Angelina Jolie Fuels Pregnancy Rumors At Screen Actor's Guild Awards

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie is reportedly pregnant with twins.

Angelina, 32, was the subject of pregnancy rumors at the Critics’ Choice awards earlier this month when she looked to have put gained some much-needed weight.

While Brad, 44, drank beer and others at their table sipped champagne, Angelina reportedly drank only mineral water all night.

Angelina is also said to have cancelled a long-scheduled trip to Europe when she found out about her pregnancy.

A source told Star magazine: “Brad and Angelina are absolutely ecstatic.

“But I still think there will be more adoptions to come.”

The couple’s publicists have not yet commented on the report.

Hmmm…still no denial on this! This “rumor” has been circulating for a few days now and their publicist hasn’t come forward to deny it yet. I wouldn’t be surprised as Brad especially has made no secret of his wish to expand their brood…remember the soccer team statement?!

UPDATE: Angelina was the center of attention at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night: her loose and flowy vintage Hermès dress fueled rumors that she is expecting.

Angelina and Brad Pitt walked the red carpet together.

“She is glowing,” a witness reported. “In great spirits and totally beaming.”

Brad’s rep refused to comment today.

Angelina is nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role for her starring role in A Mighty Heart.

She and Brad have four children: Maddox, 6, Pax, 4, Zahara, 3, and Shiloh, 19 months, whom Angelina gave birth to in May 2006.

Last summer, when Angelina was asked how many kids she’d like to have, the actress responded, “Hmm, it fluctuates between seven and 13 or 14… Four is kind of kicking our ass, but we kind of feel like, damn it, we’re up for the challenge!”


  1. sxymlado says

    Awe… Angelina, I wish you the best of luck. Wow, I wonder if she is really pregnant with twins? That’s crazy cool if she is LoL. She is a great mother, and all those kids are SO blessed.

    Shit I wish back when I was in the system someone like her could have came around and rescued me.

    I truley wonder how many kids her and Brad will end up with in the end, and when Brad and her will make it official and tie the knot? It will be like the brady bunch family, but in this day in time.

  2. arashcrazy says

    wow! great,very nice,i love them so muuuuuuuuch,brad is the great & angie is the best,flirttttttttttttt

  3. oriana says

    Hi Nicki, I haven’t seen that picture of Brad as a baby but have seen some others, I still say she is a mini Jon Voight. She is identical to him! He was a gorgeous man in his younger day, still very distinguished and handsome now also.

    I hope she has a boy, if and when she has other children, I think Brad’s parents would love it also. I absolutely believe they love all the kids and consider all of them their grandchildren but I think they would definitely love a little blonde Brad too.

    Getting my hubby packed up for Hawaii trip tomorrow for a week, a short trip but he is taking four Special “O” clients over, two have never been before, they are sooo excited!

  4. mayra sanchez says

    perdona kimora,no recorde que se celebraba el dia del DR. KING,el cual visualizo un sueno,que todavia hoy no se realiza a capacidad solamente en pocos caso,que lastima que existan tan pocas personas que sigamos sus ideales,de hombre fuerte,familiar y de principios invaluables,cuando el realizo aquella huelga a los duenos de autobuses,que consideraban que la gente de color debian sentarse en la parte trasera e los autobuses.,despues de l imprevisto de la SRITA, ROSE

  5. Nicki says

    Jenna M. (UK)~I got a kick out of it too. But all the credit goes to Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy. It was posted on her blog. I believe her sister sent it to her.
    There is way more to it, but that part I loved. If you click on her name it takes you to her blog. She has some wonderful things on there. So the thanks goes to Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy!

  6. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Nicki, I’m not a Christian but your evidence as to why Jesus would have been a woman was great, made me laugh a lot! Thanks for sharing that with us!

  7. Nicki says

    Christina~I agree with you. Angie doesn’t play games with the stupid rag mags. She doesn’t give a crap about any of them.
    Any normal person can look at them in the checkout line and realize they all contadict each other.

    Angie has always been honest and straightforward with any and all interviews. That is what I base my perception of Angie on, not the rag mags.
    The first time I saw her was in True Women. A TV movie. I remember I wanted to watch it because Dana Delany was starring in it, and all I remember was Angie playing Georgia Woods. She is an incredible actress, and always was.

    oriana~Hello there. Hope all is well in your foggy area.
    Shiloh looks exactly like Brad when he was younger. Have you seen the pic of him at 20-24 months(maybe younger) at Easter. The exact copy of Brad. Of course she would look like JV, Angie looks like him and did the whole time she was younger and growing up.

    Jenna M. (UK) ~I don’t think P. Cruz could have pulled it off, as beautiful as ahe is. Don’t see it. It was a heartfelt role and still tihnk, jmo, that only someone close to MP and actually knows her could have done the great job Angie did with it. Angie I thought was spot on. My hubby is a loving,attentive, caring guy (to me), but I can count on 1 and how many time he has cried watching a movie.
    (Before AMH it was 8 Below. We love the pups,lol).
    Take care all. See you in a week or so.

    K&K&K Mommy, I love your blog!!!!! You are so inspirational and just plain awesome!!! Best with wishes with your babies. And do tell Jamal, thanks for the cute update he left after Kajanae was born. Your a lucky lady! Hope Kariah is over her sniffles, and of course she would would be a bit clingy as you know, she use to be “the baby.” I have no doubt you can handle it with the best for all your beautiful babies. Please keep up your blog when you can, remember “Jesus,My Homeboy.”
    IE: But the most compelling evidence of all – 3 proofs that Jesus was a woman:
    1. He fed a crowd at a moment’s notice when there was virtually no food
    2. He kept trying to get a message across to a bunch of men who just didn’t get it
    3. And even when He was dead, He had to get up because there was still work to do

    Take care all!

