Tom, Katie & Suri

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Tom, Katie and Suri were snapped out and about in NYC on January 13th.



  1. Shadow Girl says

    Brava, Oriana!

    Most of the major non generic drug companies like to pay down the generic makers so name brand will be all over the place and people pay more! It makes me very sad. Generics cost less and work just as well.

    Exactly right! I mean, I haven’t the foggiest clue why people would call the Quabalah witchcraft it’s been around for centuries. And FYI, wicca is not about witches and that bullcrap, it’s about loving mother earth..kinda like a treehugger, I believe.

    The Quabalah and other ancient religions are about spiritualism, they’re not moneygrubbing shady characters who charge you a million. Any true religion is not about the money, it’s about how to live your life through the ten commandments, or through the teachings of the Torah, etc.

    Why Crude and the other Hollywood idiots buy into $cieno crap is beyond me. They might feel like it’s some sort of exclusive club where only the best can congregate? IDK, and I don’t wanna know!

  2. oriana says

    Davinia, I am just curious my Dear, why do you think the writer of the Harry Potter books has sold her soul to Satan? Is it because she writes about witches?

    I myself am against the major drug companies, I think a lot of them are crooks and I think some of the drugs to help people, it is the individual that abuses the medications and some doctors (like Elvis’s doctor) that prescribes too many pills for their patients. However, I don’t think that is why Tom is bashed, do you really not see that the Scientologists are not a religion? They are a Cult, a dangerous one.

    Do you own an e-meter? Did you feed your babies the barley water Hubbard came up with? Does your spirit leave your body and fly to Mars and Venus at night and return to your body? Do you salute your Pastor when you go to church like Tom does when he is in the Scientology Center on Sundays? Can you heal dope addicts like Tom can? Do you believe an Alien spirit has inhabited Suri’s little body?

    These are ALL of the things that Scientologist believe, to just name a few, please ask yourself these questions, even if you don’t want to answer, and you will see why I think he is not normal. And believe me my Dear, there are a lot of people that are nice, do good deeds, that are not normal!!!!

  3. Davina says

    I did not want to say it, but i have to. The harry potter lady JK Rowling, she has sold her soul to satan ,so she can be succesful ,from being in welfare and is a billionnaire now ,she selling her books and movies like hot cakes. Do you think the media, will say to her why you did this an attack her, do not think so. Big companies are behind Tom Cruise bashing because some truth about the medications are not suppose to come out. TC will go down because it is their intention.

  4. Davina says

    Oriana this world is very complex, and this country has a lot of sects not only this one. bashing someone for what he believes has become a bit much, even though not as worst as christians getting killed everyday from this part of this world because they believe in Jesus. to be fair to scientologist, at least have the courage to denounce the others too. Like Nora said , they some extremely dangerous stuff out there, and the red bracelets people are dangerous, who does not know it. People are coward they go after less dangerous stuff.

  5. oriana says

    Gabrielle, I think Tom may be a nice guy, he does good deeds, but he is weird, as well as John Travolta and any others that believe in this Science Fiction nonsense. That is their choice if they want to believe they are Alien spirits, spend $5,000 on the e-meters each Scientologists has to have (mandatory for them to have one) and drink the juice they do and God only knows what else.

    What gets my goat, is the fakey, phoney saluting like they are Soldiers and they are NOT! They are not in the military, they are in a Cult!

    My father was a military man, he was a Colonel in the U.S. Army and worked for the U.N. for two years after he retired. I know what a military salute looks like, and I find it highly insulting to our men and women in the Armed Forces when I see Tom and his buddy, David, doing that crap! Saluting Hubbard’s picture to me is just plain stupid.

    I am surprised he didn’t name his son Lafayette instead of Connor and Travolta too, Jett should have been Lafayette since they adore him soooo much and they are all waiting for his return.

    Read about it, educate yourself, it is beyond the Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone!

    And these people are dangerous! Good for Germany to have the guts to speak out like they have!!!!!

  6. comment says

    shadow nut-preschool kids have more facts straight than you! Your so stupid oh well I can’t feel sorry for you I’m trying but I can’t. Your just plain ignorant……….

  7. Davina says

    Heath ledger found dead. Another hollywoog younster gone, bet it is drugs yet again. At least those scientologist are doing something right, since they are never in trouble for drugs, rehab is not for them.

  8. Shadow Girl says

    Fug off, little comment B I A T C H. Unlike u, I have my facts perfectly straight. Time for you to go back to preschool.

  9. Gabrielle says

    I am not defending cruise , but i would like to know is he the only one in this sect ,that everything has to fall out on him. People who know him ,always praise him as a nice guy. I would like them to mess with somebody like Mel Gibson, then they would see the result.

  10. comment says

    shadow girl go back to the shadows were you should be. you need to research your own remarks and get your facts straight, you don’t know how wrong you really are!

  11. Shadow Girl says

    Oh, get real, Nora! Hindu, Judiasm, Islam, Buddhism and Christianity have been around for centuries. The Kabbalah or however you spell it, is not witchcraft. I do think you need to do a lot more research; I think you’re far too bigoted about every religion except for the one you’re in.

