Trista Sutter Reveals Her Stunning New Form!

Trista Sutter

After just five months of dedicated dieting and exercise, Trista Sutter has met her weight-loss goal of shedding all 30 pregnancy pounds.

In the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now, Trista shares the exact diet and exercise routine she maintained to overcome her fears she’d never be sexy again.

“I’m happy with my body,” Trista, 35, told Us magazine. “I’m confident and proud of the work I’ve done.”

Trista was eager to drop her pregnancy pounds after giving birth to son Max in July via C-section.

“Every night before I go to bed, I do abs, pushups, and tricep presses. I feel better when I wake up if I’ve done something to set my muscles and make them feel active,” she shared with Us magazine.

Her 2,000-calorie-a-day diet and four-times-a-week workouts with trainer Brock Fetch have also helped her marriage to Ryan.

“I feel a lot more fit and healthy,” she says. “And I think that’s playing a part in our relationship.” (Adds Ryan, “I’m just happy to see her happy with herself… and her butt looks great!”)

So is the couple ready for another baby? “We’ve started trying!” Trista told Us magazine. “I’d love to have babies close in age. And it took us so long the first time that if it takes us two years, then that will be fine.”

Good for her!



  1. Zbella says

    I don’t know if she had a boob job – could be breast feeding!

    She is annoying. I watched Bachelorette when it was on TV but I don’t give a darn what they are up to anymore. Glad they found love. Good for them, now put some interesting people on the front cover, please. US WEEKLY is my fav mag.

  2. sara says

    yes, but unfortunately we are all so consumed with what Hollywood is doing, looking like, baby making, that we get so caught up in all of it….I wish I wasn’t so judgmental of others….

  3. Ileana says

    How funny, that sometimes we spend time saying bad things about people that we don’t even know, we say oh! I hate her so much or I hate her guts, the funny thing is all the negative energy we spend talking bad about someone, sometimes there’s even websites dedicated to hating a particular celebrity why waste time in doing something like this, yes she’s probably not a movie star or a singer, but here we are making comments on her life, that’s right, god bless you people ! & Be happy, remember never judge a book by it’s cover, you will be surprised !

  4. dori says

    their claim to fame is being on a couple of reality tv shows and this is important news… I just don’t get it.

  5. dori says

    Well if getting yourself on the cover of a magazine because you lost your weight after having a baby is whats importsnt in this world what a shallow world we live in. Because these two are not actors singers performers of any kind , why are they important at all?

  6. susi says

    Hey! Did anyof you fat asses ever think that mabey she doesn’t have to explain spending time with her baby cause that is a give in and taking care of her body is an interest of hers like painting or skiing!!!

  7. Um... says

    Haha, I guess it’s just me who thinks it’s funny that she has the baby sitting on her boob so she can show off ALL of her legs, abs, and hips! Hahaha

  8. Viviana says

    She looks very sculpted, lots of work to achieve that!
    Anyone that can lose weight and improve their health deserves to be comended!
    Good for you Joeysgirl, you should be proud!
    I won’t see that if I don’t make some changes!!! My fat a$$ is glued to the computer chair far to much, sigh! Depression sucks bad!

  9. Olive says

    I just think it’s a bummer that she went to so much trouble to get her body back and now she’s trying to ruin it again!

    I also think it’s a bummer that any woman should feel pressure to look the same after giving birth as she did before giving birth!
    And for that matter, to look the same at 50 as she did at 20.

    I hope we can learn to be more realisitic and learn to see more kins of beauty some day!

  10. katie says

    After car shopping in her one-time wedding dress Friday and making an impromptu visit to a church on Monday, Britney Spears flashes a large diamond on her ring finger Tuesday while heading into Jerry’s Deli in Studio City, Calif., for lunch with paparazzo beau Adnan Ghalib.

  11. Alli says

    Totally, photoshop, C-section??? Obviously not famous, she actually changed her last name, haha. I dislike her as much as the rest. Get a life Trista.

  12. dori says

    She looks great and the baby is cute but her self absorbed attitude makes me sick. Get over yourself Trista the world does not revolve around you and your body. Whats the matter…. afraid Ryan will find another woman? Theres more to life than your body geez how sickening is she?

  13. minkysmom says

    the part in the former interview that turned me off was the stuff she said about her husband and how unsexy she felt. She wasn’t FAT!

  14. claudiazz says

    She seems superficial and vain. Her baby is cute, her husband is nice looking but I don’t find Trista that attractive at any weight.

  15. samsmom says

    I don’t think it is possible to have abs like that just 5 months after giving birth without surgery. I guess I could be wrong and maybe a little jealous (my little guy is just over a year old and I don’t look anywhere near that), but her abs seem a little too sculpted for only 5 months. Besides, all of us moms out there know that the doc doesn’t even clear you for exercise for at least 6 weeks. So how does she look like that in only 31/2 months especially after a C section?

  16. Amber says

    That baby looks macrocephalic to me. Good for her for taking the weight off. I also have a 5 month old and am at my pre preg. weight. I wish I had her body though. But, why she is on the cover of a magazine is beyond me, their 15 minutes were up long ago. I also agree with the PP,, her thighs didn’t look that good in the other pic of her. I smell photoshop….LOL

  17. Clarissa says

    omg i simply cant stand that woman
    she was in a reality show like 4 years ago?
    she is all about her body and how she didint feel pretty enough making other woman with babies feel like to be pretty you have to have that body
    and excuse me but only people that lived from their body actually have that body
    i just feel that she is not a celebrity
    and the baby is not that cute

  18. nicola says

    Trista emphasizes that going back to her old weight helped make her feel more “fit” and “healthy” which will aid in her caring for little Max. Being fit doesn’t necessarily make her shallow, but it’s her personal preference as a new mother.

