An Expectant Halle Berry Shopping For Furniture

Halle Berry

A nine-months-pregnant Halle Berry was snapped out furniture shopping in LA.

Halle is due any day now!


  1. boo says

    lol…Hey I aim to please!lol…Glad I could get a laugh from ya 🙂 … but its so true, whats up with putting on 15lbs AFTER the pregnancies are over??lol….I feel like I got jipped there!lol….But Mama loves her babies and I wouldn’t trade them for anything 🙂

  2. Nicki says

    I love her hair. She looks ready. Best wishes to them.

    boo~ROFLMAO~that was cute. And as you said your beautiful children are worth it. Thanks for the chuckle.
    ( Bum, hips, thighs, and spare tire…lol..Whats up with that?)

  3. boo says

    Like I said before …I think it is a boy, I carried All belly with my boys… it wasn’t til after I gave birth that I got the Bum, hips, thighs, and spare tire…lol..Whats up with that? Ah well a little weight gain is well worth it if it means being a mommy to the most beautiful children in the world 😀

  4. Sharrie says

    she looks FABULOUS! I wish I looked that good when I was pregnant!. Best Wishes to halle & Gabriel.

  5. Angie says

    She’s beautiful and looks great . I can’t wait to see her take on motherhood she has waited a long time for a child and I wish her all the best.

  6. Mar says

    According to Celebrity Baby Blog she’s not due until March:
    “Actress Halle Berry, 41, goes furniture shopping in Beverly Hills, California today. She and boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry, expect their first child in March.”

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