself.

    Also, kelli used the term, get lynched, I didn’t, those were her choice of words, please, don’t lie on me or put your words in and say I said them. That is not necessary for either of you to get your point across.

    I also wrote I didn’t agree with anyone giving death threats to the Dixie Chicks and I never did, that was wrong to me. I would have loved it if someone had smacked Natalie across the mouth though! Oh yes, I definitely stand by that VIOLENT act!

    As for me, I would appreciate it if someone gave me a warning of going someplace they thought I might be unsafe. Why don’t you go to Ky and Tenn. with her? You would love the good food and beautiful scenery!

  5. Kelli says

    Cali – “People are tired of reading your ranting posts.” Really? It seems to me the people tired of reading, simply DON’T read.

  6. Kelli says

    Liza – “And then you both have made comments about her being violently attacked. She may have made some personal comments towards you, but I haven’t seen her wish violence upon you.” I’m glad someone else noticed this too. No, I don’t wish death on people because we disagree. It’s actually pretty funny with the extremes these two silly broads have resorted to that they then use words like maturity and insulting. Like I said before: wow, just wow.

  7. Kelli says

    Oh my darling ho – “Your anger just made my Saturday the happiest it’s been in a long time!” I’m glad you’re happy, but I am not angry – I never was. You are an anonymous blip in cyberspace, you can’t make me angry. “You just did a 100 degree turn with your personality.” Did you mean 180 degree? That is the turn that people are referring to when an about face is done. If it is, you’re wrong, I been pretty consistent throughout. ” I sure hope you’re not on a debating team.” I’m not. “You aren’t educated” I am. “You need to grow up” I am. “And don’t think that writing 1 page essay blogs make you either of those.” No, being educated and grown up makes me both of them. “You’re the one that says we need to unite but writing rude comments the way you do shows that you’re the one that needs that, not me.” You might want to look up the definition of the word UNITE, it doesn’t mean what you seem to think it does. ” I really like the “ho” comment too- really mature.” That is your name, right? D- HO. “You make me laugh” Laughing is good for the soul. I’m glad I gave you that gift. “What are you 14?” No. “By the way…. you don’t respect our troops…. you insulted me and thought nothing of it.” You are not “our troops”, you are one person who is a member of our troops as a profession. You are not representing your job on this board. And nothing about your demeanor or the way you express yourself with death threats and death wishes is at all respectable. But yes, I respect the job you do, when you are actually working. You personally, not so much. “You’re welcome for your safety.” I don’t recall thanking you. “If we do get attacked I hope the first bomb falls on you.” Says she who yearns for mature discussion. “considering you take your safety for granted.” You base this conclusion on what? ” Better yet, go live in Kenya.” I’m American. Apparently you’ve lost sight of that.

  8. Mrs. California says

    Oh Lord I see that ignorant B****Kelli is still going on and on and on …Shut-up you dumba**, ignorant, sad, stupid, type happy B****. People are tired of reading your ranting posts.

  9. Liza says

    Insulting a soldier is not the same as insulting or disrespecting the troops. Being a soldier doesn’t make you exempt. One of my cousins is one of the worst human beings I have met and yet, where is she? In Iraq, serving in the Army. Being a soldier doesn’t make you an automatic martyr, if you insult others, you have to expect it back.

    Btw, I still fail to see how the troops in Iraq are keeping me safe?

    All I can see is that Kelli got annoyed after she was insulted by Oriana and yourself D-Ho, when you both more than implied that her comments criticizing our government and policies were basically tantamount to spitting in the faces of soldiers. And then you both have made comments about her being violently attacked. She may have made some personal comments towards you, but I haven’t seen her wish violence upon you.

    That’s low and immature and a sign that someone can’t stand hearing a view that differs from their own without taking it personally.

  10. D-ho says

    You know what Kelli? Your anger just made my Saturday the happiest it’s been in a long time! I’m the mean one? You just did a 100 degree turn with your personality. I sure hope you’re not on a debating team. You aren’t educated, you need to grow up, and don’t think that writing 1 page essay blogs make you either of those. You’re the one that says we need to unite but writing rude comments the way you do shows that you’re the one that needs that, not me. I really like the “ho” comment too- really mature. You make me laugh- what are you 14? By the way…. you don’t respect our troops…. you insulted me and thought nothing of it. You’re welcome for your safety. If we do get attacked I hope the first bomb falls on you, considering you take your safety for granted. Better yet, go live in Kenya.

  11. Kelli says

    Orianna – here I thought that you were through with me. I do appreciate the concern. First you worried about me being lynched, then you invited me to get lynched, now you are worried about my pressure, depression, and nightmares. Bipolar much? Don’t worry your pretty little hate-filled head, my dear. I’m just fine – a clean bill of health. Worry about you – that should keep you very busy.

  12. Kelli says

    D-ho – “I’m confused” Exactly. Your problem, not mine. I think I have expressed myself pretty clearly on my stance about the war, the people waging it and the people fighting it. Only you don’t see that as three different topics. Why keep my repeating myself to you when you don’t have the capacity to grasp the conversation at hand and we both are worrying about my blood pressure?

    “No need to get mad” Don’t flatter yourself. I spar with people like you for sport and mad is something reserved for people you care about. I think tired is the more accurate term. You and your ilk make me tired. No there is another appropriate term too – sad. Because there are so many of you, which is why this country is going to sh*t and will continue to. Too many stupid and mean people calling the shots. Too many stupid and mean following blindly. All too stupid and too mean to even see that they are destroying themselves in the process. Apparenly you like war, Ho. Good news for you, we’ll be in this for a long time to come. Congrats!

  13. oriana says

    D-ho, very good advice, way too many people having strokes in this day and age! And hopefully she is on some type of medication for nerves also if she gets depressed, since she is apparently concerned about monsters, I wouldn’t want anyone to have nightmares. I can recommend several, Buspar, Zoloft, Prozac, in case of stress and anxiety, but sometimes just meditation, using some good breathing exercises will do the trick!

    Being from the Redneck South, I know a lot of good ole folks down there believe in, dare I say it, Prayer!

  14. D-ho says

    Also- if you’re having to use restraint for these blogs I hope you’re on some type of blood pressure medication. Seriously, it’s not worth it…..

  15. D-ho says

    Kelli- I guess the thing that I’m confused about is what you respect about the troops- Bush aside. You say you hate Bush but respect our troops. What exactly do you respect about our troops? I apologize about the Cindy Sheehan comment, but I’m not a brainwashed fanantic either. I could say the same thing about you, but I didn’t. If I’m fanatical, you are just as fanatical as I am- just on the other side of the fence! As far as the political party affiliation (which I really don’t care, because I think that the republicans and Dems are just as bad)the fact that you answered my statement about how I have a problem with left wing democrats with “Don’t count me a left wing democrat told me that you were by your defensiveness. But if you’re not so be it. No need to get mad- that’s what arguments are.

  16. Kelli says

    Liza, great posts! Still they are wasted on these people. They simply can’t even grasp the concept that you don’t have to be polar opposites to disagree on one subject matter. The logic goes like this: because we disagree about Bush and they like Bush AND they like their family members who are soldiers, then we, who don’t like Bush must not like soldiers EITHER (even though we also have family members who are soldiers). They are truly proud and satisfied with this conclusion. I wonder, using this logic (or lack thereof) if they disliked soldiers when Clinton was in office. Hmmm.

    Anyway, your posts are wonderful. You have much more restraint than I do.

  17. Kelli says

    No need to enjoy the scenery – just more rabid rednecks. I’ve seen it before – hell, I’ve been talking to YOU for two days – what’s the differece? “I am done with you.” And they say God doesn’t answer prayers anymore. “I don’t like you, I doubt that will change either.” I KNOW it won’t change on my part. “Sounds like you have a big fan in Liza” Sounds like you have a big fan in the Nazi party. No need to drag Liza in this. She’s been more than civil with you. I see no reason at all to be civil with you. “I have been identified before with Godzilla so you may very well be right on that point!” I knew I would be. F*ck off, Zilla.

  18. Liza says

    Well after 1993, there wasn’t another attack on U.S. soil until 9/11, and I don’t think Clinton had anything to do with that, just luck (unless we count domestic terrorism, and then it was 95, but the point remains). Similarly, I don’t think Bush’s policies have anything to do with their not being another attack on U.S. soil, I think that’s luck too. The number of international terror attacks and attacks on western nations in general have increased. If anything, Bush’s policies have increased the number of young people willing to join the terrorists and have damaged our reputation around the world. We haven’t beaten Al Qaeda, we’ve emboldened them and increased their recruitment. Am I happy that there hasn’t been another attack on American soil? Sure, but I don’t feel good that there have continued to be attacks on Britain, Spain, Indonesia, Turkey, etc (all targeting Westerners) and attacks specifically targeting Americans in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. So, no I don’t feels safer, I feel lucky.

    The wording of your comments towards Kelli implies that you think her statements regarding U.S. policies and her criticism of Bush are as bad as people who used to spit on soldiers. Maybe you find the statement that the troops died for nothing as insulting, but you can clearly see that was it actually being said with that statement is that this war is not worth the price of the lives of soldiers. This war is not worth their lives.

