Daniel Baldwin & Wife Welcome A Daughter

Daniel Baldwin

Daniel Baldwin and his wife, Joanne Smith-Baldwin, have welcomed a daughter.

Avis Ann Baldwin was born Thursday at 12:59 a.m. at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 10 oz.

“Thank god she looks like her mother,” Daniel, 47, tells People magazine.

Joanne, 38, is a former British fashion model turned chef, who tells People magazine. ” I’m ecstatically happy. Daniel wasn’t as nervous as me. He’s a little used to this sort of thing. I’m glad he’s got some experience in this area.”

The newborn is Daniel’s fourth child and Joanne’s first. “The fourth time’s a charm,” says Daniel. “We feel blessed.”

The couple met last year during Daniel’s stint in an exclusive drug and alcohol rehab facility in Malibu. At the time, Joanne worked as a chef at the facility. They were married last July 28th.

In between gearing up for night-feedings and diaper duty, the couple says they’re currently grappling with a question that many new families face. “Do we have another one right away or do we wait a while?” says Daniel. “We’re still not sure, but practicing is gonna be fun.”


Avis is certainly an interesting choice….hmmmm…it’s hard not to think of Avis rent-a-car.



  1. Analise says

    Avis is certainly an interesting choice….hmmmm…it’s hard not to think of Avis rent-a-car.

    Once again the WM proves she shouldn’t post her opinions. No one has that name.*eyeroll*

  2. oriana says

    Since I had never heard the name Avis before I also thought of Avis car rental. I do like the name though and I bet the baby is very pretty.

  3. oriana says

    I used to date a guy that looks exactly like Stephen, the youngest brother who has turned religious now, and good for him! I do wish Daniel good luck and hope he stays “clean”, I think his wife chose him over her job and who knows, maybe she can be a huge support system for him?

    I wish him luck, I like him. I saw him on Celebrity Rehab, he seems like a nice enough guy to me, but that Jeff, he is a total mess and it is tragic to see him. I think he will end in tragedy before the year is out!

    Congrats to Daniel and his wife on the new baby!!!!!! Good luck and God Bless them!

  4. Liza says

    I don’t imagine that the rehab facility allowed her to keep her job after becoming involved with one of the “clients”.

    vVviana, like I said before, I imagine that what he means is that this time he will get it right. He screwed up mightily with the other 3 children, so maybe he feels that this one he can get right. I saw an interview with him awhile back on ABC regarding his drug use and it is clear that he loves his other children very much, but that he was never a good father to them.

  5. Viviana says

    It seems obvious that he is Alec’s brother so I guess he’s famous?
    If I where his other 3 children I’d be a bit upset.

  6. Kristeena says

    Daniel Baldwin is director/producer. I was watching the Celebrity Rehab last night and that is what it said under his name in the beginning. I am pretty sure that’s what it says!! Hope I am not wrong!! Oh, and Avis is a very unique name, but I like it!! And I am not even British.

    “Just me,” I agree with you. I sort of raised my eyebrow when I read that. Rehab may be a unwise choice, but on the flip side, it may be a phase that they both remember and she may help him to not return again. I hope now with a young baby, he will try to stay clean!! Good luck to them both!!


  7. Just me says

    I’ll change it up a little and say that rehab doesn’t seem like the best place to find a spouse. Just seems like you shoudl be focussing on other things, like getting healthy, than hooking up. I also think it’s kind of weird that the rehab facility allowed an employee to date a patient.

  8. 2teens says

    That is pretty cool Kbunkmom, to know that 100 years ago your daughter’s name was so popular. And the tradition of naming her after grandma is nice.

  9. dori says

    There are 4 Baldwin brothers Alec, Steven, Billy and Daniel.4 very handsom men at that!
    Congratulations to them. I’m not sure if this Baldwin brother is in the movies. I am only familiar with the other 3 .

  10. kbunkmom says

    My daughter’s name is Avis. She was named after her grandmother. 100 or so years ago, it was actually in the top 100 names for girls.

  11. Generic name says

    I think it was Daniel who was rumored before that “marry” or “almost marry” a filipino gay..I saw the “gay’s” pic before and yeah he/she’s so beautiful! lol

  12. Liza says

    I don’t think he meant that he didn’t care about the others, I think he meant that hopefully the 4th time is the charm to do it right. He’s talked about the tough relationship between him and his other children because of his substance abuse.

    Hopefully he can stay clean long enough to actually be a father to this one.

  13. LMAO says

    Webmistress….what’s your kid’s name so we can make fun of it?

    Just report the news and keep your snarky-snark comments to yourself!

  14. oriana says

    He seems to be doing good, I hope he has success! I kind of like the name Avis, makes me think of the car rental company though. It is a cute name!

    2teens, Mavis is Jay Leno’s wife’s name, but you probably already knew that, sorry!

  15. 2teens says

    I have heard of Mavis but not Avis here in the US. I don’t care for the name Mavis and not yet sure if I like Avis or not. It’s different.

  16. squeekysue says

    I too am British, and my daughter goes to school with two Avis’ Tango. I am surprised you haven’t heard of the name.

  17. Dnice says

    I agree about the WM. Usually she is so syrupy sweet I want to gag her….this person is a bit snippy….Leave that to the posters, lol.

  18. OMG! says

    Is this guy that guy’s brother? You know the one that said such rude and disgusting things to his 11 year old daughter? Alec Baldwin, right? This guy must be his brother.

  19. Ruby Jackson says

    Okay, whoever is posting today is not the webmistress. The observations are way to snarky.

  20. Tango says

    The newborn is Daniel’s fourth child and Joanne’s first. “The fourth time’s a charm,” says Daniel. “We feel blessed.”

    so you dont give a $hit about you’re other kids then? charming!

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