1. katie southward says

    Hello Katie its me again i love your show and i think your kids are lovely Harvey , junior, princess are all cute i watch your show every Thursday and i love it. I am only 11 and i think your very glamours. you are my idol and if you get this message i would love to have your autograph also i have most of your books i read them over and over again. thank you so much for your time love Katie xxx p.s please reply if you get this message.

  2. katie southward says

    Hi i think is funny i watch her show on Thursdays. she is my idol i would love to meet her some time xx

  3. shannon says

    hiyyas katie and peter i love your show and i love the kids they are so cute i am 14 and i watch your show every thursday i love it… its great and plz reply to this message coz i love you so much

  4. Lauren Elmore says

    I love Katie and peter! Princess,juniour and harvey are all so cute i wish they were my brothers and sister i love you all! Katie i hope u had a nice 30 th Birthday i always watch your shows every Thursday at 9pm!! I even watch the reapeat i love you all that much ! x x xx x x x

  5. jessica-anne and leighton says

    who this pete and katie should win an award 4 best mum….? shes had a tough time with harvey but she has still found love and attension for ALL 3 babies and they are BRILLIANT parents luvz yoou and keep up being a goog mummy…x..x.xx luv jessica and leighton x..x.x…x..xx

  6. jessica bbe uk says

    katie looks normal and healthy no matter what she does i got to say she looks alot better with smaller breasts and she aint such a dolly shes thinking about her family… bless.. shes a good mum and peters a good dad x x x



  8. jess says

    Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy am so sorry about those comment about your blog some loser is posting under my name.

    congrats on your bolg hope Kariah gets better soon

  9. katie says

    i wolud just like to say congrats to Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy on your blog and i hope Kariah gets better soon

  10. 2teens3beans says

    #50 maybe not sad, but stupid Megan/Jess… because you can’t even spell the word stupid correctly.

  11. katie says

    i think that it is a good thing that Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy is doing a blog.
    i love those names and i hope Kariah gets better soon.

  12. says

    for your information Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy my name is in blue because i am not form the usa not because am doing a blog. i aint that SAD

  13. says

    Yes, Kariah still uses a binky; Kimora gave hers up a couple months ago. We pretended with her that the binky fairy was going to come and take her binkies and give them to the babies that needed them and leave a toy for Kimora and their place….she loved being imaginative…and it worked! 🙂 I’m thankful that she’s not dependent on a binky anymore so we don’t have to worry about breaking that habit after the baby is born…because that would be doubly difficult.

    But back to Kariah, yes, poor little thing with her stuffy nose has trouble with the binky. She doesn’t have a bottle, but I actually still nurse her at bedtime and at least once or twice throughout the day; so I’ll be tandem nursing when the baby is born.

  14. joeysgirl80 says

    I have a Secret….She is one of God’s children and I love her! Peace and (((HUGS)))) to all!

  15. 2teens3beans says

    The only ones causing trouble are you & your cronies Sheniquia!! So shut it already, kay?

    K&K’s mama, is Kariah still using a bottle or a binky? Mine did up to about 2 1/2 yrs and it was awful when they were sick. It’s so hard for them to suck with a stuffy nose. poor baby. 🙁
    Sending healing cyber-vibes Kariah’s way!!

  16. says

    Thanks Nicki dear! Glad you enjoyed it…and thanks for thinking of Kariah.

    Onatear…do you have three children, too, then? You’re right…the blog may not be updated terribly regularly after the birth. 🙂

    Megan and Jess…at least I know how to spell stupid….and that’s one thing I certainly am not! Too bad that when I click on your names, they lead me to the same place…split personality with duplicate messages much?? LOL

  17. Carrie says

    I think she looks like a person now. A lot prettier then with all the fake blond and loud make up!

  18. jenna says

    Wow, she looks much better than I’ve ever seen her. Covered up, little makeup, brunette hair, she looks so much more real and so much prettier!

  19. dori says

    who is Dewey and Seniqua? Why have they suddenly appeared at the same time? Back from prison puleez give me a break it’s probably joey with a new handle.

  20. Lauren says

    Katie looks great with her boob reduction. She actually looks…normal and pretty. Princess is adorable!

  21. onatear says

    Congratulations, on the new blog, K&K”s mom..too cool!! Where you are going to find time to keep at it, I can’t imagine…but, I myself, remember nursing one, with another on the opposite hip, while the 3rd, sat on my knees and held a book!!! (ah…the good old days). Your blog is a great way to find “lone time”. Please, just stay as rested as possible!

  22. Nicki says

    Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy~I just visited your blog, it is great. I enjoyed it. I agree about the comments being disabled.
    I hope Kariah feels better real soon.

  23. 2teens3beans says

    Yep, you’re right on that K&K’s mama. It’s crazy enough on this blog as it is, I’ll just check your blog for new postings every so often.

    @ JJ, LOL… like you’re the only person in the world who has a blog!