  19. Kelli says

    D ho – The truth does hurt. But it is not that I am disrespectful. It’s that you are just another brainwashed, fanatic like many I’ve met. I have also met many soldiers who understand the difference between liking a president and liking the troops. And the difference between saying that a war is pointless while knowing that the troops are not. But whatever, your limitations are what they are. I’m curious what you think about actual soldiers who don’t like Bush. Does your mind start to burn? And I’m nothing like that “Wacko” Sheehan. She lost her son.

    Also before accusing someone of putting words in your mouth you might want to read what they actually said. I said that you “equate me with the people who spit in the soldiers faces” which is a pretty accurate reading of “that this just as bad as the Vietnam Vets coming home getting spit in the face.” And you posted, “My problem is mostly with the left wing democrats …” to which I responded “Don’t count me as a left wing democrat. I have not voiced my affiliations. And I do not fit this description. ” That was not an accusation it was a statement of fact distinguishing myself from the people you described. The one putting words in people’s mouths is you. Is this what YOU do when you realize you are in a dead end argument?

    The bluntness of my post was dismissal and disappointment, I didn’t quite know who I was dealing with, but I have no problem continuing this discussion now that I do. Carry on. I’ll do my best.

  20. oriana says

    yes, Kelli, by all means make your reservations, and have your long winded speeches prepared before you go, that way you won’t waste your time writing, ranting and raving, you can have some time to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

    I am done with you. I don’t like the Dixie Chicks, that won’t change, I don’t like you, I doubt that will change either. To each his own. Sounds like you have a big fan in Liza, admiration for you and your point of views. That is good too, we all have our Rights, Liberty and hopefully Justice. The last I doubt, O.J. Simpson disproved that.

    As for me being a monster, I have been identified before with Godzilla so you may very well be right on that point!

  21. d-ho says

    Also… again- I never said that you personally spit in soldiers face, I never said what political party you’re affiliated with, so please quit accusing me of that and putting words in my mouth. I believe that that is what happens when you realize that you’re in a dead end argument. I don’t think we’ll ever agree. Your bluntness in your last statement shows that you probably would like to end this discussion which is no sweat off of my back.

  22. d-ho says

    Liza- it’s because we have enough on our plate right now- but give us time. I’m sure we’ll be there.Also, how can you say that you don’t feel safer? Have we been attacked since 9/11? That makes no sense. Kelli- it sounds like you took what I said very personally- I guess the truth hurts. It is disrespectful, like it or not to say that someone died for nothing and no cause no matter which way you try to sugar coat it and I believe a lot of soldiers would take offense to that not to mention their spouses. You’re just as bad as that wacko Cindy Sheehan. How can you say you are pro-troops if you are disrespecting the very job that they signed up to do?

  23. Liza says

    Kelli, I don’t think the price has been worth it either. I’ve also never had someone explain how being anti-Bush is being anti-t roop, although I’ve asked so many people over the last 5 years.

    D-ho, you still haven’t answere the question that if a dictatorous leader and freeing the Iraqi people were our primary reason for invading, why aren’t we in nations like the Sudan or Myanmar?

  24. Kelli says

    Oriana – I’ll be sure to make my reservations to KY this weekend. Where would you like my family to post the pictures of my burned, lynched body so that you can be satisfied? You’re a monster.

  25. Kelli says

    Dho – I am not anti troop. I am antibush. Apparently nothing I can say can make you see the difference. So fine. If you equate me with people that spit in soldiers faces, then wow, just wow. No point in continuing.

  26. Liza says

    Oriana, if am being critical of my mother, and it is an issue on which she deserves criticism, it isn’t disrespectful. No one in my family would assume that a criticism of one member is a criticism of the entire family. Criticizng the president is not the same as insulting the troops or not supporting them, it’s not even close. Bush is ONE individual and criticisms against him are just that, against him.

    I happen to know a number of soldiers who supported Natalie’s right to make those statements and who have said much much worse about Bush and yet they are proud to serve in the military. So are you saying they aren’t patriotic or they don’t support the troops because they may make insulting comments?

    If the southerners you speak of truly had respect and compassion, they would be tolerant of a political opinion about the president that differs from their own. What you are saying is that an opinion like Kelli’s or my own would not be tolerated, so in essence, they are intolerant of views that differ from their own.

    D-Ho, I understand what you are saying about the troops not having died for nothing, but perhaps people feel like they are dying in vain and are wondering what their deaths have accomplished. I, for one, do not feel safer, and do not feel like they are fighting to protect me. Iraq wasn’t even a threat to us, so what are we being protected from? I queston whether this war has been worth all the suffering it has caused both for our soldiers and for the Iraqi people.

  27. Tammy says

    Oriana- the reason people aren’t flying their flags anymore is because like the duma$$es that they are, they figured that the war would be over in one week, no soldiers would die, and they could go back to recording CSI Miami and American Idol. America the beautiful, Americans the ignorant.

  28. Tammy says

    People- the bottom line is until you are the President, in the military, or in politics, you really don’t know what is going on unless you watch the news, and if you base your opinion on that-then I’m sorry but you’re pretty dumb.

  29. oriana says

    Another issue I would like to comment on that will no doubt upset many, but I don’t like it when I see people like Kid Rock, whom I like very much by the way, wearing clothes made out of the American Flag. I don’t like it, it is disrespectful, the Flag is sacred to me, it is not meant for shirts, dresses, bathing suits, which is disgusting when I see it.

    After 9/11 you couldn’t sneeze without seeing every house in every neighborhood, waving the Flag in their front yard. Now drive down your street and see how many you see. Somehow there aren’t as many. It isn’t a faze to fight for freedom, it isn’t a faze to speak for freedom, I personally think the soldiers should be uplifted, honored and encouraged in every way, and that is not being done, and it is a shame and a disgrace to me.

  30. oriana says

    Liza, when I say Bush is dumb, I don’t he is that smart, he listens to his advisors, Dick Cheney, whom I really can’t stand, and to people around him that do not have this country’s best interests at heart.

    He is the Commander in Chief, he is the Leader of the nation, a lot of the soldiers, not all, but there were many that didn’t like him being ridiculed by Natalie Maines. If you can’t understand what I meant, then you will never get it.

    If you are critical of your mother, it may be an embarrassment to your whole family, whether they agree with everything you say or not, it would reflect on them as a whole. Try it, go to your next family reunion, go to a restaurant, even a social function, and start badmouthing her, see if some members cringe and feel that they are being looked down on. I am not saying that you would ever do that but it is an answer to the example you used.

    There may be many in the southern states that are intolerant, but there are many more that have respect and compassion, not just for the troops but for even the President whom they helped elect.

    I never thought Natalie popped off like she did because she was so concerned about anything, she wanted to bring attention to herself, and she did it. My opinions and thoughts are just that, they are mine, I don’t like every singing group, political group or radical groups, that is my choice. You have yours, I have mine.

  31. D-ho says

    Hey Kelli- I’ve been in the military for almost 20 years and I can guarantee that if I died it wouldn’t be for nothing. In my opinion, I think that is one of the most disrespectful things people are saying nowadays. You might not agree with the reason we’re over there, but nonetheless, the soldiers are still protecting you and your freedom on this soil, so to say they are dying for nothing is a little harsh-JMO. I’m sure lots of the soldiers would like to hear that. I believe that this just as bad as the Vietnam Vets coming home getting spit in the face. Also, how can you say that the Iraqi people weren’t saved from the hanging of Saddam? Wouldn’t he have probably killed more people? There were people who were saved. Our efforts thus far, have not been in vain. Seriously, there are no hard feelings, I’m just stating my opinion.

  32. oriana says

    I did what Tammy asked, I elaborated on my statement.

    As far as you Kelli, I am sure there are a lot of people that know you have better things to do, than “kiss your A**, I know I do. You are one in a million with your attitude, no big surprise to me.

    Most obnoxious people aren’t scared to spout their big fat mouths off anywhere, so once again, no surprises to me.

    Going to Ky, or any Southern states for that matter, wasn’t a threat, it was a warning for your safety, now it is an invitation. Many people there love to debate, voice their opinions, shout, scream and then there are those that don’t waste their time doing that, please, by all means, don’t stay out of the clubs, belly on up to the bar, you will understand quick enough the point I was making. Please, go to the VFW too while you are at it.

    There are actually many good, honest, hardworking, intelligent people there that would love to talk with you.

    As for me, I am not one of them. I think you are a big mouth blow hard, know it all, or wannabe know it all, I hope you are working in the coming election, maybe a Precinct Captain, urging new voters, do something constructive to help change things. Hillary needs you in her corner, Obama wants to help improve our conditions, go spout off about Bush to them, you might get a pat on the back instead of a kick in the ass.

  33. Liza says

    Oriana, I have watched numerous Bush speeches, and I have either laughed at his ineptitude at speaking spontaneously or gotten pissed at his arrogance. Neither means he is stupid. By calling him dumb you absolve him of any responsibilty for the numerous mistakes he has made and the path he has sent this country down. I’m not prepared to do that, because he is the president and in the words of Truman, the bucks stops with him.

