Denise Richards Will Get To Do Her Reality Show With Her Girls

Densie Richards

Denise Richards will be able to do a reality show that includes her two daughters despite Charlie Sheen being against it. Denise took Charlie Sheen to family court yesterday and the judge decided to let her do the show with her girls, but he set certain restrictions. It’s unknown what those restrictions are, but Denise is apparently happy with the judge’s decision.


  1. Squeak says

    Don’t come on here that often and being from the UK it’s the first time I’ve seen pictures of these children – well the one we can see in this picture. Is that Sheen gene strong or what?!!? She’s a gorgeous looking wee girl, despite looking like a bunch of hairy-arsed Irish guys (her dad, grandad and uncle!). I’m kind of kidding cos they’re a nice looking family really. Sorry to say, the mother sounds like a nightmare though!

  2. Cocoa Puffs says

    Kiely Alexia I’ve noticed that you post in several different ways are you the same person as:

    Alexia Kiely
    Alexia Delilah
    and all the other Alexia somethings that post on here???????

  3. kiely alexia says

    Richards Fighting Sheen Over Reality TV Plans
    Denise Richards is fighting ex-husband Charlie Sheen over her plans to include the former couple’s two daughters in a new reality TV show. Sheen has refused to let his girls, three-year-old Sam and Lola, two, take part in the former Bond girl’s TV plans – and so the ex-couple is going back to court later this week to fight it out. Sources tell news show Extra that Richards recently landed the reality TV deal, which will revolve around her life as a working single mum in Hollywood. In order for the girls to appear in the reality television show, Sheen has to approve but he has refused. Richards is asking the court to revoke Sheen’s power as the children’s father in this matter, so she can move forward with the show without his consent.”

    Unfortunately, she is bringing the media circus to her children. In my opinion, this is a poor choice, to say the least.

  4. Zbella says

    dori – please, there is no comparison. Angelina and JA were not best friends! Also, Britney, Keri et al (who were too young in my opinion) were at least a decade older than these babies. These babies have no “talent” – they are simply being put on screen for their mother’s benefit. Sad.

  5. annie says

    I am totally on Charlie’s side about this. Her career is in the garbage and she sees this as an opportunity to get it back. She is a low life. Martin Sheen opened doors for his children in the business but he never had cameras in his home recording their lives. Denise has shown her true colors and they aren’t pretty. Shame on the judge for allowing this.

  6. oriana says

    I wonder if she has an Agent? I haven’t seen her in any films lately. I think it is all about the money with her and she sees other reality shows making a name for themselves, guess she wants to give it a try.

  7. carleigh says

    Jessie…what evidence do you have to form your opinion? Just the same as we do when we form ours. We are all entitled to state our opinions, and most of us can do so w/o resorting to name calling. If we are low-lifes then what does that say about you wasting your precious time to comment here amongst us so called low-lifes???

  8. phnxgirl says

    I think there is a difference between helping your kids to get into acting, and putting them in a reality show. I really think it is going to do more harm then good for them. It seems Denise is thinking more about herself then the well being of the kids.

  9. squeekysue says

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this woman is a media whore, a skanky rat of the lowest denominator. Who on here unless Britney and Jamie Lynn’s Ma comes on here, would whore out their children, just for a gold coin

  10. squeekysue says

    I’ve said it before and I’ll sayit again, this woman is a media whore, a skanky rat of the lowest denomenator. Who on here unless Britney and Jamie Lynn’s Ma comes on here, would whore out their children, just for a gold coin.

  11. Elaine says

    Martin sheen may have helped Charlie into the acting profession but I don’t believe he had him on the TV/films at the age of 2 or 3. I seriously doubt that the children have said they want to do this, or even know what it all means, unlike the Disney club kids who must have been older. Charlie knows what it is like to be the child of a celebrity, and if he wants to protect his very young children from all the problems celebrity entails he should be allowed to do so.

  12. Jessie says

    Why are you all against her? What FACTS do you know about her to say things like that? You people are all low-lives. It’s sad.

  13. dori says

    As far as her stealing a husband …is she any worse than Angelina Jolie?? Please … it goes on in Hollywood all the time. How do you know the marriage wasn’t already over I agree it was her buddy and it was wrong but others do it too.

  14. dori says

    ooops !! terrible spelling… Micky Mouse club is what I meant to say
    all those kids started on the show at a very young age and only one of them is screwed up. I think we all know who that is.

  15. dori says

    Hello people…. Charlie Sheen is the son of Martin Sheen, where would he be if his dad didn’t get him into show business. Hipocrite!!!
    It’s just history repeating itself . So many actors bring their children into show business Theres nothing wrong with it at all.
    Where would keri Russel, Justin Timberlake Chgristina Aguilerra Britney Spears and Ryan Goesling be if it wasn’t for their childhood roles on Mucky Mouse Club. Get a grip ladies.

  16. Olive says

    Yes, Janessa, I have to admit you were right!

    I think it’s awful that she wants to use her kids to make money, rather than give them the most healthy upbringing possible.

  17. Pika says

    Don’t they already have a show called “The Biggest Loser”?
    Poor kidlets….she might as well put their college fund towards therapy right now!

  18. Lauren says

    What a skank! I always liked Denise but after she stole Richie Sambora from Heather Locklear I cannot stand her. Her daughters are only 3 and 2. How sad just to parade them in front of cameras when your own career is dead. I can’t believe that judge allowed her to do that.

  19. Tia :) says

    I dont understand how or why you would want to pimp your kids out like that? Im with Carleigh on this one…shes a media whore.

  20. carleigh says

    Well no big surprise….she’s the sober, clothed version of Britney, this just shows that she is the media whore everyone believed her to be. I can’t stand her skanky ass and she in my opinion has sunken to an all time new low…who would have thunk it was possible…I’m sick of her and seeing pic’s of her.

  21. ali says

    she is such a loser! this is sooo desperate to save her DEAD career.
    she showed the world how low she is by taking her best friends husband.

  22. Janessa says

    To all the Doubters who didn’t believe that she courted the papparazzi & got paid for the pics by phoning in her whereabouts, this oughta make believers out of you.

    *Scoff* All those supposed “candid” shots of her out at the beach with the girls and having ice cream at the local ice cream shop …. pfffffttt.

  23. flugen says

    Sure, Denise, say Charlie is crazy…..You are the crazy one to expose your children to more chaos. Let them be children and grow up as normal as possible!

  24. comment says

    Who really cares to watch her in a reality show? She wants to get to Charlie and use and exploit her girls.She helped break up one of her best friends marriage that ran its course, her ex moved on and now she yanks him around at every chance she gets. Denise has shown herself to be nothing but trouble

  25. Alli says

    I’m on Charlie’s side. They should be allowed on set for sure but too young to be forced into the spotlight. They will end up like the Olson Twins, freaks!

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