  8. oriana says

    She does seem to be glowing to me, and she looks healthy and happy, I say good for her, she lost her mother and it is a loss she will always grieve. I wonder if she has another girl, IF she is preggies, if she will name the baby after her mom. I would love for Brad to have a little boy that looks just like him. Shiloh doesn’t, she is a mini Jon Voight.

    I really don’t think a little girl, if they had ten daughters, would ever compare to Zahara with either one of them, all I can say is, a healthy baby is wished for, regardless when and whatever gender!

  9. Christina says

    Dori~ Hollywood is a very superstitious place; moreover, AJ is studying eastern philosophy – with that said, playing tricks especially regarding something like pregnancy which is considered a precious gift is not something to toy with – especially when they desire to have more children. No offense, but it’s rather childish to think anyone would play in my opinion, a lame game to fake anyone out over this subject. I don’t think they care what people think and if they did, this place (Hollywood) would eat them up. They are far too evolved in knowing Hollywood’s games to want to do that. The chances are she is pregnant and the bidding war to get the scoop from them is on. I don’t think it’s necessary for anyone to feel they have to reveal something so private and intimate.

  10. says

    Mayra, que interesante sobre la patrona espiritual de tu pais! Kajanae nacio en un dia festivo aqui en los estados unidos, tambien. Fue el dia de Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., el activista anti-ra*cis*ta que fue matado en los anos 60s…un dia para honrarlo.

    Jenna…Kimora and Kariah are doing well. I’ve noticed minimal jealousy if any at all. Kariah, however, is generally more clingy and wants to nurse more often (I’m tandem nursing her and the baby..she’s only 17 months). They both always are touching her and talking to her…and they feel very inclined to alert me when “Kaji” is crying…as if I don’t know! Very good little helpers 🙂

    There is always someone available to the older girls when my attention needs to be focused on Kajanae; my husband is a dream..but when he’s at work, my foster sisters are VERY EAGER to help…thanks for asking…looks like I wrote you a book!

  11. Al&J says

    Oh how I would love for someone to tell a reporter for once to mind their own damn business. How wonderful would that be. I would love for it to be one of those ladies from the E! channel. I don’t even remember their names. Debbie and Juilana I think? They are over the top as well as the snarky Ryan Seacrest.
    Hi Lauren – I agree. If and when they are ready.
    I really don’t like the idea that anyone should be forced to reveal their pregnancy. They don’t owe anyone anything.

  12. Lauren says

    Oh wow, she does seem pregnant. I thought it was just another rumor but those pictures are sure saying something. She didn’t confirm her first pregnancy with Shiloh until she was 5 months along. If it’s true, they’ll confirm it when they’re ready.

  13. oriana says

    Hi Jenna, Penelope Cruz would have been terrible in that role! You can’t understand a word that woman says! Her accent is soooo heavy. I like her but she would have added nothing to that role. Angie was a good choice.

    dori, if she isn’t pregnant then Brad should just say when asked, NO, instead of saying No Comment, they knew the speculation when she wore that dress, I did like it but it was a flowing tent. Really they should say to the press, It is none of your damn business! Oh How I would love for a celeb to have the courage to tell them that!

    When Cher said that to Barbara Walters years ago, I loved her for it!

  14. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #90 Nicki – Even though I am a huge Angelina Jolie fan, I think Penelope Cruz would have been very very good in that role. Not sure if she would have been better than Angelina, but she would have done it brilliantly I think.

    Kimora, Kariah and Kajanae’s Mommy (phew thats a mouthul!) – Glad Kajanae is doing well. How are Kimora and Kariah taking to her?

  15. dori says

    I’m noy sure she’s pregnant either I think they just wanted to be in the spotlight because both of their movies didn’t do so well . JMO These two love to stir up speculation and keep themselves in the media. They were joking and laughing during the ceremonies because they knew her dress would stir up the media.
    But only they know for sure….

  16. Deeds says

    I’m new to the cooking website also. I got it from my Brother. He is a chef in Seattle. He reads those recipes and then adds to them. Damn, the man can cook! I hope everyone enjoys. If anyone wants a tip just ask and I’ll run it by my bro. Ok peeps no more talking about food from me for now. I’ll stick to the subject at hand. I like the dress. I just don’t know why if she is preggers why she is going from 1 extreme (major skinny) to flowing dresses (to hide 4 months). Why would she want to hide being knocked up? =that sounded crude.

  17. oriana says

    My Dear Deeds, just checked out that site, very interesting, I saw a place for buckwheat pancakes, I love them! Most people like the regular pancakes, well, Nicki may like the buckwheats and DMITZ may enjoy them too. How do you like them?

    I am so pleased darling Christina is on here with us!

    Christina, have you ever seen Dr. Phil in person? He seems so sleazy to me. I saw where the big guns were at the Kodak Theater tonight, I bet Hollywood Blvd. was blocked off. This Britney mess is getting on my nerves, I am actually sick of her, even more so than trashy Paris Hilton. I am sorry folks, but there is such a thing as White Trash with money, Roseanne Barr was right when she made that statement!

  18. mayra sanchez says

    los nombres de tus chiquillas son muy hermosos,no se sabe quien supero a quien en la belleza de sus nombres.