    Can you possibly explain how these “put down remarks” directed towards Bush reflect on the troops? I’m not seeing the correlation at all. If I criticism my mother, am I criticizing my entire family then? These people in southern states that you speak of (although I know plenty of Bush hating southerners) are nothing more than intolerant towards those whose opinions differ from their own. Sure they like to cloak themselves in the flag, but they’re nothing more than intolerant.

    d-ho, prior to our first invasion, Iraq had some of the most liberal laws regarding women anywhere in the Middle East, primarily because the government was secular. In fact, women were given equal rights and given equal access to education, healthcare, voting rights, and even governmental positions. However, after the first Gulf War, increasing sanctions against Iraq had the biggest impact on women, primarily on education and employment. In the late 90’s, Sharia Law was enacted as a political tool for Saddam to consolidate power with the religious communitiies (he was primarily secular) to improve the country’s economy.

    A question I have for you is this: if you really feel that as Americans we are obligated to help those suffering under cruel government and this was the reason for the invasion, why aren’t we in countries like the Sudan or Myanmar? I think it would be great if that was the case, but I fail to see how that was out motivation when we are so blase about so much other suffering going on.

  34. Kelli says

    Hey D-ho. I hear what you’re saying. I think it would be nice if we could make the cruel leaders behave themselves. I think it’s wonderful if this was the heartfelt reason you had to fight. But it is my contention that this was NOT the reason this Administration wanted it. Still it is your sentiment that makes me all the more angry. I oppose needless war simply BECAUSE I don’t want to take in vain the sacrifice of our soldiers. Why should you die for nothing? To save people, yes. To give Halliburton a billion dollar profit, no.

  35. Kelli says

    Orianna – Let me tell YOU something. I am not scared to spout my mouth off anywhere. Your father et al have seen to it that I have the right to do so. I don’t know the Dixie Chicks so arm and arm probably won’t happen, but I wouldn’t mind if it did. And your good ole boys can kiss my a**. So can you, for that matter. Take your threats to someone else, maybe they’ll be scared.

  36. d-ho says

    Hi Kelli- To address some of your points- Everyone thought that there were WMD. The congress didn’t have a gun held to their head saying “you’d better give discretion to President Bush!” They are adults and they made that decision along with the President. They do have minds of their own. Secondly, America is not like any other country. SInce we are the most powerful nation in the world, we are almost obligated to help people who are suffering under vicious dictatorships. It’s horrible to just sit back and watch people suffer when we can do something about it. That’s just our way. If you remember, even with Pearl Harbor, when we laid the smack down in Japan after the events that happened in Hawaii, we helped them rebuild their country. America will always be like this. I don’t know if you watch the news alot- I don’t because it’s so one sided most of the time, but haven’t you heard about the positive things that are going on in Iraq? More schools are opening for children, women are allowed to vote now and many people over there are happy and relieved that we’re there. Another thing, I never said that you were affliated with any political party, and if you interpreted it that way, I apologize. You’re right about your last comment though- it will take a lot of prayer and a miracle form God himself to rebuild Iraq completely, but like I said many positive changes are already going on.

  37. oriana says

    kelli, let me make it very clear, when I said please stay out of Ky, I meant it for two reasons, first of all I live in Ca. but I am from Ky. I personally think it would be unsafe for you and the Dixie Chicks to go there and spout off like you do, it would be unsafe, the people there, and in Tenn. don’t take kindly to put down remarks that reflect on the troops. Also I think Ky is for the Republicans, I am not.

    As far as pissing you off, you are not a friend of mine, you are not someone I admire or even like, so I don’t give a damn if you are pissed off or not! Are you a Senator, in Congress, or in any position to help do any good in Washington? You are a voter just like I am.

    On second thought, go on down to Ky, go on to Tenn., any Southern states, and run your mouth standing arm in arm with the Dixie Chicks, I would love it!!!! Please, by all means, plan your next vac to Ky and have a wonderful time. And please go on to Nashville too. Lots of hometown folks and good ole boys there that would LUV you!!!!!!

    As far as a military dictatorship, that is stupid but we had that years ago, ever heard of Eisenhower? I do think we need a strong military, a strong Leader and a intelligent one.

    Liza, obviously you have not listened very well to a lot of his speeches, he has made a joke of himself many times. David Letterman ran a clip of his comments and any writer for a comedy show could not have done any better than some of the things that has come out of his mouth.

  38. Liza says

    Oriana, maybe you don’t hear people criticizing Queen Elizabeth, but she isn’t the leader of the country, she is a symbolic figure. When Tony Blair was prime minister (the actual leader of the country), he received CONSTANT criticism from the people of the U.K. and people weren’t told they were unpatriotic or that is was treasonous to criticize the government, or that their words harmed the troops. Same thing in Australia.

    To me, the President is only ONE man, he isn’t the whole country. To say that criticism him is not being supportive of the troops is insulting. I have friends over there, I have family over there. Some are supportive of the president, and some say worse things than Natalie Maines said. They aren’t there to serve the president, they are there to serve their country. I never thought we should have been there, but we are now, and we have an obligation to help create some stability, although I think our current presence there is only worsening the problem.

    Kelli brings up some good points. If our point in going there was to rid the world of a horrible dictator, why aren’t we in Myanmar or the Sudan, or Zimbabwe, or Nigeria or numerous other nations? To me the answer is pretty simple, the Bush family had a grudge against Hussein and the presence of oil in Iraq made it profitable. All those other countries that are currently being run by dictators lack one thing, we have no special interests there, nothing to gain from invading or waging war. Well nothing besides helping fellow human beings, but that’s hardly ever a motivation.

    Kelli also points out that Clinton was heavily criticized when he was president. His policies were criticized, his bombing of Iraq and Serbia were criticized, and not once did I hear of people claiming those criticisms were unpatriotic or harmful to those serving overseas. So why is it so different with Bush? Why is it that everyone clamors to protect him when he gets criticized?

    And I don’t think that Bush is the most intelligent president we’ve ever had and I do think he has been manipulated by his administration, BUT I do not think he is dumb and he holds the responsibility for this because he is the one that brought us to war. I have no love for Congress either, but the main responsibilty lies with Bush.

  39. Kelli says

    Hi D-ho. I’ll keep it as short as I can, LOL.

    1. Congress gave Bush the discretion to make the declaration based on straight up lies from Administration officials that Hussein had WMD. Bush didn’t hesitate to exercise this power. Congress was stupid and I have no love for ANY of the individuals who were party to it. NONE OF THEM IN EITHER PARTY.

    2. This was grade A bullsh*t that you were fed as a reason for war. The US does not have a policy of deposing cruel dictators. If we did, we would have invaded half the sh*tholes all over the world. We would be in several African countries en masse at this point. This was an excuse to target THIS dictator because he had a history with the Bush family. Furthermore the fear of the use of WMDs was a lie because Hussein never had WMDs.

    3. If you say so, about the country being better off than it was before. I can’t rebutt what your friends say if they are there.

    4. Don’t count me as a left wing democrat. I have not voiced my affiliations. And I do not fit this description. The whole dumb*ss Congress had their hands in starting this horrible business. From day one I KNEW this was a bad, bad, bad idea. Americans are too ignorant of that part of the world, of that culture, to truly wage a hopeful war on the ground. We don’t know the players or the game. It is stupid to walk blindly into anything. We are going to pay for that mistake for many generations.

    5. Solutions for Iraq. There are none. How do you fix shattered glass? With glue? My advice – learn to live frugally, have many sons to sacrifice to the cause, pray. That’s all I’ve got.

  40. Kelli says

    Orianna – that first post sounded like a threat but dont’ worry, I have no more business in KY (although I met the love of my life, a dude from Brazil, there! – go figure!). But to address your issues with me, let me say this, I too am pro-veteran and pro-troop. My uncle served in Vietnam. My cousin and her husband both served in the current war. My father, though not a soldier, carried a gun for this country. He did a couple of stints as an American Diplomat and as his child, I was afforded the immense HONOR of traveling all over the world representing this country. I am a TRUE patriot and I know from experience and comparison that this is the greatest country on Earth – although not for the reasons most people spout. But I will say that it pisses me off to the utmost that I have a fellow American DARE to threaten me and banish me from a state in MY country because we disagree on the effectiveness of the leadership. I am getting sick and tired of having to drag out the bones of my dead Veteran relatives to JUSTIFY my right to have an opinion on the president, or the war, or the freakin price of tea in China. F*ck that. Seriously. And I am soooooo tired of the hypocrisy. When Clinton was in office and the GOPers never CEASED b*tching and moaning about him and wasted MILLIONS of taxpayer money on a blow job, I didn’t see them jumping the American ship because they didn’t like the President. I didn’t see them bite their tongue EVER vecause it is unpatriotic to not like the sitting President. But when someone opposes a President THEY like, that person is unpatriotic or needs to leave or needs to die. Whatever. If this is the bulk of KY ( threatening hypocrites ready to exterminate all who oppose them – which, I might add, is EXACTLY like Sadaam Hussein and his regime) then yes, I will stay away. No loss there. If this is the bulk of America, however, I will not leave and I will not stop because this is NOT what America is about. If you want a military dictatorship, then it is YOU not me who needs to leave this country.

    And you’re right words can hurt terribly, so perhaps, after being called everything under the sun and having a bunch of rednecks threaten to kill them and their children, maybe that’s why the Chix aren’t so eager to apologize. Did you consider that? Of course not, because pain only counts when it is you feeling it.

