Katie Holmes On Motherhood

This interview is so cute! I love it when her mother talks about how willful a child Katie was!


  1. jk says

    Hey Amanda new person,
    Several of my posts have been selectively deleted in the past. Why do you talk like you know the inside story and that everyone else must be stupid or lying? You haven’t even been visiting this site for long so how could you possibly know what happened to other people?

    Once I wrote what the difference and confusion was about adult stem cell vs. embryonic stem cell research (because it came up in a thread) and the WM just happened to delete mine, while leaving everyone else’s in tact. I did not put in any links, no bad language, etc. Actually, it was all factual in about 1 1/2 paragraphs. The WM is to me like a dictator. I have no respect for selective censorship.

  2. oriana says

    Guess it will make many people happy to know most of my comments have been deleted!

    Sorry Scientologs, I don’t dislike all Aliens, I do love the Outer Limits!!!!!!!!!

  3. lostfan says

    actually i’m quite sick of katie holmes, she has changed so much to some wannabe A lister. to change this much in her image, the way she talks…so fake…and has been programmed to not mention Tom and Scientology, She said wants to forge a career, well if she does want to anything like Nicole Kidman’s, she needs to come to her senses and smell the crap. Katie get a REAL life, thats worth all this attention.!

  4. boo says

    yes something was wrong with the site… I couldn’t get on at all yesterday and I noticed that the “Heath Leger remembered as an amazing father” and “Nicole and Joel out and about 2 weeks after Harlows birth” threads are both gone…… I don’t think the WM would Purposely delete the Heath Thread…. that would be extremely disrepectful! Hopefully the site is back up and running like normal now!

  5. Amanda says

    She didnt delete any comments she was having problems with the site. Get over yourselves and stop being so damn nasty and thinking the worse of everyone. Like you are so perfect?? Good Grief! Keep Your headup web mistress it must be PMS week for these people!

  6. jk says

    There were about 29 comments here the other day but it seems the webmistress is going on a rampage, deleting everything she disagrees with! Very classy and demonstrates a free society, doesn’t it? She’s like an authoritarian of a communist country. Seriously, she’s deleted almost all my comments – I only said Katie repeated the same things on the 3 interviews she did.
    Lady, you’re IQ is equivalent to the age of a 3rd grader.

  7. Amanda says

    I think she looks healthy but seems fake to me. Her answers were really vague and general. She has matured a lot you can tell. Maybe too much?? I dunno. As far as the shopping if I had the money I would shop too, I see no problem with that at all. Jealousy eats some people alive I guess.
    I think a lot of Katie and I hope and pray she is truly happy.

  8. Denise says

    I don’t think she looked robotic as so many people have said. I think it is great to be so porud of her daughter. I am the same with my 3 1/2 year old. Shadow Girl, I think you need some help to work out the rage issues you obviously have. Hollywood has always spent money like water, why are they any worse or different?

  9. Shadow Girl says

    Popped this comment cherry! Sure, the hag was all cute and everything before she bought into the Crude family asylum.

    What a shame! I mean, she’s making sucky movies and obsessively shopping. How about saving some money for the spawn’s education? How about working towards a worthy cause, like colon cancer research? How about donations? OMG, when they piss away their money on materialistic crap they don’t need, it just gets me angry!

    I mean, hello, when we middle class have to save everything(which isn’t a bad habit!) and they can piss away their money willy-nilly, it really speaks bad of Hollywood and our economy really sucks.

    Also reminds me of how Crude can make money by suing others who try to speak out. Some claims may be false, truly, but that won’t stop him, oh no! He’s such a mugger for the camera, he doesn’t know how to truly act at all!

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