    IDK about the mass murder thing, but there is such a thing as hypocrisy. Obviously those who claim to do it in the name of their holy texts are quite hypocritical. I believe all these religions listed do help the people achieve spiritual enlightenment, which should be the main goal of any religion.

    $CIENOS are dangerous lunatics. You have to pay a fee so they can hire the shadiest legal team to cover their butts. Look up LIsa McPherson and you’ll see what I mean.

    The US is too keen to please, so they named this bogus crap a religion for the tax deductible thingy. Germany is right in calling $cienos a cult and are very suspicious of them.

    Time for you to go back to school; how many years did it take fo you to graduate seventh grade anyway?

    I really hate bigots; I hate what’s become of this country. GFY, GFY, pro Cude and pro $cieno losers!

  12. Nora says

    Love this family ,not their religion since i believe in Jesus-Christ. Seriously they are a lot of bogus religion out there, starting with the cow worshipper , those doing mass murder in the name of you know who, Kaballah is also one of them doing witchcraft, if you see one of their videos, you will see in comparaison, scientologists is harmless. Thre is a vendetta against Cruise, because nobody can believe he is the only one in this sect. they can pick on scientologist dare them to pick on kaballah, because they know that is when you deal with real danger and also Islam.

  13. oriana says

    Thank you Nicki my Dear!!!! When I saw those videos I got so mad and totally disgusted with him. I really believe now that Katie is totally under the control of Tom and Scientology handlers that are with her 24/7! It is sad and serious at the same time.

    It does make me mad when those posts go into moderation for no reason. I would love to hear what Christina has to say about him! Have a good day my dear!!!!

  14. Nicki says

    oriana~No need for that muzzle, unless you are going to use it on the few who really need it. Apparently #110 hasn’t read the “wonderful words” wishing other posters vile evil results with thier pregnancies.
    I feel the same as you about Tom, I always have.

    I tried to write Christina a post on the Pax thread, but 3 times it was awaiting moderation.

  15. oriana says

    dori, I hope you can understand why Tom makes me so disgusted. Have you seen the vidoes with him ranting and raving like a Mad Man?

    You are one of my buddies and I am sorry if you got offended by my language. He just set me off.

    My husband pulled up some pictures of Hubbard’s house, Bonnie View I think it is called, may be wrong on that one. It is a mansion sitting there waiting for his return, maintained and everything, almost a 10 million dollar home.

    All the suffering and starving in the world and those nuts waste money like that for his spirit to return. Look at it online and you will see what I am talking about.

  16. oriana says

    #110, yes, I did cut loose and I should have said “wussies” instead. Sorry about that! As far as the rest of the rant, if you haven’t heard those words before then you have been sheltered. You really don’t want to be around when I do get started! I hate fakey and phoney people!

    Saluting Hubbard’s picture! That makes me sick all over again, he reminds me of Flavor Flav with that stupid Medal hanging around his neck! He is pathetic!!!!

    Those two weaklings wouldn’t even cut in in the National Guard! My father would have made Toast out of him! He spent many years fighting for our country, Tom is not a soldier! He should be saluting our Flag instead of whacko Hubbard! I will stop now before I REALLY offend someone on here!

    Nicki, go get a muzzle and put on me!!!!!!!!!

  17. dori says

    that is very true.. but the fact is there aren’t only women in here some are young teens or even boys at times.

  18. Mrs. Nickolas Williams says

    I don’t care for the nasty language in some of these comments! As women one would think you would know how to speak with a little class and use proper words to speak with. ( spelling it right or typing errors who cares ) but reading some remarks you would hear from a immature sixth grader’s mouth is sad, and offensive.

  19. oriana says

    Nicki, I know Moose was a great comfort to you and I can only imagine the sense of loss you feel! I am so very sorry these tragedies have to happen to good people.

    My grandmother was my Mom’s mother. She was very mean to my mother when she was a young girl and my mother always resented the fact that my I was my grandmother’s favorite grandchild. I think she transferred her resentment from her to me, same as my father, I was his favorite child of the three kids, I am the oldest of my brother and sister.

    Guess it was too much for her to accept so I got the blunt end of the stick so to say. I guess she just couldn’t help herself.

    Ozzy is snuggled under the cover right now happy as a clam!!!! I worry sometimes over what will happen to my pets when I am gone, I just don’t trust people to do the right thing, My husband favors one of the cats, but he plays to rough with Ozzy, I don’t like that and we have argued many times about it too.

  20. oriana says

    Sorry, of course everyone should know I meant REAL heroes!!!! I don’t get all this saluting, fake medals, standing and saluting Hubbards portrait, it is just too stupid beyond words to me!!!!!

    HOW can any intelligent person buy into this nonsense?

  21. oriana says

    Mia, thank you for the links!!!!

    Freedom Medal of Valor!!!! Oh that really pisses me off! I would love to take it and slap him across the face with it!!! As far as I am concerned he can shove it up his Ass!!!!!!