  19. mayra sanchez says

    hola kimora,felicitaciones,que bueno, que nacio la bebe,por lo que parece gracias a DIOS,es una bebe sana que es lo que importa.
    sabes soy catolica,no fanatica de la religion,y tu bebe nacio el mismo dia que aqui se celebra el natalicio de la VIRGEN DE LA ALTAGRACIA, que es nuestra patrona espiritual de este pais,
    su nombre significa la mas alta gracia.
    espero que estes durmiendo bien por que los primeros dias son un desvelo total.

    cuidate y un beso para las tres chiquillas

  20. Decorum says

    Christina you are clever and right JMO= just my opinion. Also Paris as MP? Too funny! Sorry about the misunderstanding, I wasn’t trying to be rude.

  21. oriana says

    Deeds, thank you, will check it out my Dear! I have been moderated so just got on today.

    Christina, Cat Woman was a big disappointment to me, I can’t stand Sharon Stone either.

    I do love my Benicio but that movie didn’t do well either, I thought that it would, Oprah was raving about how good it was? So I expected better!

    Hope everyone is having a good day, have to run, tons of meetings and appts. this week!

    Will add that I thought Angie did good job in AMH and at least she was acknowledged somewhat for it, if not an Oscar nom, people are aware of the film, which is a wonderful thing to me!

  22. Christina says

    Decorum~ what does JMO mean? I knew to the posting thing and have no clue what that means. LOL “just my opinion?”

    And FYI – my comments were directed at Dori who stated Halle can carry a film whereas AJ cannot.

    I think Halle is a good actress and yes, could have played Pearl as well… as well as Thandie Newton. But I deal more with facts/reality, AJ played it and did it well. I don’t consider it bad casting. Bad casting would be Paris Hilton as Pearl (LOL).

  23. Decorum says

    Halle was JMO, you ladies really didn’t need to go through all the trouble of trying to show me wrong.

  24. says

    Hi Jenna! Kajanae is doing very well…truly a delightful baby. She’s already very alert and curious. Yes, you’re right… my family did stake out the waiting room for a while. I’m so happy that I have such support!

    Hola Mayra. Siempre es bueno hablar contigo! Tienes razon…recientemente Angie ha tenido una vida bastante estresada. De seguro los hijos son bendiciones de Dios. Di la luz a mi tercera hija el 21 de enero…se llama Kajanae. Por eso tengo Kimora, Kariah, y Kajanae. Un abrazo a ti! ‘ta luego!

  25. Christina says

    Al&J. Actually, Thandie Newton is a GREAT actress. She has amazing depth and acting chops. She actually turns down more roles than not. She could have given a great performance in AMH, just different and Halle would have as well and different. Actors bring their interpretation to a part and with that said, the performances could be just as good just different. AJ’s interpretation was solid and worthy of acknowledgement.

  26. Christina says

    I’m going to toss out #s.
    AJ films (using small releases)
    A Mighty Heart (16 mil budget) has made approx. 18 mil in box office not including worldwide nor video.
    Original Sin (budget approx 20 mil) 35 mil box office gross not including video nor worldwide
    Taking Lives (budget 26 mil) approx. 30 mil made ONLY in video rental. box office 32 mil
    Tomb Raider (budget 80 mil) USA gross alone 135 mil/video rental alone 63 mil

    Halle Berry
    A Perfect Stranger (w/Bruce Willis) budget approx. 60 mil. box office gross 23 mil (Hollywood standards, it bombed) FYI that movie was released in 2007
    Things We Lost in the Fire budget 16 mil. box office gross ONLY 3.4 mil (another most recent bomb)
    Gothika is the ONLY film she carried that made back a profit.
    X-Men (ensemble cast) 75 mil budget. 158 mil box office gross

    When you compare AJ’s Tomb Raider to X-Men, again she carries that alone and made just as much as X-Men that Halle was a supporting role.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Halle is great but if you want to compare their box office potential, hands down, AJ has more box office appeal.

  27. Al&J says

    I was just going to say something very similar regards to Halle and you’ve beaten me to the punch.
    I don’t think Halle would have been a particularly good choice either. She couldn’t even carry her own film so I doubt she would have been able to carry AMH better than Angelina. Things We Lost In The Fire bombed very badly..around 4 or 5 million which is no doubt absolutely disappointing for the studio. Hopefully this year when it opens in more markets overseas the studio can add at the very least 5 million more to their total. At least one hopes.
    I tried to think of someone else for argument sake and thought of Thandie Newton who could have been considered for the lead role in AMH, but in the last few years the only worthwhile movies she has done have been Crash and The Pursuit of Happyness. While she did an ok job in terms of acting, nothing extraordinary she was not the lead in either of those films. Simply apart of the supporting cast. She has not proven herself capable of having the acting chops to lead a movie.
    Eva Mendes? No way.

  28. Christina says

    Hmmmm… ok. Halle Berry does not carry a movie. Her last 2 films bombed (sorry Oriana, 1 was w/Del Toro). Monster’s Ball did well because of the content and she gave a worthy performance, deserving of the Oscar. Secondily, Halle cannot do accents well. Though Halle physically is more spot on than AJ (again, w/make-up they did a good job w/her physical transformation). If you were to compare their resume, AJ has a much larger range in her ability as an actress whereas Halle has done very little character acting. Furthermore, if you check box office gross, AJ’s films have done more and have had more critical acclaim (excluding X-Men which is an ensemble). Halle does not command 20 mil. AJ has a much bigger International appeal whereas Halle does not (facts on industry ratings). GIA is not only credited for an outstanding performance and if the Academy acknowledged movies made for cable, AJ would have won the Oscar for that. She swept ALL the awards possible for a made for cable film. Her performance in GIA not only won all the awards but it upped the amount of films made for cable. That film is one of many that was credited for putting cable movies on the map. Again, all of what I’m saying is backed by moviebase industry data. Halle is a good actress but she also gives some “dud” performances whereas AJ consistently gives strong performances. Cate Blanchett is one of the best actresses of all time – a legend already. To date, Halle has yet carried an entire film whereas AJ has. Catwoman was a HUGE bomb and it had Sharon Stone. Tomb Raider had AJ w/at that time unknown supporting actors (Daniel Craig, Gerrad Butler). Name ONE movie that Halle has carried on her own?

