Jennifer Garner & Violet Out Shopping

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer and Violet were snapped food shopping in Brentwood on January 20th.



  1. Giggles says

    I think Jennifer Garner trapped Ben by getting Pregnant. She already had a failed marriage and it seems she wanted kids pretty bad. Plus, Ben could bring her better roles as an actress. I agree with #9 (Susie) 100%!!

  2. Melissa says

    Listen here number #9 Susie what the hell day in age are you living in anyway. A baby is a gift to two people who deserve it whether married or not, whether two people want it or not when it is ok to have sex with someone and you get pregnant that is some thing both people have to deal with not one person is at fault for getting pregnant. listen you ignorant excuse for a real women, Do you know what kind of percauti0ns they were taking anyway, I wasn’t taking any and now me and my Boyfriend who is also married and seperated from his wife are expecting and it is something that has been longed for throughout the past ten years of not beeing able to be together. My second child two different daddys and let me tell you this just because any one gets pregnant doesn’t mean both parents will stick around, my sons dad left when my son was only 2 months old he didn’t feel trapped so no man or women would need to feel trapped. then canjust leave instead of taking reponsibilty no a days… How old are you any way to talk in that manner get with this day in age…..REALLY!!!!!

  3. Zbella says

    Actually, in this day and age, it’s all the more common to have babies out of wedlock. But weren’t they married by the time Vi was born? Not that it matters, they are a sweet couple. Ben does not like the paps and avoids them as much as possible, at least that’s my impression. They seem to be doing just fine, like the rest of normal America.

  4. dori says

    They aren’t like the rest of us when they aren’t making movies they have days free together unlike our husbands who go to a job every day. They were very often together on outings for coffee and vacations and visits to the park.

  5. dori says

    Susie i think you are mistaken. After Jlo she was a blessing. as for stardom shewas already a star way before Ben. She use to be on the show Felicity with Keri Russel and was married to the character Noel on that show. Then she was on Alias for several years and then into the movies where she is doing quite well still. They are a perfect little match I’m just concerned because all the pics on here are with her and Violet and not a sign of Ben.It doesn’t mean anything is wrong , just wondering because they use to go to the parks together in their pics and now he’s not there. I’d be glad to hear he’s making movies because his career has been a little slow. Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions when a person makes a statement.





  7. bambamswife says

    Susie, how do you know these celebrities? I’d like to know how these bloggers know these things about the private lives of these people. Jen and Ben look great together, and Violet is a cutey pie. That’s all I could say because that’s all I see. I don’t know what goes on in their personal life.
    I don’t remember where I read it, but an article stated that when Jen announced that she would like to go to broadway, Ben said “let’s pack”.
    People are saying that they don’t see Ben in pictures with Jen and Violet, so something must be wrong. In “real life”, how often does a father run errands with the family, or go out with children during the day? They are generally working. I know my son works, but at night time he spends some time with his girls.
    People are really wacked who seem to know the private lives of celebrities.

  8. oriana says

    Oh, I don’t think she trapped him! She was a breath of fresh air to him about the fiasco with J. Lopez! I think they are still together, Ben is just camera shy and she goes out more with Violet by herself.

    Congrats to Kimora’s mommy, a healthy baby and we are so happy for you and your family!!!!!!!

  9. 2teens says

    She “trapped” him? Last time I checked, it takes a man and a woman together to make a baby. Are you saying that the man bears no responsibility for an unexpected pregnancy?

  10. Susie says

    I really like Jennifer Garner, but she made a serious mistake by getting pregnant to trap Ben. There is no excuse in this day and age for getting pregnant out of wedlock. She wanted a movie star so badly she trapped him. I think she could have done much better than him. I hope the marriage is more stable than it looks.

  11. Nicki says

    Jessie~I’m not sure she is actually chewing the gum. Kids like to hold things, they feel like thier helping. Maybe Jenifer gave her that to hold instead of the bags. Anyway she does have the cutest dimples.
    Jenifer looks too thin, her jeans are loose and her chest has disappeared and her face is sunken in. Maybe now that her Broadway gig is over she can get back to looking like her old self. Violet has the cutest dimples!

  12. Jessie says

    Violet is getting so big! She is too cute with those dimples! I guess she’s getting into that age of chewing gum!

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