    He and David both should be shipped to the Front lines in Afgan or Iraq, they both make me physically sick to my stomach. They don’t know the first thing about a Medal of Valor, PUSSIES! FREAKS! FAKES! Shut up Tom, I am sick to death of you!!!!!!!!

    I don’t give a damn about Aliens, I do care about our soldiers, our READ heroes, not you two losers and phoney SICKOS!!!!!!!

  22. Miapo-cca says

    Couldnt have said it better!
    Extreme Makeover: Holmes Edition: We’ve heard it a lot in recent days: Katie Holmes, fashion icon. But just because something is said over and over again doesn’t make it true (e.g. Paris Hilton, philanthropist). Now, with comparisons to Jackie O (the face-eating sunglasses) and Vogue overlord Anna Wintour (the laser-cut bob, although is anyone else seeing Edna Mode from “The Incredibles”? Must just be us) flying fast and spuriously, it seems a good time to point out that on her last birthday, Mrs. Tom Cruise turned 29, which makes her a bit dewy for icon status. It also means she’s far too young to wander out in public in a standard issue fuzzy grandma robe and post-cataract sunglasses. We don’t know if Katie’s in-progress transformation from fresh-faced starlet into high-society grande dame is designed to make her appear more age-appropriate for her appreciably older hubby, but soon she’ll be bordering on cougar territory, which, to use her favorite superlatives, is neither “magical” nor “amazing.” (James Devaney/

  23. Jx2 says

    Interesting clip! I don’t own a TV so I never get to see these celebs speak. I think Katie is trying to be very mature and sophisticated but she’s coming across as dry and uptight. She has matured a lot but I’m also certain that “her people” have coached her on how to behave around interviews, especially with a Letterman interview – he knows how to push people’s buttons.

    On another note Amy Sedaris is alway brilliant when she is on the Letterman show – she knows how to push Letterman’s buttons. YouTube has a few of those interviews with Sedaris and Letterman – LMAO!!!

  24. Nicki says

    oriana~that would have worked, the harness with wheels, if my boy wasn’t 100lbs,lol. I have a huge fenced in backyard. And 3 years ago when we first moved here, they all loved going out, but never spent more than 30 minutes out there, I have (had) 4 couch potatoes. Even when I was outside playing with them after 30-45 min. they wanted in. My 3 boys and 1 girl (were) are always more comfortable in the house, on the couch, loveseat, or any one of thier dog pads placed all over the house. Moose, the one with cancer loved the hard floor, and always layed there. He was also a big dog, 98lbs. He loved hard floors and doorways, you always had to step over him to get into another room, I miss that.

    You were very lucky to have your Grandma to love you. Was she your paternal or maternal Grandma? I know a few people who fought in Vietnam, and it wasn’t anything anyone of them wanted to speak about, except to mention a friend and what happened to them. They all had an awful time there and when they returned. What went on there and what they had to endure there and the treatment they recieved when they returned home was not right.
    You are a strong woman and someone I am glad to “know” and wish only the best for you and yours.
    Take care.

  25. mayra sanchez says

    kimora naci en la ciudad de SANTO DOMINGO,que es la capital de este pais,pero mis padres pertenecen a la parte sur de la isla son dos pueblos que le llaman,BARAHONA Y LAS MATAS DE FARFAN.
    kimora espero que al proximo bebe,su nombre sea asi de bonito como el de sus hermanas
    bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, y cuidate muchooooooooooooooooo

  26. oriana says

    Nicki, I know you had to be so sad with your loss! And 2teens also! I saw on TV now where they have these little harnesses with wheels on the back for dogs that can’t walk or have a hard time walking, they are amazing! Yes, I sound like Katie but they really are amazing!

    I think it is good if someone has a home with lots of space (yard) for them to play and romp in. Ozzy would rather hang inside with me than go out in the back yard, it is fenced in but I guess he is a inside dog.

    WE all have had hardships to endure and come thru one way or another. I more than most I think. An alcoholic father, a mother that was unable to show any affection of any kind, my grandmother kept me a lot when I was young, I married young the first time to get away from home. That didn’t last too long, he joined the Army, got killed in a car crash shortly after coming back from Vietnam. I was left with my first son to raise on my own.

    But I made it thru the Fire so to speak. I raised my two sons on my own, without any child support at all and it was very tough, I have no patience for someone like Britney Spears or her sister. They don’t know what hard times are!

  27. michelle says

    This is an interesting quote from Tom Cruise on the leaked Scientology promotional videoclip. I wonder what he means exactly that they are the “authorities”…

    “A Scientologist is somebody who can look at the world and really see it for what it is. And not just see it but be able to go ‘pow’ and actually do something about it. And be somebody who is not asking permission to do that. Why ask permission? We are the authorities.”

  28. 2teens says

    Thanks so much for everyones good thoughts and support, it means a lot. Nicki, I understand completely what you went through with yours. And finally letting them go is the most unselfish act, because you’re thinking of them and not yourself… you did good.

    Generic Name: yes, there is a scientology school. It’s called Delphi Academy and they start with Kindergarten, possibly even preschool. Tom & Katie will never send Suri to Delphi though…. it has a pretty bad reputation of graduating kids who can’t pass any standard examinations.