  29. dori says

    Yes you know Nicki I thought about that too Meryl Streep( too old) ( did you ever see her in Sophies Choice? She did the accent and has to choose which of her two children has to die ??? oh my god she was incredible) Cate Blanchett, Halle Barry, a strong leading actress who can carry a whole movie I just don’t think Angelina was ready to carry a whole movie that was so serious. Tomb raider action type movies maybe but this heavy dramatic needed someone more powerful.

  30. Decorum says

    I think Halle Berry could of played the lead role in AMH in a heart beat (no pun intended). Everyone should know by now I post on this thread only because I think the kids are great. Sure AJ receives and is nominated for alot of awards. There are sooooo many awards I don’t think she’s even touched the tip of the iceberg! The thing is I can’t stand like the band the Doors either, but as in AJs case There are thousands upon thousands of people that LOVE the Doors. JMO

  31. Al&J says

    Delia May – LOL. Your comments about Donald Trump made me laugh. Very funny. I remember seeing a segment on CNN and they polled regular everyday New Yorkers out on the street to find out what they thought about Donald’s comments in regards to Angelina and an overwhelming majority thought he was crazy. Did you catch that?

    It didn’t stop there…l was flipping through the channels one night and saw Trump on Conan O’Brien and he was saying the same weird things about Angelina again and Conan looked at him with disbelief. Probably thought he was crazy and shared the same sentiment as the people who were interviewed out on the street. He really needs to stop bashing women although I’m sure he will continue to take digs at Angelina and other females. (Barbara Walters, Rosie etc). It makes him look really bad.

    I’m not sure, but I don’t really believe ‘they’ (and I always feel as though people want to tar and feather Angelina for everything without realizing that Brad is also apart of the equation) are trying to manipulate anyone. Maybe they haven’t confirmed or denied their pregnancy because they want to wait and make sure everything is okay and that the baby is safe and out of harm’s way. Nothing wrong with that. I think it was that Lillie (sp?) Allen singer who came out and told everyone she was pregnant early on and ended up losing her baby.

    Personally I don’t think celebrities should be made to feel as though they have to deny or confirm a pregnancy. Why should they have to? They don’t owe us anything.

  32. Nicki says

    dori~I can’t wait to see it either. Who are some you would have chosen to play Mariane P.? I don’t know many who could have pulled it off. I was very lucky to see it in my small town way after it came out. It was a critics choice the little theater here does, 1 show at 7 pm on whatever day, and Sat & Sun mat. at 1 pm. My hubby and I went Sat. and usual those movies are 5-10 people. The place was half full and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place, including my hubby. (the only guy, I love him) It was a powerful movie and I belive Angie was the force behind delivering that message in the movie. JMO.

    A cute note-when she was filming the movie, brown contacts and the wig (which I loved it looked great on her) Maddox was at the set and asked “Why are you dressing up like Adam’s Mommy?” Just thought that was cute.

  33. Delia May says

    Let’s admit it people, YOU HAVE NO LIVES to care if she is or if she isn’t pregnant. And if she is, why the coy sh—-t? Really. You either are or aren’t. Just say it. Manipulation. I couldn’t even bring myself to scroll on forever to read everyone’s comments.

    They’re beautiful. They’re privelelged. They “made” themselves into what they are – successes. And both have gone to lengths to make a difference. So good for them.

    Other than that, who knows anything about their family life. The press is always poking at the marriage, the family, the kids – “Brad the brooding, dumped on hero dad.” “Angie the rejecting, anorexic, out late at night in New Orleans wife with shades of mommie dearest. They just have to drum something up. True or not true. And I do not want to know.

    …..And then vile Donald “the plastic hair sweep” Trump slandering her in the most putrid of ways on TV. He needs a life beyond his ego. His ego is big. His buildings are big. Wonder what he’s compensating for. And HIS kids – make me want to throw up. Smarmy, plastic – just like Daddy. But I digress…

    Who knows who they are as a couple, as parents, as people. It’s their business I can only wish them well and thank them or any actor or any “everyman” for bringing the world’s and America’s needs to our doorstep to help.

    But the “is she/isn’t she” PR tease?

  34. Christina says

    Dori- in my opinion AJ was very much Pearl not to mention her physical transformation was well done. Perhaps they could have hired a mixed person, AJ’s simplistic performance done in a documentary style film – hit the mark. A lot of other performers would have overplayed and over performed. Though I think she was worthy of the nominations she has received, the truth is, there were other dynamic performances that stood out (in particular Marion in Le Vie En Rose). Julie Christie’s character had a bigger character arch and expansion than Pearl’s. Pearl’s character is subtle whereas the others had a much bigger wider artistic character to convey and perform. I think AJ made some great choices in her performance. My only critic would be that her accent could have been stronger.

  35. dori says

    I’d like to see that !!She does have a movie comming out where she plays an tough gal again. An action movie. I will look forward to seeing that one. She seems believable in those roles… As Maryann Pearl not so much. It bothered me throughout the whole movie. It was a great movie and had another actress played her the movie would have gotten awards. JMO

  36. nicola says

    If she isn’t pregnant, than she definitely knows what she’s doing by wearing this dress and drinking only water. Who knows? Maybe she’s just playing a little game with the paparazzi knowing that they’ll suck up any information they can out of little clues such as these.