  41. oriana says

    I do want to say that when the Dixie Chicks got death threats and said to leave the U.S., I was not for that. I didn’t want to see her dead, I just would have liked to have given her a good smack across the mouth!

    She has every right to remain on American soil and raise her children here. I just don’t go for badmouthing the Leader of this nation to other countries, to me it isn’t right. A good example of what I am trying to say, look at England, you don’t hear a lot of people going around insulting Queen Elizabeth, I don’t care for her that much and I think some of her kids are idiots, but the English show respect for her.

    As I have stated before, poor George, he is not an evil man, he had bad advisors and I think he was lied too also, but the American people need to show a united front instead of our ignorance, and we do come across as a arrogant, ignorant nation. It is time to turn it around!

    I am sick and tired of hearing slurs about the Blacks, the Jews, the Gays! It is still going on, in every neighborhood. It is time to work on our mess and clean things up, no American child should go to bed hungry, no returning soldier should end up homeless and can’t find work, these are the things singers should be writing songs about and making statements about, not being ashamed of being from Texas. How stupid was that comment anyway!

    There are many ways they could have expressed themselves with some class but they chose not too.

    I hope I didn’t offend anyone when I used the expression , the Gays. Everyone on here knows my son is Gay and I am a strong advocate of Gay rights. I am not supportive of Gay marriage. I am sorry if I hurt anyone by saying that. I wish to God I had some Gay neighbors! I have some of the biggest loud mouth riff raff on one side and some Indians (from India) on the other. They will not cut their grass, it looks like yellow straw, their dog is on a chain, which I hate and it barks day and night!

    It takes all kinds people, but I am far from perfect myself. However, you would not hear me going to Canada or Mexico, or anywhere, and slander the President of this country, poor George is dumb, he stole the Presidency from Al Gore the first time around, and there were some dumb Americans that voted him in the second time, that is where some of the shame should fall. I think he has a good heart and I think he is a good man, he just can’t help himself and it is time for a strong Leader to try to pull things together.

    Everyone, it is time for our men and women to come home, it really is.

  42. oriana says

    #46, first let me say to you that I actually did laugh out loud at your comment, the Dixie ignorants! Loved It!!!!!!!!!

    tammy, I didn’t care for kelli’s comment when she said, a bunch of loudmouths should read the Constitution. And I did enjoy #87 also, very much.

    When I said for kelli to please stay out of Ky, I meant that people in Ky would not take too kindly to her attitude. She comes across to me as educated but unpatriotic and I am a Soldier’s daughter, a Colonel’s daughter and I am for the veterans, as well as the troops fighting for us today.

    I don’t think President Bush is a bad man, he is just dumb. He is not that bright and I realize that. Ann Richards was right when she said, Poor George, he can’t help it, he was born with a silver foot in his mouth! And it is true. I do agree 100% that Sadaam had nothing to do with 9/11, but he was a madman and so were his monster sons. Congress knew this and wanted him removed from power, Bush did not force them to sign and agree to go to war.

    It is a serious situation in Iraq and I don’t know how to fix it, I just want our troops to come home, and it is looooog overdue!

    Our kids are dumb, this nation is turning out a generation of dumb children! The teachers are passing them on just to get rid of them, drugs is ruling the U.S. right now and the parents have zero control of their children.

    It kills me that the bravest and the best are overseas getting crippled and killed daily, and they need our support and prayers. Not to be depressed and feeling down from remarks and stupid comments like the Dixie Chicks made, and that song, Not Ready to Make Nice, is one of the stupidest I have ever heard!

    We have enough to worry about with the crooked politicians in this country without having smart mouth people spout off, just to show off, how bad the Leader of this country is and it did reflect on the U.S.A., not just on George Bush. That is why I don’t care for them and I am dead serious when I say, going to Ky would not be a good idea to act like Natalie did, I personally would not want to be around her at all.

    So I say, kelli, say what you want say, like Natalie did, uphold the Dixie Chicks if that is what you want to do, but remember, words can hurt and have a long lasting affect, even if not meant too.

  43. D-ho says

    Hi Kelli- I enjoyed reading your comments, lengthy that they were, but I have to say that I disagree with some of your points. First of all, President Bush did not act alone when Iraqi freedom started, it took an act of congress to declare war. Therefore, how can you single out one person for the approval of its leadership? Secondly, you stated that we went to war with Iraq to fight terrorism. That is untrue. I should know, I was there. Our intent was to take Sadaam and his regime out of power because of his cruel dictatorship toward his countrymen, the national security of the U.S, along with the use of WMD against our allies in the middle east. Also, you stated that Iraq is in ruins which is also far from the truth. You may not see it on the news, but I know firsthand from friends that are there that their country is better off today than they were under Sadaam’s rule. My problem is mostly with the left wing democrats who think that the war that they voted for was something that was going to be over and done with in 6 months. When it wasn’t, all they did and are still doing is pointing fingers and laying blame at the President. Let’s not forget, they have their hands in this too. I will admit though, that the situation of rebuilding Iraq has not been handled well- but still they are better off than they were even 4 or 5 years ago. I enjoy reading other peoples views about this situation and would like to know what your opinions are on how we can fix the situation in Iraq.

  44. tammy says

    Oriana- do you want to elaborate on that a little bit? She is basically the only one on here that has said something worthwhile. At least she explains herself. I think it’s rude for you to say something like that without at least backing it up- don’t mean to cause any trouble, but c’mon now.

  45. oriana says

    kelli, have your views, make your statements, wave your arms around, and hopefully the Flag sometimes, but please, stay out of the state of Kentucky!

  46. Kelli says

    Oh and Tammy, thank you for engaging in this very intelligent and civil conversation with me. I like to fight sometimes, but I also like to REALLY talk and see what people are thinking.

  47. Kelli says

    Tammy – you are right about that, we can’t just leave the Iraqi’s to fend for themselves. But something has to be done. I think America can be stronger than ever but serious changes need to happen and I believe those changes are societal and internal. I’m sorry but I disagree with isolationism. I think America needs to open its eyes to the world around them and change the way we play the game. I think we citizens need to kiss and make up. As the past couple of days have shown, the divide between us is deep and angry. But at some point we need to stop fighting and realize that we are all Americans. Also, education. Our kids are dumb. LOL. I don’t mean in terms of IQ,but we’re not turning out generations of knowledgable, people who can run the world and solve the problems at hand – most of which are intellectual – we’re turning out reality show contestants. If we are going to regain power, we have to match our allies and our opponents on all levels. We have to beg our kids to graduate from high school, yet other countries are sending their kids here to the US to get doctorates and these people return to their country ready to become leaders of the state. That’s just one of my soapboxes! 🙂

  48. tammy says

    Hi Liza- I think the key is when you said that he did nothing to try to stop it. That was my point- he should have looked into it more and taken the threats more seriously-that’s all. Have a great day!

  49. tammy says

    Hey Kelli- I give you props. You’ve opened my eyes and given me a lot of useful information. I’ve often said that I wish we were an isolationist society but I know that will never happen. I do feel that we try to be the worlds savior even when they don’t want us to be. I know we have got ourselves into a big mess now re: our troops but I think that the worst thing that we can do is to just pull them all out really quick. I’m afraid that the fighting will just move over here and that would be catastrophic, so really were are in a sh!thole of a mess- pardon my language. 🙂 If we left right now, the civil Iraqis would be angry because they probably will feel like we just came in, destroyed their country and then left them high and dry to fend for themselves. Talk about angry! I don’t blame them. It’s sad because I feel like America is slowly losing its power. Like you said, we are a mere shadow of what we used to be.

  50. Kelli says

    Hey Tammy – (I am really liking this actual discussion we’re having!). Don’t misunderstand my disdain for our choice of action for support for Sadaam Hussein. He was a terrible man who did terrible things. But I don’t believe that he should have been a priority of the United States. There are quite a few brutal dictators all over the world who are equally nasty. But it is my most sincere belief that the US should not make it our position to police the world. We do not have the right nor the resources to deploy our troops and put our soldiers in harms way because we simply dislike a particular regime. American troops exist to PROTECT this country. If a particular government does not truly pose a threat to American people, soil, or way of life, then I don’t believe we should expend tax dollars, and even more costly, the lives of our soldiers to oppose them. Sadaam was indeed a nuisance, but he was being handled by the UN. I believe that cases against governments because they are dangerous to their own people should be handled by multinational bodies like the UN. Not one specific country. This is a dangerous precendent to set.

