Jessica Alba More Afraid Of Breastfeeding Than Giving Birth!

Jessica Alba

(In the above pic Jessica was snapped at the Sundance Film Festival on January 20th)

Jessica Alba has opened up about her pregnancy in an interview with Extra.

“It’s quite a blessing and perfect timing,” she shared.

But she says the whole experience has left her feeling more emotional.

“Anything could make me incredibly angry or break down crying,” she said. “That’s not something I’m used to.”

And her biggest fear is breastfeeding.

She says she recently had a dream and “it had to do with breastfeeding which is the only thing I’m paranoid about. More than giving birth.”

She also shared how she is staying fit during her pregnancy.

“I try to eat as healthy as possible and exercise,” she says. “As long as I don’t gain too much, too fast, that’s the key.”



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