  37. ann says

    #46 Your are evil not human , How could you have said this thing. shame on you.Your are worse animal.

  38. lily says

    I hope she is, she is best mon in the world, she so pretty and sexy. we like her movie, she is best actress.

  39. Z says



  40. Fly On The Wall says

    To #46 Lucky: You hope she dies in labor? The world would have been a better place if your mother had suffered a miscarriage while she was two months along with you. Ghouls like you we don’t need.

  41. Elley says

    I will have to say #46 is truely EVIL!!!!!!!!! To say what was said is unbelievable and sick! I don’t care how much a person dislikes another, there is NO reason for a comment like that. #46 should remember Karma is real and it will come back to bite you in the butt!!!! I really hope it does in your case! I was told once, ‘Hate is the Only posion, a person takes in hopes to harm another.’

    Brad and Angelina have done A LOT of good and both are wonderful actors. I hope and pray they and their children are healthy and happy. Every photo you see the children are always happy and smiling. The children have experienced more in their lives than the rest of us can only dream of. Their children will do great things in life just from learning from their parents. Angelina and Brad are great roll models for any child.(Maybe #45 and #46 should take some of the love and kindness Angelina and Brad have given out in their lives into their life.
    If she is pregnant, and I hope she is, good luck.
    Angelina glowed at the SAG awards, She and Brad have a beautiful family. Best of luck and wishes to them and their’s.

    #46 again I hope you get your’s!!!!!! May God bless you and show you the error of your ways!!!!!!!

  42. Nicki says

    dori~I agree you came off as harsh. Apology accepted and not was needed in my question(s) to you, but welcome. Thanks. So you prefer Angie as harsh and in your face toughness? JMO-I don’t think she was like that in the Bone Collector. I think she was a bit more so in Mr. & Mrs. Smith moreso than The Bone Collector. I loved her as Amelia, but thought she was tough, but much more subdued.

    I’m sure being a Mom has softened her, as would any Mother. Of course her beauty has gotten in the way of forgetting the role she is supposed to be playing, thats why she isn’t cast in many roles, many directors have said, people won’t be able to put her beauty aside and believe she is something else. A blessing, but also a curse for being one of the most beautiful women in the world in the acting business.
    But also I do believe she could still pull off any tough, role and show her edgyness. JMO.(which means nothing in movie world, jmo)

  43. mayra sanchez says

    hola kimora me da gusto saber que estas haciendo como siempre tus acertados comentarios.
    sabes pienso que ella no esta embarazada,sino que simplemente ha ganado algo de peso,y era justo la verdad ya que estaba muy demacrada,despues de la muerte de su madre,y ha tenido mucho trabajo,ademas de estar pendiente al cui9dado de sus cuatro hijos.
    en caso de que estuviera embarazada,que bueno pues un chiquillo siempre es una bendicion de DIOS.

    un abrazooooooooooooooooooooo

  44. dori says

    #72 I think I was pretty cranky when I wrote those comments this morning I almost can’t believe I was so harsh. Sorry… I just don’t think she has her edgyness anymore. Like in Gone in 60 seconds girl interrupted bone collector, and the Tomb Raider movies… i think being a mom has softened her too much and sometimes her beauty gets in the way of her ability to get us to believe her part. Do you know what I’m saying?

  45. Christina says

    RE: Lucky. Even if people are not a fan of Jolie (Dori example). I believe even Dori and Honey would agree on some level that Lucky’s comment was extremely inappropriate and disturbing.

    I will say this, it’s one thing to not like someone and express an opinion such as Dori who does not fancy Jolie’s acting – OK, fine – to each his/hers own.

    Negative opinions are typical and again, opinions – so be it – I don’t considerate it “inappropriate”. I’m not here to be Jolie’s cheerleader but to simply voice my thoughts in a rational APPROPRIATE manner and at times, straighten out any false reports such as Jolie calling Shiloh a blob is inaccurate. Read the original interview and you will see for yourself, it was the writer who stated it and it was taken out of context. What strikes me as odd is: Why do people read and post on people they do NOT like? I know when I don’t like someone, I don’t care to read anything about them – they simply don’t exist in my realm of thinking and could not be bothered and that is just me but make no mistake, I will and have expressed negativity and harsh words/blows too. I don’t like J. Lo and yes, I have met her and me not liking her is coming from a place of experience not projection nor transference of feelings. She’s not a kind person and is a spiteful woman but I wish her all the joy and happiness (her human right as we all have the right) and most important, a healthy delivery. Again, I can’t stand her and whenever anything about her hits the media, I don’t read it – I don’t care. I think she’s not a good person and not a “woman’s woman”.

    At the end of the day, Lucky is just trying to piss everyone off and get a reaction – he or she is probably laughing at the response he/she created.

  46. 2teens says

    I love the bracelet Angie is wearing. I think it’s a fantastic idea to have the kids art made into jewelry.

    #45 Honey, what does “a rush on the face” mean? I am truly curious because I have never heard that expression before. LOL

    #46 Lucky – that comment is the lowest of the low. Do you even have a conscience? Please, go somewhere far away with your bad vibes.

  47. Al&J says

    Christina. I was only speaking the truth. Your comments are well thought out, informative and rational. It’s refreshing to see and to read. 😉

    The ill-informed, irrational rants and hateful tirades that I see on most of these threads are seriously disturbing.

    I forgot to add a few more to my list of Angelina’s wonderful acting achievements this year…
    she won Best Actress at the Women Image Network awards and I believe A Mighty Heart took home Best Film. (yah for Brad, Dede and Michael)
    and she was also named runner-up by the Dallas-Ft. Worth Critics Association.