    I feel that post 9/11 the best course of action would have been to capitalize on the enormous outpouring of goodwill that we had received worldwide and to use our intelligence channels to flush out Bin Laden. While many countries aren’t exactly fond of the US – many (including Islamic nations) felt that Al Quaeda had gone too far and at that time wanted to separate themselves from this basically bad PR for their belief system. At that moment, it may have been easier to put a price on his head that would have paid off. Invading Afghanistan was smart, because that is one of his stomping grounds, but we didn’t send enough troops to be effective. Putting pressure on the ex Soviet states would have been useful because this is where he buys his weapons. The president of Pakistan wisely realized that cooperation with us was the way to go. But we misplayed the hand completely. By focusing our attentions on Iraq, we alienated our own allies with our split from the UN. By invading Iraq in search of terrorists in general vs the perpetrators of 9/11, it made people in the Islamic world feel as though we are declaring war on Islam itself. Suddenly to many, everything the extemists said about us was turning out to be true. So now we are almost completely on our own and we are paying a huge cost. We are responsible for the absolute destruction of Iraq which is an ancient land with artifacts dating back a couple thousand years. Sadaam, evil though he was, kept in check the bubbling cauldron of sectarian unrest. When we nabbed him, we popped the cork and all hell has broken loose and our poor soldiers don’t even know who to shoot at at this point. We started something we can’t finish. We will not be out of Iraq in any of our lifetimes and there was no reason to go there in the first place. Bin laden is far underground and is being well protected by the growing number of extremists – most young boys who now believe that Bin Laden dealt us a blow that really hurt and that this is the way to get to us. We have expended our military, our money, our goodwill and the situation is bad. The whole world saw this 2 years ago when Katrina ravaged the Gulf and we weren’t even strong enough to save our own citizens on our own soil. We are becoming a laughing stock. China – the emerging superpower, has been loaning us money. This is not good. We’re still big and we’re still powerful and ultimately we still have the big guns, but we are not revered as we once were. It is, in my opinion, of utmost importance that America regain its footing as a world power and one that commands respect. But to do that we have to cut our losses and regroup. Who can do that for us? I have no answer for that.

  51. Liza says

    I’m not sure what you are asking about the first World Trade Center bombing. It happened in February of 2003, a month after Clinton took office. I’m not sure what he could have done, if anything, to prevent it, since there really isn’t evidence to suggest that his administration or the first Bush’s even have advanced intelligence regarding it. But in response, the arrests were made very quickly, and with the exception of one man, they were all tried, fount guilty, and sentenced. Al Qaeda was just coming into its own at the time as the major terrorist organization and they weren’t linked to any ONE nation’s government, like with the Taliban. So what else could have been done to respond other than to find the individuals who committed the act and put them on trial?
    Even though I think Bush and his administration ignored blatant intelligence regarding the possibility of a 9/11 type attack, he didn’t cause it, he just didn’t do anything to try to stop it.
    As long as people feel disenfranchised and powerless, there will be people willing to join up and there will be terrorism. No war is going to solve that, if anything, it makes it worse.

  52. tammy says

    Hi Kelli- But what do you think we should have done about 9/11? I mean, we had to retaliate somehow. Also, you have a valid point about the fact that Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, but could you really trust them as an ally even before the attacks? I know that Bush Jr isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch( i don’t agree with his immigration polices for one) but capturing and killing Sadaam Hussein was a biggie.In fact are we suffering without him? You’re right- I don’t think Sadaam had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks but you can be pretty sure that he was happy. That guy was one of the most vicious killers in the world and if were up to him he would’ve tried to dictate the whole world.To me, that was at least a start. And really, even before we invaded Iraq, were they a country you could absolutely trust? Terrorists are everywhere and it’s hard to go to one specific country and try to round them all up and target them. I think that not only are we trying to find Osama Bin Laden and his group, but terrorists in general. I have to compliment you on your intellect- it’s really interesting to read your posts and you have taught me a lot. I’m anxious to hear your response again.

  53. Kelli says

    #74 – Tammy -I’m not saying this to be nasty. Do you feel that bad things should never happen? Bad things happen. There is no way that we can guard against EVERYTHING. Just like you can babyproof your house completely, but your child can still fall victim to a calamity that was unexpected and unplanned for. We are very fortunate as a country that we are large, strong, wealthy, and protected by natural borders and have no bordering countries that are enemies. In other places in the world, these things happen all of the time. Most countries of the world have had foreign standing armies march on their soil. America never has. Because of our immense power, we only have one or two countries that could even dream of becoming truly adversarial. But terrorism is not endorsed by a specific nation state, it is a group of individuals, bound to no land or laws, that do what they can to promote fear and death. Clinton could not have prevented the first bombing of the towers and Bush, although it may have been prevented had there not been a disconnect between intelligence and his administration, did not CAUSE 9/11.

    To answer your actual question: as long as human beings have existed and continue to exist, bad people will do bad things and tragedies will occur. The true test of strength is not what you do to fight off the inevitability of wrong, but how you handle yourself when it occurs. This, btw, is what my intense disapproval with Bush is based on. It is his incredible failure in handling EVERYTHING that has confronted him in his presidency. We are not a better country after 8 years of his rule – we are a mere shadow of our former selves.

  54. tammy says

    Liza- My comment was worded wrong. You’re right- I realize that they handled the situation of the U.S.S cole but what I meant to say is why did these things happen in the first place and what was done to prevent them? The world trade center had been attacked earlier. That should have never happened.

  55. Liza says

    Tammy- so what did G.H.W. Bush do to prevent the first World Trade Center bombing? Since you think Clinton has responsibility for not doing enough to prevent 9/11, wouldn’t that then make the first Bush equally responsible for the bombing in 1993?

    As for questions about 1993, arrests were made a week later, and they were put on trial and found guilty and sentenced. There was no war with anyone because there was no evidence of involvement from any government, just al Qaeda operatives. At the time, there wasn’t any country that had particular ties to al Qaeda. So who should Clinton have gone after other than the individuals who committed the crime?

    As for the U.S.S. Cole, several platoons of Marines arrived at the scene within days to investigate and find out who was responsible. There probably wasn’t enough done, but Clinton was in the last 3 months of his presidency, and under U.S. law, it did not connote an act of terrorism, so who should he have gone after then?

    Clinton wasn’t a perfect president, he made A LOT of mistakes, the least of which was having oral sex in the oval office, but he did make attempts to hunt down bin Laden many times. Bush, on the other hand, was given specific information about an imminent attack, and he and his administration brushed it off as unlikley and improbable.

    Jx2, the Chicks LOVE Canada.

  56. Kelli says

    Tammy #69 That was the best post to date. Seriously. I will respond to this tomorrow because I have to do something tonight, but I wanted to say that I saw your post, I respect it as something that can be truly addressed and I will see you tomorrow with why I HATE Bush, but am very very pro troops. You won’t agree, but hopefully it will be part of a decent discussion.

  57. Sara says

    “Sara- i criticize Presidents to people who are close to me but I’m not famous. The Dixie Chicks not only made President Bush look stupid, but us too as a country” –

    Celebrities have the same right to freedom of speech that we do. It’s a bit hypocritical to say that only those who aren’t famous can express their views. And the Dixie Chicks did not make Bush look stupid, he managed that all on his own with his mismanagement of the country. Other countries thought Bush was an idiot long before the Dixie Chicks expressed their disdain for him. And the way that people responded to the Dixie Chicks is what made us look bad as a country. When people sent them death threats and wanted them to leave the country and stalked their families over those comments we, as a country, made ourselves look like enormous hypocrites because we claim to be a country that values and believes in freedom of speech and the right to disagree with our government and yet there is a huge number of people in this country who really believe the exact opposite, who only believe that those who agree with them should be allowed to speak freely. I cringe every time I think about the way the Dixie Chicks have been treated, because it makes us look like a nation of narrow-minded, hateful, hypocrites. I just hope that other countries realize that there are still some of us left here in America who still do believe in freedom of speech. I hope they realize that those who want to drive the Dixie Chicks out of the country do not speak for all of us.

  58. tammy says

    Kelli- yes I do disagree with you. I like Bush-you don’t. The twin towers were bombed in 1993 and nothing was done about it. On Oct.12th, 2000, the U.S.S cole was attacked, and nothing was done about it. In fact, everybody, after 9/11 (even the far left wingers) were ready to go to war. They were all for it. Not only Bush , but everyone had said that we needed to get the WMD. It makes me sick that everyone was so patriotic and waving their flags, but the minute one of our soldiers died, everyone pointed the finger at Bush. My husband has been in the military for 18 years protecting your right to free speech, including insulting me. People need to realize that people die in war and that the soldiers volunteer. You have no argument. You haven’t stated one time where you stand. You want to know my point? Not just you, but everyone needs to quit pointing the finger at Bush.

  59. Kelli says

    Tammy – I don’t care if people do or do not agree with me, what makes them stupid is that they don’t disagree, they insult or divert or just plain babble. And yes I give as good as I get. I have no problem with this. And I really really want to know what supposedly BIG words I have used. I haven’t used any. I haven’t used anything that is not used in everyday speech. What you are REALLY saying is that I communicate well – which I do. That said, the only people who are making an issue of my word usage is YOU and then you wonder why I question your intelligence. Why are my words so troublesome and disturbing? How about my actual points and arguments? But no. Just more babble, more insults, and now, from you, psychoanalysis (that IS a big word – I’m sorry if it hurt you). Does anyone here have a point? Can anyone here actually defend their own statements? I have asked repeatedly and so far I’ve got nothing.

    And LOL to “trying too hard”. In this crowd I don’t have try at all and trust me, I didn’t.

  60. tammy says

    Kelli- Talk about insults! You have done nothing but insult! If someone doesn’t agree with you, they have no brains. That’s maturity at it’s finest level. Oh… and your big words you use don’t make you intelligent- they just make it look like you’re trying too hard. You’re a very angry person-I can tell. It must really suck to be that bitter.