  29. Jx2 says

    #93 – I never did care for philosophy. Whatever the intended meaning may have been…My comment (above) was my interpretation of what I read! Everybody interprets things differently! Apparently I seem to dance to the beat of a different drum. And in the words of Martha Stewart: “It’s a good thing.” LOL

  30. Generic name says

    Maybe Suri will be enroll to Scientology school, if there is one! and I think Tom should teach Katie more ( I heard he’s a smart guy) she seems so dumb! I saw the interview on
    “L M w/ Letterman” my goodness!

  31. says

    Awww…thanks so much Nicki! I’m sooo glad you enjoyed it, and I hope your sis-in-law and friend are inspired, too. I passed it on from someone else to you all, and now you continue the passing…what a wonderful chain!

    Yes, indeed, always wishing for Friday wishes your life away…all the blessings and opportunities missed simply because it was just “any ol’ day” instead of a coveted and longed-for Friday.

  32. Jx2 says

    Obviously somebody does not work and cannot relate to those who look forward to Fridays!! I don’t care for Wednesdays. Wednesdays is one of my longest days. Right after a 7.5 hour work day I go to night school ad sit in a chair for another 3 hours! So I’m very glad indeed that tomorrow is Friday!

  33. Nicki says

    oriana~I figured one sad story on Babyrazzi from me was more than enough. It was hard to deal with let alone talk about. I am watching Little Miss Sunshine and Olive is doing her Superfreak dance now, I am smiling. Funny movie.

    Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy~I loved your post – A Day For Doors! It was so nice to read. I made a copy of it for my sis-in-law and a friend. Very nice.
    I liked the next one too, about not wishing for Friday-you might miss some great wednesdays. Very smart thought.

  34. Nicki says

    2teens~My 14 yr old went through so much, surgery, radiation-almost completed it, 4 days left and he got bloat…..this is common in larger dogs and had most likely nothing to do with his cancer or cancer treatments. It was a hard thing to deal with. My 15 yr old was as strong as a horse but his back legs and one hip just gave out (his was run over by a truck when we found him at 3 months old) and needed help to stand his hind end up near the end. I did that for 3 months, he went outside down his ramp twice a day but near the end he could barely take two steps without falling so I was holding his hind end up to help him walk. I should have done it sooner with him but couldn’t. I know how hard it is and what you had to go through and will go through with your other elderly “bean”, you have my prayers with you.

  35. says

    2teens- I’ve been calling you “2teens” for awhile now, but I never actually thought you wouldn’t have your beans anymore! That’s really sad…I’m sorry about your dogs. You’re such a trooper! Sending condolence cyber vibes your way, as you would say.

    Oriana…you’re a survivor, too, aren’t you? Wow….

    P.S. Baskin Robbins sounds great right about now!

  36. says

    Hola Mayra! Te extrane! Si de acuerdo…uno no se les ve muy a menudo. Suri es la hija de Tom y su esposa actual…Isabella y Connor son los hijos de Tom y Nicole, su ex esposa, y por eso, probablemente, para el, no tienen el mismo valor. Es una lastima…pero parece que esto suceda mucho cuando los padres estan divorciados.

    En que parte de La Republica Dominicana vives tu?

  37. oriana says

    2teens, I am so sorry to hear about your precious pets! I know you love them so much. My heart does go out to you as it did Nicki, it had to be so terrible for her too.

    Nicki, I didn’t realize about two of them, I knew one had gone thru a rough time and it is heartbreaking.

    Thank you both for the kind words.

    I quit therapy for one year because I just got lazy and discouraged but have started back up again.

    As for Mia’s posts, yes sometimes I have to read them slowly and decipher them, but I always understand what she is saying.

    Jx2, I would indeed buy her an ice cream cone, I would even spring for a Banana Split or a Choc Sundae instead!!!! All of my friends, I would take to Baskin Robbins gladly!

    I understand about typing too fast and not proofreading, I myself have been guilty of that many times.

  38. 2teens says

    Thanks Nicki, he was 14 and had cancer. It was best to have him PTS because he wasn’t getting any better. I have another elderly one who is also struggling with health issues.
    I’m sorry about your two pooches. They lived a long life so that’s good… but really sad that it happened so close like that.

  39. Nicki says

    2teens ~It is hard to loose a pup. I know how you feel-I lost 2 one month apart from each other. One to cancer and the other had to be put to sleep, November and December. They were 15 and 14.

    I agree about those posts also, they make me dizzy when I try to read some of them.

  40. 2teens says

    You’ve been through alot Oriana. But you still have a positive spirit about you which is wonderful. I admire that.

    As for my 3 beans, one of them had to be put to sleep. 🙁
    Another one is very elderly and not looking to good these days either… which leaves me with 1bean. So I have shortened my name to just 2teens to make life simpler.

    JJ, I agree with you about Miapocca’s posts. Sometimes they are so bizarre I need to just skip over them.

