1. nanette allen says

    Christine is always hanging on Kevin and following him around like a puppy dog. I’m curious – he couldn’t keep his pants zipped for his first wife (and 3 kids) so what makes her think she is SOOOO special that he’ll keep his pants zipped for her? How arrogant and niave –

  2. Dee says

    Anyone that has anything negitive to say about Kevin simply doesn’t know him.

    Beautiful baby Kevin. Looks just like you.
    Your looking good Christine.

  3. oriana says

    sara, his first wife was beautiful, and he does have some lovely daughters. His wife (#1) used to work at Disneyland as Snow White. She got a very good divorce settlement and GOOD for her!

  4. Delia May says

    Listen, he was good in Mr. Brookes recently. Evil, smooth and just right for him. Just a middle aged psycho. Perfect. I thought it was his best role. No sugar and sap and fields of dreams or bull durham or over the hill golfer or dancing with wolves or giggling under the covers. That’s right – if you ever saw that love in a bottle sort of named movie with then Robin Wright Penn during the scene they’re under the blankets and he says AND GIGGLES, “ewwww, I’m scared” during a thunderstorm I thought I’d blow lunch. Manly?
    Ever see the Madonna “documentary” where she slices his set off? So much for the new hunk in town who let fame get to him to the point he ended his first marriage. I feel sorry for him. And I don’t fault him. Tinseltown.
    His new wife is very pretty. She’s just lovely. Sorry guys, I think his baby has an egg head. But a baby is a baby – beautiful, pure, perfect Just hope he grows some hair to cover the egg head and never balds like grandpa daddy or that he just grows into it. Which I’m sure he will. Cute kid. Cute husband – but neuter. Gorgeous wife.

  5. Kelli says

    Why is it that when an older woman has a baby (and by older I mean over the age of 25), the people here scream about how selfish and horrible she is to have a child when she won’t live to see her grandchildren and great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. But when some washed up geezer who happens to be male starts knocking up every barely legal bimbo who crosses his path, nobody here says ANYTHING except how cute the baby is. What truly ticks me off about the female double standard is that it is perpetuated and enforced primarily by FEMALES. We simply find it impossible not to pick apart other women but we excuse anything and everything a man does. No wonder men think we’re a joke.

    Feminist rant done. The baby is cute (most are), the mom looks happy. Kevin Costner is a pig.

  6. sara says

    didn’t he have a lovely first wife and several children with her??? And isn’t he like 20 some years older than this next wife? I pray my hubby doesn’t dump me for a girl my daughters age someday…..ewww uck!

  7. oriana says

    If he made that comment then he is disgusting! I think he is probably sex driven and it is good he did get a younger girl. He also has a younger child by another woman he got pregnant after his divorce too. I think they are happy together and good for them.

  8. Janessa says

    Ever since Costner made some comment a few years back about how great it is having a young wife because “she can go all night” , the image of him or her or anything to do with either of them makes me roll my eyes, vomit and laugh. I guess Costner thought it made him sound like a big, hot stud, instead of the over-the-hill, washed up D-lIster that he really is.

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