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Tiger Woods was snapped with his daughter Sam, mother Kultida, and wife Elin, next to a bronze statue bearing the likeness of Tiger with his late father Earl Woods, during its unveiling inside the the Tiger Woods Learning Center in Anaheim, CA.


  1. lyn says

    This is in response to Oriana, You are indeed correct, Sam looks likes her grandmother, and on Tiger he is a like, carbon copy of his mother. They are like brother and sister to me. What a nice family! God bless your family esp. the litte cute Sam.

  2. UnheardOfComments says

    Sinnamon, that comment was uncalled for: “This is another (Mutt) baby a she looks absoltely nothing like him it looks like he kidnapped that kid.”

    We are all “mixed” in some way whether it be by race or nationality. Let me educate you (because you seem to need it-perhaps you don’t get out much) if your mother’s ancestors are British and your father’s are Russian, then you are mixed as well. Just an example, because I get tired of seeing stupid comments made by people who just want to be hateful, when in my opinion, this comment forum should be a joy to read because some people have made some good friends in here and the subject matter is a cheerful one: innocent little babies! My soapbox tirade is now over!

  3. oriana says

    #43, my Dear, I know it how to be stressful for you! You had a difficult situation to deal with. When the grandmother has old customs, and believe me, they cannot change or adapt to a different way of thinking either, you could easily have had some serious problems! Thank God she went back home and your child is doing good. I am happy for the both of you! You sound like a very nice person and you made it thru! Especially with a C-Section, being very sore, you didn’t need any worries. So glad things worked out okay!

  4. Mommy 2 a Mixed Boy says

    Oriana I’m glad my MIL left before my son got older. Hes about to be 2 next month but he was only 2 1/2 months when she moved back to Thailand. I liked her, I just didn’t approve of how she was raising my husband’s daughter and didnt want her thinking she could do the same with our son. She also believed things had to be done the way she did them when she lived in Thailand. And I did my best to stay away as to avoid any problems or fights between us since we had such a nice relationship. She only took care of our son alone once, and i nearly choked my husband that time for putting me on the spot at a dinner we were having when our son was only a couple weeks old. He suggested we go see a movie and let his parents(or mother) watch the baby. I had no choice but to reluctantly agree since he said it in front of them. I never felt so rushed to be in n out of a movie before. After that I visited a few times right before they left. i had a c-section so for the first couple months I was mostly at home not driving anywhere and having my mom help me most of the time. My MIL did seem jealous that my mom got to see the baby much more than she did, but I now am so grateful that she didnt drive so she couldnt come see us lol. I know it sounds kinda mean, but she was pushy when it came to her sons babies, and she always stated that she wanted to “raise” them, not just be a grandma. Anyways I’m just glad she is out of our hair and no need to worry about her. Shes off in Thailand!

  5. liz says

    sam alexis woods is such a cute baby girl who does look very much like her grandma. if they put her hair on top of her head just a little bit with a tiny bow or something that would change her appearance so much. but what do i know, i;m only going by pictures. very nice family, they all look so very proud. God bless us all.

  6. oriana says

    Well, I do lay down with dogs, and cats, but it cost me a fortune every month to see that they don’t get fleas! Ozzy wouldn’t like that at all!

    Now go test your e-meter and stop wasting your time messing with me. And please, stop referring to my friends as trash, you Fool! Go salute Hubbard’s picture along with Flavor Flav wearing his medal, sorry, I meant Tom!!!!!!!

  7. comment says

    #36 your Tom Cruise comments are nasty enough for anyone to read and shows your ignorance on how a lady should speak. So we can clearly see you are not a lady just another with no respect for herself or anyone else. Trash talks trash. Like the old saying goes if you lay with dogs long enough you’ll get fleas. That goes alone with who takes up for you

  8. oriana says

    She does look like Tiger and his mother but she is cute, love her fat little legs in those tights, and the shoes are so cute too. I think as she gets older and gets more hair she will be even cuter. I think she is just precious!!!!

    #30, you poor thing! Glad she is gone!!!!! And I guess the hubby didn’t have the backbone to speak up to his mother and say No about the bugs or anything else.

    My husband’s mother used to blast me and the family members said that was the Samoan culture, whatever the Mother said, no one was to speak up, voice their opinion or say anything back.

    I let her and them know, it wasn’t my culture, I am an American, and I am not not compromising my integrity for anyone, if someone disrespects me, Oh yes, I will defend myself and speak up, mother n law or no mother n law! Respect is respect, and that should be regardless in any culture.

  9. oriana says

    Absolutely right Tia, #35 was uncalled for! Another sign of ignorance!

    comment as usual is searching for digs at me, and why she goes on and on I don’t know, just boredom with her life possibly! And please don’t try to lump my friends in with your arrows thrown my way!

  10. Tia :) says

    oh give it a rest already Comment..god…you’re the one who keeps going on and on about it!

    #35- Your comments are nasty and crude. If you dont like it, keep it to youself. She is beautiful.

  11. oriana says

    comment, if you think what I said when I blasted Tom Cruise was being a filthy mouth, then you really don’t know what a filthy mouth could actually sound like.

    Where have you been living, Pleasantville?