    It’s been a wonderful year professionally for her. She should be very proud of her all of her nominations and accomplishments. There were many great performances this year but not all of these performances were bestowed with nominations.

  48. Nicki says

    dori~ I am simply asking this, not trying to be mean, ok?
    Why do you say Angie can’t act? I mean I know you don’t like her, but why has she been nominated for 56 awards in her career? She won 20 of those nominations. The big ones being 1 Academy Award, 2 SAG, and 3 Golden Globes. She is still being offered roles, her next shot at an Academy Award, IMO, will be The Changeling. If she can’t act why would Clint Eastwood, The Clint Eastwood, even want to work with her? I’m just wondering.
    She may not have won a SAG for A Mighty Heart, she was nominated. Many others were not even thought of for even a nomination.
    I like her and think she is a wonderful actress.
    I’m not saying your opinion is wrong, I’m just curious how you came about it.
    Is it just because you hate her in general, or truly think she sucks as an actress?

  49. eyesofpearls says

    #46 LUCKY – seek professional help,dear. There is something VERY WRONG with you. The medicine has advanced lately, so maybe they won’t have to put you away.


    Angie is lovely and Brad looks more like Redford every day.

  50. Deeds says

    Oriana~if you ever want to eat excellent food but can’t dine-out, try this website. They have the best receipes.(sp) Good to see you again Christina. I always enjoy your postings.

  51. dori says

    She was pretty in her Raiders Parts and now she skinny and plastic looking and she not pretty anymore. This dress was a ply for attention because she can’t acvt and got noaward for Mighty Heart because as an actor She SUCKS! The only good part she played was Girl Interrupted. She got no personality on the screen and frankly she makes me want to spew.

  52. oriana says

    Hi Christina, I will go next time I am down there if I can get in the door in my wheelchair! I have read before where Courtney Cox goes all the time. Do the stars have to make reservations or do they just zoom in without waiting?

    I am so disgusted with the paps especially since the sleaze ball Britney has hooked up with! It makes me sick to even look at him!!!!

    I am just heartbroken over poor Heath!!! My heart broke when I saw his parents and sister on TV, such grief with dignity! I hope the paps leave them alone!

  53. Christina says

    FYI- Getty Images and Wire Image are the 2 respectable often times hired to come and shoot events. Hence why they get inside shots. Furthermore, a lot of actors and actresses show PDA at events but photographers don’t shoot them because they don’t sale. Jolie/Pitt, photos sale – it’s that simple. If you watch live coverage you will see Sedwick/Bacon kissing, etc. Boils down to people’s preferences re: PDA but I can speak from experience, they all make-out publicly – you just don’t see the photos. Sadly, what sticks to my mind the most is seeing Ledger w/Watts – cuddling and kissing at an Oscar after party. He was such a humble wonderful human being… very sad – so much unexplored talent.

    Anyway~ thank you Al&J… very sweet msg to me and appreciated.

    I just got back from Il Sole and LOVED seeing managment chase off the paps – not allowing them to stand out front. FINALLY LA is starting to put their foot down re: paparazzi. (Oriana, that’s a restaurant you would most likely enjoy and yes, see celebs)

  54. Jx2 says

    Well, #46’s post certainly wasn’t me, even though I do have a tendency to get carried away at times. #46 might have been influenced by one of the comments i made to God-LIZA the other day about wringing her neck and poking out her eyes…LOL…you know the stuff reminiscent of Looney Tunes cartoons from yesteryear.

  55. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Kimora, Kariah, and Kajanae’s Mommy, congratulations!!! How’s the wee one doing now? I read your blog – sounds like a fairly straight-forward labour! And I was thinking with as many siblings as you have your family should have just rented out the waiting room in the hospital while waiting for the new arrival lol :-p

    Anyway back to the Jolie-Pitts, I hope it is true. They are great parents and I don’t think Angelina would wear a dress that unflattering without a very good reason!

  56. Melissa R says

    #46 Lucky, is it???

    That was the most awful thing that I have ever read on here!! And let’s face it….I’ve seen some ladies get down right low!! Watch what you wish for on other people, it always comes back to bite you in the ass!!

  57. Christina says

    It’s disgusting to read someone, anyone say that they hope a woman dies during child birth… that is so hateful and cruel. Your mind set is very much like a terrorist – kill who you don’t like with hatred and anger. YOU HAVE SERIOUS MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES!!! ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING TO SAY THAT ABOUT ANY WOMAN AND THE FACT YOU SAY IT ABOUT A STRANGER – AGAIN, YOU HAVE A MIND OF A TERRORIST!

  58. Nicki says

    oriana~Both Angie and Brad have said when asked about more kids. “Yes.” When asked have said they would have both-Bio and adopted.

    Honey needs to change her name to Bitter.
    Lucky needs to be changed to Evil.

  59. oriana says

    I have noticed at all of the Award shows she is snuggled right up under him and being very affectionate. Brad always seem to be very protective of her. Even the younger couples don’t do that in public, not that I think there is anything wrong with it. Now I sound like Seinfeld! Ha!

    It just is obvious that they seem to cling together. I think they are in love and are happy, it has been a lasting relationship. I think she may be pregnant and if that proves to be the case, I will be very shocked. I never thought she would have another biological child since her heart is with adopting and the adopted children.

    I think Brad loves kids as a whole and will love and be good to all of them, biological and adopted, he was born to be a Father and I think a very good one.

  60. Deeds says

    #4~funny! I do find her more attractive when she is filled out abit. She looks so much more healthy. I’m not a fan of AJ, but I can’t deny she is a pretty woman.