  61. tammy says

    Sara- i criticize Presidents to people who are close to me but I’m not famous. The Dixie Chicks not only made President Bush look stupid, but us too as a country. I’m sure that people have different opinions about the President. Believe it or not, there are some things that I don’t like about President Bush. For instance, his views on immigration. I think he needs more of a backbone when it comes to this. Also, the double standard thing goes both ways in all political parties.

  62. Kelli says

    Tracy – your absence is no loss to me. Why bother to post it? And yes, I did answer her question, TWICE – it just isn’t what you want to hear. You want to believe, erroneously, that because I despise Bush, that I am a Clinton groupie. You think that hurling insults about Clinton and Sadaam Hussein causes me some kind of pain. Not so. Hurl away. Not one of you has said ANYTHING to promote or even state your case or to refute, with evidence or anectdote, anything I’ve said. If I am full of sh*t, show me where I am wrong and give me the correction. But instead, when you ran out of insults, you boiled down to commending and/or commenting on my grammar usage. I’m sorry that you aren’t able to express yourself clearly. Not my fault and I won’t apologize because I can. And yes, whiners/one-liners is a pretty good rhyme. You should think about becoming a rap artist!

  63. Tracy A. says

    Nope it shot right over my head! #%&*#%&* must of touched a nerve with you, I couldn’t help but post a comment after reading some of these. To me your just full of S***. You type up a few good lines but no you didn’t answer Tammy’s question, but thats between you and her. I’m going to go be with my family and have a wonderful evening, and let the whiners shoot their one liners. I can joke and rhyme, lucky me.

  64. Kelli says

    Awwwww look! The bushbaby made a joke! Granted it was one my 5 year old nephew wouldn’t even laugh at, but you get points for the attempt. Good girl! Wanna banana? PS: Extra points if you caught the bushbaby pun.

  65. Sara says

    “I can’t stand people that run their mouth and complain about the country but continue to stay.”

    Tammy, does this apply to all people who criticize the country and the president, or just the people that you agree with. Because there were tons of people who criticized Clinton when he was in office – should those people vacate the country as well?

    I see a lot of double standards coming from people who like Bush. They are outraged that anyone would criticize him, to the point where they want those people to leave the country, and yet those very same people criticized Clinton constantly – and they don’t seem to see any hypocrisy in their actions. I guess for some people they only believe in freedom of speech for those who agree with them.

  66. Tracy A. says

    sweat, monkeys, ropes, feces, sounds like a party @ Kelli’s house.HAHAHAHAHA you asked for that one

  67. Kelli says

    #58 – you’re suggesting I get a colonic? Interesting. Is that how you win all the debates at YOUR school? I have to say, the posters on this site are even more moronic than is the internet norm. Not one, not a single one of you has made an actual, on topic, appropriate argument that has to do with either my posted comments or even about the subject matter (Dixie Chick is having a baby). When pushed up against the ropes, you simply whine and throw feces, like a pack of monkeys. Jeez. I didn’t even break a sweat.

  68. Kelli says

    #57 – Try a dictionary and a fourth grade level education and you might just have a shot. Right now, you’re just sad. Why don’t you just quit while you’re behind.

  69. Tracy A. says

    Ms. Kelli why don’t you do something useful and go clean out your colon ? It’s starting to show in your comments and I bet its oozing out all those other cavities of yours. SHOOOE WEEEEE

  70. #%&*#$&* says

    I made me a list to get some of those magnets that are all different colors to stick on my fridge maybe that can help me learn to talk and spell with big words like you do! I hope so I am really missing out on the “big talks” HAHAHAHAHA

  71. Kelli says

    #54, ROTFLMAO!!! WTF was that? “blaming poor old Mr. Hussein”? Is there a point, a question, a brain somewhere in that babble? Nope. Try again, Smiley. You’re insanity is showing.

  72. Kelli says

    #48 Nice sentiment, but I will lose all my immense respect for the Chix if they let these ass backward, red state harpies run them out of their own country. They should just stay here and laugh at the looneys, like I do.

  73. #%&*#$&* says

    I am impressed with your last sentence that took real thinking. Hooray for you. And the “I know you are but what am I” I have to laugh that is adorable. Here we are blaming poor old Mr. Hussein for just being him I suppose he never did nothing bad now did he? You just go harping on about how we laid the blame on him, (wait I’m crying now) O:K I’m really torn up I can hardly type. I’ve got to go down to the Dollar Store for tissue If you can answer question #49 I think she has your number Ms. Kelli. Wait if they find Bin Laden you can have a new friend, now smile all is not lost!

  74. Kelli says

    #50 – That was pretty funny, especially from a person who can’t spell her own name. You really aren’t equipped to pose any questions beyond the ABC, preschool level, are you? I understand your concern here. Don’t worry, based on the responses I’ve gotten, you don’t have anything to worry about.

  75. Kelli says

    #49. This was your question: “since Bush is such a loser why don’t you experts tell me how 9/11 should have been handled.” Question asked. Question answered. As for your CURRENT question, “what did Clinton do to prevent this” my answer is, obviously not enough. What did Bush do to prevent it – when he was very thoroughly briefed on the imminent danger of Al Quaeda, when he had been warned by intelligence that an attack was imminent – what he always does, not a damn thing. My question to you, if you have enough brains to a)read the question and b) answer it, is: what does whether or not I like Bush or Clinton have to do with my support of the Dixie Chick’s right to say what they did? Or did you get lost in your propaganda up there somewhere?

  76. Kelli says

    Smile, you are an idiot. A murderous one at that. Quote me, b*tch. Where did I say that I was a fan of Sadaam or even Bill Clinton? Quote me. Obviously, lacking any real intelligence or FACTS, you resort to the same old Nazi tactics of diversion – clown about the opponent so nobody will notice that your argument is pure, grade A bullsh*t. Truly the joke here is you. No wonder you’re smiling. Tell you what. Hit me with your best shot. Give me an argument that’s an actual argument, not more of your sage “I know you are, but what am I?” logic and perhaps, maybe, you can scare me into submission, or at least make me stop laughing at you. Right now, you’re just, as is all garbage, a waste.

  77. #%&*#$&* says

    #49 come on now you put to much in your question to Ms. Kelli your going to give her a head rush or something. Keep it really simple just stick to ABC, pre-school type questions.

  78. tammy says

    #42- no not specific enough. You still haven’t answered what Clinton had done during his presidency to prevent all of this. If you remember, the 9/11 attacks happened VERY shortly after Bush came into office. What did Clinton do to prevent this? Do you understand the question? Specific enough for you?????

  79. Jx2 says

    I don’t live in the USA but I certainly heard all about what the Dixie Chicks said and I want to applaude them for their Chutzpah!! They’ve got B*ALLS and they aren’t afraid to use them!! They actually spoke up for what they believe in. Good for them!! Sisters are doing it for themselves!! They are women who spoke up against a male-dominated war and against a male President and against the lives that have been lost…innocent men, women and children… the American children have not died over this war but there are many orphans (fatherless children) as a result, AND many Afghani children that have perished from this war. But of course, who cares about them, right? They don’t live in the USA so they don’t matter!!!?
    If the Dixie Chicks ever want to adopt a new country they are more than welcome to reside in my country…even though I’m not a fan of country music…I find some of their songs “catchy” and “fun”!!


    OH Kelli, I forgot I am feeling so bad not to offer my sympathy to you for the loss of your dear friend Mr. Saddam Hussein. What a joke you are! My only regret they didn’t “swing him” earlier.


    Aw sure she does, or so she thinks, oh forgot again she doesn’t think my bad. She got a buddy to come up with all the big talk she wrote above. She’s one ignorant B—-. Hey maybe she should campaign here in Nov. Oh what am I saying she’d be sitting back in the White House, feet up listening to the Dixie Ignorants trying to write down more big talk bulls— . Smile and have a nice day Ms Kelli

  82. Analise says

    I just don’t care about this. Naturally I wish her a healthy pregnancy and baby, but I cannot stand her or her bandmates. Talk about victim feminists.

  83. Liza says

    Well Tammy, that isn’t what she said. She said, “Just so you know, we’re ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas”, as in they were ashamed that he was from her state. She has always been proud to be from Texas.

    As for leaving it, she already has, she moved out of the state not long after the controversy started because DJ’s were giving out their addresses over the air and people were saying things to her in public with her son with her and she became concerned for her safety.

