An Expectant Jessica Alba At G'Day Australia Black Tie Dinner

Jessica Alba

An expectant Jessica Alba was snapped at the G’Day Australia Black Tie Dinner in NYC on Saturday night. She looks lovely!



  1. oriana says

    I don’t like her but she is very pretty. I think her baby will be beautiful!

    2teens is my Bud, so I have to defend her, she didn’t say anything wrong, she just said everyone has the right to say what they think on here without being scolded, what was wrong with that? I am talking about #6.

  2. Jx2 says

    LOL…Believe it or not, I have changed a couple of my niece’s dia*per*s when they were newborn and it wasn’t all bad. i just don’t think I could ever get used to doing it on a daily basis. I have a friend, who with the birth of her first child during changing dia*per*s, would make vo*miting noises throughout the process. Her son as a toddler became so aware of his mother’s repulsion that he began to hold back his number #2 urges. She swore she would never do that again!! Anyway, we all have our vices!

    2 teens – Seems Amandillo is nowhere to be found! Do you think she was scared away?

  3. says

    Thanks for your congrats, JJ! I understand; to each her own. The “poopyness” isn’t a highlight for me, either. However, the benefits FFFFFFAAAAAARRRRRRRR outweigh the downsides. Actually, since Kaji is breastfed, her poop isn’t a big deal. The doozies come from Kariah because she eats table food. Kimora is potty trained.

  4. 2teens says

    #13 Aman-duh, you have at least 3 grammatical errors in your post. So, YOU bringing up MY educational background is a bit of a joke.

    #19 JJ – yes! Bite her, bite her hard! LOL I got your back too.

  5. Jx2 says

    GODLIZA – Oh I get it – you are using the classic reverse psychology routine, huh? So predictable you are, aren’t you!
    I guess if you don’t have fresh material to use – you can become a bore real fast!! It’s been grand chatting with you but i need to get me some fresh meat – you are old and tired!! Too bad for you that your older posts were deleted…I quite enjoyed going back to read them! Now they are forever lost!! boo-hoo!

  6. Liza says

    That’s ok, Jx2, I’ll enjoy your obsession with me while it lasts. Like I said before, it just tickles me that you feel the need to focus so many random posts on me. Afterall, you just amuse me, but I seem to really have gotten under your skin.

    You are such a sweet little thing, don’t listen to what everyone else says.

  7. Jx2 says

    If nobody else is willing to bite you Amanda – I will. I have a lovely set of buck teeth that will certainly leave a lasting impression!
    Personally, I do believe that Miss Blog made an attempt to delete some comments. I wrote some doozies to LIZA-rd.
    I think it must have freaked WM out a bit. No harm done, I have plenty more up my sleeve.
    Rag mama rag…shag mama shag…Kx3…just wanted to take this time to send you my congrats on the little addition!
    Sounds like you are having fun. I must be honest however – I can’t say that I’m envious at all of being a mom to three. Heck I’m still debating whether I should get a small dog…can’t handle the poop factor. LOL

  8. Jx2 says

    Don’t mention it LIZA-rd!! However, let me re-phrase the word “fixated” and just say “I’m on a mission”!!! Don’t let this 15 seconds of fame get to your head! It won’t last long. You just happen to be the “moron de jour!!!”

  9. Liza says

    I tend to doubt that problems with the site is the problem. Several posts by the WM disappeared entirely and then nearly half the posts for every entry just disappeared.

    But, boy, Amanda, you sure do lost it over nothing.

    Jx2, Again I tell you how much I adore your fixation on me. It’s so nice to know that you think of me so often.

  10. 2teens says

    Yes, JJ work some of your magic on Amanduh! She needs a dose of your kind of medicine.

    Triple k’s mama – I think you’re right on the money too. It’s amazing to me that her first post was to b*it*ch everyone out but then amazed when they got some backlash for it.

    Amanduh, don’t worry yourself about my education or my life hun. You just keep leaving your little brown-nosing posts to the WM and living in your dreamworld… fruitcake.

  11. says

    Hey Jx2…squash the little know-it-all…..she’s raggin’ on your bud 2teens. Sure 2teens can take care of herself, but I for one should know how you can “tear it up”. Amanda thinks she’s sticking around….well she can be my guest…

    Absolutely HILARIOUS how losers tend to surface in groups…hmmm I should say, 2teens, I think you’re a pretty darn good guesser! 🙂

    If you all want to talk about so! Leave the rest of us alooonnneee! 😉

  12. Amanda says

    2teens unlike you I have a life and dont need to make up friends. I am me and only me and don’t need anyone to back me up. So do us all a favor and go get a education and while your at it a life because your beyond sad and pathetic. You would think you could take a hint but I guess that requires more brains that you have.

  13. 2teens says

    ok, since Amanduh and Bella both seem to say “get over yourself” in every post… they must be the same person.
    Way to pat yourself on the back Amanduh, as I said, pathetic.

  14. Amanda says

    Your maturity level is what is pathetic. Get over yourself. There is a difference between stating your opinion and being out right mean and nasty. Last time I checked no one was perfect.

  15. 2teens says

    Yeah? You can say what you want and so can everyone else… so where do you get off scolding everyone for stating their opinion?
    Your brown nosing to the WM is pathetic.

  16. Amanda says

    Bite me. I can say what I want. I posted the same message to different people. Take your nastiness out on someone else or get some help.

  17. 2teens says

    I have seen this happen at least two other times on this website Liza. I’m not sure what is going on, but it is annoying.

    Amanda, shut up already!! You posted the same message 3 times now. You are boring.

  18. Amanda says

    She didnt delete any comments she was having problems with the site. Get over yourselves and stop being so nasty and thinking the worse of everyone. Like you are so perfect?? Good Grief! Keep Your headup web mistress it must be PMS week these people!

  19. Liza says

    Interesting how a solid majorityof the posts written over the past few days seems to have suddenly disappeared. Is that some censoring on the part of the WM?

  20. Amanda says

    LOL She looks like she is wearing a black bag! She got really big all the sudden. How far along is she?

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