  41. Nicki says

    oriana~I’m not sure how long it has been, and I’m sure therapy is tough when you see the younger set going through it. I used to work at a hospital school for physically handicapped children. The ages were 4-20 or so. Most were born with thier handicap, but some were accident victims that spent a long time in a hospital and rehab. They would come to our place to finish high school and continue thier rehab. Most of the kids went home on the weekends, but we always had between 25-50 kids stay on any given weekend. About 10 never went home. That was sad! It was hard to think about without crying. They were all very understanding and well adjusted, but it was sad to me. It was without a doubt the best job I ever had. I hated leaving. I still remember all my”kids” and how much I loved them and how much they loved me. When I transfered to another section all the little ones would come by after school to say HI.

    I bet your hubby would have still wanted to marry you if it had happened before you were married. He stuck around right. Sounds like love to me. Your lucky.

  42. Jx2 says

    Oriana – it’s great that you are sticking up for your cyber friend. I’m sure she appreciates it. Perhaps one day you will eventually meet her in person and you can buy her an ice-cream cone. However, I’m not the only person that has made mention of Pokaroos inability to articulate. Mind you, here are times when I am typing fast and don’t go back to double check what I have written and yes even “I” – am far from perfect, BUT Miapokaroos comments are just mind boggling 95% of the time.

  43. oriana says

    Nicki, forgot to tell you, when I was in the hospital, they lost my clothes, my shoes and my glasses I came in with! They brought me a shoe box full of glasses to see if mine were in there, I couldn’t believe that many people had lost their glasses, there were over 40 pair at least in there!

    Mine were not! There was some beautiful designer frames in there too, my friends told me I should have said, oh there they are, there mine are! Ha! There were men and women’s glasses in the box. To much negligence in these hospitals sometimes.

    And I didn’t see one doctor that looked like the ones on Grey’s Anatomy either!!

    It was just amazing that they lost everything I had!

  44. oriana says

    Hi Nicki Dear, always a bright spot in my day to hear from you! Thank you so much.

    I do wear a “prostet leg” around the house with a Walker, I am still scared to much of falling to try it outside. I am afraid I will fall and break a hip, I have to get up my courage and do it. I am still practicing on my balance. It seems like a mile just down my hallway to the kitchen!

    I do get sad sometimes, I don’t get angry and the only time I cry is when I go to my Rehab therapist. I don’t understand it, but I think maybe because it is really brought home to me when I am in that setting. It hurts me to see the younger ones there without legs.

    I just had to make the decision to get better, not bitter, and God has blessed me in many ways. I could not have done it without my husband’s help.

    I don’t know if I ever told you or not that we had just been married a year when I had my surgery? If I had been in a wheelchair before I would never have married and put him in that position. It hasn’t been fair to him but we do have wonderful communication between us, and I would say love too, it would have to be or he would have run off by now! Ha!

    That is why I am so against this war lasting longer, our young men and women coming home crippled, it is tragic to me!

    I am very happy we are friends my sweet Nicki!!!!!!!

  45. oriana says

    Jx2, oh you make a lot of sense don’t you?

    Well they say Ignorance is Bliss!

    Yep, it’s me, Drunk Again!!!!!

  46. Jx2 says

    Miapokaroo – A-ha a-ha yourself!
    Firstly, learn to type. Secondly, learn to type without grammatical errors. Thirdly, learn to make sense. Maybe then I will read what you have to write!

  47. Nicki says

    oriana~Your simplified version way earlier was what I thought was the reason. I’m sorry for what you went through with the “off meds” and what became of that. The sudden reality that you had to decide, cope and recover is courageous. And the way you have conducted your life since is admirable.
    You are very lucky to have a wonderful husband who cares for you, after all that thought about your birthday, and to try to make it special. Lucky lady.
    Take care>

  48. oriana says

    HI 2teens, thank you my dear! I still wake up early sometimes, you know how it is when we get that 2:00am morning “pee” call! I touch the one foot to the floor ready to take off and remember, oops, can’t do that too fast any more! Ha!

    I went in to a regular routine physical doctor’s appt and they couldn’t find any blood pressure, after three tries, they admitted me straight to the hospital, it was on a Friday night, the next day they told me they were going to have to amputate. Not too much time to get my mind prepared for it, by that time I was in a lot of pain also.

    The sad part, it was one day before my birthday, my husband brought balloons to the hotel room but I was too groggy and out of it to even see them. But life goes on and I have adjusted.

    Hope all is well with you and your family and the 3 beans too!!! Ha!

  49. mayra sanchez says

    hola kimora,que bueno es leer,tus acertados comentarios,
    tenia unos cuantos dias que no visitaba este foro.
    la bebe es hermosa,pero tengo cierta curiosidad con los otros hijos de tom,pues uno no los ve ni con tom,tampoco con nicole.
    pienso que como estan en la adolescencia donde,no le gusta estar saliendo con los padres,pero me daria mucha pena que estos chicos,no esten compartiendo mucho con sus padres

    bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy kimora

  50. 2teens3beans says

    I would be very, very surprised if they ever had another kid. Suri will be groomed and tutored throughout her life to someday lead scientology. Mia, I love your turkey baster comment – LOL!!!