  19. 2teens3beans says

    Every interview I have read of this girl she sounds so shallow & superficial.
    Her baby boy is a cute little guy though.

  20. Tam says

    Why get back into shape.. and get pregnant right when you get back into shape why not get pregnant and then get into shape afterwards.

  21. katie says

    i also read that they got married and britney cut up her dress that she wore at her and k-feds wedding and used that

  22. oriana says

    I guess this girl has never used safe sex protection in her entire life. Justin got away from her lucky!!!!!!

  23. katie says

    Brit Shops for Pregnancy Test
    UpdateThe singer and her paparazzo beau check out the selection at an L.A. Rite Aid.

  24. Tia :) says

    Hi Oriana!

    The weather actually hasnt been too bad…we had some snow last night,,,only a little though. How are things going on your end? I can’t wait till spring, however i know it’s still far away 🙁

  25. joeysgirl80 says

    WOW! I can really relate to Trista! I lost 65 lbs on Atkins and when I went to try on bathing suits, I was amazed at how perfect my new beautiful body looked in it! (((hugs))) Trista! you are looking vivacious in that bathing suit and your little guy is adorable!

  26. oriana says

    Why is SHE on the cover? Is this magazine desperate for celebs to be on their magazine cover?

    HI Tia, hope all is well up there! Very windy here today and cold. I can only imagine how cold it is where you are!!!!!! Keep the little one so she won’t have a runny nose!

  27. Tia :) says

    It’s verry photoshopped. Im not going to take anything away from her…she looks good, but the WM just posted pictures of her the other day…she didnt look like this? i dunno…maybe it’s just me.

  28. Suzianne says

    Re # 4
    Would you rather see trailer trash like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan instead of a happy couple with a lovely baby?

  29. Ileana says

    I’m glad she feels good about herself, after I had my baby I was back to my normal weight in 1 month, everyone was saying how great and wonderful, what they didn’t realize is that the reason I lost the weight so fast was because I had gone through a major depression, be happy for her, she’s just proud , who doesn’t want to be a mom and still have a body of a model, that’s wonderful that she looks great. Good work!

  30. Ileana says

    You have to realize that sometimes, when you are being interviewed, you don’t have a choice as to what they ask you, I’m pretty sure if they would of asked her how is your baby doing or how is it being a mom, she would be making comments left and right as how it brings her great joy to be a mom, she’s already trying for baby number 2, that should tell you something!

  31. Just me says

    By the way, I think it’s funny that she is already trying for another baby. And ruin her perfect body? Ha She is such a media whore!!

  32. Dnice says

    I don’t think she neglects her child, but when I read her article in People when she first had him, I was just turned off. I expected to read about Max waking up, and things about his personality, and life with a new baby. The article was mostly about her talking about her weight and working out. It just seemed vain, not saying she shouldn’t want to look good, but it just seemed like she was too concerned about what others and the media were going to say about her gaining a few pounds. You just had a kid, it was expected.

  33. sophie says

    it took so long for her to conceive him, and now that she has him, she spends her time working out to get back in shape? how narcissistic…

  34. Ileana says

    Give her a break ! Who doesn’t want to look good, not only for themselves but for their partners, just because she exercises it doesn’t mean she neglected her baby, she probably did her workout at night when her baby was asleep, and let’s be honest if you have a good body before you get pregnant, you want to still look good after you have your baby, if she was honestly very concern about her body she wouldn’t want to have another baby right away, she’s young and she probably wants to be healthy and feel good about her self, I’m a wonderful mother and I dedicate myself to my child, but hey I still like to look great, Who doesn’t , BE HONEST!

  35. Dnice says

    She looks great and the baby is adorable, but I can’t imagine why she is trying so soon to have another baby. She did nothing but cater to her vanity in complaining about how she looked and how quickly she wanted to get back down. And on top of that, she had a difficult delivery. When you get pregnant, you gain weight duh….she seemed almost obsessed with losing it so fast. It makes me think her husband pressures her. She needs to let her body rest.

  36. rcking72 says

    She is not a celebrity and I wish people would realize that. I always thought she was crazy superficial. Poor little guy.. who wants a mother like that?

  37. starstruk says

    How P*A*T*H*E*T*I*C is all i can say! I do abs, push ups and tricep pushes…ever hear of enjoying your baby instead!!! Nothing wrong with wanting to look good after having a baby but c’mon Trista….stop being so superficial!!!! Never liked her and this gives me more reason not to!!! I agree with #2!

  38. carleigh says

    The baby is adorable, but I am sorry I can’t fathom his fame-whore of a mother. She did nothing but complain about how horrible she looked after she had the baby…I hope we don’t have to listen to her whining and complaints if she has another child. She is super annoying, JMO….but her baby is beautiful and she does look great, she just needs to get her prioritites straight and be happy she can have babies instead of complaining about her stomach and body after she has a baby….some women would give up anything to have a baby and welcome the bodily changes that come with it. She’s just as vain as Jamie Presley in my book and I find them both superificial and highly irritating.

  39. denise says

    She looks good and the baby is cute but this woman drives me nuts – She is so superfical its digusting. Her main concern after the birth of her child was her body.

  40. boo says

    She does look amazing!
    I hope they don’t have as hard a time trying for the second time around.
    Max is so handsome!

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