  24. Kat says

    OMG, why the hell would anyone say what Tam just said!!! What are you jealous of these kids or something? Not only is it shocking that you can say that about young children (one of which is disabled) BUT it also is not true!! Princess is absolutely ADORABLE! She is going to be a very pretty little girl.

  25. Tam says

    why do people lie and say her children are adorable? the only kid she has who is cute.. is her 2 year old son Junior, the other two not so much…

  26. Tia :) says

    Kimora and Kariah’s mommy, i dont blame you for one second for getting rid of the comment section…you would probably have crazies commenting all scary like.

    jj, I totally doubt she got a blog because you said so…what are we, 12?? get over yourself.

  27. says

    No dear…I was simply mimicking you….now you know how the rest of us feel about YOUR writing. What I wrote wasn’t authentic either, because I was, like I said, feeding you your own filth. You sound like a white girl pretending.

    I grew up in an Atlanta ghetto; my husband, mom, dad, brothers, some of my sisters, all of my fosters sisters, and many of my friends are black. They have a different way of speaking, but theirs come from their heritage, from their tradition. You, however, are forcing your supposed ebonic speech, so I know you’re a poser. You’re not fooling me.

  28. Sheniqua says

    k&k yo are now trying to add to racial stereotypen. i couldn’t even read that sh**! just stop talkin! nobody wants to hear you!!! STFU HOLLA

  29. says

    I’m not going to “holla” at you! You’re a poser, a pretender, a wannabe. Whoever you are, you’re trying to perpetuate racial stereotypes against blacks…and I don’t like it!

    Hey Tia and 2teens! I actually took off the option to leave comments, considering I decided to add its URL to this site…I didn’t want any crazies leaving their comments….or I mean

    i don’t want no crayzies be slingin ther shiznit n be all up in ma grill n leavin no coments on my bangin site! LOLOL

  30. Jx2 says

    What a coincidence Kx3!! Image the odds of that happening.
    Especially since i mentioned that I was starting a blog not too long ago! Mine is already up with photos but unlike you – I won’t be sharing my address!

  31. 2teens3beans says

    I noticed that yesterday K&K’s mama, but I couldn’t figure out how to post something… I guess I need to sign up as a blogger or have my own blog?
    Very kewl though!!!

  32. Tia :) says

    Kimora and Kariah’s mommy, how nice!! It’ll be nice for you to write about the baby!! Thanks for letting us know dear!

  33. says

    Oh and just to let you guys know…I don’t know if you noticed that my name has turned blue or not, but I’m starting a blog on So to all my buddies: Tia, Oriana, 2teens3beans, Nicki, Jenna, Dori, Onatear, Gilo, and Cathi…check it out! Not much exciting yet; just wanted to let you know! 🙂

  34. oriana says

    The baby looks just like the Dad!!! I think that name needs to be changed before she gets any older! The mom is trashy but I think she is very pretty.

  35. 2teens3beans says

    She doesn’t even look like the same person! That was an extreme makeover, she looks good though.
    Princess is a doll! I think all her kids are cuties though we don’t see much of the boys lately.

  36. Jenna M (UK) says

    Wow, their daughter is such a little sweetie! Have to say Katie Price looks better with the boob reduction too, though its taking me sometime to get used to the dark-hair, paler make-up and generally less orange look she is going for!

  37. Dewey says

    plus I think Meg and squeekysue are the same peson since you posted 2 tiny minutes in between eachother So Suck it GGGGGRRRRRRRR

  38. Dewey says

    Ok this is F*cked up. you guys talk about DEWEY ok. (I dont care if it isnt ok with you) I AM ON MY PERIOD. I use extra large tampons so you get a feel (wink, wink) of me if ya know what i mean y’all. What do you use and what works because as far as I know since I use extra large tampons YOU ALL USE EXTRA LARGE TAMPONS. Bow to the master B*TCHES!!!!!!!! GGGGRRRRRRRRR

  39. Gaalbs says

    I think it is sad that their daughter looks like her father even if was a bit necessary regarding to the job of the mum…

  40. Sheniqua says

    LADIES… I AM BACK!!!! Omg i have missed you guys SOOO much. I luv postin on this web site, and i have missed it so the last few months. for all y’al that’s missed me, heres wats been happnin in the life of Sheniqua: first of all, the reason i aint been postin is cuz i got into som minor trouble with the law (we aint gonna talk bout that…all y’al gotta know is it was Bull S***!!!!!) anyway, it was against my parol to post on websites, but ive been coming to this website anyways under cover on my baby sista Rochelanda’s computer thingy. i am currently SINGLE!!!!!!!! so come get me BRAD!!!! DENZEL???? TOM??? ANYBODY!!!!!!! i look forward to connecting with old friends like Dewey, orianna, and miapocca, and of course the all powerful web mistress!!!!! LUV YOU B******

  41. Sharrie says

    Katie looks SO much better with the smaller boobs….she looks…..normal. They are a lovely little family…

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