  84. Kelli says

    #38 – Specifics? Here you go. 9/11 was perpetrated by a group of Al Quaeda agents. All but 2 were Saudi. NONE were Iraqi. There were no legitimate Al Quaeda factions working out of Iraq and Osama Bin Laden was on record calling Sadaam Hussein an “infidel”. This means they weren’t friends. Let me state this clearly. Iraq had NOTHING – as in ZERO culpability – to do with 9/11. Now the Bush’s had a long history with Hussein, most notably Sadaam’s attempted assassination of Bush Sr.. Junior took office with a grudge. Bush used the events of 9/11 as an excuse to point the finger at terrorists of Middle Eastern descent. He manipulated the trauma of the American public to make people believe that ALL people of the Middle East were interchangeable AND that terrorism was perpetrated by them all. He led the uninformed to believe that Sadaam Hussein, because he wouldn’t behave with the UN, was therefore hiding WMD and therefore an imminent threat to the US and therefore tied to 9/11. THIS WAS ALL A BUNCH OF LIES – this has been confirmed over and over by many sources. There were no weapons. Iraq had not made threats against the US since the original Gulf War (also on their soil). And Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Meanwhile, the parties TRULY responsible for 9/11 and the previous attacks that you blame Clinton for, have not been apprehended and walk free to this day. Sadaam Hussein is dead and the country of Iraq lies in ruin. Over 200,000 Iraqi civilians are dead. Over 4,000 American troops are dead. American soldiers that return home are not receiving the medical and psychiactric care that they need and deserve. The country is billions of dollars in debt to countries like China. And the American people, as evidenced on this board, are truly divided and almost hate each other. Divided we fall. As for how it should have been handled. Iraq should not have been mentioned. Afghanistan was the right choice but with enough military force to make a difference. We should not have obliterated our diplomatic ties so that we could use our intelligence networks to flush out Bin Laden in a shake down to end all shake downs and serve up his head on a platter. Specific enough for you?

  85. Kelli says

    Hey Smiley: This is you, right? > Don’t forget your sunscreen. Dianna – reading is fundamental.

  86. 2teens says

    Go Kelli! I agree with all of your comments.
    Some people on this thread just can’t state their opinions without getting violent about it. #30, you are a sick, scary person.

  87. tammy says

    Everyone is always running their mouth about how our soldiers are dying and it’s all Bush’s fault. Someone please tell me why it’s all his fault. What did Clinton do to solve this problem? 9/11 wasn’t the first time we were attacked- Clinton did nothing. He slapped band aids on deep gaping wounds. My husband has been in the military for 18 years and last time I checked it was a volunteer thing. The last draft was during Vietnam. So, since Bush is such a loser why don’t you experts tell me how 9/11 should have been handled. Saying that you don’t like Bush and soldiers are dying is getting really old. Someone give me specifics.

  88. Dianna says

    What is this thread coming to? Calling people killers you are a troubled person yourself. Everyone has a opinion sometimes they voice it wrong, but your is no better, any neither are you

  89. tammy says

    Natalie Maines has said that she is ashamed to call her hometown Texas because that is where Bush is from. Why doesn’t she leave then? It’s because she knows she has it good here-that’s why. I can’t stand people that run their mouth and complain about the country but continue to stay.


    Hell has a spot waiting for me your a freakin joke! you come on here with all your big talk spoutin off. You call me a killer your insane and as ignorant as the Dixie Chicks themselves.What do I wish on you “that you would grow a brain

  91. Kelli says

    #31. The Dixie Chicks didn’t kill the soldiers. W did when he sent them to die to settle a score for his daddy.

  92. Kelli says

    #30. That you wish death on someone because they said that they are ashamed that Bush is from Texas shows that you are a murderous piece of trash. Hell has a spot waiting for you. I am ashamed that Bush is from my planet. I’m ashamed your parents hooked up the night they did to make you. Wish death on me, freakin Nazi. You’re a killer, just like W.

  93. pat says

    Normally I don’t post on these threads much, but I just clicked over to read a few comments and this thread caught my eye. I’ll comment by saying I don’t care for the Dixie Chicks anymore after the comments made and the actions that they displayed after those comments I have no respect for any of them. Neither should Texas. I agree with #27 though I would not of put it in the same words as they did. Why defend a rude,smart***,loudmouth such as Natalie Maines or the other two? Many have died in the war even people associated with people in Washington. It has affected many, everwhere. That isn’t a bunch of rah, rah, it is a fact. The opinion of many is that after those comments the Chicks made they can kiss it goodbye yes they still sing but it’s not like it used to be for them now is it? They brought it on themselves and got what they deserved.


    Hey I got a idea lets send letters to the troops over in Iraq and have them ask for the Dixie Ignorants to come over for a concert!!! ( oh please please please) and then we can let them go out on the missions when they get there and hopefully the suicide bombers will spot them and blow them into absolute bite size pieces I doubt the stray animals would have at them they would emit such a strink and make them barf just like they do many americans. Praise be to the DJ’s who wouldn’t play their music, and the folks who burned their CD’s . Hey just speaking my piece. Didn’t like that comment=well I didn’t like yours either #28 or #29. Oh thank you #27 I am thinking of your loss as well as many others.

  95. Liza says

    A View,
    Natalie herself knows people in the military and has stated numerous times that she supports the troops and as a group they have said they would love to do a show for the troops in Iraq.

    Criticizing the president isn’t the same as not supporting the troops. And they have never said anything negative about the troops.

  96. Kelli says

    What does liking of not liking Bush have to do with soldiers dying in war? So only Bush supporters support the troops? That’s idiotic. Nathalie Maines DID have a family member going off to war, which is why she was angry in the first place. I am so sick of people insinuating that if you aren’t a card carrying member of the good ol boys party that you are anti-troop or don’t care about soldiers. When I last checked, NONE of the fat cats in Washington have ANYBODY that they have sent off to war to be blown to pieces. Least of all BUSH. And FREEDOM: of speech, of the pursuit of happiness, of protest, of ALL of it, is EXACTLY what we are supposedly fighting to maintain for ourselves and to give to others. You can cram that rah rah bullcrap down somebody else’s throats and coat it with the sad stories of dead soldiers and their families, but in my opinion there is NOTHING as dangerous as a group of masses who, in the name of patriotism, follow ANY leader blindly and unthinkingly and never question. This has, in the past, led to atrocities and disaster. Our soldiers deserve better than this (and yes, I have family serving in Iraq). Perhaps we could have kept your young soldier away from the suicide bomber completely if we didn’t listen to the orchestrated lie campaign that sent that boy there in the first place.

  97. A View From The South says

    I watched yesterday as a young 20 year old Marine from my hometown was buried after being killed in Iraq from a suicide bomber. To know this young man died for our country kinda leaves you speechless…….To see and hear ignorant people NATALIE MAINES for one example speak the way she has in the past makes my blood start to boil. Freedom of speech is great Americans have that don’t we……..After watching that funeral I’ll always try to remember people are out there who appreciate what this young man has done, and they will always be ignorant folks out there that voice their freedom of speech because they have been given that right to do so. Wonder how Natalie would feel if one of her own sons went into the military and she heard someone speak as she has in the past? I wonder???? Most of these people aren’t working for the paycheck are they? It’s for our country, the majority I don’t think care for their boss getting talked about the was he was either.

  98. Kelli says

    I liked the DC before their Bush comment (one comment people, not a speech), but I REALLY liked them afterwards. I am so tired of people in this country screaming over dumb sh*t. These loudmouths need to read the constitution. The whole point of the creation of the United States of America was (understand this if you can) TO ALLOW THE CITIZENS THE RIGHT TO OPENLY DISAGREE WITH THE SITTING GOVERNMENT WITHOUT FEAR OF RETRIBUTION AND REPRISAL. Not only are you allowed to dislike the president, you are allowed to say as much. And anyone who seeks to silence you is pretty much themselves, unAmerican and traitorous. The countries where you like the president or else, we call “DICTATORSHIPS” and apparently they’re not much fun to live in which is why people are killing themselves trying to immigrate to THIS country.

    Rock on DC and never, EVER, apologize for exercising your rights as Americans.

  99. oriana says

    To each their own is right and I do agree far worse has been said about the President, but this has stuck in people’s minds.

    I am from a town 65 miles from Nashville, my niece lives in Franklin, Tn. I am sure you know where it is but others on here may not, a lot of the Country Music stars live there, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Faith and Tim, to name a few. Right outside of Nashville. I do know that at that time, maybe not now, but the Country Community sided with Keith over the Dixie Chicks. Not just the Radio Stations, but the artists as well.

    I wish all of them good luck with their babies and children, but on a professional level, I don’t wish them any success at all. They are rich anyway if they work another day in their lives, the concerts have made them millions alone.

  100. Liza says

    She did apologize for upseting people and saying something other people felt was disrespectful, and said that the president deserves respect. She never apologized for being against the war and voicing that. She then retracted that saying that she didn’t feel that HE deserved respect any longer. But she never changed her stance, she always voiced vocal opposition to Bush and the war, in every interview they gave and in their concerts.

    The “F” word directed towards the president appears once in their movie and was said in private while being filmed. There was NO plan at the time she said it to make a film out of the incident (therefore didn’t think it would be publicized) and she said it because she felt he was trivializing what happened to them down to a few lost record sales (ignoring death threats and vandalism). She has NEVER said anything like that in a public venue. The worst thing she has ever said about him publicly is what she said in London.

    Again, people around the world didn’t look down on Americans because of something she said, but because they felt the reaction to it was ridiculous. Most foreigners AGREED with her and look down on Americans because we can’t seem to accept criticism of our politicians. Why do you think people would look down on us because of what she said? She said she was ashamed the president was from her home state, how does that have anything to do with the troops? This idea that is propagated that being against the war or being negative about bush has anything to do with the men and women serving in the war is ridiculous. I have several friends and family members in the military and NONE of them thought it was a big deal.

    She never said she was ashamed to be American or ashamed of her country, she only said she was ashamed that the president came from HER state. She was speaking about ONE man, who, although he heads the government, does not represent every American.