    Hi Oriana! I remember you talking about the loss of your leg before, but I never knew how it happened. I’m sorry about that 🙁

  51. oriana says

    It would be so funny if Suri refused to attend school with anyone! I see her having private tutors at home, David will be doing everything but walking on hot coals to try to please them when it comes to her.

  52. oriana says

    If there is a second pregnancy I will be shocked but it could happen on down the road.

    Suri probably gives the Scientology handlers Hell, and they have to grin and bear it since she is the daughter of the Chosen One. Katie just shows how silly she is every time she opens her mouth, and Tom is proving more and more how whacked out he is with that Cult brainwashing.

    Now Tom is trying to do the brainwashing!!!!! What a waste!!!!

  53. Miapo-cca says

    Malayka I aready know you are ignorant enough for 10 scinetoligists…please feel free to give your proceeds to the cult..maybe you should join them…1000 dollars or so a course and ensalvement of your empty brain might be just want the quack doctors ordered!

  54. Miapo-cca says

    jx2 is hilarious ahahhaha….natural selection went out with Darwin and co ahahhaha…

    There is a quote that say, ” some people are alive only because its illegal to kill them”

    Maybe you should make that your motto and put it on your door or something.


    Leave Shadow be, she is a sweetheart with very fun opinions as well…

  55. Miapo-cca says

    Sorry to hear that Orianna,..I posted the fill lenght kathy and Regis on Just Jared . So will try to post it here…

    Well suri is not in school so sh eonly stays up to torment her parents and the scinetology handlers, they can afford it ..espeically since there is no question her going to any sort of regular school..I think she plays with her extended family and other scientology kids…

    Well..I kept hearing plan sof a second pregnancy, I guess the turkey baster broke after on etoo many tries..and her current weight is almost skeletal it actually had an effect on slimming her leg or she probably did lipo on some kind of sculting on her legs, of course the weigh tis not conducive to any sort of pregnancy…maybe they need to drug her agian and have anne archers sone od the honors…he looks a like tom as does his cousin

  56. michelle says

    oriana, all those interviews katie did are on youtube now. I agree that it doesn’t matter what time the parents go to bed; 11pm for a child is way too late. I guess they don’t care since she won’t be going to school, public or private, where class begins usually at 8am. Nope, Suri will be tutored by Scientologists. Poor kid. She wont have any interaction with kids her age.

  57. oriana says

    I personally believe in therapy and counseling. I also think that nurses are way under appreciated and under paid, they are not given the respect they deserve, especially from the doctors as well as patients.

    I was taken cold turkey off of Coumadin that I had been on for 2 1/2 years, no cutting down, not even told to take an aspirin a day! 6 months later I had a major clot and lost my leg. I know that doctors make mistakes, they are human, but I feel if I had been given better advice I might, just might, have my leg today.

    It was not a private doctor but worked for a big Medical company, I think they do over work and overload the doctors there also.

  58. oriana says

    I wished I had seen Letterman. I missed all of the interviews she has done! I heard she said Suri goes to bed at 11:00pm, that is way too late for a child her age to stay up. So what if Katie and Tom stay up late, Suri is not an adult (please someone clue Kate into that) and she should not be staying up that late just because they do.

    Who is the parent there? Who is making the decisions, besides Scientology? I think she is very easily controlled, Katie is worse off than I thought! I still say, though, shop, shop, shop! She deserves it!!!!

  59. Jx2 says

    Good to know that dr’s are now working with Shadow’s…LOL…there was a time when nature chose to select who should live and who should die…it’s called natural selection and only the strongest survive…nowadays with modern medicine and “quacks” everyone has a chance at survival which is why the earth is overpopulated with people…we are not allowing nature to do her thing!!

    Doctor’s negligently kill people all the time…so if you are alive today because of a doctor…many people have died because of putting their faith in a doctor…there are two sides to the coin…ass*wipe!

  60. Shadow Girl says

    Doctors are not quacks, you imbecile! If it wasn’t for them, I would be dead right now. Besides, any respectable person would do research on a physician first!

  61. Judith says

    I love this family, always a treat to see them.Always happy and respectful, this is a big point in their favor.Suri is beautiful as always.

  62. dori says

    I saw a clip of the interview. She seemed very fake to me Her smiles don’t look natural or heartfelt. She is like a robot!

  63. michelle says

    Did you all catch Katie on “Good Morning America”, “Live with Kelly/Regis”, and “Late Night w/Letterman” yesterday? The only difference between those interviews was that Katie may have said an extra “the” in one of them. She said the same exact things in each; it was a joke, like it was scripted.
    And she kept turning Letterman’s questions to him. I mean, who was there to be interviewed? Her or him? She was emotionless like a robot.

  64. Jx2 says

    …ignoramus KIMKAR!!!

    Swoop yourself back to reality. You are so very biased because you happen to be married to a potential quack!!!

    I worked in a field with doctors and have no respect for them. I ran criminal checks on them and MANY had criminal lawsuits placed on them by patients for malpractice and sexual assault among other things!

    Now – If you know how to read you would have also read in my previous comment, that they can be “just as corrupt as anybody!!!” AS ANYBODY!!! Do you not understand that ??

