Kevin Just Wants To Minimize The Hardship

Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline’s lawyer says Monday’s court decision to keep Britney Spears from visiting her children is a difficult decision with a clear impact on all of the family members.

Mark Vincent Kaplan called the court order barring Britney from visiting her children indefinitely “painful, but appropriate.” Especially affected will be the boys Jayden, 1, and Preston, 2.

“Kevin’s not indifferent to how difficult it has to be on their mother (Britney) and on the kids,” Mark Vincent Kaplan told People magazine. “It’s a sad situation. There’s no victorious feeling.”

The court hearing on Monday focused on Britney’s four-hour standoff on January 3rd and her subsequent hospitalization. Britney was temporarily stripped of the visitation rights immediately following the incident, and the court commissioner decided this week to continue the ban indefinitely.

“Kevin wants nothing more than to be able to parent his children with participation by their mother,” says Mark Vincent Kaplan. “But the best interest of the children require that they be in the most sound, safe, nurturing and consistent environment. That is paramount.”

He adds, “[Kevin] is committed to trying to fill any void by him being there at all times for them in any way. He can’t replace their mother in their life but he is going to try to minimize the hardship.”

Yikes..this thing with Britney and Kevin is really the lesser of two evils. I mean, Britney has certainly behaved in a way that would make it seem that she is not quite mature enough to handle being a dependable parent 100% of the time (which is what a parent has to be) but Kevin isn’t exactly the epitome of a great father…he is just looking great in comparison to Britney. I think a lot of it is pr….but why in the world can’t Britney afford better pr than Kevin? I think that Britney has to be a total idiot or have REALLY STUPID people advising her. ….and yes, I do realize that it may just be that Britney has a mental disorder. If that is the case, obviously she should not be blamed…just helped.

I think saddest thing of all is that Britney is still galavanting around with that super-sleazy paparazzi man (who is married and obviously using her). Is she so dumb that she doesn’t even realize how cheap, desperate and uneducated that makes her look?! She should move to Montana and just focus on her children…if it’s not too late.

OMG! I just saw this at Us magazine…she obviously doesn’t want to give up her wild lifestyle or the attentions of the paparazzi.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ wild antics continued Wednesday night.

At 7 p.m., the singer and paparazzo beau Adnan Ghalib kicked off their night at Gaucho Grill in Sherman Oaks, California, where she noshed on two beef empanadas, grilled salmon, spinach and rice and a Coke. She also puffed on some cigarettes.

At around 11 p.m., Spears was spotted with Sam Lutfi. Police pulled them over for speeding; she was not ticketed.

Along with Lutfi, Spears — in a crotch-length spangled green dress, ripped fishnets and her double-breasted corduroy pea coat — then went to Ralph’s supermarket and left with two carts of groceries.

One photographer yelled, “You’re hot!” and Britney replied, “You’re mean because you’re being sarcastic,” before smiling and laughing.

Photographers began shouting questions.

Q: Britney, what do you want to say to Adnan on TV?
B: (Thinks for a second) “I think he’s a nice person.”
Q: What was the result of your pregnancy test?
B: “I never had a pregnancy test.”
Q: Britney, what are you going to do now? Go to college?
B: (sighing) “Oh, I wish I was in college.”

Two random guys then approached and joked “Britney, you don’t like black guys?

“Yeah, I like black guys,” she said, laughing.

She then let one of the guys pose with her in front of the cameras and hugged him.

At 2 a.m., Britney, Sam Lutfi and another pal hit L.A.’s Kitson boutique. The store was opened just for them. Britney walked out about 20 minutes later with three shopping bags.

The crew drove one block to Kitson’s Men’s store. Spears came out wearing a men’s pin-striped shirt and black skinny tie, her hair in a messy bun, around 2:20 a.m.

In a fake British accent, Britney said to photographers, “Where is your driver when you need them?”

Asked if she’d do anymore shopping, Britney replied, “No.”

At 2:25 a.m., she was spotted sipping on an orange beverage. A photographer yelled, “Is that a screwdriver?” She nodded and smiled before driving off.

I am speechless….I have nothing useful to say, except she needs to stop hanging out with these guys….whatever happened to her cousin, Ali Sims? I think Ali was a much better choice than these sleazeballs!



  1. shezz says

    Britney Spears — what can we say about the former good girl who teased us with her blonde hair, erotic dance moves and sexual innuendos?

