1. Squeak says

    OK, lesson on genetics here. The baby can look the other parent, you know! Or even, like an aunt, uncle or grandparent. That’s the beauty of child-making – chuck in an egg and a sperm, get a wonderful surprise!

  2. Amanda says

    LMAO I cannot get over how immature all of you are. Are you all a bunch of teenagers? Too funny and yet so sad.

  3. 2teens says

    This website is a mess! Not only are all the posts deleted from the newest threads but whole threads are now missing. This isn’t the first time it’s happened either. If we want to bi*tch about it, we will Amanduh.

  4. Amanda says

    She didnt delete any comments she was having problems with the site. Get over yourselves and stop being so damn nasty and thinking the worse of everyone. Like you are so perfect?? Good Grief! Keep Your headup web mistress it must be PMS week these people!

  5. jk says

    There were about 9 comments here that the woman running this site deleted. The truth bites, doesn’t it? She made a unintelligent remark about the picture and decides to delete all posts concerning the rude comment. Lot of class, lady. Continue because you’re going to get hit with a censorship lawsuit. Wait and see!

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