    I toned it down compared to what I was really thinking and wanted to say! He is full of crap and so are you!

  12. Sinnamon says

    This is another (Mutt) baby a she looks absoltely nothing like him it looks like he kidnapped that kid.

  13. LadyOne says

    Uh….she looks nothing like her mother. Although Tiger is soooooooooo not attractive, Little Sam has his features, only softer therefore making her a cute baby. And just what is it that Elin fell in love with ….Tiger’s wallet???

  14. Jx2 says

    I’ve had personal first-hand experience with a domineering M-I-L and can honestly say thet they need to back off!! They assume that they are a big help and that the couple needs them but WE don’t!!
    I’m a very independent person and did not appreciate a M-I-L lingering around the house interfering with my life. Telling me what to cook and how much money to spend on groceries, among other things.
    That M-I-L is long gone now – thank God!!
    It won’t be long before Tiger’s mother oversteps her boundaries and Tiger’s wife gives her a boot out the door!! LOL

  15. comment says

    oh oriana, you have shown yourself to be a filthy mouth, “I think I know these celeb’s personally” old grip who want’s to rule the roost. Your no more than a pitiful person who has no more class or respect for others to get on these threads and start with “I know how these star’s are because……” who really knows nothing especially how to speak respectfully to others, but gives a opinion as we all do. But the fact is your language is nasty for a woman who should hold herself in a better light being a “well respected regular on these threads”( HA what a joke that is) anyone who agrees with the foul language well has no more respect for themselves or others. Nothing I’ve said is anything less than the truth.

  16. Mommy 2 a Mixed Boy says

    Wow shes so gorgeous! I had been wondering what she looked like!! Lol the grandmother does look a bit domineering. Maybe shes just excited to be a grandmother and i dont think she had any daughters(?).
    My husbands mother was the same when he had his first daughter from a previous relationship when i met him. She dominated as the mother of his daughter and since she had no daughters herself. She did feed her bugs, frogs and used baby powder all over the face n body of the baby instead of lotion….her so called customs from Thailand. Needless to say, i’m more than relieved when she moved back to Thaliand just after our son was born. lol. I’m expecting baby #2 and still relieved i dont have to worry about my child eating bugs.

  17. oriana says

    Thank you Tia sweetheart! I know it is cold up there and I hope your husband is careful also, I know how men are! I have heard for years about the “salt” and you had the right idea! Have a good evening!!!!

  18. Tia :) says

    Oriana dear, ignore stupid comments that come from annoying people!! You did nothing wrong.

    We’ve been staying in as much as we can…it wasnt too bad today…and dont worry about the ice…my husband laughed at me the other day because I covered the driveway with salt before he came home…he had a good laugh…but at least he didnt fall!!! 😀

    Have a nice night dear…stay warm!

  19. oriana says

    I did see Tiger’s father as very domineering and dictator like. I think the grandmother will be very controlling with the baby and I see his wife going along with it. She is a proud grandmother and I think she cherishes the baby. She is probably a huge help with her and probably the wife appreciates it.

  20. oriana says

    Tia, will try again my Dear, stay in out of the cold as much as possible, I am concerned about you falling on the ice, it is dangerous! And you and the little one drink hot chocolate!!!!

  21. oriana says

    hmmm, comment, let’s try this and see if I get away with it, piss off and shut YOUR damn mouth!!!!! You don’t like me and I don’t give a rat’s ass, so take it and shove it where the sun don’t shine!!!!!

    My gripe was that I couldn’t get a message to Tia and didn’t say anything bad or negative at all, I will save all that just for you!!!!!

  22. comment says

    #19 you already used nasty language on another post and you always get away with it . what’s the grip filth mouth?

  23. ANTI says

    If anyone was domineering in that family it was Tiger’s Dad, the Mom was in the background for years so let her have a little of the spotlight.

  24. Jx2 says

    The grandmother looks like a domineering woman. Why is the mother of the baby standing behind the grandmother? Something about the grandmother really bugs me!

  25. Denise says

    She is adorable and I love the name. Our daughter’s name is Sammie (not Samantha) so its nice to hear someone else goes with a name like hers.

  26. 2teens says

    Jamal – You didn’t tell us the weight or the name!!
    Congratulations on your new baby girl Lia & Jamal!!

  27. dori says

    Oh great news KK mommy had her baby! Hope mom and baby are doing well.
    Tigers baby is so cute!! love her coloring and big brown eyes!

  28. camila says

    It does kind of annoy me, though, that they didn’t call her Samantha. Sam is a boy’s name, or a nickname for a girl’s name, but it’s certainly not a girl’s name unto itself. It’s not really fitting for for a little girl

  29. oriana says

    Yes, she did!!!! Congrats to you Lia and the new baby!!!! Thanks to Urban Daddy for following orders and reporting!!!! Ha! Very happy for you Kimora’s mommy!!!!!!!!!

  30. amlia says

    Oh my gosh looks like Kimora and Kariah mommy had her baby. check her blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know who the J person is who wrote it

  31. carleigh says

    She is completely adorable…look at her big beautiful brown eyes….she’s just a real beauty, she takes after her mother with the delicate features…how precious she is! Love the big grins!

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