    You are the Queen of Generalizations. Making assumptions about people because their lifestyle does not mimic yours…i.e. myself for instance.

    I find you repulsive with your feigned Soap Opera life and how you believe that your life has been blessed by a thousand angels. What a farce!

    I hardly expect you to side with me – I can totally accept that BUT when you shoot off your mouth and pretend to be some spokesperson on doctors because you live with one..well, then…you have just pulled the wool pulled over your eyes and are unwilling to see the real picture.

    And that me says you are “100% BIASED”!!

  65. says

    Oh no! Au natural is not for me! I prefer my husband doctor…who without a doubt is completely trustworthy…….and completely wholesome….most of the time! 😉

    Gotta love JJ’s ignorant, swooping generalizations: I quote, “Doctors are quacks! Don’t trust them. Many of them have criminal histories.” Many of them??? Absolutely false and generalizing. There are no more criminal doctors than there are criminals of other professions. Talk about swaying stats to prove your own point!!! What a weak argument!

  66. Miapo-cca says

    j2 is just hilariously irrelevant…ahhaha always crack me up….hmm I guess I have to start looking at the docotors with a suspicious eye. aaahahha

  67. oriana says

    Okay Nicki, three minutes was all I could take!!!! I wonder, has there ever been an interviewer that has ever actually asked Tom point blank, Tom, do you really believe your body is inhabited by an Alien spirit and do you think your children are Aliens? Has that question ever been put to him?

    I think that Tom is very serious and is devoted to this movement. I cannot help thinking of Invasion of the Body Snatchers movie when I hear about this kind of stuff!

  68. oriana says

    I can’t believe some of the nonsense that comes out of Tom’s mouth!!!!! Hubbard had all kinds of drugs in his system when they did the autopsy on him! The Scientols tried their best to get his body and keep it guarded but the truth leaked out. Now that was a major Quack if there ever was one!

    Authorities on the mind! I didn’t see it but am going to try to find it, Tom is proving more and more how he has been brainwashed, it actually sounds like he has been under a hypnotic spell!!!!!

  69. Grip says

    OK – first… Suri is adorable. After that…

    Tom is a NUT. A copmlete NUT. If anyone is in NEED of psychiatric meds, I’m really begining to think it is HIM.

    And Katie… she has gone from this fun, bubbly, full of life young woman to this scary, stif, clone like, drone. And WHY would they want to style her after Posh? Because that is apparently what is being done.

    I just don’t get it…. and I’m starting to think that the DEPROGRAMMING that they are going to have to do on her one day will be extensive.

  70. Jx2 says

    Doctors are quacks! Don’t trust them. Many of them have a criminal history – I used to work somewhere where they ran criminal checks on people – including docs. It’s shocking to know that these “professionals” who we trust our lives with – can be just as corrupt as anybody.
    I prefer my Chinese medicine, acupuncture and homeopathic remedies.

  71. Tia :) says

    hahahaha Nicki! I know! man oh man…all doctors and nurses should just turn to scientology…forget medical school! He really does make me laugh…i really have to shake my head…to think he’s actually being serious!!

  72. Nicki says

    NO wonder he has no time to go on vacation and go romp and play and just do that. I mean who has time for vacation when your saving the world. Poor Tommy!

  73. Nicki says

    Tia~ I don’t know where he finds all the time in a day. I mean it must be hard enough to rehabilitate drug abusers and criminals. Let alone rescue accident victims and help people with thier minds. And to top it off he is improving the conditions. Wow he is amazing.LOL! Everyone stand back, Tommy boy is here!!
    (We know whose mind needs a lot of help.)

  74. 2teens3beans says

    I guess according to Tom & scientology, all of us here on babyrazzi are “supressed persons”…. but as Tom says “someday SP’s will only be found in history books and it will be a beautiful thing”
    Gawd, I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  75. Tia :) says

    hahaha Nicki! i also liked this one

    “We are the authorities on getting people off drugs, we are the authorities on the mind, we are the authorities on improving conditions… we can rehabilitate criminals”

    Tommy to the rescue!! hahahahaa!

  76. Nicki says

    Wow it is already no longer available.

    I like this part:
    “Being a Scientologist, when you drive past an accident… you know you have to do something about it because you know you’re the only one that can really help.

    LOL, because you know those paramedics only get in the way of Tommy helping.

  77. Tia :) says

    Lmao! Thank you Mia…this proved exactly how crazy this guy is.

    “I wish the world was a different place. I’d like to go on vacation and go and romp and play and just do that, you know what I mean. That’s what I want it to be. There’s times I’d like to do that, but I can’t because I know I have to do something about it.”

    That was my favourite…hah!

  78. Nicki says

    Miapocca,lol, I was wondering if you had seen it. Popsugar and Dlisted have it too. I wonder how long before it gets pulled from all the sites.

  79. annie says

    Suri is a very pretty little girl. I was watching Pearl Harbor on Saturday night and I could not believe how much Suri looked like Josh Hartnett. It was so spooky. I understand Katie knew Josh very well …

  80. michelle says

    I’d have to agree with “gilo”. If you don’t want your name to send that message, then you should change it instead of having it, then denying that you mean it, “comment on the photo” person.