    I think Toby Keith is far more distasteful than her. He engaged in a smear campaign against other artists (if you want to consider him one) to sell a few more records. He encouraged the hate being directed towards them because it benefited him.

    As far as her being fat. She’s actually more than likely within a complete healthy weight for her height and is actually quite small in person. But even if she was considerably overweight, her appearance has nothing to do with her political beliefs.

    I don’t mind at all people disliking them or her, but there is so much misinformation about them going on out there and so much of it reaks of jingoism.

    To each their own, but it’s been almost 5 years, people need to get over it and move on. Far worse has been said about the president since then and no one has been punished by the public the way they have.

  101. oriana says

    kimora’s mommy, are you getting any sleep honey? Most of my comments to you have been deleted, and I am pissed about that too! I didn’t say anything wrong and if others don’t like my messages to you, tough!

  102. oriana says

    Liza, didn’t she give a half heartedly apology and then back tracked on that? She knew their record sales were slumping, then when she saw people were siding with them, she went back to her first stance on George Bush. If she was sincere she should not have changed up and did the flip flopping.

    Oh, I do think she is fat as well as being a FAT MOUTH. I think she is pretty but she wasn’t considering at all how the effect of her words might have on our troops. That is where I am coming from in my dislike of her.

    Freedom of Speech is one thing, but does that mean people should be able to say “F” this and “F” that, even the President and his family? Where does any common respect and decency come into play?

    If I went to the grocery store and stood in the aisles and said, Oh, “F” this price on this cereal this week, or “F” the “F’ng” meat, I would look like and sound like a Fool. I guarantee you customers would be steering away from me. Just because I have Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean I shouldn’t use some common sense and think about how my words would be perceived and sound!

    I don’t particularly like the Mayor of San Jose, but I won’t be downtown saying “F” the Mayor! Especially if it reflected on our country and our troops. And yes, there were many that were hurt by it, I saw them state so on different interviews.

    Being honest is one thing, being stupid is another. This country is laughed at and talked about enough by other nations, we don’t need loud smart mouths like her adding fuel to the flames.

    To me, if she is so ashamed and doesn’t like it here, let her take her ass somewhere else to live.

    Now I am going out and buy a Toby Keith record!!!! Target, here I come!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Liza says

    Well Oriana she has said repeatedly that it was an off the cuff remark that wasn’t planned and that the tail end of the comment (which is what got them in trouble with country music fans) was said to get laughs because what she had said just before it was so serious.

    I don’t think her comments reflected badly, I think most foreigners couldn’t figure out why Americans were making such a big deal out of a relatively minor statement. If anything made foreigners think badly of Americans, it was the overreaction to it all.

    It did seem to me that you were calling her fat, so if not, ok. I just have noticed that when people criticize her for what she said, they like to throw in her appearance and I think its unfortunate that a woman can’t be criticized without her looks being brought into it. She’s outspoken and a bit of a loudmouth, but I welcome her voicing dissent and being honest.

  104. oriana says

    Liza, first of all, her comment wasn’t an “off the cuff” remark. It was deliberate and mean spirited, she has a smart mouth and it reflected badly on our country, not just our President. Tim and Faith’s remarks were true and said in a adult manner. As for me calling Natalie fat, I think she is chubby, and I meant it as her FAT BIG MOUTH, but I can’t stand her, granted she does have a fantastic voice and she is basically the backbone of the Dixie Chicks. I am glad the radio stations took the tactic they did about not playing their music.

    I don’t like them, and I think they should be an embarrassment to the State of Texas.

  105. Amanda says

    Thanks Sara! Freedom of speech you gotta love people with the balls to say what they feel even if you dont agree. I love the Dixie Chics!

  106. Sara says

    I love the Dixie Chicks, but even if I didn’t I would still think they have every right to express their opinions about Bush or anything else they want to. The way people responded to them is what made me embarrassed, because it just made us look like a country of hypocrites who profess a belief in freedom of speech but don’t truly value it. This is supposed to be a country that believes in freedom of speech, but sadly there are too many people who only believe in freedom of speech for those who agree with them. How sad.

  107. Sara says

    Amanda: The Dixie Chicks currently have 7 keeps altogether. Martie has 2, Natalie has 2 and Emily has 3.

  108. Liza says

    I happen to know from a recent article in a magazine recently that Martie was back in treatment to conceive another child, and I guess it worked. Her twin daughters were the result of IVF. Much congrats to Martie and Gareth.

    As for Natalie, I’m not sure what her weight has to do with anything and it seems pathetic that people have to call her fat. She made an off the cuff remak at a concert in London days before the country went to war, in large part because of massive anti-war protests going on in London the day before their concert. It also happened to be where they were at the time. She has explained her stance regarding the war numerous times, in a thoughtful and educated manner, but no one bothered to listen because they were annoyed she said something negative about the president (which in and of itself was pretty tame when you take into account all the others things said about him). As for Toby Keith, her t-shirt was worn in response to Toby Keith putting a large photo of her and Saddam Hussein up at his concerts. He pandered to the fans because he knew it would make him look good. The controversy had NOTHING to do with him. He is afterall, a lifelong Democrat and against the war.

    It was simply the fact that they were in a genre where the majority of people are conversative and many are right-wing conservative. Had they been in any other genre, people wouldn’t have even batted an eye.

  109. Jenn says

    First, I am happy for her baby joy and wish her a good pregnancy. BUT, I do agree with Angie. I amashamed to have people like themin this country, for starters all the bs they said about Bush. THe difference between what they said and what Tim&Faith said, is that T&F stated things like adults. Im not saying you have to be a Bush fan, but if you are gonna talk BS have the balls to at least say it on our own soil. WIMPS! They know better then to say anything like that, in the matter that they did here! Also all the stuff with Toby Keith is total crap. I HATE THE DIXIE CHICKS!

  110. oriana says

    I am not a big Bush fan, not at all. I think it was terrible about Katrina and how it was mishandled! I liked what Faith and Tim said, I have always said that if it had been in the Hamptons, it would have been a different story.

    I am a lifelong Democrat and will vote for Obama, no shame in my game about it!!!!!!!

    However, I can’t stand them, I think that big mouth fat Natalie is a smartass and I think all of them were rude and arrogant. I didn’t like their attitude then and now!

    I remember them wearing t-shirts, “F” Toby Keith, and he didn’t take any crap off of them either, good for him.

    Nope, can’t stand them!!!!!

  111. boo says

    Its not like these 3 women are the first people to dislike and badmouth Bush….Thousands of people can’t stand him… or from what I understand, I’m not American so he isn’t someone that comes up at dinner conversations…. But there is this thing we call freedom and Speech and these wonderful, talented, amazing women were speaking their minds…something that many posters enjoy doing on here and although we don’t like some of them have to say, there is nothing we can do about it, we are forced to read and ignore their ignorant comments….. so If you don’t like the chicks then ignore them…. I for one Love Love Love them! “Goodbye Earl” is a favorite in my family at Kareokee nights!lol
    And “Not ready to make nice” is my alltime fave 😀

  112. Angie says

    Let’s hope that her and her two buddies with move out of the U.S.A. and go anywhere else. After their comments I was ashamed to have people like that in this country. I would not care less if they dropped off the face of the planet. They are a pathetic trio of ignorant loudmouths.

  113. Generic name says

    Almost all of them are getting pregnant! Hollywood’s baby boom!..whose next?..how about Cameron Diaz , Drew Barrymore or Eva Longoria?..can’t wait!

  114. brianna says

    why orianna because of what natalie said about bush

    Seriously, it’s not like the Dixie Chicks are the only artists in history to voice a political opinion. Anyone remember Tim McGraw’s and Faith Hill’s remarks about the government following Katrina?

    “McGraw specifically criticized President Bush. “There’s no reason why someone can’t go down there who’s supposed to be the leader of the free world … and say, ‘I’m giving you a job to do and I’m not leaving here until it’s done. And you’re held accountable, and you’re held accountable, and you’re held accountable”

    “Hill, who grew up in Jackson, Miss., echoed those sentiments. So overwhelmed, she uncharacteristically unleashed an epithet, calling the situation, “Bull–. It is a huge, huge problem and it’s embarrassing,” she said.
    “I fear for our country if we can’t handle our people [during] a natural disaster. And I can’t stand to see it. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out point A to point B. . . . And they can’t even skip from point A to point B. It’s just screwed up.”


    Why didn’t they get the same backlash or media attention? As for the argument, “Well it wouldn’t have been that bad if it wasn’t on foreign soil…”, the rock band Green Day makes anti-Bush remarks at almost all of their shows, including those over seas. Look at this video from youtube. They say, “This next song is a big *beep* you to George W. Bush!” To me that’s a lot more insulting than simply being “ashamed”. And that comment was made where? Gasp! Overseas!!! In that enemy territory known as the UK! Yet where’s the outcry over them being “traitors”?

    And yes, for some it may be more about Natalie’s later comments (which I didn’t like at all btw), but most of the people I’ve had the chance to talk to are only mad at the Dixie Chicks because of the Bush comments. They talk about how the president deserves some degree of respect or how it was wrong to betray the country on foreign soil, etc. They never mention the anti-country music remarks. For them, it’s still a political grudge, yet they still listen to Bruce Springsteen.

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