  61. Al&J says

    Christina. I have to say I absolutely love reading your posts. You speak with such clarity, knowledge and insight and you never feel the need to resort to ugliness and name-calling or at least I haven’t seen any of that behavior.
    Some days when I read some of the overtly negative posts on here I immediately find myself going over to celebrity baby blog where the posters over there are much nicer and not so judgmental and irrational. I believe that it was K&K&K’s mommy (I could be wrong) who also has expressed a similar sentiment about celebrity baby blog.
    I would love to see a picture of Angelina and Brad making out as I’ve only seen a picture of them sharing a kiss. Far from making out, but some people are incapable of making the distinction I guess. What sad times we must live in when we are no longer able to show affection and love to our partners without it being viewed as a ploy of some sort.

    Isn’t it interesting that one career is suffering when they are being honored by the Santa Barbara Film Festival for Outstanding Female Performance of the Year.
    Or the fact that they’ve garnered a best actress nomination:
    by the Broadcast Film Critics Association
    the Chicago Film Critics Association
    the NAACP
    the London Film Critics Association

    and picking up various small awards from smaller film critics associations

    and securing a Best Actress nomination from
    the Screen Actor’s Guild (a nomination from her peers)
    the Satellite Awards
    the Golden Globes
    the Independent Spirits
    the UN Time for Peace award Association
    and the Broadcast Film Critics Association

    Your career must be suffering when you have just finished filming with Clint Eastwood and the great Sidney Lumet has expressed a desire to want to work with you in the near future.

  62. Daze says

    I believe she is, she looks it all over and in the way they both glow. Brad is the sexiest man out there, even in scruffy mode. That photo where he is staring down the camera….chills me to my soul. I’d do him anytime. No offense Angie…..

  63. Liza says

    Angie is not my favorite actress, but I was really quite impressed by her performance in A Mighty Heart.

  64. carleigh says

    I’m sure damn glad I don’t have some of you people judging me on my appearance and looks, you all are a bunch of harsh critics. Her dress, her mouth, her face, her arms, legs, hair, breasts, her outfit, Brad’s face, his this, his that…OMG!!!

    I’m sure to their critics out there, I’m sure you all are the best looking thing since the Corvette. Gimme a flippin break here.

    If they are expecting a baby or babies, that’s wonderful. Did anyone think that maybe the reasons they appear haggard or tired or whatever is because they live a very active lifestyle and they have four kids that they seldom pawn off onto nannies or assistants.

    They haven’t been in the press much lately, they are spending down time with their kids…leave them alone and let them be. They have outlasted all the naysayers and if they are happy with each other, then so be it.

  65. IRENA says

    That first picture made me realise how ages she has become. Some thing around her mouth. She is looking like her brother more each day. Brad need a bath badly. I am not sure their relationship needs another child since they seem to just grow through the motions. No truly happy person on top of the world loses so much weight like that. SOmething is wrong with her and the last thing she needs is another child. Ask Mia Farrow.

    That dress is the worst dress I have seen in a while.

  66. oriana says

    At least she isn’t wearing black all the time! I do think Brad is looking a little tired and his age is showing. Matt Damon and George both look better than he does.

    She does have a big head but so do a lot of other celebs also, Angie has a beautiful face, it looks like her arms have filled out some and not so boney and skinny. I think they are both good actors, Angie better than Brad, and Jon Voight is better than both of them put together as far as acting skills goes.

    Very good to see Christina back! I missed her!

  67. Honey says

    That dress is hedious. They need a kid like they need a rush on the face. All those kids are going to grow up with issues. Hate her, sleep with each other and one of the adopted ones will end up sleeping with Brad. Zahara most likely.

    On a happier note, am glad she missed the award and she was not nomitated for an oscar. Being the whores they are, they have resprted to PDA for some attention. I can’t wait for the day when the world will not give a flying f who they are. Brad is almost 50 ( geez he does not have to look it) that day is not very far.

  68. traveler says

    Hey, this dress is better than some of the other “outfits” I’ve seen celebrities wear to these awards ceremonies. At least she isn’t dressed like a swan or walking the red carpet with a bare breast hanging out. I’ll take drab colors over that any day.

  69. traveler says

    Please, when they make out, you complain that they are unclassy. When they don’t make out, you say they don’t love each other and are headed for a break up. These two just can’t win with you crazies.

  70. Jx2 says

    I agree Dori. That colour of dress that Ange is wearing is not her colour at all. She might be a “winter” although it’s hard to tell since her hair is dyed. What do you think? I’m a winter and beigy-browns are not my colour at all. They make my complexion sallow and pasty just like Ange’s in the photo.

    #38 – hold the phone!! Who was making out? Brangelina?
    Provide the 5 w’s please!!

  71. dori says

    The dress is probably the worst color for her I’ve ever seen. I don’t care for her taste is clothing. Very blahh colors … The lady can very well afford a stylist yet she never uses one.

  72. dori says

    She’s not pretty to me in these pics with her big head and long narrow nose. But good for them. More rugrats for them to drag all over the country and show off to the media cause lord knows their careers aren’t doing so well.

  73. AmyY says

    I think its super annoying how they were like making out… so unlcassy and totally trying to prove to everyone that they “adore” each other… like shes trying to shove it in everyones faces… im partial to the couples who keep their private life private.. esp if it involves tongues.

  74. traveler says

    I never really had a thing for Brad Pitt. To me, he’s just your average decent looking guy. Now, George Clooney. That’s another story. 🙂

  75. traveler says

    Seriously, it’s really none of our business if she’s pregnant or not. That’s the business of her and her family. We’ll eventually know if she is or not, so no sense in stirring the pot. And even if she is, it’ll be months before the baby is born, so why the hoopla? It’s not like she’s going to have a kid tomorrow or anything.