    She’s not the idiot. I’d have to say that you are. Sorry but you did it to yourself.

  81. comment on the photo!!!!!!! says

    #30 I think your hit it on the mark with that comment. To bad she won’t listen, maybe she’ll fall off the face of the earth. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  82. Dewey says

    B*tches talk about me and Sheniqua and are any of you on your period? Well I am. (I guess that isn’t a secret.) Since I am that means all of you are too. So get your pads and tampons and join the circle!!!!!!!

  83. Sharrie says

    I think Suri is lovely…she looks alot like Katie, although there are times she looks a bit like Tom. And all this BS about her having been fathered by someone else is just that….BS in my opinion. People now a days are just SO nasty!!! They come up with the nastiest gossip!

  84. gilo says

    #17 And since you are the ignorant one here, let me fill you in on something: people do use their “name” slot to relay or post a message.

    And why on earth would you pick that “name” for just the sake of selecting that name? Face it: You’re no truth teller!!

    (oh, btw, don’t bother responding. I won’t be reading your posts. They’re worth half a cent to me and everyone else.)

  85. 2teens3beans says

    Poor kid can hardly open her eyes with all those flashes! Layla, thanks for posting that pic of little Katie. The resemblance is amazing!

  86. oriana says

    Oh my Sheniqua, I have wondered about you!!!! I did get many laughs at your wit and you are very entertaining to me.

    Happy New Year to you!!!!!!!!

  87. Jx2 says

    Suri is starting to resemble the little boy in the movie “The Shining”…”Come play with us Danny”…Redrum…Redrum…!

  88. Dewey says

    I am so happy that you are back Sheniqua. It is so cool that you are back. This is my friend b****s so in your face Boo and Kelly May. It is a honor to post next to you

  89. Sheniqua says

    LADIES… I AM BACK!!!! Omg i have missed you guys SOOO much. I luv postin on this web site, and i have missed it so the last few months. for all y’al that’s missed me, heres wats been happnin in the life of Sheniqua: first of all, the reason i aint been postin is cuz i got into som minor trouble with the law (we aint gonna talk bout that…all y’al gotta know is it was Bull S***!!!!!) anyway, it was against my parol to post on websites, but ive been coming to this website anyways under cover on my baby sista Rochelanda’s computer thingy. i am currently SINGLE!!!!!!!! so come get me BRAD!!!! DENZEL???? TOM??? ANYBODY!!!!!!! i look forward to connecting with old friends like Dewey, orianna, and miapocca, and of course the all powerful web mistress!!!!! LUV YOU B******

  90. comment on the photo!!!!!!! says

    comment on the photo is the name I use. No one said to follow my rules READ before you sound so ignorant

  91. gilo says

    #15 You don’t have to merely “comment on the photo”. On other sites with this same photo, there is information on them, you know. Who says we need to follow your rules?

    What shall we say about the “photo” to satisfy you?
    “Ooh. The photo looks crisp. They’re all wearing brown.”

  92. celine says

    katie is so silly. the kind of stuff she says is so lacking in content, doesn’t she have an advisor or sth? she needs one. s/he might improve her expression selections, just like her stylist has sort of improved her looks.

  93. emma says

    sorry but i do not find suri to be beauitful first off alll her eyes are to far from her face she have a big nose when suri was about 7 monts she look freaky maybe she be more beauitful as she age that not the case in point she is just plain homly

  94. oriana says

    gilo, Katie has been groomed by Scientologist to talk that way, they treat all children like “little adults” as they say. That is why she said Suri is a strong “woman”. I have no doubts she is totally under Tom’s control.

  95. oriana says

    Nice loving family. Suri is the best dressed of all the celeb kids and she is very cute. Love her little coat!

    Very nice link Nicki, thanks to you!

  96. dori says

    Suri is looking very cute and I just love the warm colors they are all wearing. So warm…. thy are a beautiful family and you can see Tom is very protective.

  97. gilo says

    I think Suri’s cute because I think all babies/kids are. But the way Katie worships her (“I’m honored to be her mother”), it’s so strange. There seems to nothing else she cares much about except her Suri. Harsh, as it may sound, but to me Katie is shallow.

  98. Lauren says

    Yay, new Suri pix. She’s just a cutie. I just watched Katie in Batman Begins. She really is a talented actresss. 😀

  99. chica says

    Suri is SUPERCUTE as always ! love her ! Beauiful dark hairs and those blu eyes! thanks for the pic Nicki

  100. Cathi says

    i think it’s cute the way suri and katie have matching haircuts these days. suri looks so much like her dad here, especially the eyes.

  101. carleigh says

    She is sucha little doll!!! You can just tell how spirited and animated she is by looking at her eyes and expressions…she’s just a heartbreaker!

  102. Kasey says

    All three look nice but I especially love Suri’s coat she is a stylish little one. She is growing so fast and going to be a heartbreaker in the making, with that smile and those beautiful eyes no guy is going to be safe.

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