  2. interesting BLACK WOMAN says

    its my hypothosis ..that britney knew he left shar and his two kids for her ,she should of thought of what he might do to her…but on the flip side of things it pisses me off to think that this jerk..can go around making babies just because he gotta little change in his pocket…every woman deserves the right to be with their children ……i pray that she will see what she needs to do and handle IT! …..BRITNEYdont let a man determine your strength of love or the world destroy you of your happiness…..GOD BLESS

  3. oriana says

    #39, carleigh, you made me laugh! I do agree with you 100% too! Have a nice day in Mo.!!! I lived in Kansas City for five years, loved it!!!!!!!

  4. carleigh says

    Gweny, first of all I couldn’t really understand what you were trying to say in your post. However, Britney can’t be left alone when all she does is drives around and courts the media attention. Believe me, I for one would love for her to keep her skanky, crazy ass at home. If she would she might stand a chance at getting some visitation with her kids. She’s not mature, nor has she ever been mature, she’s been a spoiled, overindulged child in a womans body. She has no common sense and doesn’t know how bad she is digging herself into a hole with her off-the-wall behavior and bizarre antics.

  5. gweny says

    I wish people would give Britney some space, she is stupid she is capable of fixing where she messed up, she had to be so machore as a kid and now, she wants to be a kid and thats the only way knows, so she may need a little gidans, but how woudl u feel if people were always in your face when u werent perfect or didn’t make the best choice. Britney will come around… eventrually!

  6. Taylor Mastronni says

    12 & 29. You must like my name alot Taylor M. Thank you I rather like it to, being that I am the real Taylor.

  7. Jenna M (UK) says

    What on earth is with the minute by minute details of everything Britney did tonight, including what she ate? I mean come on, how relevant is that?

    And what is with all the Kevin bashing WM? At least he is there for the kids.

    If Britney is to have ANY chance of getting better, people need to stop posting stupid pointless stuff like the WM just did and respect her privacy a wee bit. I mean I know we all like to hear about celebs (thats why we’re here) but this girl is seriously ill and all everybody seems to be doing is exploiting her.

  8. oriana says

    I can’t stand Kevin and never trusted him. He did Shar very dirty and she is ignorant too, she would take him back in a minute if he would have her. I do feel he is the only stable one right now in the boy’s life. I am glad his mother comes and helps him with the boys and I am sure they love her too.

  9. jamie says

    kevin is far from perfect as a parent as well ,he left his pregnant gf for brittany. The photographers dont follow him anywhere or hang outside his house waiting to take his picture and follow his every move ,why because hes a nobody! if they were following him im sure we would all see hes not as perfect as he wants us to think! hes a moneyhungy loser ,I feel bad for the kids both parents are beyond help! hes in it for the moneyyyyyyyyyyyyy always has been!

  10. momof3 says

    What this girl needs is a professional evaluation and appropriate medication or other treatment.
    Unfortunately that’s not going to happen because nobody in her entourage (that includes her family) will try and tell her how sick she’s become because one way or another they all suck her dry and live off her. Whether it’s for money, media exposure or whatever.

  11. Tee says

    Britney is messed up because she lost Justin Then getting with Kevin didn’t help

    I lost someone i love and i have never been the same since
    Very Bad Depression makes you do weird things

    She doesn’t have the Best Parents either which helps alot
    I hope Britney gets Better so she can get her kids back

  12. Nicki says

    I just hope he doesn’t teach his boys that duck bill look he does with his mouth! I do think he is the best parent for them right now and he has stepped up to the plate and deserves a bit of credit. And I can not stand this person, K-Fed. But he does deserve credit for trying to make his boys life stable.

  13. carleigh says

    I don’t really think Kevin Federline deservers props for doing what any man would do and that is be a father to his children, their mother certainly can’t be right now. What I do commend him on is his actions and that being keeping the kids out of the press, being discreet, not giving interviews, not being out sleezing around 24/7 like his exwife….what he has done is demonstrated which of the two of them is more capable of rising to the occasion and being the adult. I won’t give himn props for being a father but for doign the right thing for his children and cleaning up his act. I hope the best for SP and JJ and from what I can see, KFed is their best chance at normalcy so I hope he does get custody so that no more harm comes to those boys, they deserve a quiet, stable life away from their media whore/circus clown mother.

  14. LISA CREGAN says


  15. oriana says

    He is the only one acting responsible at this time so I think he deserves credit for stepping up to the plate!

    She is a total mess and will only get worse, anything could happen next out of her.

  16. marie says

    boo is correct, and let’s all remember two things: Britney is remarkably good at keeping people from her,so the only people around are the ones she allows, and Kevin if he were a saint still could not be a grown woman’s keeper AND rear two little kids. He made the right decision, and it’s certainly costing him.