  76. Liza says

    Brad is still quite good looking but is definitely starting to show his age.

    I don’t think the dress means much of anything, she could be or maybe not. We’ll have to see.

  77. Christina says

    I hope she is preggie, she looks it. I don’t think they need to confirm. If you notice the recent trend (J. Lo, Aguliera) not addressing it – perhaps they are taking that path as well. Furthermore, she didn’t confirm her pregnancy w/Shiloh till months later. A lot of women don’t say anything till after 3 months/1st trimester.

    Also, you are not seeing pics of their kids and them in LA for several reasons – security is high around them. In Malibu they and other celebs, are getting the law to move the paps away – not allowing them to stop and park on PCH. FINALLY they are citing the paps and forcing them to leave. If a pap is caught, trespassing is enforced. It’s not just for the Jolie Pitts, it’s all the celebs in Malibu and the neighborhood watch.

  78. Christina says

    “B” grade performance? I guess that is why she is nominated for her performance and both get paid 20 mil per film for their “B” grade. LOL.

    re: blob comment. AGAIN, it was the journalist whom stated blob – NOT Jolie. It was not a comment directed at Shiloh personally but the comparsion of a newborn’s personality to a 7 month old baby. She did NOT say Shiloh was a blob. She said having a newborn is so very different than getting a baby at 7 months and older… their needs are different their personalities are different. You get a child at 7 months and they come in with a personality and a life before you – like a little stranger with a whole other life before you that you have to get to know but a newborn it’s just so different it’s so… and then the JOURNALIST said “a blob perhaps” and Jolie agreed. If you know what a blob is in the truest sense, you will agree. A blob comes unformed – it’s just a mass and it forms and you form it.

    I think it’s HORRIBLE how the media TWIST a person’s comment and take it out of context. How hurtful!

  79. Michiganmom says

    Why can’t women in the media wear a pretty flowing dress without having all these baby rumors. That is the style that’s out, and they are real people to. Maybe she was having a fat day. I have them 6 days a week. There allowed to be human

  80. Ileana says

    I hope they are expecting, they seem like wonderful parents & wonderful people! They make a beautiful couple!

  81. joey says

    Brad is lookin old and moldy..Hopefully they spend more time with their kids and stop focusing on their “B” grade careers.

  82. Amanda says

    Brad is looking rough! I like her dress but she appears to be copying J-Lo. I hope they can keep up with all these and not pawn them off on nannies. Shiloh is a beautiful baby though!

  83. traveler says

    To the person who is worried that they haven’t seen pics of Shiloh recently, chill out. We haven’t seen pics of any of the kids recently and that’s how it should be. It’s about time those poor kids had a break from the paps. I’m glad the family is able to have some privacy.

  84. Nicki says

    Hey oriana~I don’t know what it is made of. Looks gold in the top pic, maybe the second one isn’t a good shot.
    I love it. It is so cute.
    Have a nice day, got errands.

  85. oriana says

    I love the dress, I think it is beautiful, flowing, but gorgeous to me. She does look happy and healthy. I do think she looks a lot older than what she is but she is one gorgeous woman, no doubt about it!

  86. Deeds says

    I watched 12 monkeys again, Brad can act! They make a “nice” couple. A couple of what I”m not sure.

  87. Angie says

    Oh great, I wonder if this will be another “blob” as she referred to Shiloh. Or maybe two blobs at once. She has issues and should work on them before having another.

  88. Nicki says

    They looked so great on the RC. The dress was prettier on TV.
    Before everyone starts in on this statement…….
    “Hmm, it fluctuates between seven and 13 or 14… Four is kind of kicking our ass, but we kind of feel like, damn it, we’re up for the challenge!”
    It is a cut a paste job. It was NEVER said together. The part about Four is kicking our ass (I not even sure that is her exact quote-it might have been more like four is kinda…) is from when she was on Jon Stewarts show. He asked about more kids, so maybe she did say between 7 and 13 or 14, not sure. I will try to find it on youtube.. He said Wow 2 is kicking our ass. They both laughed and she responded with the Yeah 4 is………………..
    Jon Stewarts show is a comedy show, not CNN.

    I love Brads #1 Dad necklace. (click on it to see it larger.)

  89. boo says

    what happened to some of the comments and threads? Like “Heath Ledger remembered as an amazing father” and Nicole and Joel out without Harlow” (2 weeks after her birth)…..hmmm? Thats odd, they aren’t appearing on my screen? I know the site was down all day yesterday, perhaps they were clening it up but why delete Heath Ledgers thread??

  90. 2teens says

    I do believe she’s pregnant. She looks fuller.
    I hope they are, I think they are wonderful parents.

  91. Generic name says

    they look good together! I hope she is preggy..I haven’t see new photos of Shiloh..I hope she’s ok

  92. Al&J says

    Oh my…she looks positively gorgeous and much healthier than she has looked in a long time. Despite being really different I actually like her’s vintage Hermes.
    Brad looks great too..his usual hot self.
    I really hope they are having a baby..twins would be so exciting!
    They seem to love children and both has expressed how much they would like to have a large family.

  93. sarcasticblonde says

    Yeah…if 4 kids are “kicking their ass”, I think they should hold off on adding anymore. You need to be able to care and give lots of attention to the kids you have before adding more. JMHO.

  94. Fly On The Wall says

    I’ll believe it if/when they announce it, but I’ll be delighted for them if it is true.

  95. MommaE says

    She looks gorgeous!! Good for them-they are wonderful parents and those children are very lucky to have them. Not enough parenting going on in this world anymore-it’s good to see it’s not completly gone!

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