  17. fee says

    mental problems like britney’s are not caused by anyone. It has always been there, but it was just dormant for a while.

  18. Liza says

    There we go again, the WM trying to make excuses. When has Keving EVER showed poor parenting skills? Even his Ex proclaims him to be a wonderful father! All we have seen from him is appropriate, mature parenting that is desparately needed for those children. What evidence do you have that he is a bad father? Bad husband maybe, bad boyfriend definitely, but bad father? There hasn’t been one iota of evidence to support that. I think the guy looks like a tool a good chunk of the time, but when it was necessary, he has risen to the occasion and proved himself to be a real parent.

    As far as Brittany having some sort of mental illness? Yes, I think she does and I work with mentally ill parents a good chunk of the time in my job. And she should be helped, but she should also be blamed. She is the one solely responsible for getting herself help and into treatment. In order for her to get stable and stay stable, SHE has to be the one to work at it, SHE has to be the one to comply with a treatment plan. If you knew anything about mental illness, you’d realize that treatment really never works until the person with the disease is ready to ask and accept the help.

  19. TD says

    12. Taylor M | January 17th, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    Taylor, the first one may be old, but she bought the shirt & tie at her midnight shopping spree at Kitson last night, so that one IS current.

    Don’t call people a tard and then be one yourself.

  20. Dnice says

    I agree Ruby, that Britney has been on a downward spiral well before Kevin…hell really if you look back on it, she hasn’t been right since she got dumped by Justin. She has made one stupid decision after the next, but Kevin’s antics certainly didn’t help her situation. I just hope she can get the help she needs and not from Dr. Fool (Dr. Phil). She clearly has mental and self esteem issues. She really just needs to disappear for a year or so and get well. But who will take the reigns? She is completely manipulated by everyone around her.

  21. Ruby Jackson says

    Britney’s problems were not caused by Kevin… remember, she married that high-school friend in Vegas and got divorced a day later? She married Kevin after knowing him for only a few months. Anybody remember that interview with Matt Lauer? How about the video of her tweaking at the dining room table? What we are seeing now has been a LONG time coming.

    Kevin was a scumbag for leaving Shar, but people can change. I’m not saying he has. He might just be doing this for the $$$, but time will tell.

    Let’s just remember those poor boys. They are the ones who are truly suffering the most.

  22. Taylor M says

    hey there web mistress, i’m sorry to say this but those pictures of britney in her fish net tights are old pictures. you need to stop posting old pictures and do the world a favor and post new ones………………..GEEZ what a TARD

  23. Jacquie says

    Yes, Kevin is stepping up to the plate. But I mean come on we are talking alot money involved with those 2 boys. He may be a sleeze for past actions but he is not stupid, he sees the cash cow.

    Britney, well I will say again INTERVENTION!!!

  24. Lauren says

    What’s with all the Kevin hating?! Yeah, he had a bad rep because he abandoned Shar and their kids and was always seen partying when Britney was pregnant. Look at him now! He’s ALWAYS taking care his his kids. While Britney is driving around at all hours of the night, flirting with the photographers and vamping it up for the camera, we never see Kevin in the spotlight. Except when he’s going into court. Kevin is taking responsibility and making sure his boys are safe.

  25. luckylee13 says

    Boo, I agree with you. I also think that not only is Britney mentally ill, she is completely addicted to the paparazzi attention.She cries that she’s afraid of them outside court but just loves to drive around endlessly late at night & vamp it up for them.What is up with that British accent?

  26. annie says

    Oh please. Do you honestly think he is bringing up those two boys? Nannies are doing the job, thank you. He left that Shar girl while pregnant to be with Britney and her money. He is a low-life punk and she is a lost soul. I say give the kids to Brad and Angelina, then they’ll have a fighting chance.

  27. carleigh says

    Everyone is very quick to place the blame in this situation because someone has to be blamed, there is two small children involved so of course someone has to be blamed for the things that happen to them. Their mother is deep in the throws of mental illness and possibly alcoholism and God only knows what else she is using, so the natural tendency is to pity her and blame the ex…cause it must be his fault right?
    The thing is that it’s not Kevins fault and it’s not Britney’s fault, the situation is what it is. Kevin has stepped up and taken total control and responsibility, what more does the WM want? I am sick of her bashing on him, all he has done he has done because Britney is incapable of functioning. It’s OK to feel sympathy for Britney and it’s OK and natural to want to lay the blame for this at someones doorstep, but I don’t believe it’s fair to lay all this on Kevin.
    I think the parents and her childhood or lack thereof has much to do with the scenes we are seeing played out daily. She is so off her rocker she will do anything for attention and to make mag covers.
    Here’s a far fetched concept……….maybe if the press and pap’s would STOP photographing her and following this trainwreck around and the press would declare a “cease fire” on photo’s and trailing her…what would Britney do then? Why is it so neccessary to promote her behavior? Because there’s money to be made thats why…the press can’t let it go because they are profiting for her mental state and her misery, and Britney is in misery make no mistake. People need to quit perpetuating this trainwreck and stop buying the mags and even putting her pic/stories on websites like this…every bit of attention towards her needs to stop so that maybe she will come to her senses and see people are sick of watching her life fall apart in the press.
    It will never happen because we know how we all love to gawk at trainwrecks and car accidents….Britney is going to wind up dead soon and that’s the saddest part is the danger that I see coming in her future.

  28. Tia :) says

    Boo, I agree with you. WM, As far as im concerned, Kevin has proved to be a wonderful, loving parent. What is it you have against him? Also, when all this stuff was going down with Britney in the hospital, i read on several webpages ) and saw the video) that Kevin chaised away paparazzi so they couldnt take pictures of Sean and Jayden. Why didnt you put that story in here?? He isnt running around town with his children, he’s protecting them. Im not saying he’s an angel of any sorts…He did leave his ex while she was pregnant for another woman…but Shar Jackson will tell anyone till this day, that K Fed is a wonderful father…she said that is the one thing he can actually do right. Iv heard her say this in several interviews.

  29. Dnice says

    Ok, we all know Kevin was no angel. He married a millionaire and was introduced to a world he wasn’t previously exposed to. Britney spoiled him and in turn he neglected her. They were never on the same page. He wanted to party with his new found wealth and she wanted to start a family. In hindsight, I believe he has realized that he probably had lot to do with Britney’s breakdown and knows that he is pretty much all those boys have. Celebrity and being known as the world’s bigges a-hole can be a very humbling experience. I think he has grown from his experience and people can change. And last time I checked, life doesn’t stop when you have kids….what’s wrong with him going out every once in awhile. With all he’s going through, he probably needs to blow off some steam every once in awhile.

  30. K. Meisner says

    It’s obvious that Britney needs mental help. It sure appears she is bi-polar. If anyone knows anything about folks that suffer from mental illness, unless this person gets some professional help, the madness will not help. Britney is surrounded by enablers. Britney needs her family and true friends around her to convince her to get the necessary help. Bottom line is that Britney needs to want to get help otherwise, it will not happen. If Britney was around her family and friends enough, they might be able to convince her to get the help and also remind her how precious her two sons are. I think that Britney should be allowed supervised limited visitation with her sons in a safe/neutral environment. Britney currently has no reminders of her sons with the men she is currently associating herself with. Once Britney gets the help she needs, I am positive that she will fight tooth and nail for her sons. Let’s hope and pray that something gets her attention. Her family needs to try and be part of this mess of a life she has created for herself. Britney needs a good friend right now to to take care of her. Friend or Family…..either one will do. I will keep Britney in my prayers. Prayer can do miracles!

  31. Danielle says

    Ok, why all the Kevin banging?
    What has he done to show his poor parenting? Yes, he left Shar with their two chidlren, but he didn’t drive them around sans carseats, or buckled wrong, or anything.
    I think he has been outstanding with his two boys and is really stepping up to the plate.
    I say kudos to Kevin for a job well done.

  32. boo says

    ok what is it with people making snarky remarks about Kevins Parenting skills…. This Man has taken on FULL responsibility of these Kids, they are HIS children he wants whats best for HIS kids and obviously right now having them around their Mother could be permanently damaging to them!! Everywhere you turn Britney is doing something else insanely stupid or crazy and getting in more and more trouble with the law …. but when is the last time we saw Kevin in the spot light partying it up and doing crazy stuff?? I can’t even remember the last time I saw anything? ….. And so what if he goes out from time to time ( if in fact he does) and hangs out, drinks and flirts with women…. you know what he’s a guy and a full time SINGLE Dad at that.. he deserves a little time off to go out and have a good time… No parent on here can say other wise.
    I applaud him for doing what he’s doing! I think he’s doing an amazing job and should be proud of himself!
    That being said I hope Britney gets the meds and help that she needs to clean her act up! Those boys won’t be young forever, she is going to miss out on so much of their lives if she doesn’t get help fast!

  33. katie says

    After car shopping in her one-time wedding dress Friday and making an impromptu visit to a church on Monday, Britney Spears flashes a large diamond on her ring finger Tuesday while heading into Jerry’s Deli in Studio City, Calif., for lunch with paparazzo beau Adnan Ghalib.

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